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It continues… sprites and animations are taking too long (which really is normal) but it’s going, I don’t know what else, every time I have to come here to post without any significant update it’s really discouraging, posting out of obligation every month is becoming a big distraction and mental drainage, so I think I will stop and report back every milestone or something or just disappear until the end, I don’t know.  You probably won’t see anything this year anyway and at this point I have no idea what’s going on after, I hate it as much as you do.

Everything continues fine though, or what I consider fine at least, just slow, I really don’t complain, I think I’m doing well given the circumstances, I just really hate coming here just to say the same thing over and over , but that’s how it is… shikata ga nai.


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  1. I dont think I speak for only myself that id rather see an update even if it’s just something you think is tiny and insignificant over not hearing anything at all. Mostly just because when you don’t hear anything you start to wonder what might have happened to the person, whether they’re doing well and such.

    If it’s too much of a problem for you I’m sure people would understand though. Just let us know you’re alive now and then.

    • I agree.

    • It’s really not a problem, it’s just stressful knowing that you expect more and I don’t have more, I know I shouldn’t care but I’m becoming more and more paranoid the more it goes.

      • progress update are nice, but I more enjoy seeing new pics. either way, I’m glad you’re making this game. really looking forward to it.

      • Listen man don’t stress over it because it’s not like we are paying you for these updates, we aren’t paying you a monthly patron fee so there is no need to be stressed over not having a big monthly update. We aren’t entitled to these updates I for one am just very happy that you are at least showing something, it’s cool to see stuff even though it’s not major stuff.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Sounds like your aching for a pep talk. 😉

        That said… I’m the anon from back in April that told you about things for artists/craftsmen get easier to organize and plan with experience. How’s that working out so far? It sounds like you know it’s going to take a long time and it sounds like everything is within expectations for the work you’re doing. I’d say “don’t stress out about it”, but y’know, it seems like you stress out a lot anyway, so I guess that can’t be helped.

        If you really think you’ll feel better about not doing monthly updates, I mean hey, go ahead. You don’t owe us anything, and you gotta take care of your mental health. On the other hand: Do you really have anyone to talk to about the art you do? If you don’t, and even if it’s not here, you should find some people. It helps you keep perspective on your art and being able to talk about it gives your mind some ease with these sorts of things… A lot of stress can build up about what you’re working on, and you don’t even realize the extent of it when you’re in your own bubble. And y’know, Internet Strangers tend to be convenient because they’re the least emotionally connected to you (They aren’t judgmental family, they aren’t there twitching their faces in odd reactions, they don’t employ you).

        In a way I guess the internet as a whole is sort of a masturbatory confessional booth.

        As for your fans? They just like to know that you’re okay man, and not dead in a ditch. I mean, they want the game too, but anyone who’s watched enough of these in development knows to dial back their expectations knowing that Life Happens for a lot of these people who make these pieces of art for little or no money, and that’s pretty understandable.

        …Assuming you play other H/Porn/Erotic? Games… why not talk about some other ones, and share some of your theories and opinions on those. You’d then I guess…. be sharing stuff that’s low stress and expectations while you continue your work? Perhaps a happy medium.

        I don’t know, just some thoughts. Either way, I hope you find what you need (whatever that is), and Good Luck.

      • random anon Says:

        nah, it’s okay. I don’t really expect anything major like NEW HOT FEATURE or SUPER AMAZING 20 HOUR TENTACLE GLOPPING.
        Even if it’s the same kind of post, it’s better than not posting anything. Keep up the good work!

      • Yeah, you learn as you go, I know now what mistakes not to do and maybe how to do things a bit faster but the real benefits of that will show up in a next project.

        And nope, I really don’t talk to anybody about it, and I don’t really feel like I want to, I’m not good at talking in general.
        Regarding other games, well, I haven’t really had the chance to play anything, I mean, I had, but every time I even think about playing I can’t help but think I should be working on my own game, at the end I just would feel bad for playing instead of working and end up not playing anything. In reality though, If I have time to play I should have time to work, there should be no excuse.

        Time is really the biggest problem, I’m not stuck or anything, I just need to keep working and hopefully have enough patience from both sides, that’s all.

      • Personally I don’t expect blog updates to gimme intel on progress, just to get news for the dev. So if you wanna get more personal stuff or chit chat with us etc without giving us any new info on the game I think it’s fine. It’s just nice knowing you’re still thinking about the blog, because even if you didn’t do any progress, it still shows us you think about your game and about us 😉 don’t be so stressed man

    • Yeah, gonna jump on this train as well. I’d rather see “Hey, still alive and working on stuff” than nothing at all for months at a time. Toss in a few WIP pics, and maybe some specific stuff (coding, models, writing, etc) that you’ve been doing, and that’s even better.

      Sure, I’d rather see more details, specific things that are being done, etc. but like most of the people here, more than happy to just know you’re still around tinkering with things when you have the time. Having played Xenotake, I know the end result will be worth it (especially considering how much I love the demo for GHV).

      Keep it up, man. We’re all here rooting for you!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dont stress out tak you time and rest 9f you need it

  3. will there be catgrils

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Just wanna say that anything you post is good enough. Im sure everyone is fine just knowing you are still working hard. Maybe post something every two-three months or just whenever you feel like it. Dont stress so much though.

  5. Thank you for the update!

  6. Just show one animation each post. Would be enough for me.

    • This is exactly what causes his mentality. As well as asking for a good portion of the game’s raison d’être up front with no actual entitlement, you’re trivialising the act of making it in the first place.

      It’ll be done when it’s done, having progress updates is nice and Vosmug isn’t even obligated to provide us with them, never mind “one animation each post”.

      I think I speak for the majority when I say Vosmug, we appreciate the fact that the game’s being made and that you take the time to let us know about it. Your struggles with your own perception of the speed of progress is progress its self. Perhaps writing these posts is a subconscious way of letting (most of) us let you know you’re not beholden to us. I too am shit at working under pressure, but what I hope you come to realise is there really is none, unless the sales factor is a pressing motivation. You make the game you want to make and make it at the pace you want to make it at, and it’ll turn out better for it.

  7. bro your work is amazing keep showing that little piece of heaven and show us a little bit of ur work

  8. Hm…how about making an update on the trial game? That would make plenty of people happy.

  9. Yet another fan Says:

    I mean, you’re making the game as a hobby right? Why would we have the right to demand updates or whatever. As for me I’m just happy knowing that there’s another promising game in the making, however long it may take. So yeah, take it easy, if you don’t enjoy making it then what’s the point right? Just ignore any impatient bastards in the comments and go at your own pace.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly man, if you just pop up now and then to let us know you are still alive and you are working on it I’m sure your fans understand. I wouldn’t stress over it because it will be finished when you get it finished. Nobody is rushing you and all of us are excited to see your final product. Keep up the good work!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    We all appreciate your work and stuff, don’t stress over it, even if the updates are small I always enjoy go back and see how far you’ve come. Great job as always.

    That being said I completely understand. With our world today people just want more and more. So I can get why you’ll go back to infrequent yet significant update.

    Good luck for the future! And again great job. We appreciate you making the game!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Take a winter vacation and come back after the new year! I think that would help you out. =)

    • NO non nonono ononno, I can’t extend things anymore, I rather work slow than risk losing motivation over a period of inactivity, also, coming back to something you are always rusty and have to relearn the habit of working constantly, thanks for the sentiment but I really rather not.

  13. I love your work. I’ve been lurking around this place ever since I played Xenotake all that time ago. Its a big reason why I keep visiting every now and then to see how things are faring. Now I don’t know of many Anons if they feel the same way I do (I hope they do), but I vastly value your mental health. I’m all down for not hearing a peep from you until word comes around of a shiny download button or the dreaded permanent hiatus message if that makes you feel better. I like reading your posts though, its nice. Seeing you talk about your progress, how you feel about it, sometimes other things as well. I’m not the best with words.

    TL;DR Do what makes you feel better, we love your posts either way 🙂

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug, so is the sprite the only part left to finish, or is there still dialogue. I mean what are the parts still left to finish and how much percentage wise is finished?

  15. anemonyous Says:

    You don’t have to be ashamed of not showing enough each update. A few meaningless teaser images and some words are plenty enough. You’re not running a kickstarter so you have no obligations. Keeping your fans informed is simply a nice thing to do.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Yo, calm down. Unless it”s causing you money trouble, everything is all right. You don’t need to stress about those things.

  17. come in to say hi every once in a while 🙂 we would love to see tangible progress, but if telling us about it is weighing on you just saying hi every once and a while is fine.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    No sweat Vosmug. The fans that matter will still be here waiting. We’ll see you when we see you. You’re not obligated to anything except yourself. Don’t give in to anyone that tries to coerce you into turning back on your decisions.

  19. You could literally post a picture of a potato for an update, and that would make me happy. I enjoy your artwork and played the hell out of your last game for quite awhile. I’d love to just hear how you are doing with everyday life. Doesn’t even have to be about the game. It comes when it comes. Don’t break your back over pixels, you know? All updates are, are little pokes at the crowd to say “Hey, this is still happening, keep waiting,” and so on; at least essentially.

  20. Hmm… Yes… Stress too much, you do. Relax while completing the project, you must. Nice, milestones are, but the people want more. A quarter milestone, perhaps, hmm? How about every time, a handful of animations or a scene, you make, hmm? Good way to break up the game into reportable parts, that is.

    But up to you, that is. To report as you wish, feel free. But report for your fans if you feel the need, about the struggles of each scene or animation, just tell us. All they really want, that is. A clock on this, the non-idiots will understand that there is not.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Recommend to me a good hentai, Vosmug :3

  22. I guess I’m being a paranoid asshat again, don’t mind me, thanks.

    • Sir. I would NOT disgrace you by wearing you upon my buttock. How rude. However, I do feel that if you feel so obligated, simply take a random screenshot of your work and tell us what it is. Just give us a taste of what’s going on.

      Unless you wanna keep it a secret, then that’s all you, dawg.

  23. Glad to hear you’re still out there and the project is still alive. And if there is little progress or even if you feel you have to take a month off from this project, that’s fine too. Don’t sweat it!

  24. God damn Im so glad this thing is going on. I adore your style and enjoy every damn new animation or even a picture you show. This might be mainly my peenus weenus talking but man, I think it goes for both of us when I say that we love your work, keep it up !

  25. This game is basically vaporware at this point
    3 years vosmug, 3 years…

    • Can you please not repeat this , it does nothing but put the blog in the flame.

    • This is a hobby for him, not his primary source of income. He is also under no obligation to release the game in whatever time span you want. When it releases then we can all have a good fap, until then control yourself. You only look like a child complaining like that.

  26. hmm..

  27. I think you are a bit overworked here and on the workaholic side with this game project. I would recommend taking a break and thinking about whether it is really what you want to do in your spare time. If you suffer as much as I get from your posts, then I don’t think it’s a good idea to continue on this path if you value your mental health. I would rather have you quit and recover than to continue for the gamers sake just to have you get more hurt in this process Vosmug.

    All in all I think your games are among the best in the entire Adult indie games world, but you shouldn’t destroy yourself just to produce these for us players.

    I hope you get this message.

    • I wouldn’t say I “suffer”, that’s a bit too much, I’m more worried than anything, all my spare time should go into the game though, I don’t think a break at this point is justified.

  28. InternetGuy Says:

    Vosmug, do you think nipple inflation and/or penetration is too extreme for hentai? I’m thinking along the lines of Mouryou no Nie
    Anyone else?

    • nipple inflation sounds terrifying, I guess you mean breast inflation? Nipple penetration is less crazy I guess but I don’t really know if there are set rules as to what classifies as hentai and what doesn’t, I don’t particularly like those but I wouldn’t say they are too extreme not to be called hentai, even if someone says they are too extreme for them, it depends on your tolerance level I guess.

      • InternetGuy Says:

        I am going to break the rules of the internet by saying “Thank you for the correction,” that is what I meant indeed. Ironically, thanks to the Japanese there is that typo as an animation in one of the Queens Blade animated flash games.
        IMO I think insertion/inflation is sitting between extreme hentai and guro hentai.

        Also while I’m here.
        I enjoy your work.
        thanks for Xenotake
        GHV is looking good.
        ignore the update trolls.
        Wish I had 10% of your tallent.

  29. I’m praying on altar of pure lust for the release of this game. A lot of sacrifice was done. I’m hope this will work.

  30. Just take your time, dont overwhelming yourself.
    But i expect some Yuri and lesbian or Futa scene, good work!

  31. ganbatte

  32. sorry I can not use English
    I am looking forward to your game from Japan
    Good luck!!:)

  33. “Nope, there’s backgrounds, music, sound, level design, dialogue (just to add it, it’s all written already), difficulty balancing, etc. the process it’s still the same as I said here:”

    Now I have done Project Management as a course. One tactic we learned is the agile scrum tactic. Scrum is where you take one deliverable that is needed in a project and work solely on that for 2-4 weeks in bursts. At the end of that time period is something tangible to show for the work and you can tick that deliverable as completed.

    What if you were to try something similar in your approach? Try 1 or 2 months and only work on one aspect, be it music, sound or backgrounds and only focus on that. Then try to get that part completed within the time frame.

    • I think that’s what I’m doing, right now I’m doing only sprites and when I’m done with that I move to the next chunk of work and focus on that only for the next undetermined period of time, only that there’s not specified time frame for certain task, each part comes subdivided in small additional parts and whatever time that takes adds to the overall time of the bigger part.

      I don’t know, it kinda sounds the way I’m doing it.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Will there be a blog update for december? I would be very happy 🙂

  35. Anonymous Says:


    • Anonymous Says:

      fuck you

    • Not thinking about it right now.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I’d like you to see you returning to Prisoncage, IF you add porn to it. I know that you didn’t want to, but I think that you could simply release two versions without any repercussion other than the doubled workload.

      • It wouldn’t be double work load, it would be one but cut it in half for one version, but that’s not gonna happen, if I come back to it it won’t have any porn at all, maybe some nudity but not full on sex, I don’t think that should be a big deal, I would have to start from scracth anyway so really it would be better to start a new game and leave that as a side non-porn project.

      • Anonymous Says:

        still hoping that there’ll still be nude sections

      • Start from scratch? Why would you need to start from scratch instead of continuing with the storyline? We are looking forward to the day when you return to PrisonKage. I remember that you made it to a checkpoint and you were planning on adding a chaser.

      • I’m talking about the engine, graphics and the code work, the storyline would be the same.

      • Well, I for one would not be interested in a pure gore game.

      • Sure, for a while the point of that game was never to be appealing to this blog’s crowd, actually I was never going to mention it here, unless when asked of course.

      • Which is sad, because it has a lot of pornographic potential. I’ve not seen any other game where you can willingly flash your tiddies, which is insane to say atleast.

  36. InternetGuy Says:

    Some of us are happy with just these comment updates. Hang in there Vosmug.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I pretty much completely agree. It is cool to see status updates, but I’m content just to see that you’re still alive.

  37. Hey. just wanted to leave a comment to you Vosmug 🙂 I just want you to know that youre my favorite game-maker and i absolutely love your art-style and your way of putting the story together. Im patiently waiting !

  38. You should definitely take all the assets from this project and put them on a drop box so the rest of us can look at it and finish the game for you.. maybe even talk to a few of the other devs who have made multiple games already could give you/us a hand

    Like, every time i come back i see…

    Im still working on the background…
    I might have some music…
    Theres a little level design done..
    I put in some dialogue..
    Oh but im still on sprite animations…
    And im trying to get the base code to work..

    Like legit sounds like you basically need help on every aspect of the game and nothing is done / close to finished.

    Just make it a community project so we can help man… its been so fucking long this shits getting insane.

    I have legit made and sold 5 games from scratch from the day you started this project… I want to see it finished, im willing to lend a hand.

    Just christ man, its been over 2 years. Its really not THAT complex… and i mean fuck, you could honest to fucking god tear apart the base code for xenotake or prisonkage, and just change the way it looks and some animations.. BOOM measurable progress . I dont think this games gonna be THATTTT different from those 2. I mean correct me if im wrong.

    • I’m pretty sure I haven’t said any of that, I’ve been working on graphics for a while and have said it, if anything I avoid multasking as much as posible and have talked about that at lenght before, so no idea where you getting that from.

      Look, yuo want to lend a hand? patience would be nice, but seems that’s too much to ask, we all here know it’s taking long, is not a secret… I’m not making excuses… take it or leave it cause it’s all we have…

      Sharing the project sounds like a bad idea… so no.

  39. I can’t understand one thing: if it’s just a hobby for you (which I think is really fine) why are you trying to earn money from it? If the whole coding process would be open source you could share your hobby with your community and have even more fun building something epic with others that many people enjoy. I don’t think you earn that much extra money from releasing a H-Game anyway. I personally would never pay for such a game, when I can watch freaking porn for free everywhere…

    • If you care so much about that extra money you can also implement a donation system, for those willing to waste money…. I think it wont make a difference.

    • “I don’t think you earn that much extra money from releasing a H-Game anyway. I personally would never pay for such a game, when I can watch freaking porn for free everywhere…”

      This shitty attitude is why there are so few high quality h-games.

    • Epic community project , Perhaps…
      1 – not many ready to get their idea rejected.
      2 – not many will follow game concept.
      3 – rejecting people idea might make them even more grumpier.

      I don’t think people ready to get rejected in this process.

    • I think I’ve said it before but you’re taking the word hobby too literally, or maybe I should stop using it, when I say that I mean is not my full time job and that is not my main purpose in life (at least not yet, it will at some point maybe), I still work on this every day except weekends, and I consider myself still being on a learning process, also, the idea that you can’t make money out of a hobby sounds selfish to me.

      Making a group game would defeat the purpose of making a personal project, also would hinder the learning process, but I honestly believe it would be a disaster, I’ve seen over the years on forums how it almost never works, actually to this day I have never seen a single big project done in group, even small groups fall apart rather easy on the internet, I see no future in that… I don’t dislike the idea tho, maybe at some point we could make something like that, you do everything else and I just focus on the main code, that would be interesting but again, I see more problems than good out of it.

      Yes, there’s money on it even it’s not that much and even with some people wanting everything free, is not only about the final product, sometimes people want to support the creator and hope more will come because of it, my approach has always been about the product itself, I don’t want anybody feeling ripped off for not having future proofed their purchase, but I don’t blame anybody who genuinely wants to support the creator and maybe support the creation of future projects.

    • And he’s got a damn good point too. I mean look what happened with HentaiWriter and S-Purple. Breeding Season was a bust because of one person out of a group.

      And… Hold on. DaDude. You just said you wouldn’t pay for a game when you could watch pen porn anywhere for free…

      Why the fuck are you ON this thread then? Do you even fuckin care? Jeez man just come over here and take the effort to try to make this guy feel bad by typing a WHOLE PARAGRAPH criticizing his personal life just cause this game which YOU WON’T EVEN BUY is taking a while?

      Fuck outta here man, shit…

  40. Whoa, lots of negativity in these past few comments. Chill guys. He’ll make the game that he wants and he’ll take as long as he wants to make it. If you can’t wait for it, move on to other things. No need to vent frustrations at the man.

    Vos, you do you. Don’t let any negativity dissuade you from doing what you will.

    That being said, thank you for making what you have done so far.

    • I know right, god damn. It’s his fucking project leave him be. Listen to Moose. At least you’re making a game. YOU make it. It’ll be just as successful as Xenotake if not more so. I hear about Xenotake all the time. GHV will be bigger and better. So fuck them.

  41. Hey btw how do you feel about futa?

  42. B again? But I check your site every day. hahaha

  43. This month sucks because holidays, family stuff, getting sick is like a holiday tradition, just wanted to say that…

  44. Assfhfhfh yay f R’s sh if so fish so sh sh

  45. What the hell is the matter with you guys. Why do you have to be a dick head. Let him work at his own pace. He doesn’ t owe you any thing.Their have been games that have been in development far longer than this (Final Fantasy XV and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild, to name a few) so chill out.

  46. Ayyyy It’s new year already! Happy new year Vos!

    We need no focus on what he can preserve because he manage those well enough, any insignificant comment is easily overlooked by him like one bitching thing up there. Only actual feedback and question got answer at some point.

    We’re also should know well that he is doing his own pact just fine, it’s just little bit complicate feel that he don’t feels like update blog every months – a paranoid which occur no matter by the cause or by source of info. Even now I believe he does have one and never lifted until this game finish, the best way to soften these paranoid is to cut apart all source of notification he’ll make so people will only gather here, wandering if the project still goes on or on hold – with this only 2 options is enough for some people, like me 😉

    This game is most likely on a hobby process. It’s not like he’ll push it to the edge and rip-off so he can pump money out of it. When it actually finished, It can be sold for some extra income – not the main source for daily needed.

    I know well that many people have a good will to help this creation come to its phase but the guy himself have the artist’s heart of diamond, It’s unbreakable – as this creation is only him and him alone. He need no one help, he need nobody hands, only info and feedback for what he need to know is enough for his ambition.

    There’s a quote from one fictional character that said about artist’s heart as “You think I make the creation that people want to witness ? No, I make the creation so people can witness it”. To put it simple – one doesn’t do this by people wanting, rather one create this so people will know his creation. I believe Vos is kinda guy around this part xD

    TL;DR – All he want from fans is simply ‘patience is virtue’ only things we will get is the notice that this project in ‘Processing, Hiatus or Rejected’ It’s the only thing someone like me want to know and well enough to leave here, find something better to do and then come back later to see if he want any feedback or decide to update as he feel satisfy with.

    Have a nice holidays everyone!

  47. I don’t deserve that much praise, but thanks

    happy year of the new

    • Just keep them man.

      I can’t help but feel uncomfortable to see so many people desperate to see your work while there’s a tons like this our there, some even on monthly patronizing and we never know for sure how much their stuffs keep working them at 100~120% but we surely know they’re working hard for their pledges….. right ? idk D:

      All we’ll see is update for the time being, some are not much different from ‘I’m not ded yet guys, chao~’. So, seeing you still moving around comment section is as same as update itself imo.

      Some even goes as far as compare their working pace or experienced project which I don’t feel much intact for your support-ship, I know that they wish a good outcome but different person needed different things, either you accepted or rejected its should not be justify anything on your behalf – this, I wish people would understand.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    One thing I want to mention while playing the demo is when grabbed by the flying hand. Assuming its a small detail that’s to be added, when the pink gauge depletes, lactation is to occur for that “finish” animation, right? It just seemed odd to me that it wasn’t, considering how that animation is just groping, unlike the ceiling tentacle that doesn’t have “finish” animation

    Otherwise, I absolutely love the demo

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Tits are great and all ( no really, Vena’s sexy as hell) but can we get some more ass exposure?

    Also, instead of the “when’s release” question thats been done to death, I’m curious to ask instead how much would you consider to be done and how much is left to go? Looking though this whole blog, I can see that is been QUITE a process with all the work put in, all the work remaining, and how long it takes to even DO the work


    NEED ANOTHER GIF ANIMATION … Hurry up with the next post already, i dont care how far you are, just tell us something new happened … please 😦

  51. How to Donate?

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Yo Vos! I’ve a few questions regarding that ghost chart from a previous post(https://vosmug2.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/gm_1_1.jpg)

    1). what does the “hold” row mean? Its easy to assume that “grab” and “hold” would go hand in hand, purely out of common sense. Knowing that the red ghosts are only out for vengeance it makes sense that they wouldn’t grab (minus the last one with its choke), but then you have the blue ones that are the only ones without, which I never quite understood. Then again, I never quite knew what the blue ghosts did, anyway, so that may be the root of my confusion.

    2). The 4th ghost has “re use” in its climax box. What exactly is it re using?

    3). The X-out one right next to it. What was that one supposed to be and do, out of curiosity.

    4). Is there a reason why the “An-2 & 3” rows are highlighted in pink? Also, will there even BE a ghost with 3 animations?

    5). Then there’s the toad, and one beside it. In their climax column they have 2 checks within them? What does that pertain to? Or does that indicate the very few instances of inflation, as teased in the far right of this one here: https://vosmug2.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/postfhthd.jpg

    6). Lastly, I know this chart was posted some time ago, so this last question is, has there been any changes to this chart at all? Is this the full roster of enemies, minus possibly bosses and traps?

    7). Okay, I lied, but this is the REAL last one, I promise! The 2nd blue ghost. Unless I’m mistaken, is that supposed to be a…. fish?

    • 1. That’s a list of “states” which don’t necessarily mean they are actions enemies perform, but it’s more the pipeline of animations needed for enemies to work properly, maybe it was poorly worded but it was my way of understanding it.

      Grab is the first grab when the character is clothed, that’s the mash left and right part and health (shield) decreases, only for the black ghosts, red and blue work differently (sort of).

      Hold is the naked grab, when they get you and you press a button to break free of if you fail sex happens.

      Red ghosts have a grab (or hold) which works the same except that if you don’t break free it’s game over instead of sex, basically it’s the same as grab or hold in the pipeline, that’s why it’s on the list. Blue ones are harmless ghosts, and they also have one grab (or hold), you can see one example here (click the last part):


      2. Is nothing big, it just means I had to remember to re-use one of the previous animations as climax, which means being lazy, I think I ended up redoing all of the animations for it and it has a unique climax now, I think… I don’t really remember if I did, but that was the idea, if not I have to do that too now…. I think I already did tho.

      3. It was one that was replaced by the frog one next to it to the right, that was because the frog was user submitted, they were so similar that it felt better to just replace it. It did kind of half eating thongue sex, same as the frog

      4. An-1 is mandatory, 2 and 3 are optional, that’s why they are pink, I don’t think there’s one with 3, it was just in case.

      5. The inflation is part of a different enemy, the last black one. Two checks because they have two climax animations one for each an-1 and an-2.

      6. There’s one or two more like the spine + head one, which doesn’t do much apart from being annoying, and also some more red ones, but yeah that’s pretty much it, the rest of the sex comes in the form of story/event animations. Spoiler: bosses are included there, the last two red ones are bosses and one of the black ones could be considered a boss since it only appears once. The only big one missing is the final boss, which ehhh…. I’m kind of struggling with… so… haven’t gotten there, I’ve been postponing it… we’ll see how that goes.

      7. Yes? Don’t think much about it, they don’t do much.

      You forgot to ask about the green one in the grab section.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Thanks for the reply!

        BUT WAIT: there’s a green section??? Or do you mean… the grab for the 6th ghost? I just assumed it was the same as the first one, given that whats in that section looks just like it. Or….. is it that that first ghost has something to do with its grab? Like a gang up?

      • No, you’re right, I just repeated the animation from the first one.

  53. RianSona Says:

    Vosmug, I find your work very interesting and great. The soundtrack you use in games is sensational, both for the adventure scene and the suxal scene. I knew your work with the Xenotake Game, I love your drawings and even more your stories that are very creative and interesting.

    please continue to make 2D games in this style, I love this style of play and I love hentai, and you managed to mix the two in a very harmonious and interesting way

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