Um… so yeah… nothing to report as I said… slowly moving while job things happen…

So not to waste a post, what do you think about Kimochi? Have you used it? How is it? I know it’s still in development so it’s only normal it has some rough edges, I got contacted recently so I was wondering, would you like to see Xeno and ghosty ghosties there? If you don’t have paypal and have to use a credit card would you rather use it instead of dlsite? I like the idea of a new platform but I don’t have much of an opinion yet. What are your thoughts on it?

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  1. Kimochi is essentially a guy and his team running around saying “hey for the ten people who actually want to install a Steam clone for porn on their computer you’ll get more noticed.” I used it on a dummy computer, questioned why I would ever use something like it, and uninstalled it.

    A lot of people are unimpressed. What did they offer you to join up, money or something?

    Also hey, try to post every two or three weeks with just tidbits of how you’re holding up. Even if you can’t post anything sexy just let us know you’re doing okay.

    • No, just contacted to see if I wanted to upload games there. Since there are other devs including even Kyrieru uploading there I thought it was getting more popular or something.

      • Well, I am using it, and it’s working its way up, I bough Anthophobia on it (pretty good game), I like their idea to try and make hentai/porn game a bit more mainstream outside Japan.
        Also, if it is free to use for devs, why not use it ? I think Hentaiwriter will be using it, and sourjelly uses both DLsite and Kimochi, so there doesn’t seem to be any exclusive bound if you are using their platform ^_^

      • Hentaiwriter spouts rainbows and puppydogs for everyone who pays them yet doesn’t know how to read a contract. Don’t do things just because Hentaiwriter vouches for it. Hentaiwriter doesn’t know when they’re being used as a posterboy.

      • Uhh, to the “omp123” person, what are you on?

        95% of the people I promote on Tumblr and other places I do entirely for free because I genuinely think the project is good, and the few people who do pay me to do work for them, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think the product was quality.

        There have been numerous people who’ve wanted me to do work for them who offered money that I’ve turned down simply because I thought the product wasn’t quality, and I didn’t want to have my name associated with it.

        Not sure what you’re talking about with contracts, either; a grand total of two people have had me sign a contract, and in both cases it was basically “hey we’ll pay you once the proejct’s done”. Nothing in any of it required me to say anything good about said project or promote it or market it.

        (Also, after having done marketing for a good decade or so, I’m faaaairrrlly sure I’d know if I was being “used as a posterboy”, lolwut?)

        So yeah, you’re getting these assumptions about me from… where/what, exactly?

      • I don’t think we (not pointin any fingers cause we all here for the same ) should start an argument here, as a small community of Vosmug interested people, we shall not fill these comment sections with other than our help and voice.

  2. Hey, great to see a new post. Even if there isn’t new content, I didn’t really expect anything until like… Summer of 16! I tried Kimochi but my operating system isn’t compatible with it. So I can’t give a fair opinion. Many don’t seem to care much for it, but it is an outlet where you can sell your games uncensored. That’s always good.

    Keep things fresh.

    Like ghost girl tits.

  3. I’m just saying, whatever’s safe dude.
    Safest and most trusted option. I don’t have a paypal, and can you download from dlsite with just your credit card? lol signing up right now…

    and where exactly are you right now? still animating? or now is it code? is it both? just curious… cuz I kinda wanna do this too at some point… :3

    • Dlsite accepts creit/debit card but games are usually more expensive due to their 40 to 50% cut. That’s one reason why another option should be good.

      There’s still animation to do after, but right now I’m doing light code by putting togheter the story events; as in, getting to ceratin point, finding someone, triggering dialog, getting keys, etc, most of the important code is already done.

      • You can also get $3-$6 back in points giving ratings and reviews though, so…

        I’d prefer if you keep it as is, but whatever works best for you is good for us; giving more options for people to buy your games and all is for the best, really.

      • ha cool. love the organized way you reply.
        so after the code for story-related events, it’s all animation?

        Just looking at the process, is there an order you gotta go in? i think to work it like a painting. lay down a sketch, fill in the setting, background, and layout the map. then add your characters and locations of interactive objects, story and/or placement of enemies, and finally gameplay… but then again, i dunno, i have awesome ideas but i have no idea what the hell i’m doing 0-0

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’m liking Kimochi so far, honestly. Seems pretty basic, but it’s an easy way to get noticed if Kimochi keeps getting bigger. Other games are getting added steadily, as well.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I’d rather use paypal since its faster, easier, and cheaper

  6. I’m not trusting the Kimochi people with my payment information. The team is a ragtag group of indie devs with no experience in handling payment processing and security. Furthermore, it should be interesting to see what kind of contracts they deal with as well as their TOS for users. When I see Kimochi, I see a bunch of ambitious amateurs with good intentions but terrible execution and no real know-how of how to run a capable service and handle the legal expertise needed when distributing games for payment. If they have that expertise, they really don’t show it.

    But then again I’m sure the chibi foxgirl Yuki knows all about the law and is a practicing legal professional.

    • That’s always a big concern especially with untested companies, I really don’t know how that works, I know affiliate payment processors handle all the important information, like paypal does, but shouldn’t they also be in charge of security? I doubt sensible information is ever directly in the hands of the kimochi team or their own code.

      Actually that’s the kind of questions I should be asking them.

      • Also there’s the matter of contracts with content producers using the service. I can’t tell how well Yuki can handle the legalities of ANY of the things they try to do, because their legal expert has the profile of a teenage Naruto forum user. Not a single credential is listed for the team. And I would need to know that their contract can properly spell out exactly what the service will do for me, how much money I would make, the rights to distribution I have for selling my work on my own, and my ability to declare my own price on their service with control over when a d how much of a discount will be offered. There are SO many ways a developer could get fucked, and while I have no reason to think they would try to do such a thing, I need to know they have the brains to form a cohesive, coherent, and legally valid contract for content producers that protect all of the above and much more.

        They need to quit presenting themselves as cutesey anime characters with bullshit usernames and have the balls to put their names and credentials forward to show they’re taking this seriously.

  7. No opinion on Kimochi, I’m back!

    Good to know you’re still alive and updating. I’ve quite enjoyed Fallout and Starcraft. There is no need to rush at all Vosmug. Go at your own pace.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I actually tried Kimochi out to get anthophobia. I was actually rather impressed with it. I have a credit card with a pretty small limit so I gave it a try knowing damage would be minimal if something went bad.

    To be honest it was a lot more professional then I expected, and nothing bad has happened to my payment info so that’s good. Really needs a refresh feature though.

  9. Kimchi seems like a decent service. I got it when I heard Anthophobia would be released uncensored on that distributor. It was also a few dollars cheaper on Kimochi. I’d say: Go for it! Giving your customers one more option doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

    BTW: Neat room. …can’t wait to see what happens if Vena stands up in a place like that.

  10. Being here just to answer straight to the kimochi.

    It’s not a bad place honestly. Only cons side is they don’t accept PayPal(at least for now) but its an ok place to distribute your product with not much of cut-off price and even fair enough to customer.

    I just buy Anthophobia there with about 1/4 cheaper price than DLsite and without any censor, since there not need to follow any censor law of Japan — some people might care little about its price differentiation, but at my domain it’s much more save as I can buy 2 set of good grub out of that bucks.

    Another good point is (I guess) It take pretty less time of approval to have product distribute. Talking about that, Anthophobia take almost month to set sail on DLsite as seen yesterday.

    TBH, I’m not cheering them. I also hate to installing needless app in my laptop since kimochi need to be installed to use their service. You can’t buy you goods directly from their page that kinda suck though.

  11. I haven’t heard about Kimochi yet and thus I have no opinion about it. I just want to say that I will buy this game with Paypal, so it would be nice if you, however you want to market your game at the end, make sure that Paypal can be used to pay for the game.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    People are split into 2 groups : the one ho play the game regardless of anything(censored version) dlsite. And the other groupe like me ho wants to play a fully game not censored by law and hiding the creator’s content.
    Would be good if you could buy frol dlsite (censored), your homepage (not censored)

    Well you get the idea… and keep up the good work. You realy should be famous now since xenotake 😀

  13. Yoour work move, slowly but he move.
    Basicly is great. You can’t work too much faster like Eluku

  14. Yet another fan Says:

    If the difference in price is minimal I’d still use dlsite instead of installing something new.

  15. Yet another fan Says:

    Thanks for the update btw, even just the screenshot gets me excited again!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I like it, I’ve bought a few games from there so far (Malise and the Machine, Anthroposfasdfasdf, Princess Ren Returns) and its quick and easy. I find its much easier to find stuff than DLSite. I guess it depends how big the userbase for it becomes/is.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve only started using Kimochi recently and i find it way easier and faster than Dlsite. Like other people said, the games there do not need to be censored due to Japan law, which is a plus for me.

    You can say, it’s literally a Steam version for porn games.
    As for safety, i only made a few purchases on it and never had any problem, but i didn’t use it long enough to assure it’s 100% safe.

  18. I use it quite abit.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Kimochi is easier to use than Dlsite, still a terrible steam clone and doomed to failure imo especially since as omp says they are a random group of indies with no background or real idea in keeping payment info safe. all it is going to take is one screw up

    it also really is unecessary, why install something to install and buy games from people I already can go to their websites buy the game directly ( often uncensored ) without extra crap on my pc? if they had a decent library and a team I could trust further than I could throw them all one handed I would be less critical

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I like kimochi, way easier to use.

  21. Happy your not dead Yeah Kimochis an “OK” and that’s all I’m going to say about it

  22. The screenshot looks great and very original!

    I can’t remember seeing something similar in any other H-game. Awesome!

    Kimochi: navigation and the payment interface are fine. That is all a consumer can see. Deeper than that – need an expert, alas, that’s not me.

    I assume you would get a much greater exposure from DL.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Kimochi? Dunno. I just won’t install a dedicated porn software on my computer, simple as that.

    • Yet, you will put a porn game on your computer. Huh…

      • Anonymous Says:

        I don’t see your point Dijitz. Installed software is more visible than having an executable hidden somewhere deep in the file system/on external memory media. I even hate it when h-games create directories in AppData

      • This game does create a folder in AppData, pretty much everything nowadays does, It’s the only safe place for most applications to read and write files freely.

  24. I’d absolutely buy it from Kimochi, the one thing I’d make sure of is to ensure that any content updates are also delivered through it.
    Those who don’t like it, the only thing you actually need to use it for is buying, downloading and updating games. I agree that it would be much better if it were browser-based, but it’s still a much better alternative to the headaches carried with buying through DLSite, once you have it set up at least.
    For those of you who don’t want to use it solely on the principle of it being a “porn application” on your computer, am I wrong in assuming that others have access to your computer or you’re using one that’s generally shared?

    Anyway, I don’t think there’s any way selling over Kimochi could hurt. The more options for the consumer, the better.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    hnnnnngggg yes! only thing missing from this game is gore….that’d make it a 10/10 on my list.

    oh well, it’s still 11/10.


    take your time though

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Wouldn’t buy from Kimochi. Would Paypal you for the game. I’d buy through DLSite as long as there wasn’t any DRM, but I’d prefere Paypal if it’s possible for you. Kimochi strikes me as sketchy at best and the only distribution platform I want to use is Steam – certainly not using a second program to play one hentai game. I also don’t trust the developer(s) behind it or their ethics. It reeks a bit of desperation and I’m not sure why we even need such a system when we have multiple English-speaking forums where basically every notable hentai release gets thousands of views.

    If you’re trying to reach a larger market, post on ULMF/Ryonani about your game rather than using a suspicious third-party “distribution program” like Kimochi. Emailing games to all your buyers is tedious but it’ll get you the best cut and I’ve never heard anyone complain about using Paypal.

    Xenotake was spectacular and I hope you know a lot of people are looking forward to whatever you’ll make. There has been a horrible quality drought in action games lately – something with competence would do great, and that’s what you’ve got here.

  27. PayPal this and PayPal that. I know PayPal is convenient and is more secure there is one elephant in the room about them and that is they are severely against any type of pornographic material. If they were to ever find out on what their service is being used for they can freeze your money. Its why on Dlsite if you use the Everyone side you can use PayPal to buy stuff, but if you are browsing through the adult side you cannot use PayPal. I’m not trying to rag on PayPal or anything because they are nice but just like Dlsite, Kimochi, Patreon, etc. they have their downfalls as well.

  28. Hi, never posted here, but now i have my international card i can say, HI.

    Your games are amazing, and regarding the Kimochi topic, i don’t think it HAS to be a Steam clone, i feel great when i see so many devs in it , posting their demos and their full downloads (even thou i’m not into buying most of their games).

    It would be great to have u at kimochi. About the payment…without a refund option anything else feels the same, it does look more formal to use a platform, it opens way to more people to know about the game.

  29. Not going to buy anything from kimochi even if it is the only option. Paypal, amazon payments, fetchapp, patreon and S3 download links are more appealing for numerous reasons. Assuming you pick a payment system that doesn’t flip out over adult content, I know my $ goes to you as a creator and the absolute minimum goes to fee processing. Kimochi is another middle man with no actual security audits which would be handling my payment information. I’ve done publicly traded web company work for almost a decade which makes me biased in an objective way. For kimochi I will have to pass on because of the aforementioned reasons. Email me if you want dirt cheap no-nonsense hosting help.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Kimowhat? Oh, hmm… you know, what I’d really like to see is a service that lets you buy h-games anonymously with Bitcoins. Also, that way any security concerns regarding credit card data and such are completely out of the picture.

    A steam-like distribution platform for H-games? I don’t think I’ll ever install that. Well, maybe on a virtual machine.

    And… ooh… interesting screenshot….

  31. People here are mostly speaking from a consumer’s perspective, not a seller’s. Look at your options. Is the cost and risk low for you as a seller? If yes, then go ahead and distribute it on Kimochi, and keep the other payment and distribution options available for the rest of your customers. Ask questions in regards to security and the required commitment before you do anything, however.

    My own opinion on Kimochi is that it’s a more streamlined way for finding adult games. Concept-wise, I think it is the future in which adult games such as yours should be heading towards in terms of accessibility and exposure. The concept itself is not necessarily supportive of their reputation, but I am willing to support the ambition behind it. They deserve a right to prove themselves, as much as some people here bash on them.

    Once again, look through the terms and conditions and identify concerns that need addressing. This is something only you can do which most people in the comments section would have no clue about.

    • I agree with some of your points, but nobody “deserves” to be supported by their potential customers simply because of some potentially good ideas. Either you provide something that actually brings people some good value or you don’t. Saying something is the way of the future simply because that is the way you want the future to be and not because of semi-objective reasons why that would be a better future sounds like… what apple sounds like when they want to push their new iPhone/iWatch on you ^__^

      • That’s fair criticism, but please keep in mind I did say, “I think,” prior to the whole thing about ‘future blabla’. This was an assessment based on my current experiences with Steam and the like, which I consider great for finding new games, for playing and trying out new games. No reason to pull out the iPhone/Apple card on me as I’m well-aware that what I said was an opinion.

        Also, I did mention the values which Kimochi provides, accessibility and exposure. Kimochi revolves around these values. These values, either through Kimochi or not, are how I think adult games should ultimately move forward with, because Steam has had that thing going for normal PC video games for a long time (HL2 released a long time ago, plus people hated Steam a lot back then).

      • Yes, I understand it’s all just opinion. I wasn’t trying to pull any “cards” on you or prove you’re wrong, just saying my own opinion on the whole thing and why I disagree with some of what you said. ^__^

        Also ATM I don’t think English H-games have problems with exposure. Just post a nice concept on ULMF with some nice art (or proof of concept or whatever if it isn’t art based, like Last Sovereign for example) and people will be all over your Patreon in seconds.

    • I think that for development of better H games, Patreon brings much more to the table. For example, I didn’t become a patron for Anthophobia, but if I did, I could at least tell the dev that I think that his system of checkpoints positively sucks and why. If I buy that on Kimochi, I get stuck with what I think is a sucky game (even if the animations and atmosphere are really fucking sweet for “just” an H-game, but it’s just a pain in the ass to play sometimes). And if you get enough patrons on Patreon because you create really good games, you could even release your games for free and increase the number of people your games reach, thus increasing the number of your potential patrons for the next project. Everyone wins.

      • Yep, sour’s stuff is good and now they have me as a patron. I never planned on being one and my only gripe is minor in that they haven’t automated their patron download system. Fairly breaking news is that Patreon has very recently been doing tests with their Webhook APIs, so automating your stuff is going to get real easy real soon.

    • First of all I’m not really looking for a new distribution system or exposure or anything like that, and I have already talked about patreon and what I think about it so is not really about that. Having more games is better and since a lot of the western circle is there then I thought it would be cool to join too, I just wanted to know about your experience with it since I really don’t know much about it, most of the negative points seem to come from skepticism and not from actually using the system, which is fair since new stuff needs to prove itself before it can get trust, everybody seemed to hate steam at the beginning. I really haven’t had the time to check it out better or try to upload something. I do share the concerns about security and stuff though.

      • Well I had no troubles using it the interface is nice and tidy and the payment seemed to have some security because it texted my phone a security code before the payment went through. I’d definitely use it again.

      • Objectively, their system is a security nightmare. -Senior distributed cloud systems architect

  32. have you thought about having a special ghost that can pick up the glove from the ground and run away with it? that way the player has to chase it down to get glove back?

    • woops accidentally put a question mark instead of a period

    • vosmug, please do this

      • not him #2 Says:

        i feel like he’d be against it since he probably wouldnt want to force the player to see sex scenes if they dont want to

        i know it’s a little weird since it’s an H game but that’s just what our special Lord Vosmug is like

    • unrelated to the topic at hand but I have to agree, that’s a pretty cool idea. Its grapple could just be stealing the glove instead of having to have already dropped the glove.

    • It requires some work since it would need a new set of sprites, and I dunno how much fun it would be since you would be defenseless and woulnd’t be able to jump, I can see it getting annoying, I don’t dislike the idea but I don’t know if it’s worth it, if it is I don’t see why not, except for the added time there wouldn’t be much problem. So let me know how can it be less annoying, the obvious one is the frequency in which it appears, but what else can be done about that, of course assuming it doesn’t add a whole lot more work, the quota is already over the limit and I shouldn’t be changing or adding anymore.

      • The ghost can be a rare crawler that doesnt jump or put it in areas that only have one floor and of course not too fast at getting away. maybe a head that uses its mouth to grab the glove and then it uses its spine to crawl like a worm.

      • @ Anonymous.

        If you’re going to describe what the ghost should look like, perhaps you could make a drawing and send it in to Vosmug?

      • I wasn’t planing on doing another design but here you go

      • It is a good idea but if the [ I quote]”quota is already over the limit” i think the best thing to do is to consider it as an idea for the next game, without telling us if you are going to use it or not because, now, it is spoiled. Therefore…less work now, more ideas for the future.

      • I didn’t word that properly (I never do) I meant, what else can be done so this mechanic doesn’t get annoying without adding too much extra work. Even though you’re right I shouldn’t be doing this at this point, but as I said I don’t dislike the idea and it actually makes sense, this time I want to at least try it, if it doesn’t work or if it seems is not worth it then I’ll drop it.

        About the design, I wasn’t really asking for it but thanks, I’ll take it.

        maybe that should be a BOSS! 😀 that way it wouldn’t get super annoying to happen over and over, and players could get past that and be done if they don’t like it. ;3 look at me and all my great ideas

      • Give it a second-3second long pause in which it’s stationary and vulnerable to the stun before it lunges for the glove? Make it so you can hit it from a longer distance in this state so you can manage it a bit easier when fighting other enemies? Only have it appear when there aren’t any other enemies but have it lead the player to part of the level where there are? Like I said it shouldn’t be able to attack the player, just annoy.

        I can’t remember if the game already has a gloveless attack, which would help, but that would probably be a lot of work to justify the existence of one enemy if it doesn’t.

      • Working on it already, that’s pretty much how it’s going to be, also only when she’s naked (becuase I don’t feel like making 2 new sets of sprites), and with a button prompt to give you more chance to avoid it.

        No attack while naked but I don’t think is necessary, there’s plenty of chances to avoid it now, I think.

  33. not him #2 Says:

    i called it, lmao Mr V man. i knew it

  34. a little bit quicksand would good was my think after i see the last picture. maybe too late to make it to the game

  35. gotta question… if you wanna use something from a movie or something, like The Thing for example for a game, do you have to contact the folks for permission to use it, or can you just give them credit in the credits without legal issues?

    cuz like, let’s say you wanna use something from The Thing, like the mutant thing with the tentacles in the end for an animation, could you just use it and give the credit in the credits with the copyright symbol, or do you have to contact them and ask for permission?

    • I don’t think that’s necessary unless you are a big company, and even if you were to ask I doubt they would let you use it officially, they probably won’t even respond, I don’t like (and I would not encourage) using somebody else’s material though, I rather make my own, if you really want to use an idea instead what you should do is make a similar looking creature, not necessarily the same from the movie, as an homage or a reference.

      If you do use copyrighted material the only legal problem (as far as I know) would be if you you make a ton of money or if you get too popular and damage their image, but other than that I don’t think there would be much problem.

      • ah… so you think I should get creative with it instead of just straight up copying it…

        but if I DO decide to just use the same idea, I couldn’t avoid any legal issues just by giving them credit?

      • I think adding credit could make things worse since you would be using their name directly without persmission, though I doubt any legal issue would happen either way, I’m no expert and you shouldn’t be taken any legal advice from me but unless you make millions out of it I don’t think they would care or even notice.

      • gotcha. Thanks bruv. glad you care lol
        I’ll contact you if and when I launch this so we can be like dev buddies (if you want lol)

        I’m just in a good mood alluvasudden. 🙂

    • If you want to use any copyrighted intellectual property in a video game, you must obtain the rights to use that IP for whatever it is you’re doing with it, be it for pay or for free. If you do not get the rights to use the IP, you run the risk of receiving a cease and desist (forced removal of IP from content if not for profit), or even get sued for damages (if the game was sold for profit.)

      However, American copyright law operates under the notion that “it’s only copyright infringement if the copyright holder says it’s infringing”. The copyright holders (from now on referred to as “Holders”) may be aware of the use of their IP in your game and decide to not take any action. But they could, at any given time, decide you have infringed upon their rights and sue for damages if applicable. It’s best to just ask the Holders for permission, or buy the rights.

      I suggest you look up the basics to copyright law before pursuing anything you may be planning with copyrighted characters. You could always explore the possibility of making a parody allusion to the IP (which is protected under parody rights if you’re making an allusion to an IP with a non-copied similar creature), or you could make your own gross character inspired by it (but not a direct copy).

      In short, you can’t circumvent copyright infringement action by simply giving credit to the work when using it. You need permission to use it in the first place if you want to truly be safe from copyright infringement retaliation.

      Contact a copyright lawyer for more information if you need it. I am not qualified to give legal insight on the matter, but can see problems in the legality of your potential actions.

  36. If you think it’s use it V, go for it man. Might help draw in more dosh if you broaden the chance that your game gets noticed.

  37. why moving slowly? You fan can die now. Ahkkk

  38. SpinDoctor Says:

    Hey hey!

    Sorry that I am a little late, but I just noticed that there is a pregnant (or really full?) looking Vena in the screenshot “postfhthd.jpg”.

    Was that just a concept, or will there be a ghost or trap that fills her up? And does anyone of the other girls have pubic hair?

    Personally, I think it might make sense to have Miss Sui (the teacher, and possibly a MILF) show a nice patch of dark red bush… Rrrrr… 😀

  39. I’m just saying I don’t like Kimochi I think it bad and yes I know it still being work on but I can’t search on the website it self to look at stuff if it was more like steam maybe it well it be good but for now it not

  40. Hey guys, Steamydev from Kimochi here. I see a lot of people comparing Kimochi to steam, and while there are lots of similarities between all content distribution platforms, I wanted to point out one key way we’re different: we’re completely community driven. All of our features, priorities, and policies come from collaborating with publishers and community members.

    I really appreciate the honest feedback people have shared so far and I welcome anyone who has any questions or more comments to come join the discussion at Or you can email me personally: steamydev at gmail.

    @Vosmug, we’re big fans of your work, and we’re eager to partner with you. Take your time and let us know if you have questions.

    I know our documentation is lacking, and we’re working on that! In the meantime, to clarify some points regarding payments, security, and privacy: these ideas were so important to us that they were part of Kimochi’s initial design. First, all communication between your machine and the Kimochi servers occurs over SSL (the same transport security used by your mobile banking software). Second, we never store any PII (personally identifiable information) or payment information. Our current primary payment provider is also configured to support multi-factor authentication should you choose to use it. If our infrastructure is ever compromised, the attacker would have no useful information with which to conduct social engineering attacks or identity theft on our users. Interesting side-note: we supported bitcoin payment via coinbase, but our community indicated that this was not an interesting payment option for them.

    • What are Yuki’s credentials? You should list any relevant experience and qualifications and projects you were involved with in the past. In the About page, all I see are goofy anime icons with screen names and assignments. I’d much rather see a professional layout and qualifications for each member of the staff before I trust my money to some Naruto forum looking indie devs.

      You don’t have to give away real names or places of business or school names, but if you have an education or years of professional practice in the relevant assignment you’ve been given, I’d like to see that.

      You image should instill confidence and professionalism, and I don’t see any of what I’d like to see from a company that takes itself seriously in your About page. It’s an easy fix, but it’s enough to be a deal-breaker for me.

  41. Hey. vosmug. can you release the 50 % game please? you said it at 98%. so may we try?

    • That’s not how percentages work here, 50% of systems and content is not the same as a playable game until the halfway point, even now there’s no fully playable version, there’s debug options and placeholders everywhere, taking those out and polishing takes time which is better to do at the very end of the process.

      I don’t think I ever said 98%, that sounds too good to be true.

  42. SpinDoctor Says:

    Hey hey!

    I played the demo again after quite a while, and during the intro, an idea formed in my mind.

    As far as I know, you are quite far in making GHV, Vosmug, and therefore it is clear to me that it won’t be possible to do any modifications to the mechanics. Nonetheless, I thought about the intro and what the glove said about Vena’s aura.

    I’d like to suggest that the glove might find a way to harness and/or channel Vena’s lust, in order to attack, stun, control or distract (rage) ghosts. As a game mechanic, there could be a third indicator that fills up when Vena masturbates (slow) or when ghosts “feel her up” (phase 1: slow, phase 2: fast), and with certain levels of lust, the glove can do different kinds of lust attacks.

    Thoughts? No problem if this can’t be implemented now, it can be saved (or skipped :D) for a sequel or Remastered Edition. 🙂

    • There’s something very similar to that, isn’t implemented yet but basically is the same thing, I was thinking about something like an invisible critical hit meter instead that just doubles the damage and extends the stun, then it goes back to 0, haven’t decided how it fills though, I guess sex.

  43. After talking to some of my friends who are hentai game developers, they prefer Kimochi over DL SITE as Kimochi pays out much quicker. Only downside I was able to gather was that you have to contact Kimochi staff in order to get a sales report.

  44. Can we have a present for chirsmas ? :3

  45. u know, i think it’s hot if those floating hands fist Vena when u do the pink meter.

  46. so you CAN delete comments, huh? good to know

  47. How do you make those sprites? Each sprite looks skeletal but at the same time seems like drawn separately.

    • I use some 3d and vector shapes as bases to keep proportions and animation flow consintent and then draw around it. It’s a mix betwen vector aniamtion (which I believe would be the same as skeletal) and frame by frame.

  48. Hello Vosmug, I don’t know how much you care about it, but if you care….Merry Christmas ^^

  49. Hi vosmug Merry Christmas! you are going to update the demo soon? i want to play it full but, it would be nice if you update it because we can see how many progress have you made along the process, its good to see you around here! please dont leave the project i really want to play it!

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Happy new year! Looking forward to see this months update.

  51. I think I would pay YOU for your job, not also any intermediar agent like Kimochi also if your games are good (I know that they are awesome) you will have a LOTS of fans who buy your games. So Kimochi is not good option in my opinion.

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