You know what I’ve been doing and what the work schedule is, if you don’t check the last blog entry, that should cover the next several months of tasks to do, by reading it again though I notice my way of communicating things can be confusing, but we all knew that, , the event part was especially weirdly worded, I hope it was clear enough to give you a solid idea of where we are.

As expected I’m still working in the event list, I’m at the 7th point of the second page, the one that starts with “goes back”, I should have been a bit farther that that but ran into some problems that made things more difficult than expected, no big deal I think, it’s to be expected and everything is going with relative normality.

for those who didn’t understand though, that’s not the list of the entire game’s progress, just of the main events, they are for now bare bones code animated sequences with poorly made placeholder graphics, I will make the entire list of events from beginning to the ending sequence in this manner so when they are done I can polish and replace the final graphics all in one go, and then continue according to the previous post.

By next month hopefully I’ll be done with that part and will be animating and replacing graphics already, let’s hope.

In other news, I was interviewed by DLsite in a monthly interview/news thing they do that I had no idea it existed, I don’t remember exactly what I said anymore so you can read the dumb things I said in the last section of this page:

41 Responses to “Computering”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow, checking for updates every few minutes finally worked out for me!

    • You might consider using RSS feeds. It’s much easier letting your computer do the obsessive rechecking for you.

  2. Yay, an update and I’m one of the first few people in to post!

  3. HentaiGamer Says:

    In your interview, when asked what kind of games you like and etc, you said ” I like dark atmospheric stuff” and you mentioned the game “Mansion”. Have you ever tried/played “Anthophobia”? Its pretty popular so you may already know.

    • I have seen it but never tried it but to be honest Im not a fan of the art, since they are remaking it I guess I’ll wait until the new art is out. I don’t even know if the game itself is out already or still in development.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! First 10 to comment! I like Pixel Factory too! Just keep taking your time Vosmug. No rushes here with your fans. 🙂 Maybe when you think you are done, you can have a closed beta. 😀

  5. Anonymous Says:

    keep it going vosmug!… we are all rooting for you! your games are awesome and I will buy the game the first day it is released.

  6. well played. good guy.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    What does the ghost checklist look like now?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Wow vosmug you’re almost finished with the story? Keep up the good work! We’ll support you along the way! 🙂

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Not asking to add more to the game.

    Have you thought about adding an enemy from a past game as an easter egg? Like theres a secret room that has the human looking alien from xenotake you can “interact” with.

    • why would you want that? this is a a game that takes heavy influence from its story, which means suspension of disbelief must surely mean something, and I can’t think of anything more immersion breaking than finding an ACTUAL ALIEN in a closet.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Its just an easter egg, theres no need to be upset over it.

  10. Darkwolf Says:

    Would your newer games only be sold on DLsite?

  11. Keep up the great work! We have, are and always will support your work Vosmug! Seeing the sheer work behind the game makes me appreciate it much much more. Don’t rush it. I am sure I speak for many when I say our patience and support are unwavering. Ganbatte💪

  12. HolyPotato Says:

    I am just curious but will there be game over sprites? Do you know Witch Girl from KoonSoft. I liked how the character gets raped over and over (endlessly) again after the health bar reaches zero. I’d love to see something like that.

    • Kind of yeah, I was about to cut it out but I’ll try to do it, the only problem is how many of those can exist, there can’t be that many or this is going to go forever.

      • HolyPotato Says:

        Yeeey, glad to hear that. How about 1-2 sprites? for every enemy? I think thats enough anyway.

      • Wait wat? That’s exactly what I can’t do, 2 per enemy is just too much, instead it’ll be per area/level, if there are 5 major levels then there will be 5 game over aniamtions, something like that.

        Damn dude.

        I should have been more clear.

      • Scope Creep again eh? What I would do, every time somebody requests a certain feature for a game, I’d write it down in a table for ideas for future games.

        That way the game you are working on now won’t generate scope creep and then you have all these ideas for the next game.

        Game over sprites may not be for this game but perhaps for the next game.

      • I haven’t even had the time to work on those since I haven’t touched that part since the very begining, there was always something more important to work on first that I never got the chance to mess with it to know for sure.

  13. Hey Vosmug what do you think Lost Soul Aside( It a game
    being developed by one person in Unreal Engine 4

    • Yup, that’s a thing… it makes you realize how much of a bunch of talentless hacks the rest of us are… why do we even keep trying?
      Seriously tho… it’s quite awesome, reminds me I have to continue studying unreal.

      • I’m fairly far along in making a generic 2D engine for UE4. The goal is to make it very reusable so that art and story will be the only bottleneck in development. You can see basically how simple building game logic is once the core is built. UE is very neato. Maybe I will set up a blog if I have zero more aspirations on making hgames just to show how to do it. But I’m more interested in bringing dynamic “3d” lighting to sprite hgames so it is more probable I will just be commissioning art instead. Oh and there is a severe lack of pillory content in current games.

      • I got so confused with blueprints that was my first big stop, I need to find a comprehensive list explaining every action and event, even then I would like to learn code right away but that seems way more complicated.

  14. TheInternetIsWeird Says:

    Hey dude, dudette?

    1. Xenotake was the shit
    2. Keep up the good work
    4. Do we have an ETA on the release of Vena?
    5. I skipped 3
    6. You just looked back didn’t you
    7. F doesn’t work in the test room
    8. Don’t give up!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I think it looks better without the portraits. They make the screen feel crowded.

  16. Any possibility on an updated demo version?
    Also, nice work on both games, loved Xeno and demo is very promising!

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