So yeah there’s that thing the steals your glove, it took a bit of work since I forgot most about enemy behavior and had to relearn some stuff, it works well enough, but there are things that need to be accounted for that I didn’t realize before like moving forward without the glove could block you off if you need it, like for jumping or when you find a defeat-all-enemies-to-continue kind of block which you can’t do without the glove, so this enemy needs to be in controlled locations instead of the random approach I wanted to use, places where you can freely backtrack (or advance) to search for it without the fear of getting blocked, will have to work a bit more on it, so there’s that….

Aside from that, had some problems and still have, got stuck for a while because of a pretty nasty glitch that ended up being pretty simple, turns out using exit; inside a script doesn’t affect whatever code is happening outside that script, it makes sense, I guess, but I didn’t know that and assumed everything inside a script affects the entirety of the instance calling it… as, you know, everything else usually does… took me about 4 days to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem, fun times, also got super sick for a week, as it is an honorable tradition for that to happen that time of the year, and of course family reunions and stuff.

Also, I’m having an asset compiler error when I try to preview texture pages, if anyone knows anything about that, it would be really helpful, it used to work normally and now it just doesn’t… so, no idea.

Uh… yeah.

Edit: Something about compatibility just came to my attention, I really didn’t think about this before.

If anyone out there has windows 10, are you able to run the previous demo version 0.1.1? I don’t have windows 10 so I can’t test it myself, it would be really helpful, thanks.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Will there be a new demo any time soon? 🙂

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think she should cover her vag when glove is taken

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not aware of how you can fight this guy to get the hand back.

    HOW DO?

  4. SpinDoctor Says:

    Well, the only option I can think of in the moment is to let Vena masturbate…?

    BTW, did anyone ask for the statue with only one glowing eye in the demo? And is it possible to open the door after that page from the diary? (It’s that room with the three dudes where you have to go up when you learn how to jump, later.)

  5. Aww.. Well, I really hope you can get some help :s I seriously have no idea and can only offer my Moral support D: ! Im waiting patiently and holding 10CDN in my hands to pay for the game when it comes out !!

  6. New demo please 😀

  7. Interesting… wanna see more, when game will be released ^_^

  8. Regarding your texture issue, check the format those files are saved in. If textures are saved in the wrong format they won’t open properly.

  9. Yeah, coding. In programming we call that local variable and global variable. Local variables only exist while that part of the code is running and nothing external from the variable can see it.

    Global variables exist for the entirety of the program and can be seen by all variables within the program.

    Oh and awesome, an update! We’ll see how that glove stealing ghost will behave.

    • Is not the same thing tho, exit is an expression not a variable, so it should work everywhere regardless, I didn’t know it had rules when used on a script.

      • Documentation: http://docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/002_reference/001_gml%20language%20overview/401_15_exit.html

        exit aka return from other languages. They should just call it return because that is stupid. If it behaves like it sounds like it does and you exit from the main execution loop, it will quit the game as in returning to the virtual machine executing your game’s main code block. IDK, just guessing. If you want to exit the whole game: game_end() looks like a thing.

      • Uh actually I don’t know if I explained that explicitly enough since everybody is at different experience levels and when I say I am guessing, I mean I am guessing from 15 years of experience programming and not gamemaker. So: subroutine’s exit means stop and return to main routine. Main routine’s exit means stop and return to host execution virtual machine (gamemaker). Gamemaker would be like OK time to close at that point. It looked like game_end() is the explicit method to exit your game no matter how nested the statement is.

      • Return is a different thing here I believe and I have never used it, but the exit I needed is the one from the help file not the one that closes the game, that seems like an easy way to get confused though. I think it should be called break or something, but then again break already exists does something else.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry, I’m too lazy to go back to the other thread to find out more about this one, but does this just force a sex animation to get the glove back?
    Or is there an additional command exclusive to that particular monster that you’re supposed to use?

    • No, it was a last minute addition, is not that elaborate to have sex aniamtion or special commands. It just has a direction prompt to prevent it, if you fail you’ll have to backtrack (or move forward) a bit to recover it.

  11. Hey Mr.Vosmug What do think about live2d?
    they have a free and pro version(http://www.live2d.com/en/products/cubism_editor).

    • Really cool tech, you can still see some jumps in the perspective change but it’s still pretty nice, I imagine VNs would benefit the most, but really anything could work, specially jrpgs.

      • The reason I mention live2d. Is that i heard that you use a vector drawing editor. From what I seen live2d is vector based. Anyway I’m just curious wouldn’t live 2d would easier for you Mr.Vosmug?
        If you ever wanted to do 3d then learning 3d modeling?

      • Err, I don’t know, I’m too lazy to learn something new at this point, specially when I’m comfortable using the way I know, I would like to see how others apply it, but I don’t think I will try it myself, at least not anytime soon.

      • It understandable. But what I’m saying is in your perspective If someone who can draw wanted to do 3d wouldn’t live2d be easier to learn then something like blender? Then again I could be wrong;)

      • It really depends on what you want, then again I would say you should know 3D modeling before jumping to something like live2D, live2D to me is an extension of 3D, and not a stand-alone tool, but that’s how I see it, preference wildly changes according to users.

      • Ah now i get what you mean! I saw live2d as an extension of 2d. Since I don’t how to draw or 3d model.

      • I guess you can see it in either way but you still need to know some 3D since the body is a straight up 3d model.

      • Ah crap your right! Live2d euclid face is 2d only. I didnt know into I re-watch it. Do you happen to have 3d skills if so which software do you recommend? Right now I have Blender and Student version of 3ds max 2016.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Gonna jump in here and say that’s some pretty cool stuff right there mhm

      I like this. Probably gonna invest in getting this for personal purposes. BUT it doesn’t look like this thing uses vectors. in the first video. when he zoomed in on her left eye, that looks like it was rasterized. It’s pretty hard to use gradients in vector stuff. They’re almost useless by nature. only solid colors. however I respect that he COULD do that if he did.

      I mean a vector gradient actually being used? That’s like painting a pencil drawing dude. lol

      • Anonymous Says:

        wait a second. i looked at it again. those is pixels. thats definitely raster. Maybe you can use either or but damn either way. this is cool

  12. I was wondering, what coding platform or engine do you use to create your games ?

    I am a dev myself and I like the way your games functions, so I would like to experiment with whatever you use.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Vosmug.
    About your code problems try to ask here. I hope this help you.


  14. Anonymous Says:

    hey, just wanna show some appreciation for your hard work and effort you are putting into this. I wanna donate some money. Can I have your paypal email?

  15. Hey Vosmug, have you been nagged about getting a pateron yet?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    any chance for a pubic hair patch?

  17. Windows 10 user here. I could run the demo without any problem.

  18. No problems running with Win10.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Jumping on the bandwagon for the demo working on Win10. Generally there isn’t an issue for compatibility between Windows versions that prevents programs from running, at least not that I’ve seen in my years of programming.

  20. Windows 10 checking. Test is fine. Wish demos of other games worked this well. Other games I try the character is constantly running to the left. I don’t buy those games.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    i got beat by like 10 hours to be the first to tell you about WIn 10.

    It works fine…
    Win 10 should run everything vista-8.1

    It’s supposed to be superior, keeping the good from both and the bad from none.

    Man I wanted to be the first to tell you lol

    Good luck with everything.
    Btw the whole harder cumming when you hold the fight out longer when you get caught was an excellent touch. I do hope you’re keeping that. Fucking love that shit.

  22. No problems with Win 10

  23. Anonymous Says:

    works perfectly fine on windows 10.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, no issues with Windows 10.

  25. I’m having issues with Windows 98.


  26. No compatibility issues to note, also is pixel factory dead or what? lol because its kinda hard to tell

  27. Anonymous Says:

    when do you finish it ?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Nice, so you actually implement enemies suggested by people? :O If I made a fan ghost design just for fun, would you consider it?

    Gotta sell it ingame with how Vena is literally fucked without the glove 😀 She is totally helpless at the moment so it should feel like it. Maybe do some epic game over scene if she tries to proceed without retrieving it. Always a fan of *two weeks later* kind of H-scenes 😀 Or have traps she could easily escape with the glove but not so much without it.

    Really looking forward to the game.

    • I’ve asked for user designs before but I shouldn’t be adding anything else anymore at this point, so you can try but no promises, also, just as a side note, I didn’t explain myself too well and user submitted enemies kind of broke some plot elements, so for “fun” should be something I’ll avoid in the future.

      This enemy here being a last minute addition I don’t know if it’s going to be fleshed out at all.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Heh, don’t worry, I’m not a crazy person that I’d be like “OMG put my OC ghost into your game”. You including the worm ghost is just something that got me curious on how exactly you operate. Best of luck with your efforts 😀

      • Anonymous Says:

        Don’t worry too much about it, that tongue ghost you posted on September last year propelled your popularity and likeness.

  29. I just waiting for buy the full version so thank you for your great job and please PUT MORE TIME IN MAKING THIS AWESOME GAME :)))

  30. Anonymous Says:

    win10 here everything fine.

  31. I use windows 10 and everything was fine

  32. Will there be a mind-break H-scene? I mean she resist at first and then she totally lost it and start to enjoy being rape by the ghost. :3

  33. beachjustice Says:

    if i were a ghost i’d do nothing but steal gloves and grope titties

  34. It’s looking great hoping to play it when it comes out. I was wondering if it will be sold on DLsite as well.

  35. I use Windows 10 and no problems to report

  36. Hi Vosmug

    As your mention about windows10. Today I’d tried your demo 0.1.1 on my windows 10. As I found there are no problem…

  37. No issues with Windows 10 encountered. Thankfully.

  38. some news for the game? percentage of progress?

  39. I would like to know if there is a link to the new demo ?

    I have windows 10 and I could test it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Vosmug has released only 1 demo until now

    • Yeah, I’m talking about the old one:


      There’s no new one after that for now.

      • Ok, I’ll check it out, is there anything in particular you want to know about ?

      • General glitches or bugs. Spelling errors. If a particular area is too easy or too hard.

        Is the game enjoyable or could there be an improvement? Probably too late for this but requests for monster ghosts or traps. That kind of thing.

      • Heh, I appreciate your enthusiasm but for windows 10 I just need to know about compatibility issues, sound, video and if it works at all.

        Most of the bugs and glitches of that version are already corrected, and I can’t be adding more stuff at this point.

      • Janku Ayanami Says:

        I checked it a few times with windows 10, it seems there are no differences between playing on windows 7 and windows 10.

        GM shouldn’t have any compatibility issues though, I have a few projects running and I didn’t see any issues there either.

  40. When i saw that ghost, at first i though that it’ll be some vore/cocooned monster, that it will swallow MC. Will there be that kind of ghost in game?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Toad ghost

      • Anonymous Says:

        not the toad as far as i know but there are red ones that will kill you. Scroll down on main page and you should see one of them.

      • Well, if you mean death by being eaten, that doesn’t happen, other than that the toad ghost is actually the closest one and maybe a trap.

        Due to the nature of the enemies though vore doesn’t have the same impact, that’s why I didn’t think much about it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I see , he is an abductor then.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    could you post moar fappables plzzzzzz? :3 they make me happy

  42. Hey man, I just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of your stuff, some of the best in class IMO. Looking forward to this game a ton. Will def buy on release. Keep up the good work.

  43. Hey i make music that can be used in games like this. I have some sample music for you to listen to vosmug. i’d like to send it to you and if you like it. i would be willing to work with you

    • Thanks but I already have a music guy for this project, for following projects though I’ll be needing more of a melodic (mega man like or even jrpg) style music, so by then I’ll be considering more music help, but then again that will be months up to a year from now.

      If you still want to send me samples feel free to mail me: vosmug at hotmail, I’ll add you to a contact list and will keep you in mind for following projects.


  44. I got windows 10 64bit version and the last demo is running without any problems

  45. Anonymous Says:

    When will the next demo come out? I can’t wait to see your new update!

  46. Okay. I’m here. I’m gonna think of something amazing while typing this. Guaranteed to be considered at least. Cuz i’m awesome and I’m in the mood.

    Here we go. Let’s do this.

    BLAM BITCHES took me thirty seconds.
    Brute-like ghostie
    Take a little more to kill, but really slow. You know, stereotypical big luggish kinda thing. It’ll be slow enough to have reaction time and be predictable enough to kill as fast as anything else. All the free hits given to it caused how wide open attacks would be will be balanced out by the amount of hits it would take to kill.

    Physical Characteristics
    Muscular, but in a creepy way. Bones exposed in certain parts of the body, particularly the ribs and humerus. It may have a slight limp, and has a sack over its head. Maybe with chains holding it there and hanging from the body. It is stuck to the ground (so the option to fly over it is there perhaps, unless you don’t want that, then it would spawn in a room with a low ceiling.) By stuck to the ground, I mean it rises from the ground when it spawns, and it’s sunk into the floor halfway up to the thighs. It moves as if it’s moving through thigh-high water. Given that you can’t run past it like others, maybe you’ll consider the high roof with option to fly over it. If you really want, his massive ding dong will be hanging however deep in the water you want. I’m sure people would wanna see it if it’s there.

    It pins Vena (that’s her name right? I miss plot details sometimes.) to the ground and commences to do the do slamming her into the ground with each thrust. However rough you may want it to be. She can cry out with every thrust, and the screen could shake with each collision with the ground. (Depends on how rough you want this sprite to be. Naturally, brutes tend to be rough.) I’m also thinking huge cumshot too, since he’s big? But that just sounds like a lot of work. Vena would be pinned in profile, and he would be on top of her. The arms could be on either side of her, while he’s looming over her, or pinning her head down. For some reason, pinning the head down is hotter than restraining her any other way… =/

    Yup. That’s me. I could come up with something else if you like. I’m just awesome that way.
    Btw, we like hearing from you.

    • that’s a long ass comment man. ever think he might not read it since it’s like longer than his actual post? not to say it’s not hot. i mean. that’s pretty fucking hot

    • BAM here I come, you see me? I’ve been preparing all day to lay some awesome all over this thread, cause I’m awesome, and you’re awesome, see me?

      here I go, BAM, Vosmug isn’t adding anymore… content with… H animations due to…. time constraints.


      • Anonymous Says:

        I am slightly offended by your mockery sound effects. *mean face* lol jk

        But wtf is “zop”? rofl

        I was in the mood and bored. XD

        A question, why don’t we watch hentai like anime? Does anyone catch onto the plot besides the short ones? I mean… I can’t be the only one there just for a wank and skip to the climax. (pun)

        How about this, let’s play a game. We all go and hunt down a fun looking hentai and watch it. It’ll be like book club. Watch it and come back here to chat about it. Not to flood the thread, but merely just to make things interesting. We’ll rate it and everything. Vos, you join in too dude. Have a little fun with us. We can connect on an intimate hentai level. 🙂

    • I wouldn’t say time constraints, I say it’s too late already, there is no time limit or anything, its just been too long already and spending more time adding more seems like unnecesarily extending this even more, thanks but sorry, that being said in previous charts you can see an enemy already called “brute ghost” it shares some similarities, hope that’s enough.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    February has arrived and my body is ready

  48. Anonymous Says:

    release when? wallet is ready!

  49. Anonymous Says:

    omg the gameplay thread has 69 comments. restrict any more comments on it, it’s perfect

  50. JohnWilson Says:

    Vosmug I can make you a little question? how old are you? (lol) i’m 22 years old (lolol) 😀

  51. Asksaboutgamereleases Says:

    Since you have been working on this game for a while now and it is 2106. When do you think you will finish the game by?

  52. So… I just found some degenerate ghost sex. It got me thinking of this game. Thought it might be worth a few giggles to share.


  53. will the game have the skip and illustration gallery like xenotake?

  54. It already has a dialogue skip button.

  55. No valentine love ? D:

  56. can’t wait to buy this 10 times

  57. this game is looking superb keep up the good work brother!

  58. Does anyone else come back here everyday to check on updates like me? 😀

  59. Could you leave a post every month?
    Like… Just tell us what you’re doing. It’s better than nothing. You realize how much it would suck if you quit or died or didn’t like hentai anymore or died or just randomly decided to go back to prisonkage?

    • I’d be happy when he eventually returns to Prisonkage.

      • No! Guro is lie!


      • I will but only after finishing this game of course.

      • I’d like it if you’d continue Prisonkage, I don’t even mind the guro part. But please, please include sexy stuff aswell, even if it’s just optional.

      • PrisonKage has so much potential for sexy stuff!
        It’d be a thrilling mechanic if all monster would try to kill you usually but you can try to seduce them, so that they don’t kill you, but do kinky stuff with you instead. Combined with a mechanic that makes you think twice if you want to sex the enemy or not, this could be really fun, atleast for me.

        For example, there could be an enbarrassment-meter, that gets filled when the girl gets raped and emptied if the girl orgasms. That said, most monsters shouldn’t be able to make her orgasm.

        As for ideas what enemies could do to the girl and how it would affect the gameplay:

        – Hand in the wall (That thing that strangles her to death)
        You could change that to two hands in the wall. If you denude her breasts, the hands will fumble with her breasts instead of strangling her, pulling her breasts into the holes after a short time. If you move (try to escape) while they fumble her breasts, the hands will strangle her. After they have pulled her in, you have to win a recognition & repetition minigame, where the holes with her tits will move up, down, left or right in a specific order and you have to repeat that order. The girl will get on her tiptoes if you move up, get down if you move down or move left or right.
        After you have beat the game, her breasts get “unplugged” from the holes and you can continue your journey.

        – Horned sperms (That thing that jumps of the ground and blows her head off if you don’t duck down)
        If you denude her pussy, the horned sperm will not blow her head of, but will instead enter her pussy and block it off for a certain time, making you unable to use her pussy as seduction for said timeframe.

        – Jelly worms
        If you denude her pussy, those worms wont harm you, but enter her pussy instead.
        Each worm that has entered her pussy will drip out again for a certain timeframe, leaving a jelly trace. More worms will increase the time it takes for them all to drip out again (and maybe bloat her stomach more).
        If she enters a new zone while jelly is dripping out of her pussy, an additional slime cell will spawn shortly after at the same entry.
        If 10 worms have entered her, she will “give birth” to a slime cell, which will immediately start raping her, filling her embarrassment-meter and making her unable to move for the duration of the mission.

        I think there is more kinky stuff that could be done with the denuding option PrisonKage has, but that are the ideas I have for now. Hope you like atleast some of them. 😀

      • Thanks for caring that much but is not that kind o game and I regret steering in it into that direction, one of the main reasons I stopped that game and made these fully sex ones was to give people what they wanted without having to give up that game, myself included, I wanted a hentai game too and I didn’t want prisonkage to be it, that’s why I stopped it and made other ones instead, so you could say I gave you 2 games so I could have that one for me, so I don’t know what that means for you, selfish? pretentious? stupid? you tell me.

        At this point I really don’t know if it’s worth anymore if it’s going to have that undertone given my other projects, the truth is I rather kill it than turn it into full sex, not like it matters since I will have to start from scratch anyway; also, those elements are not exclusive, a hellish setting is easily replicable and even those ideas you gave can work in a different game, so really, the actual name of the game doesn’t matter, the only real problem is time and the motivation to start such game… in which case stuff needs to be finished first before going anywhere else.

      • While I’m not turned on by getting killed all the time, I find myself thrilled to try to get through the game.
        That is why I am suggesting to add sex back to the game.
        Sex is what turn me on, so I tried to get through PrisonKage to get sex as reward in the end.

        But I can understand if that is not the focus of the game and that you want to leave sexy stuff out of it.

        For me it’s just sad that it wont have any sexy stuff, since I clearly see the potential, as detailed above.

        If you want to work on PrisonKage, then do it. After all, we will get the best products if the author isn’t forcing himself to work on it.

        It will be sad to wait atleast for more than a year until you release the next game that interests me, but in the end you should to what you want to do.

      • Also, some of the things you mentioned, like worms crawling in or out and biirthing I’m not a fan of, that’s not really my style.

      • Eventually, just like how Mike Inel & Manyakis used to separate mostly of his work just like his identity.

        I know the feeling man, There’s the vibe or creator that care of their creation. I draws arts but I too just not want some of then to be absolutely adult content.

        People heard of news about Elizabeth from Bioshock right ? The same goes to him, sometime it just ain’t right but we still cannot stop the community altogether. I don’t like guro but I like his arts, I just not gonna tun’in at that game, that’s all its take 😀

        Don’t be sad about his adult creation, there’re tons of adult games out there on the internet that somehow take mostly the same length as him to release, some even suck harder then I can imagine even it take such damn long time, but hey – that’s all we bee through. Keeping your emotional temptation at bay is hard, we men all know that feeling XD

    • Also, unless I say otherwise, you can assume I’m working on the game, right now I’m in another stupid self challenge, I want to finish a section that is giving me trouble only after that I will post an update.

      Also, I just don’t know what to say anymore, from now on every post should be the same: “I’m working on it”

      • But still, personaly i love your work, even if you say the same thing, would love to see image progresse or even a demo progresse so could finde bugs, do it how you feel man. I respect you greatly.

      • Even so, the image you post is worthwhile and we’ll need a new fresh post to start with sooner or later. Yeah do what you need to do. Fallout 4 and Starcraft have been keeping me going so far.

      • Hey, OP, well not OP… OC? Comment-er? I scroll by this thing every day and I didn’t even realize it was my comment this branched off of lol

        ANYWAY, so you’ll post an update after the issue you’re having–that’s cool. Can’t wait to hear from ya, buddy.

        And I dunno. Tell us a joke. I’m good at writing, but I’m not the one making the game here. :/
        OH YOU KNOW WHAT?! if you post a fappable, I think it would be satisfying to your peeps here. like a gif or something. I think that would speak louder than words and I’m pretty sure “I’m working on it” and that would be all you need to keep people happy.

        If you think about it, you don’t know what people wanna hear, so just answer questions in the comments and that should be satisfying. That’s better than leaving a paragraph you spend however much time writing and people ask completely unrelated questions.

        So… Gif + I’m working on it = happiness (R = questions in comment section.)

        Yeah, that’s what I would do. Plus it’d be a funny running gag.

      • It would be nice to see new images/gifs this month

      • I do but not often or every month or else I’ll run out of things to show eventually, I think is better to left most for the final instead of giving it away in chunks.

        I have no problem answering to questions but usually the question most people care about is always the same, and the answer is always the same: “I don’t know”.

        Other than that I don’t like talking about unrelated stuff knowing that I haven’t made the progress you, and me especially would want, so really, it just feels scumish to be all blog-y knowing there’s work to be done.

    • I see. That makes a hella sense. If that’s the case, unless it was a retro style, 16 bit game where animation was small and easy so I could make a fuck ton of animations without giving everything away, I’d do that too.

      I understand the ones you make are clearly more complicated. i didn’t think about that. Then yeah, that’s a bad idea, but surprise is fun and great. You’ve given us plenty reason not to doubt what you produce will be great. looking at xenotake–which always seems to come up in conversation in the hentai gaming world (nice job)- I bet it’ll be awesome.

      plus don’t put yourself down dude (or dudet, Ion kno, you never know these days) it’s not like you’re betraying us if you don’t make progress. We’ve got nothing on you. It’s not like you owe us anything despite how much we want it. It’s YOUR game.

      Sorry I can’t write really nice for you to read like
      A poem on a rainy night,
      The rain washing away the stresses of life with each cold drop running down your skin,
      Like a tease, drip by drip, when you want to go under,
      Your baptism comes more slowly than you could imagine,
      But you like the feeling that it is coming,
      Each drop is a reminder that you will get what you worked so hard for,
      But the sound of drops hitting the ground,
      The holy water wasted,
      Gives no remorse,
      The precious water from the heavens is thrown on the grund,
      Like outcast water that the earth steals for itself,
      Your selfishness set aside makes you wonder if the rain was even for you,
      If you were meant to take it in the first place,
      There are other people here,
      But then again, you’d rather not catch a cold anyway.

      Well. I didn’t mean to do that, really. But I’m tired and I usually try to make these interesting for you to read.

      I should make a wordpress account so you know when I write you. 🙂 I’ve been here before many a time, I totally should.

  60. So… hard… to… wait… X_X

    I left a heritage to my childrens – 20$. If they will be alive, when Vena come out – they will play it! If they die until this point – so, my grandchildrens finish this. I belive in it!

  61. Can confirm win 10 compatibility on my machine.

  62. I seriously hope miss sui will have a playable section since shes the most interesting.

  63. When will the game be realeas, aproximatly ? I forgot if he mention it or not, thanks.

  64. Hey, why don’t you get a patreon? I think it’ll be helpful towards you… Unless you like to fly solo… That, I understand… If you have everything you need and no assistance, then okay. But I’m just curious.

    • I just don’t like idea, at least not for now, the only real reason to get one is to get help money wise, but I’m fine in that regard so no worries. also the idea of rewards and monthly deadlines is somthing I don’t want to deal with for now.

  65. just wondering if he is still alive XD

  66. is th game done yet?(y/n)

    • Do even read the comment or the post ?


      • Hey Vosmug each time someone ask this question you should answer with: each day that pass is one day shorter to the release date.
        What do you think about this.

      • or he could just say like… oh I dunno… No.

        lol just one word. “No.”
        And never reply to the thread again.

  67. I think there should be a FAQ for all these repeated questions

    • I do agree; or at least a post explaining what the games gonna be like. How the systems will play, how many animations to expect, how escape . game over. weapons and what not will work so at least i have a general idea of what to expect from the game…sorting thru like 150+ comments trying to find information is taxing and time consuming.

      Also; you said something along the lines of the release being “Soon” i think blizzard TM’d that so be careful. But what would honestly be a realistic time frame to check this blog; i stop by everyday and IMO i think having some idea of a wait is easier on the mind then checking every single day

      • To be fair repeating what I’ve said before is taxing and time consuming too, but the general outlook is already what you’ve seen in previous demos, so I don’t think is necessary to go deeper into that, I should make demo links more visible so that’s my fault, and FAQ is a good idea and a pretty obvious one, I’m dumb, so suggest FAQ ideas so we can compile them, put it as FAQ SUGGESTION AAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!! and then the question, it doesn’t have to be about this game only.

        I cannot give you a timeframe because I don’t know, and even if I estimate not meeting that estimation is going to be even worse because that’s gonna be taken as promise, and it’s really stressful dealing with deadlines and the backlash from the missing deadlines, so sorry, I just don’t know.

        I keep reading about people checking everyday and I have to say it’s not going to be finished overnight, so every week or every month would be my recommendation if that’s really a concern, I will post the final deadline at least several weeks early to realease only when I’m 100% sure, but yeah that’s several months away.

        This has gone for almost two years and I’m more than tired and frustrated so is not just you, trust me I wish it was easier and faster but I can’t do much about it, I decided not do the deadline thing again because it never pleases anybody and it only creates pressure, stress and bad blood in several cases, in the end it doesn’t benefit anybody, not to say waiting forever won’t do the same eventually but we’ll see about that if we ever get there.

        Also, if you want to ask specific questions please do, I never said I’m not going to answer, what I meant was, expect the answer to be always the same when it comes to release or progress related questions.

  68. well, on the note of FAQ, I’ll start with one that’s been nagging me for a while, if you are working on Prisonkage after this, does this mean you’ll go silent for a while until its completed? or do you intend to return to H-games at any point?

    • not to mention the obligatory “WHEN IS THE GAME DONE MR.V?”

      you wanted FAQs and that’s probably the most frequently asked!

      • disregard that last one, I meant it as a joke, but I also didn’t read the whole block of text by the time I posted the second question.

      • I don’t think that question needs to be FAQed but either way my plan was this: Work on it and stay silent about it, mainly because that game doesn’t really belong in this blog, but work on a small non-hentai game with some sexy elements here in the meantime, working on two projects at the same time is never a good idea but since those games are both small maybe it’s manageable, I dunno, we’ll see, but either way prisonkage would be the priority. Yes, I will retunrn to full H-games after. It’s still early for that though.

        Also, it doesn’t matter, that question will be the first one anyway.

  69. BeknownGamer Says:

    OI! It’s me that loser that did a Let’s Play on one of your old games. I heard you may be going through a hint of depression or a burnout of some type. Let me know and I’ll find one way or another to bring a smile back to ya in one painful way or another! I hate depression and I plan on wipeing it out from everyone I may have met before! Let me know okay! I’ll always believe in you and what ever you do with your life! HAYYYOOOOO

    • Seams like good willed suporter has apeared :p

      • BeknownGamer Says:

        I’m the nicest shit monkey in the world that I know of. I can also be the meanest shit if need to be. I’d rather be nice and kill all forms of depression though

      • Glad to see you again around here, is nothing serious just mild frustration which is nothing new, really, it comes and goes when thinking about time and how horribly long this has been taking.

        Thanks man.

    • BeknownGamer Says:

      I’m always around… sometimes anyways~ I look forward to whatever you make m8.

  70. I agree with the commentator about leaving a post once a month even if it has nothing to do with the game. It simple people want to get to know you to be exact they want to know your mind state. Some people are trying to be game developers(Like me),but don’t know where to start. Others see this place like twitter or any other social media site. So they come here for a chat. So I have a question for you Mr.Vosmug(Or anyone else here),how do you know your making a game that actually fun? The reason I’m asking this is because a majority of games that come out on Dlsite is garbage. The creators of the game didn’t wake up one day. With the ideal of making a shitty game,at least not all of them. They must
    thought that there game was decent even great that why they make
    em and sell em. So again how do you know when your making a good game. Truth be told If I were to make an eroge. I might that able to tell the eroge that I create is good or it shit.

  71. Anonymous Says:

    hey, i’m sure you don’t hear this often, but…

  72. This might be a far-fetched idea, but GM has an android module, is there a chance the game would be compiled for android ?

    • I don’t have that module, I could get it but it needs to have adjusments like resolution and control, I don’t know if it’s worth it, I can barely handle a PC version right now.

      • Janku Ayanami Says:

        True, and having to work screen controls might be a bit of work.

        I have the android module, but GM can’t handle direct input due to android limitations. Even creating custom libraries for GM is a challenge due to the 32bit nature of GM

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Ok hm… 2 months witout an update, its starting to get long…. i know your working on it but can we get somting ? Its been 2 months already D:

  74. Anonymous Says:

    Im hearing bad new about being all this, are you alright ? Hope nothing bad happend, if you any probleme why not talk about it, we love you, your work, your health and your security.
    Take care of yourself

  75. MichałM Says:

    Vosmug please say that you haven’t posted anything for 2 months coz you are working so much on this game 🙂

  76. Yes, it runs perfecly on my windows 10.

  77. Anonymous Says:

    wwait.. shit i made it 201… oh well…

    Hey, back off a sec ok? realize that there hasn’t been a pixel factory blog for years. but parasite in city ii still coming out ain’t it?

    ghv is still coming out isn’t it? 0-0 *suddenly very nervous*

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ehm… do you have a date on that ? Juste considare it worked ok with love XD.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I just realized, I don’t even know if there is a parasite in city 2 coming out. I looked into it again and I realized I might’ve been looking at a thumbnail from a while back when he still working on character design from the first one. O_O

  78. Anonymous Says:

    Are there any masturbate buttons V?

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