More things and stuffs



The most notable thing recently is that I’m changing the portraits for a more clean style in terms of colors and lines, also I didn’t like the previous ones so now after they should fit better the in-game sprites, they still need work but I like them quite more than before.




As someone mentioned before the portraits are a bit too big and cover quite a bit of the screen, it does get too cluttered at times but I rather have big portraits, I’ll try to center everything within the first 3/4ths of the screen on dialogs, to be honest tho portraits are kind of unnecessary but what the hell now.

Other than that, everything keeps moving normally I guess, nothing to report… I should mention maybe that some new not very important things like the ghost stealing gloves and some other minor addiotions were stitched togheter since they were not planned, so that’s been complicating things a bit, but that’s not really something that important, I shouldn’t complain about it since I could have decided not to do those things but I did it anyway, it’s just something more on the list… so I guess there’s that.

It seems you want me to talk about stuff, and I really don’t know what about right now, so feel free to ask in the comments. I’m supposed to make a FAQ page but I don’t know anymore, I’m lazy, but feel free to suggest questions, release and progress questions will have the same answer for a while: “I don’t know”, that’s the first question.

…this is taking some time indeed.

Edit: Forgot to mention,thanks fdor the windows 10 feedback, seems that compatibility with windows 10 is fine.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think they should be just a little bit smaller… Just a little…

    • Anonymous Says:


      I knew this would happen… I was thinking to myself, “What if I’m taking too long and someone posts before I finish…? Nah, that only happens in lame movie scenarios.”

      Fuck… Oh well. You win this round, kidd.

    • Anonymous Says:

      oh and I like the improved suit design

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This is an honor, omg YAES

    Lol checking back when I’m bored every day has its perks. But I was wondering, how many characters are there now?

    We have Vena…
    And this blonde chick…

    Both of which I am assuming are *ahem*-able.
    How many other *ahem*-able characters?
    And NPCs?

    I also just realized that first person up there is different from the bonde girl…

    Yeah. And what’s the story look like so far? Is it long? Short? Simple? Replay value? Super full of twists and turns like Predestination or something? 😀

    I think I asked enough questions to get the thread going… Yay lol

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oh, I’m back. But I have just one issue with your character design.
      I think it’s a little awkward that you have her wearing boots over those things that look like thigh high boots that’s tucked in the small boots over the jumpsuit.

      I think there should be either 1, thigh high boots that are ruffled all the way to halfway up the thigh. 2, small boots that the jumpsuit is tucked in, or three, which might be simplest, taking away the lump that’s the spot where the sock things are tucked in.

      Don’t get me wrong they’re still hot, but it’s like the logic between wearing skinny jeans over fishnets and a garter belt. Get what I’m saying?

      • I see your point, I had it as in 3 at first but then I decided to add that for some reason, maybe I’ll change it back.

    • I posted all of the characters before:

      There’s a couple more but they’re not able so I better not show them or else I’ll have to able them.

      story is simple hentai fodder at the begining hoping it gets more interesting as it goes on, basically they enter because of a bet and then things get sexy, there’s things that happen hopefully it’s good enough to keep people interested, about lenght I couldn’t tell and I don’t think there’s much replay value other than maybe maxing stats, the fact that it’s expected to unlock everything on the first completion kind of negates replay value.

      • Anonymous Says:

        ah. gotcha. that’s pretty cool. I won’t ask for specifics. I’ll play it for myself.

        These guys look like ghost busters, so I’m pretty excited. Keep it up, bro.

      • Re: replay value, don’t sell your work short. I’ve gone through Xenotake 10-15 times. The gallery content is enjoyable for fapness’s sake, but there is enough of a degree of difficulty in certain parts of the game that make it challenging to try to get through those parts without getting fucked (and if I fail at the attempt, I still win so it works out either way). I realize you’re not building the game based around replayability, but for me it’s definitely there and adds some overall value to the game.

        Looking solid, keep up the great work!

      • I agree with BobJim,

        Don’t take the games up too lightly, XenoTake was really fun to play, It was a fun story, sexy hentai and challenging game.

        I played it over quite a few times.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Endless horde mode mini game with high scores after completing the game?

      • Any of that stuff is side content, so I’ll think about that at the end. But I did have that idea, an extra mini game and even achievemts but sometimes it seems like too much.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    whats the percentage of completion and whats there left to finish?

  4. Can we uh, get another animation post soon? I think that’s what keeps me going is the fact that you make great animations on top of adequate games. Sorry friend, I won’t lie to you on that one but it’s not like you make these games thinking that everyone expects game of the year content. It’s fap stuff, honestly if you ever get tired of making games go into just doing animations of tentacle fun, rapey goodness, then open a Patreon, you’ll probably roll in the money if you put out a semi-constant stream of content.

  5. great job, Vosmug =)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What about Demo? Everyone want to know!

  7. looks nice!, now all we need is hell to freeze over so we can get a updated demo xD

  8. MisterDP Says:

    Playing the demo I noticed that (in theory) ghosts can change into different sizes and shapes. Guess it is too late to suggest another ghost and I don’t want to be another idea-spammer.

    Just wanted to add to the list of possible ghosts for a sequel some kind of dragon or lizard with 2 dicks, this way one can have creampie and cumshot at the same time, and there is also the possibility of DP later on.

    You said you don’t understand fascination about anal penetration, I think it’s something in the way that vaginal penetration is the normal way and anal somehow renegade, as if to say ” you want it that way? No, I will go the other way!”

  9. DerPeter Says:

    The anticipation is killing me.
    Can you tell us how long we have to wait atleast? Like, do we have to wait atleast 3 more months? I feel like I’m killing my hype if I come back here every second day, looking for something new.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Hm, the suit chick seems to be aggressive, me wonders if her partners will end up possessed and banging her themselves.

  11. Huge fan of your work, vos. I’m looking forward to this new game and even though I’m not a fan of the guro stuff, I do hope there are other ghosts which kill rather than rape – just for the sake of variation. Although more rape scenes are preferred. xD

    Right, anyways, just wanted to ask about whether you’ll have a more resilient character getting raped, kinda like Malla. For some reason, every time I see busty & tough or evil chicks in hentai, they’re always the slutty ones. Be a rebel, Vos! lol

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Will that 2 guys f*** Vena or some girls as well?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    bruh muh dick. 11/10 please take as long as you need to, and keep up the good work

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, Doc, can we hope to see some ghost-spoilers or xxx-gifs?

  15. Footguy Says:

    Yay update! Glad to read it!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    hey, do you like tablets? I just ask because it looks like most of this could’ve been done with a mouse, strictly because there’s almost no light weight variation on curves. the only time there is is a dramatic decrease between the breasts where you can easily see a different width is used.

    No offense really no offense, but I’m just curious as to how you draw. Everything else is really nice. Value is great, form is great, expression is great, but I’m just looking at the lines. They’re all the same width for a particular area rather than varying weights all throughout as according to where shade might be.

    I get why the characters are all the same line width (for animation’s sake, dear god, you’re just fine, leave it as it is)

    But mainly the portrait is what I’m asking about.

    • Forgot to mention there’s an artist guy man doing the protraits, not me, the second portrait actually has line thickness diferences but it was mostly a style choice not a tablet thing, I noticed the first one doesn’t have much outline so I told him to add it to mantain the style.

      I do use a tablet for sprites but I don’t use pressure I can’t do it correctly and also because of what you said, it’s just easier for animation and because there’s a lot of them, it’s faster.

    • Anonymous Says:

      oh, mkay… this is all really cool lol

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, this is awesome. If I’m not mistaken, there’s better coloring and anatomy than anything I’ve yet seen from you. Great job!

  18. Wow another characters, wonder they are NPC or playable.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    thanks man dude sir

    • Anonymous Says:

      yeah, he’s a broski, fam, bruh, broham, bruv, guy, slickster, slick, sharpshooter, dynomiiiiite, awesome-riffic

  20. Vosmug is this game is released? Where I can download it? Please answer me

  21. Vosmug is this game is released? Where I can download it? Please answer me somebody

  22. The portraits look great to me, I don’t think they’ll too obtrusive at all.

    I like the two-tone change you made to their uniforms. Her leg covers kinda remind me of equestrian jodhpurs:

    OR tactical yoga pants:

    Anyway good to hear from you and she looks hot as hell. I hope she gets absolutely wrecked.

  23. MichałM Says:

    I prefer the older portraits, I think that was better. But I apprecieate your job because grafic is not everything. It’s awesome to hear that everything is going on 🙂 good luck vosmug!

  24. What does the timeline look like for the next demo release?

  25. This is your own art? I love the style man. Glad to hear from you. Whatever you decide to do will work out just fine. Just uh… if you could… mind the awful, boner-killing gore and all that…

    • Portraits are not mine, it’s an artist I got to help me, even tho he has difficulty trying to imitate my style, in the end I have to do some modifications which end up not being as smooth of a design as if he had done it all himself.

  26. NelsonJohn Says:

    no answer about the release of these game or a demo?

  27. Anonymous Says:

    she’s my preference!
    (want to see that character’s guro!)

    anyway i expect that release your all the games!
    (prisonkage, GHV…)

    it’s very hard to wait…

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t wait this game.

    From foreigner fan

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated Vosmug. I enjoyed Xenotake, and from your demos I can see the quality of your works is evolving for the best. I’ll be one of many looking forward to buying this once you’ve finished working on it. I hope you will stay strong and motivated to keep improving your skills at your own desired pace. I don’t know if you plan to release anymore demos or not, but I could care less because your previous demo did what it needed to by giving us a little taste.

    I think anymore demos would just be a waste of time unless you left out anything you’d really like to share with us from previous demos.

  30. NelsonJohn Says:

    everyone expects the game. XENOTAKE was already really great. Vosmung done a good job so you have to send him all the courage and the will for it to the end as quickly as possible.

    We are all behind you as Goku doing Genkidama ^^

  31. Is this game going to have yuri action too?
    If that is the case, I’m definitely going to buy it.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    these comments are always so cringey….i can see why you aren’t always in a good mood vosmug

  33. closet_perv Says:

    Vosmug I have a very serious question… What is the middle machine for? I get the other two but the middle one has my imagination tied in knots.

  34. Hello, I’ve done playing the demo. But I just got more question. Just wondering if you can draw an appropriate amount of pussy juice trail on the tight. Make a story on how she got aroused, or just came being groped by ghost at the beginning. Cause I can’t stop wondering how painful she would be doing sexually intercourse at the end without some pussy juice… A reply is much appreciated. Many thanks.

  35. I did not understand well, the Ghost what steals the glove was removed? i thought thas was a nice adidtion for the game, since that could prmove a cool challenge.
    But well, i like how the portraits are well proportioned now, its a good size indeed, and she (the blonde) is hottier than before.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    In a heartbeat I would do a 3 dollar patreon.

  37. Anonymous Says:


  38. Anonymous Says:

    I concur with the above. I’d do a patreon in an instant if it meant this next project coming out faster. easiest 15 bucks a month you’d make!

    • Sound more like greed to me.

      • hapsthehamster Says:

        I would gladly give some money to you if you made a patreon, as I would like to aid you in making your game(s)

        I see no greed in it if you make the setup so its pr. release or make the tires so you are cool with it

      • What I meant was making a patreon just because it’s easy money sounds like greed to me, it actually sounded pretty ugly but I wasn’t talking about the whole concept of patreon, just that easy money bit.

        As I said before I’m not interested in patreon, too much pressure when money is put upfront, and I doubt it will help things go faster also, I just don’t need it, money wise I’m fine, mainly because I have a job so to help things go faster I would have to quit and do this fulltime and I just don’t feel like doing that, it’s stressfull and exhausting enough already, doing it full time would just ruin it for me.

        Thanks for the interest but is not for me, not for now.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Since masturbation will be unlocked in a certain part of the game i think it should stay unlocked for the rest of the story. It would be weird if you press F later on and nothing happens. Having It would keep the player alert if the luring enemy is around or not.

    • That’s not really how it’s going to work though, it’s mentioned through dialog when you have to do it. But I’m starting to think about adding what was was suggested before, a lust meter you have to lower when it fills but I haven’t really put much thought into it, maybe that’s what I’ll do instead.

      • Anonymous Says:

        A lust meter sounds great. How would it work?

      • don’t know yet really, I suppose it fills gradually on it’s own and you have to lower it by masturbating to avoid attracting more ghosts or other kind of handicap

        again, maybe

      • Anonymous Says:

        ha haaaaa! >:)
        it’s ME! I’m back, bitchiz

        okay, so lust meter. It’s been done before, and it just adds an interesting aspect to the game.

        What I’ve seen is that there’s a health bar and a lust bar
        The health bar decreases depending on the enemy.
        It also makes the game more erotic because of interpretation of how or when the bar decreases. For example, if the brute ghost attacks, the health bar could drop dramatically upon insertion, which is erotic. Another thing would be with the skull, it could drop slightly with every thrust, in rhythm. it just increases that interpretation adding another effect to turn people on.

        instead of just watching it happen, you can see how they affect her as well, getting in her head. Like in hentai, you can hear her thoughts sometimes. in this, you see how it damages her.

        Each encounter increases the lust bar as well. When it’s full, she comes during sex, and THAT decreases her health exponentially compared to what the enemy would usually do. And then you can make it keep going, which can be erotic, or just end the encounter, since maybe she was so tight upon ejac that it came too–i dunno. Afterwards, the lust bar is dropped back to 0.

        Masturbation increases the lust bar until it’s full and then she cums that way, without reducing health, making it less risky to have an encounter because each enemy affects her lust a different way. maybe the normal ghosts could turn her on more because they most resemble humans, or the skull because she has a tentacle fetish. That’s just some plot stuff really.

        But you can approach this a bunch o different ways. Btw, this method was used by koooonsoft for those who can’t remember but recognize the gameplay.

        Personally, I don’t exactly like this way all that much because it reduces interactivity. The fight bar is the same when you’re caught, but with the way you do it, they both cum really hard if you fight long enough which was very erotic and an excellent touch on your part. I liked that because you can change the outcome a little. Makes it that much hotter.

        But it’s in your hands how it would work. Realistically, I think it would be time based. The longer the time spent during sex, the more lustful she becomes, gradually increasing the rate at which the lust bar increases until she comes. then she’s not interested anymore, and then it’s easier to fight them. Forgot to mention it should be harder to fight when the lust bar is filling.

        I think health should work like exhaustion. Whenever it drops to 0, she becomes too tired to fight, and ends up in that room. I assume there’ll be multiple ones, so she’ll appear in the room closest depending on the checkpoint last activated. when it reaches 0, she wakes up hours later, no longer exhausted and lust bar = 0. full health and lust. that way there’s no “death” which can be a turnoff. I really don’t care. You do guro, so it shouldn’t matter to you anyway. Point being, it just makes it seem like the story continues and doesn’t end just because you die and gotta restart.

        🙂 lust bar!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Okay , I think I got it now.

      • First, is not really health, is more like a shield, that’s why it’s tied to the cloth ripping, when it’s gone you are defensless so the clothing can be ripped easily, that’s why I changed it to red, so is not mistaken with health, so health exhaustion doens’t really work, it would be too difficult to add at this point anyway.

        Now I’m realizing this whole lust meter will bring a new set of problems, since I never intended to do it before is not tied to the “climaxing from enemies part” and even if it did, it would take away the option to play that aniamtions at all times if you want, taking it away with an added “requirement” seems lame now, now I realize it doesn’t make sense to have it filled even though you can climiax from every enemy which logically should drop it to 0 every time, but again, that’s already done, I don’t want to mess with it by adding a new mechaninc to it, only option I see would be to add a new separate mechanic tied to enemy density or something else.

        In essence, this was very poorly though out.

      • I mean, the idea of adding a lust meter not your take on it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        ahm back bitchizz… with excellent timing, just wanted to see if you liked the idea i presented with the bar.

        BUT I see THAT would be a tad too much to add to the mix when it’s already got a good flow to it. don’t wanna overpower the main ingredients.

  40. AHornyMacaroni Says:

    This will be one hell of a nice game. Looking forward to it vos, keep up the amazing work and take your time, only then it will high quality like Xenotake.

  41. Ratiiug14 Says:

    Played through the demo a couple times. Its put together very well. The game play is relatively fluid, and generally fun. Im looking forwards to the rest of the game whenever that may

    As for a negative When you lose your glove, and need to get it back, there isnt much time to get it back before you’re jumped again, as well as the timing between hitting the stun attack and then blasting the enemies, the window is excessively short in some aspects. Now its probably due to the game not being properly balanced, but destroying three or four ghosts gets challenging very quickly when the window to blast them into little orbs is so small

    Just a little feedback, if you’ve already planned around it, or know of it, or if its intentional, Its all good, And again, I had a blast, I hope the game has some decent length to it, especially if the length of the demo is anything to show for it 🙂 Good luck with finishing it out dude!

    • The window in which you can be damaged was actually expanded in the latest demo, when that happened there were several comments saying it became too easy, I thought it was too easy too, so I don’t know I’ll have to check again, also, there will never be more than 3 enemies at a time, unless you purposefully gather them in one place or wait too long for others to arrive.

      • Just have a difficulty setting. Easy = more invuln time. Hard = none. I’m going to flip my shit if I can run through all of the stages btw. Force the user to experience the content and if the content is bad then make it good otherwise your content is bad. (but it isn’t bad so don’t sweat it)

      • That’s more or less the idea, even though difficulties are tricky since there’s a lot of balancing that needs to be made.

  42. Hey, Vosmug, you should add Pubic Hair (or at least the option to turn it on and off, and to select the style), and make it so that all the women (or at least most of them) are virgins, and the very first time that the virgin enters a sex scene, the dialogue and the scene will be slightly different being indicative of the virginity aspect. I played the demo, and I purchased and played Xenotake, and absolutely loved it. I cannot wait for this Ghost Hunter game to be released, and my two suggestions above are the only ones that I have. Great work, truley!

  43. Anonymous Says:

    I hope that fat guy gets some pussy!

  44. VenaGetRaped Says:

    When Vena gets caught in that room I’d like to see her get tortured and fucked by the ghosts until she gets unconcious. I think you won’t do something like that, just my fantasy tho

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Question about the checklist. Do the ghosts and game over room in the demo have more animations done and if they do can the demo have those animations added?

    • Game over room doesn’t have more yet, I’ll leave that for the end. Ghosts inthe demo don’t have more than they already do (I think), different ghosts have different animations later on though.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Dang i really wanted to taste a little more. At least we’ll be getting a pic or gif this month… Right…?

      • Footguy Says:

        A month and a half probably for each update. At the longest it’d be a 2 month gap.

        Vosmug does keep saying that he doesn’t have anything new to say every post and not a lot of progress to report. As long as he is working on it at his pace then that’s fine.

        In the meantime we do have other games to keep us occupied until this one comes out, then back to Prisonkage I sincerely hope!

      • Anonymous Says:

        And dosent want to spoil the game or anyting els in it, its a good idea and wont regret it.

      • The reason for not having anything new is becuase I’m leaving the rest of the graphics for the very end, I’m finish the skeleton first to 100% then I’ll move to the more interesting part at the end, I’ve been having a lot of problems with that introducing new things and trying to fit things I overlooked, it’s just a slow process.

        I’ll post something, I’ve been too, oh surprise, paranoid about it, I just don’t want to get to the end and realize you have seen most of it already.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Every time I check this blog for an update, I see that first picture and can’t help but immediately think “MAN do I hope those two guys get to double-team her at some point…”

  47. Anonymous Says:

    the portraits looks nice, cant wait for the sex scene of this character.
    By the way, iam a fans of your game, especially the Yuri scene at your last game, good job

  48. Anonymous Says:

    I really love the Yuri sexy scene in your last game, which is the girl have sex with her captain. Cant wait for the next update

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Have you thought about making it more difficult to escape sex from the ghosties? For example mashing left and right could get harder to escape depending on the color on the top left or something.

    • I don’t think that would be very well received.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Maybe it could only be on hard or nude mode

      • Oh damn, nude mode, that’s another problem to tackle.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Almost forgot about it again?

      • Not really, just remembered how I remembered before but didn’t mention that it’s going to have some problems given how sometimes being clothed is required for story portions so I don’t know how to handle those moments, just leaving it like that then going back to being magically naked kind of contradicts the point. ON the other hand changing the outcome of scenes depending on mode seems like an additional mechaninc with enough work put into it instead of an extra made just for fun.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well heres a simple (I hope/think) idea for just the intro on nude mode. Have Vena strip before entering the mansion as part of the bet with one or all of the girls. That way it fits with the story. Just having that one thing in the begining would be great.

      • That sounds fun and doable but why would she if she’s the one less interested in being there? (secret leaked info), but that’s only one part, having the ability to respawn clothes is introduced during dialog, and there’s similar parts later on, so… it’s possible, but again, it will take some work to modify stuff which kind of contradicts the point of having it as a fun extra. Another option would be to skip over all the dialogs automatically, that’s the easier but lamer option. Or just have a line that destroys your clothing right after finishing a dialog. I dunno.

        Actually there’s like 3 or 4 insteances when clothing is required so maybe is not that much work, but yeah, will have to check that in detail when the moment to work on that one comes, still, it has some work needed.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oops heres a fix on the comment before

        Have the blonde girl pull out popsicle sticks and have them each pull one out of her hand then whoever pulls the one with the red paint at the bottom (Vena of course) has to strip naked.

      • Anonymous Says:

        It would be better to have her naked throughout the game but if that’s too much then you should just have fun with ways of stripping her after she regenerates clothing after a scene. An idea I have is when the glove first regenerates her clothing have like a silly ghost float by, strip her, and quickly float away giggling. Maybe have funny dialog of Vena being confused at what just happened and every time it happens she would be more annoyed.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Will the popsicle sticks idea work?

      • 1. I thought something like that actually, maybe, we’ll see.

        2. It could, but the start is not really the problem since the point is that she should remain naked after it happens for the first time, not necessarily from the very begining of the starting scene but at least from when the gameplay starts, which is well into the house already, also as I said, the idea is not to make extra content for it since it’s supposed to be just an extra.

  50. Can you make an stack system? i mean if Vena got filled that the enemys can make her different things? its only an idea

    • Anonymous Says:

      I don’t think anyone will answer this question because no one asked it.

      • At risk of looking like a crazy person speaking alone, it would work better if there were fewer enemies, having more enemies means way more “stances” for each enemy, it’s too much, also that part is no longer open for modifications, it’s done already and I don’t want to keep messing with it.

        But then again, you could say there’s pretty much a two step stack already, one when attacked clothed and other naked, and each has a different animation per enemy so, there’s that.

  51. HentaiGamer Says:

    Maby this question has been asked and answered a lot already by now but I can’t seem to find it. Anyway I was wondering, will there be any kind of clothed sex in this game or do you have to be naked for everything?

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, how much more story is there to the game?
    Like, is the red eye’d statue important?
    Is the orb with one eye the main fight in the end?
    Or is the pink boss the main antagonist?
    What role do the other characters play besides having to use the sex machines?
    how much does the glove know?
    what’s keeping them inside?
    Are the characters in THIS post good or bad?

    I need context lol

    • Anonymous Says:

      why ask for spoilers?

    • Yup, most of those are answered halfway through but:

      1. Yes and no, I don’t know if you were expecting something else but it has a door/key function.
      2. No.
      3. No.
      4. They have more participation in the story, some more important than others.
      5. Knows more about wha thappens than everybody else, I guess that’s the answer.
      6. Um… magic? There isn’t really any compelling reason other than there’s no apparent way out as seen in the demo, maybe there’s more said about it later on… but yeah, ghostly magic.
      7. Bad guys.

  53. Say if someone wanted to share an idea for a game to you… would you like to listen to it? i could email it…. and i know you are working on a game for now but you could put it on the backburner and come to it later…

    • Well, bear in mind that I have tons of ideas of my own too and it is more likely than I would prefer to work my own ideas first, I have my next 3 games or so already lined up in the idea chamber, my advice to you is that if you have ideas you should start your own creative path to see those ideas realized at some point, but if you just want to share with no promises attached, I would have no problem with that.

      • You’ve got 3 more ideas in the pipe already, dude?
        That’s freaking awesome to hear.

        Just curious, would you ever consider hiring out voice actresses for your games at some point in the future?

      • It really means nothing until they turn into something tangible, then again the’re not fully realized ideas, they still would need a lot of work.

        I would like too, but that adds a whole extra dimension to the process who knows if it’s worth it, if anything I would like to have custom moans and stuff over dialogs, but yeah, in the future I wouldn’t mind at least trying to add something to that effect.

      • well. i could email the idea.. you have an email id? (ps im too lazy to look. plus i like the idea of making my own h game in theory but ive got my hands too full. full with LIFE!!! and other bs.)

      • I forgot: vosmug (at) hotmail

      • You have 3 other games planned? Nice! You were indeed going to go back to Prisonkage after this game though right?

  54. Anonymous Says:

    I hope this game has an open ending or to be continued in case you wanna do a GHV2

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Hopefully the main character can get slimed like in Xenotake

  56. Hey Sir Vosmug do you accept demos from people? I’m in the process of making a eroge. An I would like to hear your thoughts on it.

    • My thoughts specifically? Well, I don’t accept anything since is the first time somebody asks, I don’t know if I have enough good judgement or “expertise”, but I’m very picky and critical about the things I like and very uncaring about the things I don’t, if you think you’re okay with my dumb subjective opinion then sure, I have no problem. Send me a link and I’ll check it out: vosmug (at) hotmail

  57. danilafel63 Says:

    Hey Vosmug! Just letting you know that we, all your fans in Russia, still believe that you will finish your game. Just in case if you had some doubts. Peace.

  58. It seems like the struggle mechanic has 3 outcomes. 1) escape 2) quick orgasm 3) long struggle orgasm. Regarding the last two, do you think there will be any mechanic other than a different animation? The long struggle/pink bar currently looks like a ghost ejaculate, any chance that picking one of the two outcomes could be used to adjust the difficulty level? Each difficulty level increase could result in a myriad of things; more monster HP, faster monster attack, more/less orbs, gallery content unlock, unique scene for the characters? IDK specifics but it seems like it would be cool if there was an change in the way the game played that resonated with the animation outcome they picked. Technically speaking it should just be a hidden counter that is used to modify existing game logic.

    • I don’t know if I understand correctly, make the difficulty change depending of what outcome you had? So pretty much, the more you get pink bar outcomes, the more diffucult the game gets, is that it?

      If that’s the case that sounds interesting, but it would be more like a ahrdcore mode, I doubt many people would choose that route.

      • Yes lol, I am suggesting that you could opt for making the game harder by your interactions. Shamelessly ripped idea from (very worth a play)
        If you add some unique content or just score point multipliers behind higher difficulties, then I think people might be curious about it.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing works of art. Keep up the good work!

  60. Anonymous Says:

    hey vos, just because nobody asks this; how are you doing man? just you as a person, not the project or anything, how’s your life been lately?

  61. What about tickling/licking part?

  62. Hi, i beⅼieve that i saw you visited my blog so i сame to return thᥱ favor?.I am attempting to in finding things
    to improve my ѕite!I assume its good enough to make use of some of youг ideas!!

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