Hello there,

I’m kind of done with the event list, I had to skip some because it’s easier to do them alongside the level design so it’s kind of pointless doing them now since I would have to redo them later, also I skipped the last two events since… I don’t know, I’m tired… I want to stop there and start with the graphics already, so that’s what I’m doing now, I’m starting to replace all the placeholders with the final graphics, I forgot how time consuming graphics are, but that’s where we are now, this part of the process is way more difficult to quantify and predict, so yeah…


redo4 redo4a

redo1redo1bI still think the portraits are a waste and even after having them redone I still don’t like them all that much, the artist guy who did them left them with a lot of corrections for me to do so that’s some extra work not taken into account before, there’s a chance I’ll just remove them completely.

About the backgrounds, after playing Mansion a bit more I’m jealous of those backgrounds, of course they are hand drawn, but I really want to improve on that, I have now the urge of replacing all of the backgrounds, of course that’s stupid and I won’t do it, and at my current skill level they won’t be any better that they already are so… you’ll be stuck with my ugly backgrounds for now (comparatively). The game itself is a bit simplistic in its gameplay (programming wise I mean, it’s a bit rough) but man those backgrounds, you should give a try, you can download the trial on DLsite and see if you like it.Mansion-7

As you can notice the similarities, that’s my style of game, spooky vibe and dark atmosphere… but I’m talking more in a general sense, not just hentai, remember when there was a thing called survival horror, and then first person spoopy jumspcares ruined it forever and that’s all we have now… yeah, me too.

So, see you next time, I think that’s it for now…

107 Responses to “Grfx”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I like the look of having portraits but I think there should be an option to turn it on/off for people who dont want it taking up space. Hey is that some Sui gameplay going on or am I dreaming?

    • It’s not gameplay unfortunately, portraits do take a lot of space, not sure what to do yet.

      • Something as simple as having the portraits and dialog box in a foreground and everything behind those elements are faded?

      • Mmm not bad ur getting there im sorry to ask but when are u gonna release the game if i may ask???

      • Ratiiug14 Says:

        NakaDachi, itll be done when its done. Vosmug is sharing his progress on building the game, to be honest thats pretty huge, he doesnt have to do that. The game so far seems to have a good chunk of it done, but for the time being given the possibility of glitches and bugs in the game, and certain aspects of coding possibly messing with implementing new pieces or editing others, the time frame can varry quite a bit, especially with just one guy working on the game. (Correct me if Im wrong on VOsmug being the only one building this)

        Just keep with the blog post, It’ll be released eventually, and if its anything like Xenotake itll be worth the wait 🙂

      • Anonymous Says:

        Most games I played where the portrait can get in the way just have a button to hide the portraits, like Q or something.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is it too late to have Venas arm be covering her vag when shes gloveless? Sorry its just seeing it out looks a bit off.

    • Girls usually don’t cover their pussy when suddenly left with no clothing options in american culture. The reason is there isn’t a ton to hide if her legs are close together. Girls with big boobs are pretty quick to try to cover their larger assets. Some european girls are a lot more comfortable with being topless and will cover their pussy first, it just depends on culture and body.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nice to see another update Vos, Looking forward to playing the full game. Oh and also, what you wrote about your backgrounds being bad isn’t really true I think more realistic backgrounds would conflict with the character art style. Also does Mansion remind anyone else of parasite in city? in appearance…

  4. Lets try to remember the fact that Mansion despite being pretty was a really shitty game.

  5. What do you mean he left them with corrections?

    • I guess I can’t write, what I meant was “mistakes that I have to fix”

      • voegrevioux Says:

        That’s what I meant to ask lol. I’m the one who can’t write. What errors are you being left with?

        p.s. WordPress needs and edit option for comments. 😛

      • Proportions, faces, some shadows, etc. mainly things that look weird becuase he had difficulty imitating my drawing style

  6. Vosmung your backgrounds look realistic and that is reali good,don,t need to change that belive me.

  7. Have you considered doing any expansion packs after your game launch? You would have a lot of the groundwork already laid from the initial launch of the game so you could focus on specific things you wanted to add like monsters / levels / graphics / sounds / interactions or whatever. It would let you net more income and come out with more paid content fairly quickly. Final fuck did this with FF:Again and did fairly decently by mainly adding new characters.

    Dump the portraits IMO. Your characters are high resolution enough that it isn’t necessary. Portraits are best for super low res, or you can just use a face to indicate who is speaking. No need to cover up the main character sprites. And yes, art / sound / levels are absolutely the bulk of work in games 🙂 Time to grab some caffeine, get comfortable and rip through your goals.

    • Not really, I rather spend more time and try to do as much as possible the first time around, besides, is very likely that after finishing something I don’t want to touch it ever again, unless it is for bug fixing, once something is done I prefer working in something new rather than go back to the same thing, I guess it also has to do with how long it takes, after so long I just want to work on somethign else.

  8. Hm…the portrait looks pretty okay, but if it takes up space, maybe you should put it as an expansion or something.

  9. annonymous12 Says:

    Maybe you should just give up and turn into a illustrated comic or something.

  10. no thanks Says:

    Mansion sucks as a game, but has good art. Your art is improving but you’re a much better gamemaker.

    The portraits are IMO a waste of resources.

    Let us send you some money already! You want us to just by Xeno over and over again? 😀

    • That’s why I had somebody else do the protraits, but when I have to end up spending time fixing them, yeah, it kinda defeats the purpose.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I personally think the portraits are sexy as hell and that you should definitely keep them! I think the vast majority of us have no problem waiting a little longer for a little extra. That Vena one is gorgeous!

      • That Vena picture is really beautiful and it would be a shame to waste such hard work. It’s true though that since the sprites are large and in good quality the portraits really aren’t needed. What if you used the portraits and that other artist to draw game over CG instead? Doesn’t have to be anything more than a few still CG rather than a black screen on game over.

      • Well, the portraits were done twice, so I should use them if only for the sake of not wasting that money, for more CG I would have to comission more, problem is he had difficulty drawing in that style, that’s why I have to fix the portraits in the first place, I should get somebody else for additional art, but then again, having more art styles clashing is not that great either, ultimately I guess I’ll have to leave it as is.

      • Let me know if you need additional art. I’m more than willing to help and love the challenge of altering my interpretation to construct volume and aesthetics that fit others perspectives… or in other words draw in the style you want lol.

  11. Chodeisius Says:

    Im still excited for this. looks great, keep it up!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    can you at least share one animation pretty please

  13. anonymous Says:

    Can you at least share another animation pleaseeee

  14. On the backgrounds thing. Why don’t you make a post about what backgrounds you need (layout) and what requirements they have to meet (scale, color scheme) and let people who are interested submit background art in return for getting mentioned in the credits or something. Worst part that could happen is that you waste one to two hours browsing through horrible pictures drawn with paint and spam. At best you find the quality you like and have a laugh at some of the more “interesting” submissions. Or you could ask for single prop pieces instead of full background art.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Hello, vosmug
    how are you? Thanks for your hard work.
    About the portraits I dont think that a full body portrait is needed, maybe just a small face at the corner screen for dailouges or just take them off completely like Xenotake. To be honest, they dont seem to fit in the atmosphere of the game. Also your backgrounds are very nice and spooky and creepy much more than Mansion, I dont know why but Prison Kage background gave me chills.

    Thanks for reading.

  16. anemonyous Says:

    Oh nice, so there’s at least 2 characters that we get to play as? I assume the story jumps to the other one at some point just like in Xenotake it jumped to the robot at the end of it.

    How many characters do we get to play as this time?

    Another thing I’m curious is if there are parts in the game where there are some sort of consequences?

    Scenario example: Girl with the demonhand is captured and separated from the demonhand. Player now plays as the demonhand and has to go through a few rooms to rescue the girl. Player fails the rescue and is sent back to the beginning of this part. Player gets back to the girl and the girl is getting nailed in a different position/ girl is a bit fuller/crazier from the screwing. After rescue no real permanent consequences though.

    • Nope, not playable. Just 1 character.

      I don’t get the consequences, does that mean if you succeed the first time there is no consequence? either way, stuff happens but not as consequence, just nomral progression.

      • Vosmug please make others characters playable to. It would make the game more interesting.

      • Just one thing I’d put in the future games ideas document, another playable character but that’s just me. At least scope creep won’t happen in this game.

      • Last time he made another character playable (*cough* that damn robot) it was almost universally hated.

        I personally had no issue, just wish the final battle hadn’t been with the robot.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Wooohoooo , Awesome Update.

  18. Just popping in to say I appreciate the hard work and I’m looking forward to GHV

  19. Meh, i wish that you won’t delete portraits.

  20. beachjustice Says:

    I love how atmospheric and creepy your games are. Unfortunately there’s not much like that coming out regularly. I loved alien isolation too, thought it was almost perfect for what it set out to do. Sadly a lot of folls gave it mixed reviews for reasons I can’t appreciate so can’t expect a sequel :[

    • Alien Isolation is a weird case. I loved it for its atmosphere, attention to detail and 1:1 replication of the Alien aesthetic. As a game though, it suffers from frustrating design decisions and rather boring gameplay in general. The AI was touted to be so revolutionary when it’s clear it just has a few patterns it executes. Yes, it works well, but that’s because it’s in the confines of a very restricted environment where everything is built around its behaviour. Put it anywhere else, and it’d flounder about.
      I also get that A:I was meant to be a survival horror, but I think it’d have been way more fun if there were multiple aliens active across all the levels, but you had the means to kill them. Coupled with the mutually supportive AI and level design, proper combat would’ve worked really well instead of the cat/mouse game it turned into, or the hordes of dumb-as-bricks aliens as in Colonial Marines or the AvP titles.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I like that last portrait. She looks really lovely. Breasts too gigantic but thats me.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    What is the full name of character maker which you use for make Girls and ghosts

  23. Anonymous Says:

    When this will Complete and we can play.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Prisonkage ?

  25. I know that now is a bit late to ask, is there any jump-scares? It will spoil my fun and may end up pretty awkward in the middle of my quality time…

    • Seeing how I hate jumpscares and think they are cheap, horrible, stupid and not scary, no there won’t be, this is not really a horror/scary game though, it’s just horror themed.

  26. InternetSpawn Says:

    Those are nice backgrounds in Mansion but your H animations are in a league of their own.

  27. Are your games accessible for the public? Or must we purchase it from DLsite?

  28. It’s true : Mansion have a very good background but he have poor animation.

    Your animation is more interesting and you think your background is bad but i don’t agree a lot. They have their proper atmosphere, you just need to work on!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I need you to wear this for all girls. It will make this game more exciting.

    I hope you considering my requirement. Thanks.

    I love your game very much. !!Vosmug!! = You the best.

  30. This portrait is really good indeed. Have some differences compared with your style, but is pretty convincing. Isnt a waste at all, and beiing cartoonish instead of hentai-like style is a good thing. What is the problem with it?

  31. Wil Hagane Says:

    Can’t wait to play this game.

  32. Ghostly racoon with a cig Says:

    I’m sticking with you since last year and I didn’t expect to be still hyped about that game. Played the demo over and over. I like the demo already more than Xenotake. Keep it up. Ganbare!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    you should do a demo like an update so that we can test it out to make sure there isnt going to be any bugs in it. plus that you can patch them if there is

  34. Anonymous Says:

    You know this is going to sound ridiculous. I’m very suicidal a lot of the time, and obviously I get through it, but it gets pretty bad sometimes. On nights like tonight of all things to help, it’s your game actually. I get to thinking that maybe I’d be better off done with things, but then I think about how I’d like to play the finished version of this, so I end up thinking I might as well hang around till it comes out. I’m sure there’s other stuff I’d think of if I didn’t have this, but it happens to be the first thing that comes to mind. So I don’t know, I’m sure this is a strange message to get, but I just wanted to say thanks

    • That’s good, I read once that is not about the actual thing, in this case this game, but about the prospect of the future, as in, all of the things the future would bring and you would miss, as you said there’s more things you latch on to, eventually there’s going to be many things that are worth waiting for rather than just missing them all completely, even if it’s something shallow (in the grand scheme of things) like a video game, if you enjoy it and makes your life worth it, then it’s fair game, if you care, I was in a similar spot in college and it was creative work what helped me get over it, I’m still not 100% out of it but it kept my brain busy so I didn’t have to think about weird things, maybe it sounds like a cop out: “avoid thinking about it until it wears out”, but it worked for me, and is hell of a lot better than having those thoughts in your head constantly. Hang in there.

      • I just wanted to say thanks. I know it took me forever to reply, but I did want to let you know I appreciated what you said. Apart from being a talented creator you’re also a good person. If you’re ever having a rough day I hope you remember that you’ve had a positive impact on other people’s lives. Anyway, thanks again. I’m glad there’s people like you in the world

  35. can you work on your drawing skills? I wanna see a high quality art as good as mansion

    • to be precise your body ratio is weird. legs are too long and breast, heads are too big

      • A reminder: breasts are never too big 🙂

      • you are referring to this as something weird? different authors have different art style, most of them can’t be too similar to the other, they have all their provisions to draw something that fits their style in art as of this, proportion of the head, body and lower part is good enough, its not like the legs are too long and the breast and head are too big for the body, thats how it is for his art style, don’t get me wrong im not defending him but stating my opinion.

        and at your first post before this, you are saying that you wanted a high quality art as good as mansion? so its like giving an opinion “your art design isn’t good enough for my taste”? you cant demand something like that unless you are certain that you will buy like at least 50 of those to 49 other people and yourself.

      • Funny thing is, I see mistakes and things I don’t like and I know I have to get better, but you get better over time, as in years of practice, I’ll work on my skills, as every artist does all the time, but don’t expect a jump in quality over night.

      • btw, I would really like to replace and change some things, like some proportions and as said in the comment above, to make ghosts look more ghastly, but I would have to replace tons of sprites and that would take quite alot of time, at this point I think is really not worth it.

      • If you want “Better art” and a “Better animated game” Then why dont you go and build one yourself? Can you draw? Do you know how? Go ahead sketch something and post a link! Animate it in fact! Post a gif. Go on!

        If you want to see “Art as good as mansion” then fucking play mansion. THe animation there is jankey and stiff…

        Artistry takes time to perfect, you dont get better overnight. The guy is an amazing animator, and his art style is great, if the game doesnt appeal to you then it doesnt appeal to you.

      • Let’s be kind to each other.
        probably , Bong just trying to tell Vosmug what he prefer as he see Vosmug trying to improve stuff by changing something.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I, for one, love long legs, big breasts, and big heads (AKA petite bodies).

  36. its been 2 years since i’ve been hyped for the release of this game… wait , wait , wait… i have no doubts that this game would be shit like some people would think of because you are in distress, having conflicts within your work, life and projects that truly needs focus and determination, don’t worry about negative reactions by some humans, they are mere stepping stones for your improvement in upcoming projects.

    I wanted to help on the project by also contributing to giving you ideas and plots for the story of the game but i was too late, looks like the game is almost in the process of polishing it a little and proposing it for a release on DLSITE.

    I have played the game many times, even though there were few animations, it still doesn’t feel like tiresome to play.

    i also have a suggestion, maybe you should add a feature of your upcoming projects (i do hope there are ofc) to where the character you are currently controlling (if the game has a multi-character system where you can choose a different one with a different storyline or just for a change) to have different costumes/attires to wear, like somewhat cosplaying, and then when the rape scene starts we can have a chance of to where making the character nude or just see her dress tear up and giving that teasing feeling on the scenes, its much enjoyable, but i know its a lot of work but please do consider adding this feature in your future projects, to where it can be give a really good impression towards the main character(s).

    on your last post about the backgrounds, yes it looks too vague for a dark themed game like this, similar to having a cookie dipping it on a glass of milk, the cookie drops and doesn’t floats up to a point you can still grab it, its a complicated definition so maybe ignore what i just said…

    the background does count but the content is a lot more important, the characters are fantastic, drawn perfectly on your art style, its unique.

    the enemies, ghosts… i do have a comment on that, the art style is good, well… its a ghost, uhh… hard to explain on my local language, but they should be a bit transparent for that “ghastly” feeling, right? well its good either way, just an opinion.

    sex scenes on the demo was great, the problem is its all the same everytime you get caught by that same enemy, maybe a feature to where there are some chances of having different sex animation on each enemies would be great.

    Good luck on the game! hope many buys it, please for the love of God those people who gonna pirate it share it on sites please dont do it unless its sold copies enough for the developer to create more! damn people complaining the author didnt create another game , its also their fault for that reason to happen.

  37. Hype still here

  38. I might be high on crack for asking this but any chance we can get a tiny updated demo?

  39. Hey vosmug can you tell us like what percentage of the game is done like 70% or something

    • 70 to 80 is about right, but is pointless to do that, it really doesn’t mean anything

      • Sooo.. its been a hot minute since you started dev; got a rough estimate of when you think you will be completed yet ? I know you always say you dont want to give dates.. but its looking like it coming along well. Is the end of the year a possibility ?

  40. BTW, do you know the movie “Poltergeist”? And did it inspire GHV?

  41. Internet Spawn Says:

    The talking hand in VHD had more dialog than anyone else in the anime, inhale attack, nuff said.

    Vosmug have you ever wanted to visit Japan? Do you think your art style is hentai inspired or did you come up with it from another drawing style?

    • Not really, I don’t want to go anywhere, I want to stay put where I am.

      Anime inspired more than hentai, from back in the dragon ball z days, I stopped in college completely and didn’t draw at all for about 6 to 8 years, when I started watching anime again I also statred drawing again.

    • Will the glove share similar behavior with hunter D ‘s parasited hand?

  42. … Can I fap yet? No? Cool… That’s cool.

  43. How are you, Vos? All ok?

  44. So hard to wait for the game… screenshots is too delicious…

  45. cant wait anymore!

  46. Day 929

    Vosmug officially announced the beginning of his work on Prisonkage 929 days go, or 04-14.14.

    The most recent response of his existence on this earth was 38 days ago, or 09-21-16 at 2109 responding “fine” to a status check.

    Many of the followers of Vosmug are growing impatient. Others are excited for his next update. I, for one, would like to see this as well. Not to see if he is working efficiently, but merely out of curiosity. I began to stop checking for him every day and began checking in whenever I feel like it. It’s what he asked of us, of course, so I don’t feel bad. He’s been patient with us and I think he expects as much from us, which is only reasonable. Others are keeping themselves relatively satiated by looking for other means of fap, be it hentai here, other irrelevant genres of porn, whatever they can think of, or his last post.

    There are no faces here. Only names. At least 20% of them. Most of the time we hear disembodied voices with no names asking questions, giving suggestions, exclaiming impatience, etcetera.

    These are dark times, there is no denying… But the man himself could not be calmer. I admire the tenacity of his patience. One can only wonder the daily life of a man with such a brilliant mind in the world of hentai… If he isn’t dead.

    Speaking of death, if I die before he finishes, fap many times in my honor; I would be greatly pleased in the afterlife. Many faps to you, good lad.

    End Log 1, 10-28.16/0115

    • That’s quite an interesting read but there’s a post after this one and I’m responding to questions regularly, even though not very interesting answers, just random chit chat.

      I agree with the sentiment though.


        Good thing this is anon cuz that’s embarrassing XD

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