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First thing I want to say is, I’m getting a bit annoyed about things, the game is fine in my opinion, but I’m worried about time, I know you want faster progress but that’s something I can’t control, either it moves slowly or it doesn’t at all, I’m starting to fear the day I have to start something new, just the fact that I know it will last more than a year up to 2 years is very discouraging… I know I complicate things myself but I can’t help it, both the games I have, Xeno and this one, started as small projects, and look how they ended up, so, it sucks, there’s no solution, there’s no workaround, it just sucks… only thing I can do is stick with it until the end… hope you do too… I’m not asking for moral support or anything like that, just patience, this is something I wanted to talk about after release but I better mention it now, and then talk about it after too, and is something I would like to know your opinion on…

The fact that these things take so long makes me wonder how long people are willing to stick with it, not on particular projects but in pervy games/hentai in general… people change over time, maybe you’ll “grow out of it” after a while, maybe you’ll stop caring about porn in general when you get a girlfriend or just get tired and jaded to it, who knows, the point is, how many games with long dev times will be able to be released while you still care? and more importantly, how many games will I be able to make before I grow out of it? Let’s say I have 10 more years still in my porn clock, at this rate, that’s  4 to 5 games… that sucks, I want to make more than that, will I still care at 30 or 35? Wizardhood might help but who knows.

We were getting a bit existential there; maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis.

So in relation to that, I know story is something some of you don’t care about, while I do care about it, I think I’ll have the option to remove it completely, as in, characters will still move and interact but you’ll never see the dialog box appear and it’ll move automatically through it, I haven’t tried it yet but it shouldn’t be hard, I hope. What do you think? That doesn’t mean I won’t invest time in story, since that’s the kind of game we’re making here, if that’s not your thing or if it’s not what you want, then I guess what I’m offering is not for you, but at least I will try to have that option. Also, given my likes/dislikes, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea; I talked about how I hate sex talk, so there’s that.

Also… wait for it…

“I’m working on it…”

I bet you didn’t expect that, did you?

Also, animation.

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  1. Anonymous Says:


    Sorry, I always wanted to say that.
    I haven’t read your post yet xD

  2. Anonymous Says:

    DAMN that gif is hot!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Also no matter what happens I’ll always stick to your hentai games. You make high quality stuff and hurts to think that one day you might grow out of it. It doesnt matter to me how long it takes for a game to release. For me the story, characters, animations, and gameplay are what matters to me.

    • Though the same thing, just of the picture of her tied up.

      I don’t know why, but that pose does it for me.

  3. Hey two things; one open a damn Patreon already, and two stop worrying about it. The game will come out when you feel it’s ready and whether or not it has a story the sad truth is the fact that few people care so much about the fact that you make a game and they are far more interested in your sexual artwork and animations.

    Seriously Vosmug, if stuff ever goes south stop making porn games and just crank out high quality animations.

    • But I want to make games.

      • Do what you feel is best, but at least open up a Patreon so we can show you how much we like your work. Would take you maybe 20 minutes to set up.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You’ve made two games so far (as far as I know). Do you feel you’re better at it? Now that this one is (theoretically) near completion, I imagine when you first started you had to take a great deal more time grasping and muddling along on where to go…

        but now that you’ve nearly made two of these, do you have a better idea on planning, projecting workloads into the future, and what kind of surprises you may expect?

        Craftsmen/Artists get a better sense of organization for what they want to accomplish as they get older and gain more experience. They may try new things, but that past experiences allows them to tackle these new things more efficiently.

        I guess what I’m trying to say is: I’m imagining you’re 20-something, there’s plenty of time ahead and if you really do enjoy this craft, you’ll find that your craft shall become easier with time. I wouldn’t worry too much about not being able to make all the games you want to, because as you proceed along, you’ll adjust your designs and workloads to meet that goal.

        Unless you haven’t learned anything this whole time, heh.

        Onto the separate issue of your audience: People waited a long time for Toffee’s games like Amazon Brawl, Akabur’s games, Zone’s animations, Neko No Meme’s Lab games… there’s more examples, but I think that shows that Audiences wait. What they’re concerned the most about is progress (or the illusion thereof). Simple animations/GIFs are a good indicator, at the very least monthly updates… feel free to milk those to get good feedback from your audience. If you’re cognizant that you’ll be doing updates, you’ll be able to squeeze that into your work routine pretty easy instead of having to dig up something later.

        Build your games to a decent level of content and a sense of completion… once you have that, you can -always- go back later and add in more stuff if you feel it necessary. People were pretty happy with the additional enemies added to Neko No Meme’s Lab game, Vita Great Escape, Nightmare Sphere, etc.

        I’ve rambled on, but what I’m telling you is you should put less energy into the existential worry you’re experiencing (if you can help yourself from doing so, anyway) and put that energy into pumping out games and planning a roadmap of projects that tickle your fancy. You’re gifted at what you do.

        (As for the dialogue thing, just give a “skip” button. Perhaps call it the “Shut Up” button. Some dialogue people may want to skip, other dialogue they might not)

        Hope that helps.

      • First of all, thanks.

        Yes, I’ve learned quite a lot, and I’m able to see where I made stupid mistakes, which are not game breaking or anything but could have been done way better, one of the things I look forward the most is start over a new project with better organization and scripts all over the place, which is something I just recently started using, so yeah, you are 100% in that regard, maybe things will go faster next time because of that.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Hey don’t worry about the time, just keep doing it. I’ve seen Xenotake and I played the demo of this game. I can say for sure I want to play, so just make it as best as you feel.

        Though, for the impatient ones, perhaps you can make like a status update every now and then. Perhaps a percentage progress on say…story so far, or even another Demo just to keep the impatient ones happy.

        At any rate, always rooting for you.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The only thing i dont like about patreon is missing out on exclusive stuff because I dont have the money to give… but If you wanna do it then go for it

      • Anonymous Says:

        Vos never implied that he wanted to do it. Stop putting words in to his mouth.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I was only saying what i dont like about it and that i dont have a problem with him doing it if he wanted to

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Vos, with every update you give us, and with every day we get closer and closer to release (it has to come some time, right?) i get more and more excited about the game. take your damn time.

    Make something you can be proud of.

    Although, you’ve already made Xenotake…. :p Imagine surpassing that!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    is that anal? i thought you didnt like anal? i love it, im just wondering

    • As long as is not explicitly stated or just anal, tentacles do whatever they want.

      I’m crazy I know.

      • Anonydude Says:

        We love you for it. Keep being crazy, Vosmug 🙂 And I don’t want you to feel that you’re being pressured into people throwing money at you, but I would totally give you 5 bucks a month for at least a year, if it would help this whole process get just a little faster, or help you add a few more things you’d like to.

        Also, as far as story goes, I’d love for there to be more story in these kinds of games. I don’t get to indulge in the moon runes of most H games, and I’m a sexually oriented writer myself, so it would be great for me. From what I’ve seen of you, you make great animations, but don’t let that discourage you from working on the story if you care about that.

        Make the game you want to play, and be courteous to your players. That’s all. A skip button is fine and even courteous, just don’t feel like you going to length to add that feature somehow subtracts from any work you do on writing. For example, I don’t generally skip cutscenes, but I totally keymash when I’m sitting through text boxes of moon runes. If I literally can’t read your story, I may or may not be sad about that, but it’s also pretty pointless for me to wait for text to scroll along the screen. That’s just one of many perfectly understandable reasons that feature is important; don’t feel like you’re just catering to assholes. You’re making your game more accessible, so more people can enjoy it.

        Sorry for the rant. Good luck with everything, and I hope you keep up the awesome work!

  6. Honestly, I respect the effort for the game, but im just here for gallery mode. You do crazy hot animations. When I got xeno, I paid no attention to the story, or the gameplay, I just powered through it as quick as I could so I could unlock that sweet sweet gallery mode. While game making might(used to?) be your passion. It would be cool just to see new animations pumped out by you a few times a month instead of getting a new game in a few years. Hell you could even pateron your style and pump out a few animations monthly and Id pay for that 10 fold if you’re trying to monetize your skill. You have so much on your plate with making a game trying ideas that work or dont work and getting upset or stuck in a motivation rut when I honestly believe most h-game players are really here for the h-scenes. Look man, you do you is what im trying to say, but your drawing and animation scene skills are unprecedented, which is why I check this blog monthly for any piece of new scenes I can get. If gamemaking gets too much, you should consider just providing us with great h-animations on an outlet like pateron so you can at least still make money to some extent.

    Keep up the good work regardless, just my two cents. Thanks.

    • I understand that and that’s why I’ll stop being a jerk about it, if that’s what you care about I won’t force you to play the way I want, instead I’ll try to give you the option to skip the content you don’t care about, in return this is still the kind of game I want to make and I will still invest time and effort in achieving that, and people who care about it, few as they may be, are still my priority, tha includes me, since that’s the game I would like to play myself, of cousre I’ll try to tone it down in following projects, but that’s still my priority.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I actually enjoy playing games where there a h-scene and story more then just watch the scene. This is mostly because it adds contexts to scenes and makes them more immersive I guess. Also you get rewarded for advancing in a game by finding newer enemies and thus finding newer h-scenes.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Actually, I personally like the story in your games. They’re engaging and quite interesting. While a skip option is great for long scenes, or if someone has already seen them, overall I think the story ADDS to the H-Game experience, rather than just characters getting fucked for no apparent reason

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hey man. Pervy for life! Who the hell grows outta porn? Dafuq. I check a lot because I like your style/work. Also a story enhances a porn game imo.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    If i’m interested in a game i’m in it for the long haul. I’m following at least 3 games that have gone for more than a year without an update, I still check them regularly. They’re probably dead but I can still hope.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm I wonder where her glove is

  10. Keep up the good work Vos! Just work at your own pace and dont sweat the small stuff. We all support you in this pervy endeavour.

  11. Keep up the good work Vos. Don’t worry about about time, just live in the present my friend. Release something you can be proud of, when it’s good and ready.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Isn’t it natural to feel like a game is taking too long? I think a lot of us know game development isn’t easy, and that’s why we don’t develop games ourselves. If you need to take your time, take your time and don’t stress about it, the majority of us will understand.

    There’s this game that is in development called Sex Realm, created by Hnyarly, and at one stage she went quiet for 2 years. I was disappointed, but still checked out her blog every couple of months, but eventually she started posting again. If I can be that patient with a game that has gone quiet, I can definitely be that patient for a game that has a blog post every 1 or 2 months.

    Also, the story is icing on the cake. In my opinion, a h-game without a story is enjoyable, but forgettable, but a h-game with a story is memorable. A while ago on the ULMF forums, there was a poll to find out if people played h-games just for the sex or for the story/gameplay, and at least half said they payed attention to more than just the sex. A game with a story will benefit more than a game with no story.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    As far as the whole thing about story or no story, an option to disable that would be interesting.

    But as far as time? Keep on keeping on. You can only do so much, I wouldn’t worry about hurrying or otherwise. I like your style of game, I’ll be sticking around to the end.

  14. given the shear quality of the first game you made people would be willing to wait for a second game. hang in there!

  15. If you want to make games then make the games you want to make. Forget everyone else and what they want.

    Kurt Vonnegut said “I’m convinced that no one can amount to a damn in the arts if he becomes sweetly reasonable, seeing all sides of a picture, forgiving all sins.”

    You start concerning yourself with what everyone else wants this to be then you lose your vision of the end goal.

  16. put out a demo while we wait vos

  17. Hero Zero Says:

    Sounds like you have scope creep problems. Happens a lot in creative things like this.

    I’m not going to describe ways of dealing with it, because I have no idea how to deal with it myself.

    • It is funny you should mention scope creep. I can relate to that with how IT works. In IT when we undertake a project of some kind we basically map out the entire project from start to finish, define what is outside the scope of the project, vs scope discovery. This will take a long time before you even start any coding of any kind.

      Hand drawing all animations, writing the story and cut-scenes etc.

      Yet in the end you will have a defined start and finish, you know when the project will finish. Since you have mapped out the entire project, all you need to do is simply code it in.

      If we were to draw a time vs finish timeline. It would look like a line going up very slowly, you may not even be a quarter of the way finished before you are half finished time wise.

      Suddenly, the finish will shoot up once you start coding and do the finishing touches.

      The point is, without a fully detailed plan of the project, it will suffer from scope creep very easily. If you do find a good idea, you could write it down and implement it in your next game.

  18. Hi Vosmug,
    i told more than one time to be a part of patreon, not only to get Money (monthly, or one-time) for creating your games. But the Society of other Developers, Voice-Actors, drawing-artists… there is very big and in this way you can find a proper Team to create more Games and Stuff. But i will not tell about the Details so you feel bored. It’s your Decision.

    You was telling about the Story of your Games. I think a Game without a Storyline is not this valueable like one with a Storyline, or extended Storyline. Without an interesting Story it is very difficult to imagine to be a Part of the game while you play the Game. In my Opinion it is to simple and don’t makes much fun. The Story of Xenotake was simple but effektive and also good told – Do not reduce the Story under the length of these from Xenotake, i think Xenotake should be the Point of Orientation, or the Reference to all upcoming Games.

    If you dont want to make real Games anymore then just make something like the Prison-Mode in Xenotake and only create a Collection of Animations, but i think it’s difficult to be proud of it – because you can much more than something like this. It would be very sad if you don’t use your ability in creating real Games.

  19. I have been following your blog for many years now, and I like the hentai games. Its a novelty I will never get rid of.

    People might complain about time or what they want to see in a game, but that’s how people are.

    I am a developer myself and I know sometimes a task seems simple when you start and at the end it was waaaaaay more effort than you planned. But in the end it was all worth it.

    I am good at creating solutions but suck at drawing, so I never could make my own games. I admire people that do what I can’t do. I really do hope I see more games because a few months you didn’t even seem to want to create more games. I like seeing the creativity in the games and the work behind it all.

    To me hentai games are more than just a few naked boobs, it always presents new aspects and ideas. Most devs in this genre follow their own ideas because they want to make a game.

    I have been working with GM for a while and some things gets a little difficult, the most time-consuming aspect is creating game assets. That’s why I follow the bolg to see new posts and stuff, its not about seeing new images of the game. Its also about reading your thoughts and logic behind what you are trying to build. (To be honest, I downloaded the demo of Xenotake a bit back and attempted to compile an android version) I really like your games and I wanted to play it on my android too hehe.

    But after a long-ish post, just go with what you wanna do. Its your project and its your fun.

  20. danilafel63 Says:

    That’s an interesting post and questions, man.
    Talking about “growing up out porn games and porn in general”, I think these things will not change for me too much in the nearest 5 years for sure.
    I was loved porn when I was 17. Now I’m almost 28, I do not want marriage or make a family and I still love porn.
    But today in the age of internet and wide possibilities I do not love much just porn. I need a story, dialogs, good characters and other stuff. Literally I cannot jerk off just watching people having sex. I need to know who are these characters and why they fuck each other. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old (^_^)
    That’s why I loved your Xeno game. It has a story, characters and relationships between them. It was not about “just girl being fucked by tentacles”. It was “you playing a platformer game like in good old days but sometimes your heroine may get into a situation in which she being fucked by tentacles”. It’s a big difference.
    Do you know Akabur? He makes porn comics and games. I love his point about it. Sex is just a normal thing for adult people. It can happen with them from time to time. And if we tell a story, there is no bad thing if this story may have sex scenes with characters.
    Anyway my point is, I love porn today and even if I will grow up out of porn someday I will never grow up out of good stories. If you will continue to make games with both story and porn, I will care about it and wait it. If someday I’ll stop love porn, but your games will still contain a story, a WILL care about it. Story is a necessary and main part. Porn is important part, but secondary.
    Good luck to you and take care of yourself dude 😉

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I think removing the option to see the story is a smart idea, you are pleasing both story lovers and non-story lovers by doing that, so smart move.

    I’m not exactly sure what you mean when you say you originally planned this game and Xenotake to be on a much smaller scale but they somehow turned out much bigger and much more time consuming. What more are you adding to make it bloat more and more? Are you adding more animations or story / gameplay elements than you had originally intended? I’m not sure what your specifically doing in order to bloat the game more than you had originally planned, but I suggest aiming small and simple at least for the first few versions.

    As for the whole porn clock thing, it’s funny you bring that up because I’m beginning to have that dilemma as well. Now that I’ve graduated college, it’s time to start looking for work and then potentially someone to be with after that. I can’t say for sure right now if being with someone would fill the void that hentai is currently filling, but I do feel like my hentai / porn clock is ticking as well, so you’re not alone in feeling that way.

    I think Linemarvel is a perfect example of a pornclock ticking it’s last tick. He pioneered the RoR genre with Jungle Girl and Demon Girl and then abruptly disappeared shortly after that. I don’t know for sure what happened to him, but one can assume he settled down with someone and moved onto other things.

    In my opinion a smart way to move forward would be to scale down on gameplay mechanics, story, animations pretty much everything if you feel like there’s just too much going on at the moment and things are getting to big and bloated. Even if it means cutting work you’ve already done, it may be worth it and save time in the end.

    • I agree with pretty much everything except the last part, cutting something that’s already done feels like a waste, I better use it somewhere else even if it’s in a different context rather than cutting it altogheter.

      What I mean by small projects is just that it grew pretty much in every aspect, animaitons, mechanincs,etc, but specially in story, that’s usually the part that by growing adds more of everything.

      • I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that you’re making choices and decisions to bloat the story, which in turn, requires more effort into every other department of development and then are turning around and are getting frustrated by how long the game is taking to make.

        idk if im simplifying it, but from the outside looking in, that is what it seems like to me.

      • Well yeah that’s what I said, I end up complicating things myself which implies that’s how I end up doing things to be confortable with them, I’m not complaining, I’m just letting you know how things are and I’m not asking for sympathy, just patience.

  22. Would you feel secure relying on you (awesome) game developing skills as your sole source of income? Would you even want that if you could have it? I’m guessing if you wish you could develop faster, something like Patreon would be an option but I honestly dunno how many artists on there really make enough to quit their day job. Of course you must’ve already considered this if you were interested…
    As far as audience goes, I surely can’t imagine the audience for hentai games shrinking… And good hentai platformers only come along every so often. I really love your stuff, and have a lot of fun playing pervy games 😛 I don’t see why that’s something I should grow out of.

    • I don’t know really. I’m to paranoid to even try but I guess it could be an option if it happens, I don’t think patreon is necessary for that either, good old capitalism should work just fine, I don’t think I want to go that route just yet tho, maybe later but things are working out fine for now… excpet you know… the part where it takes forver to make a game…

  23. hapsthehamster Says:

    Well, good things takes time to develop, Xeno was of a very high quality and I would be sad to see if your current game was rushed just because you fear your fans/followers will leave… so long as we heard something from you then we will stay, its when there is silence then people will start to leave as we think its dead.

    Keep up the good work, man

  24. Growing out of porn doesn’t happen, at most tastes shift, sometimes away from things, sometimes towards things. Getting a girlfriend in my case just meant we shared the porn games we were into and if anything I’ve picked up more kinks because of her. It isn’t worth stressing about just make whatever makes you happy.

  25. Stay calm. You make cool games and there’s no worry that your fans will leave you. And even, if some of us “grow up” as you say, to replace them will come only even more fans. In the end, it may even be something like the succession of generations. 😀
    If you love to make games – just do it and do not think about time and other trifles 😀

  26. Anonymous Says:

    in regards of the whole story line in the games, then I’m one of the fans that appreciate the whole story line a lot, for me that’s what really sets these games apart from other H- games. And as former comments have said then I don’t think people grow old of porn games, and if you really like making games then I would say keep making those over animation, I can see the problem with the time it takes to make these games, a possible solution would be to do a patreon (I know you don’t like it but read on) and then the money this would raise could go to hire a helper to make the games, I know you have stated earlier that you are picky in regards of how you want it to look like, but my guess is that it should be possible to find a guy/girl that animates the way you like it, if you wanted to speed it up or have him/her make one of your other ideas.

    But keep up the good work and just takes things as it comes, you shouldn’t worry too much about the future 20 years from now, I’m sure you got loyal fans all the way.

  27. Lucifersbliss Says:

    Honestly vosmug, i’ve been following your games since prisonkage.
    The animations are fantastic, and a part of what makes them so, is the context to them.

    That’s what makes “Hentai Games” fun. That in my opinion is why people enjoy toiling around through fights, because the scenario surrounding each animation has more depth than just the animation on its own. It provides more immersion and, more of a turn on lol.

    Don’t lose faith in your popularity.

    We live in an era were AAA games churn out games year after year, and look at how much cockups they have, assassins creed is so diluted now that they don’t feel special anymore.

    Those that have taken their time, and really really poured their passion into their work.

    Produce games like Dark souls 3.

    Do not worry about how long it takes, just make sure you don’t lose that passion.

    And your game will be great, and it will be loved.

  28. Darksaber006 Says:

    I always prefer quality over quantity.
    If you make 3-5 games over your time that you want to make them, I bet people will remember them and play them again for sure. And you make quality animation and good story. But making too many games ALWAYS ends with poor quality, story line, gameplay, etc. And people tend to move away from that kind of games and developers.
    Take your time and deliver something you, and off course we, will be proud off. We’ll wait as long it takes…

    Even when you have a partner you don’t forget about porn ’cause we all need some private enjoyment from time to time. So don’t worry, there’s always someone horny enough to search for things like this and I bet that you’ll sure be there to deliver… 😉

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I doubt it’ll matter if you lose a few people to time, because based on the work you’ve been putting out, you’re sure to pick more up later.
    As for being discouraged over the long development cycles, I’d say just start the games the same way, with small ideas in mind, and then expand them if you feel the need to. If not, I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind smaller projects every now and then.
    Keep up the good work Vossy! You’re doing great!

  30. DerPeter Says:

    For your next game, maybe you could work with other people? They could help you with little things like creating the levels based on your sketches or they could even implement animations based on your models, in favor of getting to do animation to their liking.

  31. No worries man. I was very impressed with your Xeno game, and Ghost Hunter Vena (if I’m getting the name right, it escapes me now lol) really impressed me with its demo. The character art, the dialogue and story aspects, all of it seemed so well put together and left a very good impression on me.

    Not to mention how sexy everything is! Every character just oozes sexy and I love it. I’m used to long dev times on indie games, so a year, two years, whatever, take your time man and make a game you’re proud of. Your fans will enjoy it that much more when it does come out =)

    And don’t worry about losing fans. There will always be more just discovering your work who will enjoy it.

    • Forgot to mention, I love porn with stories. The story really gets you into the spirit of things and makes the sex aspects all the more enjoyable imo. So you aren’t the only one who enjoys the story stuff!

  32. Excellent artwork!
    Animation pieces shows ENORMOUS diligence and creativity!

    Story – all the way! Absolutely! The simple truth is that sex in itself is mechanical and down right boring.

    Just like explosions in action films, sex scenes really work when you know who is who and care about their quest.

    Context matters. Story matters a Great Deal.

    There are plenty of repetitive, mind-numbing, jerking animations out there without any context. You are making a fantastic adventure game where characters, exploration and mystery are the “cake” itself and not just the “icing” ; )

    The wait is worth it. Please continue and don’t worry what the public wants or think they want.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Duuuuuuude. Take your time. Listen to some music. Smoke some weed. Chiiil. We can wait. I check your shit every day, and not once will I ever grow impatient with this. It will come when it will come, and on that day it will be awesome.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    I personally don’t mind that it takes this long. As long as there is some sort of update every now and then it’s OK.

    “maybe you’ll stop caring about porn in general when you get a girlfriend”

    Ha! Good joke. A girlfriend… right…

    • Talking from experience… I know… it was an example, but it was just in case there’s normal people here, who knows.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I also feel like a new update would be awesome! If it’s not something you can do right now we understand, but I’m ready to see those sex machines in action! lol

  35. Dude,my whole life I’ve seen enough hentai but this does not compare with anything,its physics,and gameplay beauty . The direct words say it’s a masterpiece.Although I think the only excitement and lust first brought your game.After all, not everyone can create such animation.Someone looking for easy ways and some complex.Like coffee and tea that bitter coffee,which is difficult to drink that tea is easy to enjoy.In general wish you prosperity and many discoveries!!

  36. Yet another fan Says:

    I personally love the story bit of porn games, it makes stuff so much more exciting, porn is all about imagination going wild anyway, why not give it a boost by adding a story. Of course you can make a game without one, but games are such a great medium for bringing awesome (and sexy!) stories since it’s easy to get immersed in them when you’re controlling a character.

    Even if some people don’t care about story, is it gonna bother them that much that there is one? The other stuff doesn’t get diminished I would think? Maybe for non-story purists? Seriously though, I don’t think it warrants too much developing effort.

    Also, while some people might grow out of porn, I think most don’t ever fully do, and will do less towards the future due to the internet being such an effective medium. A bit of worrying never hurts but the future of porn is bright! Goodness that sounded cheesy.

    Anyway, thanks for the update!

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Story matters. Gameplay matters. Artwork matters. Getting it all just right takes a lot of time and effort, but in the end it’s worth it. Worth for you to have created something you can be proud of, worth for others to wait for and eventually enjoy. I envy your endurance and dedication in making this happen. No need to rush it. No need to release anything that does not meet your own quality standards. Keep up the great work and thank you!

  38. beachjustice Says:

    Ill buy your games even if theyre not h-games
    For all eternity
    That’s not creepy, is it?

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I will alawaus follow you !
    But what im scared of is what you said to us aplies also at you, what of you stop and get bored or grown tired of this ? I realy am scared of that.
    No matter what happens i will still folow you.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Woah, man… fantastic update!

    Seriously, you don’t have to worry that much about it. Your fans will always wait. Just do what you want and love to do.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    For as long as it takes, I am still interested, I will buy your games weather they’re released sooner or later. Because I enjoy the content you put out, not because you can do it faster.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oh, and for the record, I am married, have been for 6 years and I still follow this stuff because it’s still hard work put into these games.

      • That’s interesting, I can’t imagine having that much freedom to do whatever you want, these games sound like one of the first things to go in a relationship, I’m wrong of course but what do I now, that’s a very obscure idea to me.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    If you need encouragement. you’re doing fine, you like what you are doing good. creativity comes when it can. You can do it

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Personally speaking, I don’t care how long it takes as long as it comes out. Talent takes time. You sound stressed, take your time.
    I don’t think you have much to worry about people “growing out of” porn/hentai. Sex sells. It’s human nature to be attracted to sex. If and IF they do happen to grow out of it, that doesn’t mean new people won’t come.
    As for the story, maybe you could add in a fast forward option? Like in visual novels, you hold a button and the dialogue zooms right past. Removing the dialogue seems more trouble than it’s worth, but I’m not a game developer, what do I know? Do whichever is easier for you.
    Aside from that, good luck!

    • Is not as difficult as it sounds, and the skip button was always there but the idea is to make it less “intrusive”, fast forwarding also sounds like a good idea, we’ll see.

  44. Good animation but How deep I wonder?

  45. – I don’t need fast progress. What I like is seeing any progress. My fear isn’t that developers will make me wait longer, my fear is that something will happen that kills the project and makes the time I spent waiting meaningless. Even if progress is small, so small that you think it isn’t worth mentioning, showing that progress is happening at all kills this fear.

    – If I could choose between one Great hentai and 10 mediocre ones, I would choose the Great one every time and watch it over and over again. When people discover the Great one, in a way they’re ruined because now they’ve had the seed planted into their brain that life doesn’t have to be limited to swimming in a never ending sea of mediocrity. At least, I’m the type of person that can’t go back after finding a Great one.

    – Skip mode solves a problem for people who don’t care and, if unused, doesn’t take any content away from people who do. All I can see are upsides to this. I care, so the story in Xenotake definitely enhanced the sex scenes for me. As an example, Malla’s scenes wouldn’t have been nearly as hot to me if I didn’t know from the story that she had been an antagonist to Eerien.

    – As a kid I found bondage themes arousing in media before I even knew what BDSM was. I still do, it seems I’m just wired this way. It isn’t going anywhere. I think most of people’s most powerful fetishes are already hard coded into them, and during their life they either discover them or don’t. I don’t think their tastes really change, I think what’s changing is their sex drive as they age.
    It’s like with food–many people have favorite foods, and they can eat this specific food more often than all the others and still enjoy it. Others get tired of eating the same thing even if it is their favorite. If they simply eat other foods for a while, often they’ll come back to their favorite and find it enjoyable again. After all Vosmug, many of our basic fetishes are nothing new, they’re ancient. Our ancestors just had varying degrees of success depicting them using available media throughout the ages. They definitely imagined ghosts and monsters fucking people. Even if it wasn’t acceptable to depict this at the time.

  46. This level of straight-forwardness is nice. I don’t know how else to make games come out faster other than making them with less content. I’ll be patient for these games. You’re not very talkative, but I know that you’re working on it when you can. Awesome animation, hype.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Grow out of it?

    Stop caring about porn?


    Just who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?!? 3DPD! Normie scum! Muh Chinese cartoons!

  48. Darkwolf Says:

    But I have loved porn games for decades. ;w;
    Maybe you could get someone to help you build games or look up ways to speed up whatever is slowing you down.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    There’s no need to rush the illusion of perfection. As long as you work on it with all your heart until you’re satisfied enough to release it. Your hard work will show and people will stop and stare. Sure people come and go, but hey that’s life. If you make enough of an impression you’ll get noticed, if you don’t you’ll just be forgotten. You’re still nice enough to give us updates even if it seems small, it’s something.

    • Anonymous Says:

      And that animation teaser alone. I can say isn’t something small. simple in a sense, but probably was hell to make.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Storywise. I think you’re doing okay so far. Plot is simple, but it’s something. Skip is nice for people who want to speed run your game or go straight to the good stuff and I appreciate that and I think a lot of people do too.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Btw, just a suggestion, you know how when we get a game over in the demo, we have the option to continue or not? I’m suggesting that in the final game if you say ‘No’, we get an H-scene for a game over, as in what happens to Vena if we give up (maybe depending on where we lose)

  52. Anonymous Says:

    prison cage making is stopped?

    i wonder.

    thank you

  53. Anonymous Says:

    i will stick with you, no matter how it takes much time. and Plz don’t tortue yourself i dont want that. and also i don’t think your game just some kind of porns,, It’s Art
    lastly i want to say these words in my mind, I’m willingly gonna remember your games regardless how i get grow.

  54. SpinDoctor Says:

    My three cents.

    First of all, it is easy for people to demand, but really hard to create, that’s a fact. So, my biggest respect to you, Vosmug, for being a really creative game maker. Take all the time you need, don’t let anyone ruin your vibe.
    And to all those people who try to push and who can’t wait to get things done: Try being creative yourself or learn some patience, damn.

    Second, if people don’t want a story, go on and play Shinobi Girl, Witch Girl or some other piece of these side scrolling PwP (Porn without Plot).

    And third… Don’t worry about the (far) future. The future is one of two eternities that you can lose your mind about it when thinking it over and over again.

  55. Ratiiug14 Says:

    Your games are fun, Ill stick with them, and if it takes a while, then it takes a while. Implementing stuff is a pain in the ass, and its not as easy as “Ill just drop this scary ghost here” Keep with it, I enjoyed Xenotake for what it was, and still play it every so often, its just a fun game in general, hentai aside (Which is a pretty sizeable bonus)

  56. Don’t worry about doing enough, Just do what you can, and do it good. even if you make 4,5, or even just 2 more games your fans will be there to assure you that your games are brilliant. Besides, one fucking awesome game lasts longer then 5 shitty games made in 3 days

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Personally I like your games. I have played similar games like Angel Girl but this one is so different and I like it more. Maybe it’s the story or maybe just the monsters. It feels more than a side scrolling game to me. Just keep it up and take your time, don’t pull a Halo 2. =)

  58. Anonymous Says:

    As long as there’s more yuri in it then I’m game

  59. Anonymous Says:

    There are as many people that get out of porn/die as there are horny teenagers that come into their own demanding more H-bideo gamu.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    very nice

  61. YourFans Says:

    Hi Vosmug!

    Here’re my opinion! And a long ass one!

    I’m really used to wait for porn games that take an age to release. Some of them are worth the wait but most of them are very disappointed.

    But I knew that your game are very very decent and you are also very talented with them, I’m not joking here or just try complementing to get you better moral but it is really a fact that you are very talented for what you like.

    There’s a JP circle call P***-B****a that create most decent content in ark-work but very disappointed gameplay, what you got here is 5 times better than them. On the matter of that, they currently making a game that still the some old boring gameplay but decent art WHICH IS TAKEN ABOUT 2 YEARS and still no shit to promise on except art-work that I can wait to see them else where easier.

    What you got here is not just art-work but a satisfaction of gameplaying. That what it meant to be game, I’m even curious about some action game that pretty much abysmal to play, you feel like be torture just to get what you want, a porn content – to ever get to call those thing a ” game ” is really a mockery for itself.

    Lack of excitement, abysmal control, lazy-ass asset management, blah blah blah~ //// Some are even make VN game become more fun to play with (and some VN actually fun if you can understand what their story is all about).

    What you are doing is not an excuse for delay the game release date, You’re polishing them, you what them to be a piece of creation that you can look back and be proud of them no matter how long it takes. Not that shitty-ass circle who just only try to delay their game and keep up an excuse just to comfort their follower – It certainly didn’t take that long just to finish up one CG – if all the time they taken is well spend their game might contain about 100+ different CG by now(no images set count).

    Hell ….. there even one who keep their game for ransom, unless its met the “donation” requirement it will not process any further, And what “process” is all about but a tiny add-on to its current version. It’s not even that good game and it took about 4 – 5 years by now but still no shit not even an improvement in there effort just a rapidly drop down ….. ya see they even promise that game will be “Publicly free” … yeah right

    I been know one artist that really love to clean up his details. I once ask ” There’re many people what to see more of your work, why not speed thing up ? like … skip some details – some can even burnt up and on one gonna complain ? “. What he reply is ” I want every single one my creation to be at best at it is, even it just a background page that people can easily skip for more interesting content – I’ll still fill them with details so its can shine on its own, not just the plot that can made them shine “. That’s when I stop ask some one about their behave for their creation. It is what they care most, not the fans – they do care for fans but not the top priority in their mind and I respect them a lot.

    TL;DR – What you doing is not unnatural. It’s all the creation maker use to be. People have different skill, talent and effort – I can seen you effort as clear as day for how you what your game to be so just don’t think about it too much.

  62. Anonymous Says:

    I think it’s easy to get too hung up on the future. It’s not here yet and there’s no way of telling where you’ll be in 10 years. Maybe English porn games will become a massive market and you’ll be heralded as one of the forerunners of the industry, with all these up and comers saying stuff that “man, that Vosmug, he’s like the Shakespeare of porn games!”

    As for people’s tastes changing; yeah, it happens, but for every person who moves away, another will take their place. The world has no shortage of young, horny deviants and with the internet being more prevalent than ever, the market is probably better than ever.
    I personally enjoy porn games because the orgasm that I get at the end of hours of alternating between playing and masturbating is something nothing else can replicate. English porn games are the best for this because the dialogue/description helps me get into it. Just skipping through a Japanese RPG Maker game and jerking it to the pictures just doesn’t have the same feeling.

    So there’s certainly a place for story, but don’t bust your balls over it. I’m not looking for twists and intrigue, but a nice frame to hang all the sex on certainly helps; personally speaking at least.

    Also, I’ve played through Xenotake at least 6 times. It’s one of my favourite porn games and my collection is…considerable to say the least. There’s not many games in that collection that I’ve played more than once, so take that as my personal endorsement of your work.

    What you do is appreciated, and don’t worry about being slow. Delays and sporadic updates are bread and butter for the porn game crowd. What’s important is that you release something you’re happy with, that’s the most anyone can ask.

  63. Animation looks good. Though i wish tentacles also could suck her breasts, and gave her a tentacle to suck too ^_^”

  64. Hey Sir Vosmug this is my opinion,but I believe I know your problem.
    First let me ask you this question ? Is It you that slowing down or is it Game maker? Because Sir Kyrieru also started 2 years ago with his Noaika and he in the same boat as you are. I know game maker is a capable engine with great title under it belt. An I’m not trying to knock it,but ask yourself this question. Could you not get better results at a faster rate using engines such as Unity,unreal engine 4,contruct 2,etc…
    I’m not saying give up on gamemaker or anything. What I’m say for your next project you might want to use another engine. You might want to check this out(

    Second. Do you have a Rival? Who the Gary to your ash? The Vegeta to your Goku?
    Or the Ken to your Ryu? The point is everyone need a rival some body who can push and test your skills and Vice versa. Somebody who can kick your ass(meterphorcally speaking.) if you hesitate or show weakness. Hell why not use Sir Kyrieru you both use game maker,in the same levels of skill,and You both or working on a games that 2 years old. An Hell Kyrieru needs a rival to. Look if anything else please listen to this song( It might explain things better then me.

    Third. When was the last time you play a game that inspired you? A game that make you want to be a Developer,maybe even a publisher? The Game that inspired me at first was Monstergirl quest. At first I play it for the hentai,but the longer I play the game. The more I like Luka and the rest the cast the more I grew attached. The less I care about the H-scene. I mean the H-scene was great if not the best. But that wasn’t the reason why I lose on purpose. I lose on purpose was because The Goddess Ilias had one the most funny commentary I heard in game. Monster girl quest give me the inspiration to be a Eroge/Game developer. Sir Kyrieru gave me the hope I could be one since he a one man Developer. An you Sir Vosmug give me the direction directly/indirectly to become one. For that I’m eternity grateful to you and Sir Kyrieru.

    Fourth and Final. There is something that everybody forgets that including Sir Kyrieru and you. You two are a One man team! You two are a One man team. I say it again. You two are a one man team. Of course it going to take long. You guys are building everything from scratch! Do game maker have an asset store? Do game maker offer any plugins or extension you guys could buy? Why must you two make everything from scratch when it be easier for you two for some of the coding,art assets,music,etc…… check this site out you may find what you need(

    • First of all, thanks but you can drop the sir, you’re creeping me out…

      That’s not really a problem though, GM is what I know, trying to learn something else it’s going to be a slow process and take way longer, I find strange that you suggest 3d engines, 3D is way more complex, not necessarily better or worse but I don’t see that as a solution but rather an investment of a great deal of time, which is precisely the problem, truth is I have no interest in learning a new engine for now, well, I’ve been practicing unreal but I have no intention of using it for full games. So yeah, to answer the question, is not the engine, it’s life, job, sickness, getting stuck creatively or technically, many factors really, can’t pinpoint anything specifically.

      Second, nope… that doesn’t sound like real life… having other devs as point of reference helps, but just that, going further than that doesn’t go along my cynical, paranoid, schizo personality… that can’t be healthy.

      Third, that’s an interesting question that I don’t remember anyone asking, as long as hentai goes, it was Demonophobia (sort of) and Strip Fighter IV by StudioS, because of that I also started by doing big sprites, the tiny sprites of other games just didn’t feel right for me, I like those games, but I prefer big sprites better, even though I played other games before, it wasn’t until that one when I felt compelled to start trying to get into hentai games creation, by that time I already had experience with game making though… as for games in general, it was Duke Nukem 3d with its Build engine in which you were able to create levels and then Startcraft with its editor to create missions, that was about 12 years ago, because of them I started using RPG Maker and then Game maker.

      Four, not interested really, I rather do everything from scratch, except the things I can’t do like voices and some art, so not really, I don’t consider this a job to need outsourcing, it might sounds like contradiction but that’s not really a solution either, I rather spend longer but trying to do most of it myself, since that’s the point, the last thing I want to do is make a collective project with many parts involved, just me and a few close collaborators works fine for me.

      • Aight I stop calling you sir. Didn’t mean to creep you out;)

        First I understand that learning new engine can take time but there is a website out there that will make learning easier. Such as Udemy( Unity,ue4,and construct 2 can do 2d games! I’m not suggesting you make 3d games infact your better of sticking to 2d. Because unlike 3D you don’t have to worry about things such as polycount limit. or give up on game maker. I’m just saying you should test out other engines. Not to make full games,but for shorter games or possibly demos of games that you want to make in the
        future. Also to add to this. I once ask Kyrieru what version of Game maker he has. Like the Master collection. Kyrieru made a mistake thinking I was talking about updates. He told me that he was using an outdated version of game maker studio. Because the newer update made it harder for him to continue so he had to downgrade. I know you have a life and a job outside of this. An your time is limited. So I can see why you stick with Gm. And again Gm is not a bad engine.

        Second. I can see where you coming from. But could at least get
        a partner. Someone who you ask and offer help. I mean again both you and Kyrieru are working on a game that two years old.
        You both are in the same level of skills. I mean wouldn’t it benefit you both if you collab? I don’t know I could be wrong. But
        I’m just saying. You guys could cover each other weakness while still maintaining your strength.
        Then again I could be wrong but it is worth the thought isn’t it?

        Third. Now that you mention Demonphobia,I did notice Prison kage the game you were working on was similar to it. Ah! Now that I think about I forgot to ask you. Do you believe that the games that inspired you in the past,are similar to the games that your working on now and the ones that your going to create? I’m working on a game that similar to Kyrieru Kurovadis. Hell in my eyes I consider it to be a spiritual sequel to it. Is that me being pom pose? Probably. Or me using Kyrieru name and game to some what create nosalga from his and your fans to take a chance and buy my game? Kind of like how Keiji Inafune created Mighty number 9 to get Mega man fans to buy his game? Maybe. The truth is Kurovadis when break it down,is female mega man with hentai scene. even thought my game when it comes down to it(except it a male megaman)is megaman game with hentai scenes. I was inspire by kurovadis more then megaman. An I would rather have people compare it to Kurovadis then megaman.

        Fourth. I see. let me ask you this then. Do you have or planning on getting software that would make your job easier? For example do you animate by hand? If so why not use spriter( to make it easier? If you don’t mind me asking?

      • Learning something new still takes time even with guidance, months to years, since GM works perfectly fine I don’t see the need, I do play around with Unreal every once in a while but I wouldn’t do anything to show if I’m not at a good enough skill level, so that will probably never happen since I don’t plan going too deep into it.

        You are the one making a mistake about versions, updates are indeed versions which are also divided in big release updates like 7, 8, and Studio; the master collection is the same base version of Studio with additional modules for android, ios, html5 and stuff, it’s only worth if you’re going to publish for smartphones or web, other than that the base version, even the free version is exactly the same minus some features here and there, but it’s basically the same.

        Instead of bad, you sound like you think it’s cheap and only worth for fast and easy development, it’s not, the fact that my time is limited doesn’t have anything to do with the engine I use, and my time is not that limited either, truth be told the engine doesn’t really matter that much, your skill and knowledge is more important and the tool you use is just that, a tool, some people have done great things in RPG maker, Game Maker made games have been published on steam and ps4 and are well received. It’s a matter of using the engine well, instead of expecting the engine to magically make your games better.
        I’m not a team player, I’ll get help in the areas I can’t do myself but other than that, only when this becomes a full time job I’ll have to increase productivity, which is not likely to happen anytime soon. It’s still a hobby and I like it that way.

        I like survival horror (the original Japanese style, not the modern lame first person jump scare fest), so both of the games so far have had a survival-ish style, not really horror though, so there’s that, I like JRPGs too, so you’ll probably see something like that in the future. Prisonkage is a ripoff of Demonophobia pretty much.

        I already do that with Flash, but I’m moving away from skeletons and going into frame by frame, it’s all digital though.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Sooo…it is a ripoff,eh.

      • Leeduva Says:

        1) Yeah I have to agree,it does take time to learn some new.

        2) I’m not saying gamemaker is bad or cheap. Actually to be honest I’m sure exactly what I’m saying. I agree at the end of the day it is about skills hell look at Hyperlight Drifter( don’t know gamemaker studio that will. So let me ask you this question how often do gamemaker studio updates? Everytime I log into Ue4 it always seems that there a new updates almost every day. Maybe I am saying game maker is cheap. If I am indeed saying game maker is cheap. Then I apologist.

        3)Ah so your a fan of Corpse party,Fatal Frame,and clocktower games like that. By the way you said it I take it your not a Fan of Five Nights of Freddy. About JRPG is there anyone you recommend? I use to play alot of them in the past. My favorites were The Shin Megami tensei and the Persona series by Atlus.

        4) Can I ask you why you moving away from Skeleton to frame by frame. A friend of mine keep telling me that software like Spriter pro is the future. My friend and I are not artist.

      • 2) I don’t know it sounded that way, it doesn’t matter, you should use the one that suit your needs better or the one you’re more comfortable with.

        3) I like all of those, but freddy I like the backstory and mysteries but the gameplay in itself is everything I hate about modern horror. Persona 3 is my favorite game ever forever and ever, I don’t have many recommendations though, Ar tonelico has an amazing soundtrack so that one.

        4) If you’re not an artist then I guess that’s the reason, it’s easier and faster so it works for you, skeletons for me are too robotic looking, granted I use it a lot too but I’m trying to not use it as much, frame by frame looks more natural and fluid, but as in anything it’s a tool, you can use one, the other, or both as long as it works for you and what you’re trying to do, I’m not the best artist to give advice about that but I’m also learning along the way, you improve the more you do it. I’ll keep using both but I still prefer frame by frame and will try to use less skeletons when possible.

      • Leeduva Says:

        Woah I made alot of spelling errors! I’m surprise you could understand that. Ar Tonelico sound familar was made by Nis? the company behind the Disgaea series? Ether way thanks for answering my questions.;)

  65. Anonymous Says:

    What about minor customization,like hair color, skin color and most importantly boob size?

    • Not only that’s complicated, since 2D sprites don’t really work that way, this is not a blank slate avatar kind of game, it has stablished characters so customization wouldn’t make sense, and yeah, it’s really difficult to do.

  66. In my opinion, you should take your own time and not worry about time release, because, well, Streetfighter 5 was released earlier than expected and is incomplete, buggy and shitty because of this the game isnt worthy to have.
    Personally, i will wait until your game will be totaly complete.

    About the Story, You shoud not remove this of the game (the thing is great and interesting, so why??), but instead put an option what you can skip the dialogues (for Porn sake) for example:

    “You want to skip dialogues during the gameplay?
    > yes no ”

    Keep great in your project!!!!

  67. Chodeisius Says:

    I have never commented on here. But I have been lurking since the beginning of your current game. I bought Xenotake, loved the animations, artwork, and story of the game. Maybe some day xenotake 2? lol (i wish)

    anyways i am really looking forward to this game. i stop by once a week or so to read up on comments, to see if there are any updates. very patiently waiting, also impatiently waiting.

    In a way I am very glad you only have the one demo, it makes me look forward to the full game even more so, i followed “witch girl” very very closely and picked up every demo that came out for it and eventually bought it. I found it very hard to enjoy after playing all the demos.

    I do like the idea of a percentage of completion of the game, but i dont expect you to want to or make assumptions about when its going to come out because you want to add, change, fix, or take a short break, so how would you be able to have a percentage of it

    • Xenotake 2 specifically may not happen, I don’t know, but the characters and story in genreal will definetely show up in the future in one awy or another in other games.

      • Chodeisius Says:

        That would be incredibly awesome, same characters different plot different aliens maybe? or maybe a joint effort to kill alien zombie ghosts or something lol.
        I cant wait for this ghost hunter game to be honest. I’m thoroughly excited to find out about the story and see what other ghosts show up.

        out of curiosity how long is the game going to be?

        any idea of a price? not that price matters too much for me.

      • Not sure about lenght, longer than XT that’s for sure though, don’t know price either but probably around the same, $6 or $7.

    • Chodeisius Says:

      also would like to add that being that im in my mid 20’s i dont think ill ever be able to get over these kind of things. Hentai games/hentai etc. dont get me wrong ‘normal’ porn is great and all but nothing has the same affect on me as hentai or hentai games.

  68. RadioActiveJew Says:

    Dude, you freaking rule. You bombastedly produce positive existential detail. I played Xenotake without any knowledge about the makings of. Upon finishing the game I looked it up on Dlsite to find out if the circle had released other projects, found nothing. I was dissapointed but then I got here and now I feel theres this whole-hearted, whollistic, painstakingly glorious movement of activity which is not only productive but also endearing to observe. The intense process of thought that you are going through, is also nothing short of essential. Just look at Inside Out.
    Another thank you from a stranger!

  69. For me, story is a big deal with hentai. The more complex and detailed, then the better chance you get at driving up stimulation. It’s all about connections and honing in on them. Basic sex is the start of the connection, but with story you can strengthen that connection and in effect drive up the impact. At least that’s how I view it. Although there is a threshold that you need to be wary of. Once surpassed, then things may be either too realistic or abstract and then you may lose the sexual stimulation all together.

    • I don’t know if this is where you’re going but I have talked about that before, how I don’t like going too deep into the mental state of characters due to the nature of the situation, more specifically rape, implications and some aknowledgement is fine with me, but too much mental distress and suffering is just too much, I’m not really interested in portraying that part.

      • That’s absolutely right. It’s like comparing some exaggerated manga about teachers raping students versus ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. One story is more frivolous in nature while the other is quite extreme. As someone who loves me my rape fantasy hentai, you can’t help but acknowledge when things get a bit too serious.

        Finding that balance is the tricky part. One thing that works ( which I believe you’ve done to an extent?) is having dialog that reflects the characters and situation in a slightly more realistic way, while on the other hand, the facial expression could simply be more tame… that bashful look you give your characters when being raped. You could still have heavy dialog, but that shy look will help mitigate.

        You could try angry expressions too. Sure it’s more realistic, but it also injects a sense of control. The character, despite being raped, is still full of willpower etc. I think in real life, losing willpower and being psychologically hurt is certainly a thing associated with rape. Angry victims in hentai don’t play that card as much, so it’s easier to utilize in erotica stories.

      • It’s definitely a subjective thing, I don’t know how much of a hypocrite I sound like or how much I’m contradciting myself but I’m all for extreme, as long as the presentation of it is more visual than psychological if that makes any sense, of course some visuals kind of go too far, but again that’s subjective, I think it boils down to wanting a less depressing situation, at least for me, I know it’s not real but maybe I like to pretend I still have some morality left, or maybe I’m just more interested in the visual aspect of sex fantasies over the emotional aspect of it, makes sense given how much I don’t like sex talk in these games, show don’t tell I guess.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    It would be neat if all of your games took place in the same world/universe.

  71. Anonymous Says:

    Hey. Never commented before, but let me say. A word of encouragement from an older fellow: You never get tired of kinky porn. Keep on trucking, mate.

  72. A good game released late will be good, a rushed game will forever be crap. I wouldn’t worry too much about about you or your audience growing out of it tho. Porn is (probably) like prostitution; one of the oldest professions/artforms. People will always want more smut. As for you growing out of it; hey, it might happen, but then people grow and change like that.

    Also, personally, I love smut with a half decent story to it and I really liked the story to xenotake. That said, on subsequent playthroughs it can get in the way, so an option to skip it might not be a bad idea.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    There’s gonna be a long winter in hell before I grow tired of hentai games, especially if they have brilliant stuff like yours

  74. Anonymous Says:

    really shows people care when you touch on something like this. the comment number skyrocketed in rate compared to the last post.

    but i’m no data analyst or anything.
    *returns to the shadows*

  75. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure if it became a sore spot or if you lost lost interest in making it due to what appears to have been a shitstorm when you removed the h-content from it (Evidently people got pissed because you reasonably didn’t want to combine sex with horrific gore, from what I can tell) , but whatever happened to Prisonkage? Did you just lose interest in it, hard drive crash, etc?

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Xeno was perfect, this game will be too. Just do it with your style and your way. Pull yourself together, finish your game, and when you will be full of satisfaction make decision about what to do next. You gained great experience and it will be usefull no matter if it’s Hentai or not. Good job.

  77. Anonymous Says:

    SERIOUS QUESTION THO, u’re a dude, right? xD cuz it’s mostly girls are the ones with weird fetishes, but honestly for a dude, you have an unusual personality “im not judging !! >..<"

    • Anonymous Says:

      aight, apparently i shouldnt have used such emote, anywho i was saying that im not judging, i only pointed it out cuz it interests me xD

  78. some old pervert Says:

    Even though I have a gf, I’ll never get tired of some good h-game. Vos, you will always have fans as long as you keep up the good work, don’t worry about that. If you want to quit doing that, because it’s no fun anymore (and I am sure at some point you will lose fun making games; I am a web dev since 5 years and it’s no fun anymore too) I can absolutely respect that. You need to do new stuff, stuff that makes you happy and proud of yourself. However it would be a great loss for the h-game community and all of your fanbase. I am looking forward to see how the game ends up to be and what path you are going to choose.

  79. Anonimo Says:

    Hello Vosmug, from latin america, i don’t know why but i encourage some western developers to show his games on greenlight steam, your games have so good story, animation and gameplay and that’s the important thing. I hope you answer this comment pls, keep with the good work.

  80. flashgordon Says:

    Hey man, never give up! Played the demo, and it already feels like a stepup from Xenotake! And I fucking loved Xenotake!

  81. Anonymous Says:

    Loved the demo, Love games with real plot.
    Sure you want to develop more games and thats good but do you want 20 minor titles or do you want people to say “Oh man! Another Vosmug game!”
    If you’re worried about your current audience growing bored with the wait, don’t worry. Sure people grow out of these things but there are just as many growing into it.

  82. I will be quickly as probably you will not see my comment.
    Here’s my opinion (I’m 25 btw, works with IT and have a girlfriend also and we are fine)

    1. You are exploring a non-explored market. Thats why people goes crazy waiting for your products. This market is starving for products and a few are trying to explore it.

    2. Your products is like food. You eat now, and feel good and don’t want it anymore – until tomorrow when you are hungry again

    3. If you want to keep in the market, remember you will make money on it. At least I’ll buy it and know people who will also.
    You can do more/faster if you find someone to your team. raising a team for it may be a good idea, less profit per game, but more games is general (you can make money also not only with new games, but in some extra in the existing ones. The game industry does it everytime and lots of people love it. Also, my advice: lots o people have some individual fetishes. For the non-crazy ones, you can work with that. They would love to buy some scenes).

    4. Having a girlfriend or having sex everyday does not change the fact it still good to play this kinda of games. Really, you can do both with no trouble. We eat dessert after an awesome lunch, even when we are still full.

  83. Watchman Says:

    Vos, plz don’t worry. I can wait for your game.
    and, I recommend you to add “skip” button instead of remove dialogue completly. I think, story is important part of your game, and without dialogue, It’s hard to understand story 😦

    sry for my poor english.

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Love how it looks like the 2 shadows are ghosts who are guarding vena while she is unconscious hanging there

  85. Non-Disclosable Says:

    Think you could add some scenes in where you can see the member in her stomach? Like a little stomach bulging?

  86. Mamango Says:

    Hey Vosmug, will there be any bulging of belly in the game?

  87. someone Says:

    Just out of curiosity… but what is the release daate of the game? not that i want you hurry up the game… you should take your time. but still… the expected date?

    • There’s none yet, there won’t be until very close to release.

      • someone Says:

        ya.. but still. like a month.. or 2… also… is it longer than your previous game? story and animations and features vice? like by a lot or a bit?

      • Can’t say that either because I don’t know, no estimations either yet, it’s longer I think a has a bit more stuff but I can’t know for sure until I ahve a more finalized version.

  88. Anonymous Says:

    I just came to say that the money i’ll use to buy the game is already saved in my personal stash :v

    I’m pumped af, college and all, i check in twice a month to see changes…but until this game is to be bought, that money won’t leave that suitcase. I have spricken

    • Footguy Says:

      One question though, won’t payment be made electronically? What use then is the money in the suitcase?

  89. Mamango Says:

    Vosmug, maybe it’s a good idea to make FAQ? Because i see too much of questions about release date.

  90. Anonymous Says:

    update next week? it’ll have been a month since your last 🙂

  91. Hey vosmug, About adding a button to skip dialogues (or a option to remove them), what your think??? I really understand about the preferences of the other players, but i think that the story is a fundamental part of this game, and could not be removed 🙂

  92. Shadow Xiao Says:

    Just a warming greetings from China … XD. Your work is awesome and many of us are looking forward to ur final release! Wish u happy and health everyday 😀 …..
    Oh right,just a small recommendation: it’s better to have a bottom for zoom Out and In or it can be really hard to find some organs? or key issues ?(sorry my poor English)
    One last thing, I really like ur understanding of booooooobs! They are f**king awesome…XD

    • Shadow Xiao Says:

      Sry….not bottom but button….My English teacher is crying…lol

    • Understanding of boobs? That’s some irony.

      I don’t understand what you mean by “organs”, either way, zoom options are not easy to do, so I don’t know if I can do that.

      • “Understanding of boobs” – sounds brilliant!

        Any h-game designer and animator would be glad to adopt it as their credo! ))

        “-What do you think is the key to your success?
        -Well, I would have to say that it would have to be the undying support by the fans, my own passion for design and not the least – keen understanding of boobs”

  93. Anonymous Says:

    Stop wasting time, just reliese it.

  94. Anonymous Says:

    dude chill, Xeno might be THE best porngame ive ever played, great animations and fun! not that usual shit they do where you have to do something reaaaally fuckin annoying just to get to the scenes. I doubt your fans will suddenly not be pervs. once you are a perv youre pretty much signed up for life. but even if some of us do grow out of it there are more people growing into it every day!
    If you ask me id rather wait and have you release a good game than a rushed one. And i would think that if I were in your shoes id wanna release a game i can feel proud of aswell. Stay strong bro and just keep at it, we will wait. 🙂

  95. Anonymous Says:

    I was wondering what program did you use to draw and animate those sprites?

  96. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! The quality of the animation seems really better compared to xenotake. Take your time Vosmug, perfection needs time. We’re with you.

  97. Anonymous Says:

    Personally I like the story aspect, adds some context.

    Just release it whenever you feel it’s ready man. People will bitch no matter what, because let’s face it, we all need something to bitch about :P.

    Nice work so far, glad to see progress.

    Also doesn’t hurt to upgrade the demo here and there 😉

    • Anonymous Says:

      It would be nice to have a little something added to the demo if the full game is still months away

  98. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug, I personally believe story is a very important aspect of the game. it sets the mood for all the sex and erotic scenes to come.
    It’s like building a plastic model Gundam, you can just “skip” the creation process and look at a magnificent model OR you can be the one to personally create that it and feel the pride of what you went through to create such a model (in this game’s case would be the sex scenes). The character’s personalities mixed with the story would just add more depth to the H-scenes in my opinion.

    p.s I think you should open up a patreon.

  99. Anonymous Says:

    alright it’s been a month, anything to tell us/show us? no pressure, it’s just a few hundred of us looking forward to a new update. no big deal, really

  100. Anonymous Says:

    Have you ever thought about setting up a Patreon and releasing regular content updates of your in-development games to patrons instead of waiting 2 years to release the final product? Seems like a win-win situation for both you and your fans.

    • Anonymous Says:

      this is why we need a faq.

    • Well, there wouldn’t be any difference, patreon or no patreon my work schedule would remain the same so I don’t see how it would help me to release regular updates… also, content updates as I think you mean them are not happening only because that’s how I prefer to work, I don’t want to update the same demo over and over, if that’s what you mean, I’m the one choosing to hold everything until the final release. Thanks for your interest though but right now more than help patreon will just make things worse with all the rewards and constant pressure to meet monthly deadlines.

  101. Anonymous Says:

    Just curious, whats the progress on nude mode?

    • None, there’s other more important things that need to be done first, actually I have no idea yet how to fix the problems that will bring.

      Difficulty and enemy balancing, which nude mode would be part of, are among the very last things to do.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Would it be possible to make it an add on after releasing the game?

      • I rather not, as of now I don’t know how to make that an easy process so if that were the case you would have to download the whole thing again just for that add on.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oh well, I hope nude mode will have different dialog and scenes. It would be awkward if shes clothed then magically naked after something happens.

  102. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug i have a question. Is there any tickling part in your game?

    • There’s actually only one very short animation that maybe could be considered that, I’ve posted it before, you can see it in this post in the last link:

      Aside from that not really, that’s a very specific fetish I didn’t even know existed.

      • Footguy Says:

        That got you so much love when you posted that.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I love tickling. Thank u for answering my question. This game is wonderful .Hope i can play it as soon as possible hah

      • beachjustice Says:

        it is quite specific.
        but if you think about it, tickling is just a different ‘species’ of physical stimuli than pain (though there can certainly be some overlap).
        yet it lends itself just as well to use in sexual domination.
        for some into bdsm, tickle torture as punishment may be just as arousing as, say, spanking to others.

  103. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Vosmug, do you think your at least halfway done with your game?

  104. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks a lot for answering my question .This game is wonderful and i will purchase one hah

  105. Anonymous Says:

    Keep up the good work vosmug! Loving your content. By far my fav hentai game developer and I’ve played quite a handful of hentai games

  106. Sad ghost Says:

    We need a new update… Its 2 months now 😦

  107. Kluster Says:

    I hope that this game will be released before year ends…. i want play this game with my gf lol

  108. Anonymous Says:

    It wont, it never will… it takes this dude like 3 years to do work. Sure when its done its good work; but holy fucking shit man does it take fucking forever…… like. for.fucking.ever.

    i understand the whole work life balance better then anyone trust me. But honestly vosmug bro this shit takes AGES.

    please, please please for the love of god be done soon, or at a nearly finished game at this point.

    And give yourself SOME time window; theres a reason i put a time frame on projects for my devs. Like; sure it feels like your restricted but its NOT a bad thing; it gives you an end goal. something to shoot for…. having no dates set just pushes you farther and farther back in long run since you can put it off till tomorrow even if you HAVE the time to work on it today.
    I know this, i see it daily… having a window does give you stress no doubt but its not always bad stress if its a realistic window then it turns into a driving force.

    for instance say i need to finish this three stage animation for X monster; and have it decently polished. If i say oh get it done whenever it turns into a 3 week project because other things just find a way to get in the way.
    I need it by the end of the week; you’ll find a way to do it and do it effectively and efficiently.

    Like; set small staged goals for yourself.. because ive honestly been following you since the beginning and your work IS good, its REAL good (besides that stupid ass robot part in xeno) but realistically its not 2 years wait good. Maybe its because you over critique urself on it and want it to be awesome and dude dont get me wrong i LOVE that drive always shoot for perfection; but set urself staged goals and you will see the work will get done quicker.

    You dont even have to release said goals to us; but have them, because i feel like you dont man. your lost a little i feel and need some grounding; we are here for you man. I know its hard to read this and i might come off as an asshole but i honestly mean well…


    Update the goddammed blog…. comments are nice, but even if you drop a “I worked on setting up a hitbox code today and progression” and thats the entire post reads its better then MONTHS without a single thing then you saying

    “I dunno what to post im working on it ” ; we GET that ur working on it and we KNOW its hard work…. but give us more then that… like
    If you posted the PROBLEM you are having there could be (and probably is) people here who can help or give you the 2nd sigt on the issue and might get it resolved quicker just having another view on it.. trust me thats invaluable you have no idea how many times I, myself have missed super super easy or dumb mistakes that someone spotted or had a workaround in a second.

    I know your gonna read this, ur good like that and kudos for doing so… take what i said and think about it a bit.. i know it might seem harsh but im not wrong.

    Just, communicate more we are here to support you.

    • I do have goals and schedules I try to follow and I work on it everyday, I really don’t know what else I could do, you’re not wrong, it does take forever, if you or others can do things faster that’s great but I’m doing my best, more than that I can’t do. My best sucks I guess, but even then, my best is the best we have.

      I understand your frustration and is not too far from my own, but I can’t do more than what I’m doing right now, I really don’t know what else to tell you.

      You’re not wrong about posting either, I’m going to give you that 100%, I struggle deciding what to post, there’re things I don’t want to show and there’s things that I feel are irrelevant, progress right now is technical and not interesting, I don’t want to show that. I won’t post problems because is just distracting, I rather focus my attention on fixing the problem rather than waiting for a solution, posting is becoming a chore since it feels more like an obligation than anything else.

      I was thinking about making a big post next time, but I was just waiting to finish something first, a small goal if you will, also there’s an interview I was waiting to get published so I could talk about it but I guess I should bypass that one.

  109. Forgotten Deity Says:

    I just bought Xenotake to support your great work. I’m sure that the next game is gonna be as good or better than Xenotake. Take care, mate.

  110. Ummm… Mr.Vosmug… i have a question. Are you planning Xenotake 2 when you complete Vena? Maybe with Malla-mutant in role of main hero? o_O

    • That will come up later, I don’t think she’ll be the hero though, I don’t know if in a direct sequel or a follow-up game with a different name, but most characters will return one way or another, as for when, probably not right after, I have other ideas planned for the next project.

      • I just thought that the “main character = the villain” would be an interesting basis for the continuation of the plot…
        So, It turns out that the main character will again be Eerien? Or maybe someone who we know? Captain? I know you do not like adult games about men in main role. So, main character definitely will not be “guy with robot”.
        Hmm… who could it be really?

        Uh… and now I’m really interested in seeing what kind of ideas you have about new game. But I will not ask about it. I know that you do not answer anyway = _ =

      • Could be a new character, who knows. I do remember saying I didn’t want main character men I’ve changed my mind about that, I’m even considering the idea of playing as the bad guy doing bad guy stuff.

        If I won’t answer is becasue it’s too early for that don’t you think?

      • Forgotten Deity Says:

        Personally, I prefer a female lead.

      • Yeah, i know your position about spoilers, ideas and etc.

        Maybe game about girl who likes do bad things? Some succubus or maybe just sex-crazed? Girl who raped enemies, but not who be raped? ^_^

        For me personally, there is no difference: a guy or a girl in main role. The only thing I dislike – too “passive” protagonist. While many others probably find it very sexy. However, this does not mean that I can not play the classic RoR game, where the heroine is always the “victim” of sex assault. Like Xenotake, for example. If games are good and intresting – why not? 😀

      • Footguy Says:

        I was always hoping you’d return to Prisonkage after you finish with this game.

      • Is not about spoilers, why start talking about it when there’s still game that needs to be finished first? I don’t even know exactly which idea I’ll pick for next, I just have prospects, nothing fully decided yet.

      • The idea of playing a male villain (or perhaps some monster/alien). That’s something I believe we could use more of with these games. Most are GoR with female victims. Turning the tables so it’s the villain’s perspective basically.

        Sorry for adding more to the rambles. Just an interesting notion when you think about it.

  111. beachjustice Says:

    Can’t remember from your previous game, but will you include lactation /milking content in your games?

  112. Tanagashima Says:

    hey i just found your site so i dont know anything about your games but im gonna try them out. just wanted to say i respect the work you are doing and take your time im sure people will wait for your games.

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