The bummer post


I know some of you, (or all of you) want a new post but I have nothing, I’m still working in the same thing I said last post, it just never ends, I can’t believe it’s been a month already and I can’t move forward, also there’s a big problem, I just got a big editorial project at work due for January, so I’ll have to work on that and not as much in the game for a while. Fun.

I’ve tried to avoid saying anything conclusive about release but now let’s just be real and say release is not happening this year, and again, I don’t know when…. yup.

I’m really bummed out, not even about work, that’s normal and I fully expected it to get in the way at some point, but the fact that this has been so slow is really discouraging.

To be fair I’m pretty sure by next week I can start working in the “event” set pieces, meaning sprites and animations for particular story scenes, which is really one of the last things to work on, before actually building the areas and placing enemies and events according to the script. This means almost there but not quite there yet.

Also I just remembered most traps are still missing, I think I’ll just cut most of them out, additional to the ones I already have I’ll probably make the suggested ones only (frame painting ghost, statue ghost, backyard underground ghost), I think those are all.

Anyway, sorry but yeah, that’s how we are.


100 Responses to “The bummer post”

  1. To answer Exodus’ question last time, sorry I missed it.

    I’ve thought about getting external help but in the end I don’t think I will, few times I’ve had people actually finishing what they offered to do, of course payments should improve that but still, having online help just doesn’t seem ideal, I’ll need to have face to face contact to feel less paranoid, but still I don’t think so, I rather work alone even if it takes longer.

    • To clarify, he asked about sprites and animations.

    • sheesh, face to face communication, contact sounds weird.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well I’ll always be here to come up with more designs for your next games 🙂

      • Thanks for replying!

        Understandable. It is a risk.

        The advantage here is that this is (as far as I understand) an entirely volunteer project with no particular budget or deadline per se.

        What’s the worst that can happen? The release will be delayed for a month? So what… We all know that the only thing anyone will really care about in the end is how good the result is.

        The pros on the other hand are numerous, but the most important one I feel is this: more time and energy for you to do the creative fun stuff. While someone else will be happy to work on the backgrounds and the filler stuff.

        To clarify: I am personally not volunteering at this point. Yet.

    • Anonymous Says:

      take your time bro we just elected a new prime minister in canada so weed will become legal so trust me i can wait a long time because anyway it will be worth the wait

  2. Do what you gotta do man. Don’t kill yourself trying to make this especially if you have a bigger project at your job that needs to be done in a couple months. It will pick back up eventually so no rush!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ooo a secret

  4. I’m rooting for you, man! Hope you get better. I found, for depression at least, trying to look for something hopeful helps, or something you can take pride in; maybe look back on some early work and see how far you’ve improved. Might not be helpful with what you’re suffering though.

    Looks like the game is coming along nicely, and so many enemies ^_^. Sad to hear about the traps though, but I guess that’s be too much for one game anyway. Maybe one of your next games could feature quite a few of them.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t worry man, everything will be fine.
    Do what you must and then move forward.
    Having to deal with too much stuff at the same time is really tiring, so don’t strain yourself.
    It’s like a great man once said: “A delayed game is eventually good. A rushed game is forever bad.”
    Once it’s all done, you can go all out and the game will be ready.
    Slow but surely wins the race!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t sacrifice the final product. I think everyone would rather wait and then have it be a light version of the master concept.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Why is the frog transparent but his toungue isnt?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Is the checklist showing what you have done so far or is it showing what the ghosts will have?

  9. It’s better but for a lot of people you deal news and this is great.

    I know you wrote on commentary but people dont read all time commetn section.

  10. vosmug's ass Says:

    i think this is OK since you never really gave a specific time frame anyway. good job with that.

  11. hey man where i can download the game or the price of game looking pretty nice 🙂

  12. Good luck for the next couples of month, you will need it. And I think you should take your time, the quality of the game depends on it.

    Also I see you have done great progress with your animation! Really looking forward to it! There will be a wide variety and that’s awesome!

  13. beachjustice Says:

    I can’t wait to immerse myself in the sea of pervy stuff

  14. Anonymous Says:

    yes. i LOVE FEEDBACK
    even if you get nowhere
    i just wanna hear from you
    to know YOU’RE ALIVE
    i’m not religious, but i love you
    you should know this

    either way
    posts are great man. anything.
    vore is fun
    didn’t understand much of the jargon in the table,
    BUT i’m just glad to hear from you.
    no worries, you’ll get done; you’ll get sales; it’ll be great.

    even the demo is great. apparently there’s more than just the hands, ceiling, wall, ghosts, spider, and fap scene? I dunno.
    I like keeping up with your work.
    it makes me happy.

  15. Man you don’t need to rush this. What do you feel about Xenotake after all this time? was that worthwhile? Wouldn’t you feel better if this one came out and you had gone an extra mile? Will how long it took matter after you’ve launched it?

    • vosmug's ass Says:

      xeno did kinda feel incomplete to me…like it was missing something.

      take your time vossy voss Mr. Boss.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    It’s like the saying goes, “You can have it done quick or you can have it done right”. You shouldn’t release anything until you are 100% satisfied with it.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Awww, traps are one of my favorite parts, I’d wait for them if they were to be added… I’d love to – for example – see some possessed furniture, or trees come to life, trap doors and so on…

    • Anonymous Says:

      Also, I have a thing for puppeteers and body control, will you have something like that? Sorry if that was mentioned, I’m actually posting here for the first time.

      • rumpelking Says:

        Yeah, traps are awesome. Absolutely don’t rush it if you don’t feel that you have to for personal reasons. A late 2016 or 2017 release would be totally OK for a great game, don’t sacrifice traps. A deadline is met once, a great game persists forever boss. 🙂

        My idea for a trap would be a haunted mirror, when a sudden flash happens and Vena finds herself trapped in the mirror, with her ghost-reflection being outside and then the reflection makes her do some lewd stuff she has to repeat, as she is now the reflection.

      • This thing is nearing 2 years in the making, I don’t think I want to “take my time” anymore.

      • Body control: yes, I guess a little bit. Puppets: Maybe..? It’s planned but we’lll see.

      • rumpelking Says:

        Sure, if that is how you feel, do as you feel is right. I won’t say you should force yourself to do more content, same as I wouldn’t say you should hurry. Just wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t try to rush just due to some perceived outside pressure.

      • I was specifically talking about the 2017 part, it’s very generous and it would be cool if everybody was that patient and understanding but nope, I would hate that.

  18. elevator88 Says:

    At least you keep up with us. Dont know how many just drop out for half a year and just say yup life caught up sorry to those who thought i was dead excuse.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    We love you for your games, not for some imaginary deadlines. Speaking for myself, but comments confirm I’m not alone in this. Just do your thing at your pace and keep in touch so we know you’re okay.

  20. Ghost grabs feet and licks them. Nice! Everybody has all said it. If you need to take time off to pursue your other work project then go and do that. Come November all I will be doing is playing Starcraft and Fallout to keep me occupied over the next few months.

    I am happy to go through the long painful process of waiting if the end result is that the game will be awesome. Even if it meant you taking a long break off Prisonkage to do other games and eventually get back to Prisonkage, I’m still here waiting.

    Do what you have to do.

  21. Can we get an updated Demo this year at least? I check here every day to see if there’s any thing New buy the way.

    • Same here i getting here evryday but i see like the update only 1 per month or 2 months D:

    • Maybe but probably not, that would take way more time. Also, you don’t have to check everyday, that seems like an easy way to kill your enthusiasm and patience, buy hey, I dunno.

  22. How can we help you? Maybe u need someone who would work on the animations problems or sth like that?

  23. I know how you feel man. Life always gets in the way of fun – I its a fight every day to preserve the time and energy to do what you wanna do. And when it rains it pours, so hold onto your umbrella 🙂

    In the end though, you don’t owe us anything. You’re making something we love and we appreciate your efforts, but don’t let game making be a pressure, it should be your release (and with the kind of game your making, that might be literal 😉 )

    What I’m saying is thanks, hang in there, and take as long as you need.

  24. Real life should always come first and anyone who would criticise you for proritizing it over a hentai game should try doing so themselves

  25. Thanks everybody, I’ll try to answer specific questions soon.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic, trying to be funny or just being purposefully annoying.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Take your time, I’m sure I speak for everyone in saying we would rather you be happy with the finished product than having to cut and rush things. You’ve earned our faith.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Also a post each month is amazing and it keeps people excited, even if its just one new picture or talking about the last thing you added, it’s really appreciated.

  28. I’m just really thankful that you took the time to tell us now that you have this impending deadline with work. I don’t mind waiting until next year for something by you because i know it won’t disappoint me and even if it doesn’t hit all my expectations i appreciate all the work you’ve put into it

  29. Win the lottery man… then you can work on this all the time… oh wait.. if you win the lottery you’ll lose interest in spending time making anything yourself, and just be an advisor even travelling expatriot lol!

    It’s all training for the real show… whenever that is.

  30. Lord Crayon Says:

    It may be a bummer, but it’s a normal bummer. It’s reasonable to want to do it on your own and a lot of us appreciate it and the work you’ve done.

  31. since you’re being so generous with the whole foot fetish thing…maybe you could improve the actual feet? :p

    • I did a couple for that reason but this one is a concidence, also I dunno, you imporve over time, too late to “improve” for this game.

      • Anonymous Says:

        well im happy your giving us footfags some attention regardless.

        vossy, do you have any pets?

        i feel like you’re a fish type of person

      • Anonymous Says:

        please respond you’re my best friend

      • Anonymous Says:


      • Stop being fucking creepy, man! (You shouldn’t have to hear that on an animated game porn site :D)

      • im having a private one way conversation here, can you not interrupt please

        hey vosmug you forgot to turn your coffee maker off this morning. dont worry, i turned it off for you.

      • Oh sorry, didn’t look like a private one-way conversation to me at first, due to, you know, being public and addressing Vosmug and all that. My bad.

  32. Katze Werfer Says:

    Hey I’d say as long as it doesn’t become some kind of abandoned project I’m happy. I loved the demo and would love to play a full version when you get a chance to finish it. Is it going to be available on DLsite as well?

  33. If the demo does get an update maybe you could add just one new enemy in the test room please

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t give up, Vosmug! Things might seem frustrating now, but I’m sure you’ll pull through!

    Just keep moving forward, and never look back! We know you can make an excellent product, we’ve seen it in the demo. If you need more time, take as much as you need. This is your project, after all!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    keep up the great work you are killing it mate!!! just don’t stress yourself out

  36. funkmcboogie Says:

    Man screw your dead lines, Deadlines ruin games just look at MGS and fallout 4 nothing but rushed pieces of shit.

    • There was some hype for it here, wonder what’s the concensus now, I really don’t like hype.

    • people expected too much from Fo4.

      i expected little, and am overjoyed with how great it is.

      im lmao’ing at all the people that are disappointed.

      MGS was always garbage so yeah. nothing new there.

  37. Looking forward to your awesome game !! Says:

    As you mention, many of us want a new post but that doesn’t mean we want to rush you.

    For me, slow progress or nothing new at all is not a bad news.

    Real bad news is to heard from you that something will be cut out especially traps. (awww that’s my favourite !!)

    let say, if you feel like you need to post something but you have nothing, just tell us you have nothing new like you did. It’s ok since life is busy and everything can get in the way, we all know that.

    warning – Don’t blame me if you got sickness form colours’s choics of this picture.

    • Nice, even though I don’t know how I feel about parallels between a nice, feel good game and the sinful filth we do over here, it doens’t really add up, but that’s just my crazy brain talking.

  39. Dont hurry , we are excited for product but we dont want it soon, we want it when it is ready, without any pressure. I have played many similiar games, but xenotake stood up beyond them all, the animations, combat and story made it truly an amazing experiance, more than a simple hentai game, thats why we love your work, its truly amazing and legandary. And let alone having a “story”, the “story” you write is actually interesting and fun to experiance

  40. some news guys? Vosmug???

  41. Oh Noes! I hope the “fist wall” wasn’t removed. Ah well, At least you’re still moving forward, and that’s what matters

  42. can you please post more demo version they’re great.

  43. I think when a girl’s feet get tickled,she will laugh out loudly. My personal suggestion

  44. vosmug! your work is awesome. please take your time. thank you so much for the content. the demo is awesome. You have definetely proved you can make a great game.

  45. SpinDoctor Says:

    Hm. I had another look at the table of enemies (and traps?), and it made me think about Remastered Editions or Director’s Cut of already published games and/or movies.

    So, when some enemies can’t be done in a certain amount of time, why not save them for a sequel or do a “Director’s Cut” of Ghost Hunter Vena later?

    Just a thought. Maybe a suggestion, but nothing mandatory. 🙂

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