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I don’t have anything else to say other than I’m working on it…. still… I’m working ongraphics mostly but also fixing code as I move to each part sometimes it needs timing, positioning, etc, some things out right broke because of the modifications I did later on, so I do some fixing that while I’m at it.

I don’t know what else, the only reason I post this is because I know you want to know I haven’t died… so yeah, don’t worry, everything  is going relatively well, just slowish at points but nothing to worry about, it’s usually normal slackery, job related extra work, hellish heat of the tropical zones or just stress/energy drink induced headaches, I’m still working on it every day, except last week when a sub station exploded or somthing, leaving several neighborghoods with little to no electricity for 4 days, fun.

In my opinion things are going fine and I still haven’t lost motivation, which is the most important part imo, continuing out of obligation would be the worst and I really hope we don’t get to that point.

Flash sucks at exporting gifs.

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  1. Great! Thanks for the pics and the update!

    If you don’t know what to post about but feel like you should, may I suggest a topic?

    How about some of the ideas you have that don’t make it to the final project? Or how these ideas possibly warp into something different.

    Or the things you wish you could do, like the backgrounds from the Mansion game.

    Creative thinking is the most interesting part of the design and implementation process. I mean, the artwork we can see, the coding for the most part is tedious trial and error, while the story can not really be discussed.

    So.. any ideas about the look of ghosts or locations that did not make the cut?

    • There’s not that much really, most of the things I wanted are in pretty much how I intended, the one I remember the most right now is that I wanted to change the look of the ghosts but at this point is just not possible, if I did, the time needed would be a lot since most of the animations would need to be edited and reexported/imported and some positions would change, which means some code tweaking would be needed too, is not worth it, it’s a shame really but it would be too much.

      Another one is the double headed ghost in one of the previous sketches, it was supposed to be a boss but it became something else, not an enemy at all, just something that happens along the way.

      But one of the good changes I think was that at first it was going to have a darker tone, not that much graphically but plot wise (corpse party style, kind of), it still have some dark tones but not even close to what it was at the beginning.
      I’ll try to remember more in the future, but everything is mostly intact for now, until I have to start cutting things from now on, that’s a possibility.

  2. Open a goddamn Patreon already! No seriously, let us show some love to you for your hard work; everyone else is doing it but you at this point and there is no reason for that.

    Hell, look at Hentaiwriter he has three Patreon’s running at the same time and he’s making well over 5k a month for doing practically nothing of value. I’ve watched his Patreon, it’s pretty much just him blowing smoke up people’s asses about why nothing is being done for his games. I’d gladly drop 20-30 bucks a month to keep you happy, healthy, and working on good titles and I’m sure plenty of others would be happy to as well.

    You’re wasting potential money.

    • I realize this is not addressed to me and I apologize in advance for butting it. It is only because I feel like I can add value to the conversation.

      You certainly do have a point about making money.

      Just out of curiosity: have you personally ever launched a project on Patreon and kept up with the schedule?

      My point is: what if the source of Vosmug’s motivation is the freedom from obligation? This is not a job but a hobby. Money makes it a job and that new framework might actually destroy the motivation and the project entirely, not move it along.

      Artists are weird that way and they secretly hate money ))

      I actually think that part of the reason his stuff is so very good is because it is done entirely on his own terms. Which is unusual, granted, but hey, if it works – please let’s not fix it!

      • It’s up to Vos on if he plans on setting up expectations or not. Originally Patreon was founded on just flat out showing support for someone, it was a few months after that everyone started offering perks and quirks for paying certain values as a means of increasing their income.

        If Vos wants to sneak in little tidbits so be it but honestly he could just set up a Patreon with the occasional post and a picture once in a blue moon and I’d be content as would plenty of other folks.

      • Fair enough.

        At this point I think Vosmug is getting a real kick out of his fans being stupefied over his refusal to take our money.

        He is just doing it for his own twisted, personal joy! For real ))

      • How about donate for fondness? , no reward nor favour or labour or free stuff in return(no progress acceleration too)

    • I’ve said it before and I don’t remember the exact things I said but in general I don’t like idea of being paid before doing something, I rather put a product out, you buy it, the end, nice and simple without complications, no pressure or obligations for any of us. I’ve never liked money talk either, when you say “you’re wasting potential money” that’s already a huge turn off, not like I hate money, but I don’t want to think in terms of money only.

      What Exodus said is about right, I don’t want to sound pretentious or anything by saying I only care about the craft and stuff, but making the game should be the priority, the money should come after and only if you think it’s worth it, that’s my subjective philosophy at least, and I have to admit I do like the freedom of not being tied to money, when money is involved you know things can easily change for the worst, especially with how long this takes.

      I’m not completely closed to the possibility though, but I don’t really need it for now, if money becomes a problem at some point, I should do that.

      • The main reason I’d like to see your Patreon go up is because it helps you earn money after everyone pirates your game anyway… I don’t know your sales but I know your game popped up on plenty of torrent sites the day it came out and it had plenty of downloads and seeders meaning the money you could have made went completely out the window. Look at all the effort you put in last game and how much money you made, now double the effort but quadruple the money.

        Your call man.

  3. Looking great, I can’t wait
    Re: The patreon discussion, I’d happily throw in a few bucks, no strings attached.

  4. Hey vos how is the development going is something like graphics or stuff almos finished

  5. You mentioned that a sub station exploded and now I’m curious.
    Do you live in Puerto Rico?

  6. Wohooo you haven’t lost motivation, and u feed us with some gif so we don’t forget how good this game is gonna feel :DD Gg…Vosmug 420…

  7. I’d drop 20, 30 a month if you set Up a patreon. I check the progress every week, I’m so anxious for this game!

  8. beachjustice Says:

    you really mustn’t substitute energy drinks for water

  9. Looking brilliant as always!

  10. I’m happy to know that things are moving along. At this point in time my sole focus is my studies so I’m happy to wait. When you do release it could you do it during a holiday period?

  11. Well even if you don’t have much to say it’s great that you atleast say or share something. I’m sure I don’t speak for myself when I say that we would rather know what’s going on instead of being kept guessing. Also knowing your alive and well is great too.

  12. Awesome animation btw how many more do you have to get done if you don’t mind sharing?

  13. So what else is on the do to list after all these graphics? It’s looking really good! Can’t wait to play!!!

  14. I’m glad you haven’t lost inspiration in your game, you have sacrificed a lot of your time in this project. Keep it up

  15. Hey, PROVE you didn’t die! Breathe on all of us!

  16. Vosmug can I ask you a question? When you start a project what do you work on first the characters or the story? Im working on a game call Splatter Spunk. It similar to Enter the Gungeon but more Lewd. I want to take it out of concept,and move it to a prototype. But I’m stuck on deciding characters or story first.

    • For me, both things go tied to each other, but in general I think the story could go first and characters should come out of it naturally according to the situation and style, but it could go either way, in your case if you allow me to butt in, since the game sounds more arcadey I think focusing on the characters would be more interesting than the story, since an arcade style game needs a more visual, immediate appeal. Unless of course is not arcade at all.

      • Thanks I was having a hard time figuring it out. An yes Splatter Spunk is more of a arcade type. If you consider top down or twin stick shooter to be arcade types.

    • I’ve very successfully done dev competitions and I’m sure you dgaf about a no-name but I believe vehemently that you should start on what you are the strongest at doing so you get a lot of progress up front to drive you through the harder things you are weaker at later.

  17. By the way everyone clickteam fusion dev edition is on sale on humble bundle for $15 is like game maker studio but a little easier for beginners. https://www.humblebundle.com/clickteam-fusion-bundle

  18. Looks great. My only complain is the nipples… they looked way better in Xenotake…

  19. How much time does it take to do all the animations? Would it be feasible to ask for more than one pose per combination?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Will the shower scene still make it at the end?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Epic. But one question, seriously tropical weather? Or was that a joke? Cuz I was curious as to where you lived. If you don’t wanna post it online, just the region is cool too.

  22. Demo was great but the scene when you get the first orb was unclear on how to absorb the enemies. Took me a bit to figure it out but I still did. After playing Xenotake though I saw a few things missing that I hope you could incorporate in this or another future game. I know it will take the game longer to finish but I would like to see if you could spice things up with 2 or 3 animations per monster or more than just 10 to 12 monsters, including bosses. Also I think this game wouldn’t be complete without a self-pleasure or masturbate function/animation for the character. That was the one thing that Xenotake needed in my opinion to be finished.

    • Do you know what Scope Creep is?

    • I hate on-screen tutorials, I hoped pressing H to see control instructions would be enough.

      This has been going for over two years, nothing too big will be added at this point, some things will have to wait until the next game, maybe enemies won’t be one of them since I don’t plan on doing enemies the same way anymore, we’ll see how that goes.

      There is but only in certain parts.

  23. All the girls have equal bodies. Can we have hope to see some skinny/plump/flatchested/smallboobed/high/small girls in your games whenever?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Did you mean their current body was evenly in pattern? , or evenly in ratio?

    • That’s true, It’s a style and more importantly I did use the same base guidelines for everybody, I want to try and add a few extra body types in next projects, don’t know if it’s going to work.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I saw their current size is actually different.

      recommanded for using ruler on the picture above , confirming yourself that it not an illusion.

  24. Even if this is just letting us know you aren’t dead, any update is awesome. This is probably the only time I’ve kept track of an H-game, and I’ll definitely continue to do so.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Pls , will there be changable control ? I wanna *ahem* and play at the same time, pressing movment (arrow keys ) and action button (z,c,x,s…) are way to far : (

    If you cant, its ok, btw impatient to buy the game as soon its released, great game.

    • That’s tricky, I don’t know exactly how to do that as of now and since the control is already in place I don’t know how much I have to move to make something like that… maybe a Type B kind of setting would be more likely, what do you suggest would be a good configuration to try.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    A small suggestion (or request): Any chances of bote/pregnant belly?

  27. A changeable control shouldn’t be so tricky… Please dear vosmug-kun we need to be able to play with one hand … ähem öhem….

  28. I’m going to bother you about game difficulty at some time or another now that I’ve made some keyhooks to modify input mechanics in the demo. Do you want a pastebin of short mechanic change requests sooner or later? Or do you even care what I’d like to see to make the game(demo) more challenging without being obnoxious. Examples: #1 Adding a short~ 80ms left/right turnaround delay animations make reacting to ghosts more challenging. #2 The grapple breakaway keyboard challenge is too easy but if there was a stamina resource that was consumed, it could be a lot more interesting. #3 left-right struggle mechanic is too much key mashing and doesn’t ever result in failure therefore doesn’t have any value. It could be changed to use stamina and or a directional input challenge that behaved like tug-of-war with a smaller amount of key challenges.

    • Sure, right now I’m working on other stuff but wahtever, you decide:

      Thing is though, I don’t think mechanics will change depending on difficulty, that would be too much of a hassle at this point.

      Breaking is not supposed to be diffiuclt, it’s supposed to be an minor obstacle more than an actual threat, I already have a half baked stamina sytem for grabs, I haven’t worked on it fully but it doesn’t look promising, there are groups of enemies, making grabs more diffiuclt would become annoying, need to test it more but I don’t know man.

      But whatever, as long as there’re no big mechaninc changes, be my guest, I’ll see what I can do. Is not the time to work on any of that yet though.

  29. Hello Vosmug !!

    I love your games very much , i can’t wait until this game complete , i played Demo 10 times and it was very interesting !!
    thanks for your hard working, keep the good work !!

  30. Hey I don’t know if you’ve got this already in the bug list but in the demo you can basically crawl through the game.
    Enemies won’t grap you if you move while crouched. Otherwise your progress is pretty decent 😀

  31. Anonymous Says:

    I’m actually so hyped about this game.
    I don’t usually buy hentai games (i consider them too expensive for what they really offer, like, 15 bucks for 2 hours) but i love Xenotake and i love more the demo of GHV.
    I’m gonna buy it on day one without even thinking about it.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    what about new year VOS?

  33. What are the things you have to do for demo update? Kind of hoping for it to come on Halloween.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    So, are you already decide when release will be?

  35. i can’t wait anymore **

  36. Hello, I want to make the game, which were inspired “RE Progeny”, it was named “RE Propagation”. This is the link to blog about this game http://repropagation.blogspot.ru/
    Please, look this and help me to make this game!)))

    • Before creating the game itself it will help to plan everything out before you actually start on the game itself. Basic storyline, characters and their abilities, levels, scenes and easter eggs, a deadline (Very important) and what is not in the scope of the project.

      Then when it comes to the actual coding and drawing since you know exactly what to do then you will be much faster than if you just started on the game itself straight away.

      • planning a deadine is very important? wait, what are you tryinhg to tell me.

      • If you plan a deadline then you will naturally aim to get the project done by that due date. When the due date draws near, you naturally perform a lot better to get it done on time.

        If there is no due date set then what will most likely happen is the project will drag on and there won’t be a moment of going all out to get it done on time.

        Remember School assignments and leaving it to the last minute and smashing it out on an all nighter? That is why having a due date and perhaps milestones work wonders.

      • That’s easy to say but when there’s so many moving parts planning a deadline is very difficult, for me it only ends in unnecesary stress and frustration, I don’t disgree with the idea but unless you want to make it a job or an obligation it’s just going to wear you out faster, that’s my take on it at least.

        That’s not to say you don’t need a reasonable limit for yourself, I did and I failed it, so… is not always flawless. It didn’t work so now I’m working at my own pace, next project i’ll start again, without saying the deadline of course, and try to work with it, the project needs to be properly sized too of course, that didn’t help this time.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Seemingly you rather need da big boss with da big hug.

    • Depending , If you are one man team and had no experience in game creating before , I recommended you to
      – try anything to discovering what need problem to be solve
      (dramatically shout DO IT , DO IT , JUST do IT)
      – try programing first , able to endure the process = I think you half way won!
      (or else you need programmer guys)

      want to be graphically similar to “RE Progeny”???
      – ask around “Legend of Krystal forums”
      (they might give you a very tangible answer)

    • For starters agree on all of the above.

      I’m not sure exactly what you need help with; I don’t mind giviing advice if you think what I have to say would be useful but I would rather know if you have difficulty or want help with something specific.

    • kill yourself and take that gay shit with you

      • as long as fetishism not force anyone to submit to their fetishism , that still okay.
        – at least try to keep it within your own community , it will set conflict to minimum.
        – I believe most fetishism still try to live in harmony.

  37. Anonymous Says:


  38. Anonymous Says:

    I like that the girls have different boob sizes, even if they just range from big to helium-balloons-big

  39. Vosmug: Are there any projects currently running on Patreon that you support?

    Any NSFW games you personally follow and looking forward to being completed?

    A personal favorite of mine are these two gems:

    Magical Investigation

    Divine Arms

    • Look interesting, specially the first one, I’m not following anything right now, I’ve been mentally too busy to think about other games other than mine. I sometimes check on kyrieru or whatever next lilith game is going to be but that’s it. Magical Investigation looks cool, would like to see it in motion at some point.

      • Magical Investigation DEMO – 64-bit


        The sneak-seduce mechanic is refreshing and overall there are many pleasant surprises!

        How to play: Shift – for sneaking. Approach the enemies from behind and hit a space bar to seduce.

        You can have up to 3 seduced enemies protecting you.

        Hitting space again will initiate a sex scene. Multiple enemies (2 goblins, 3 goblins, etc) will have different animations.

        You can order enemies that follow you to attach other foes. Aim (second mouse) and hit Q.

        TIP: to sneak up behind amphibians, try telephoning as close to them as possible without overdoing it.


        PS: Check out the flower patch on the left side of the map ))

  40. TIP 2: You can cast a tentacle trap and walk into yourself. Stand there for 3 secs. Tentacles love the heroine and she even gives them a little kiss at the end ))

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Vosmug, do you have a release date on when you’re going to post the trial version close to release?

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Another status update please, it has been over a month!

  43. Just one fan Says:

    Eh, Vosmug… why you so stubborn? I mean i really like your stuff, but you don’t do anything to improve your capabilities. YOu don’t want hire someone to help you or create team. You don’t want to create patreon or do anything else that can give your donations from the fans. It’s just a hobby for you, right? Something that you do only when you have some free time and you don’t want to do something else, is it? I understand your position, but for me, who really likes your work it is really sadly. I understand that you never will be really intrested in game development. It’s will be just a “hobby” forever. How much games you can create in this way? Until you lost your interest, lost your motivation or anything else that helping you create games? Not that much, i think. Awareness of this fact is very painful for me. Sorry for my words. It may sounds stupid for you, but it was important for me to say it. It’s just my point of view on your situation. It may be wrong, i think, but at least i said it.

  44. This game is basically vaporware at this point, i have been following this shit for TWO FUCKING YEARS and this game will never be done. EVER

    I mean fuck, people have released entire hentai games with their own engines, multi levels, 50+ animations and a CGI endings solo in the time this project has hardly moved.

    And once and IF its finally done, its gonna be a fucking cop out like xeno where 1/3 of the game i was some retarted ass drone flying around being bored as fuck trying to get past that point as fast as i could because vosmug put in to make the game seem longer since he “Ran out of motivation ” half way thru…

    If you think this games gonna be more then 10+ hentai animations , 6 different enemies and MAYBE 3 levels.. your overshooting your expectations..

    But you CAN expect, Lines and lines of text you wont give a fuck about 20 mins into the game

    And zero replayablity


    And i even bought xenotake but holy fuck looking back onto it i see why people where disappointed, great art…shitty game play and variation, zero replayablaity.

    You started this game around
    April 30, 2014 vosmug
    its almost 2017 motherfucker… Almost three fucking years you have been working on this shit..

    Give / sell the fucking code to some over dev and watch them be done in 5 days because you cant be bothered to work on it

    Games vaporware

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oh man , this is unnecessary brutal.

      Greater major developer has what they want to do , incapable minor developer too.
      So , telling a minor to abandon their project is commonly wrong.

      clam down , man.

      • Anonymous Says:

        yeah i was harsh but holy fuck man.

      • no matter how much you hate me for whatever reason, is not going to make the process any faster.

        also, I think this is not the game for you, not sure why you stuck with it this long if you already didn’t like the previous game, execution wise is very similar and that was never a secret. I was always very open with the style I want to try and make.

    • This is good, in a sense that I doubt you would care this much, let alone pay for the previous game if you did not anticipate a fine product this time.

      I would call this burst out a compliment of sort, as frustration by a someone who is clearly a fan, over the duration of the project.

      As far as points of criticism… Those can only be valid if they come from someone who has personally actually released a game of this scale, single-handedly. Or at the very least has managed a serious design project.

      Case in point: look at Valve with their Half-Life 3, the infamous Duke Nukem, heck, their is a myriad of projects which take ages to finalize.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Lol, this comment is so stupid, I can’t believe anyone actually having this opinion.

      First, Vosmug does this as a hobby, not as a full time job, so he can take as much time as he wants.

      Second, he doesn’t let you pay in advance EXACTLY for that reason: He can take as long as he wants because he is not owing you anything!

      Thirdly, he already said that the robot part in Xenotake was not his finest work and that he wont include such a mechanic in future games.

      Fourthly, this game, as are his previous games, will have a though-out story and a lot of dialogues. If you don’t like that, then fuck off and play a different game.

      Fifthly, his games are as replayable as the other 90% of H-games out there. Most games wont even bother to give a proper story, let alone mechanics, to justify replaying them for more than their animations.

      At last, shut up if the only thing you want to do is insult a person that owes nothing to you.

  45. 8( So um… so anyway… keep up the hard work, Vosmug!

    Those of us who count as real, live people are apt to encourage you and praise your work.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    the pic is epic~! so four nake lady…omg can i expect a nice foursome will coming?

  47. Your game characters has no name in Google but I love the game❤❤❤❤😍😍

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