I’ve been doing terrible this past couple of weeks, I’m starting to pick up the pace just now but yeah, you should know that not everything is nice and dandy anymore for some reason, I used to say I was doing just fine, now not so much anymore, whatever, it’s still moving well enough I guess so it’s okay, no need to worry about the details.

I’m done with the general layout of the enemy sex animations (took more than expected), now I’m fixing details, unifying layers and stuff before exporting to sprite form in batch, still a lot of other animations to be done, the story event ones and some extra trap ones, after that let’s go back to code again.

Nothing much else really, I’ve been really tired lately and I need to focus so… not much controversial statements for now.

See you.

Don’t click me.

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  1. thats a strange animation. So that ghost only licks?

      • oh and what are those bubbles around her head? Is it just Vena panicking or something?

      • Ghosts with feet fetish.
        Haven’t seen that in a while.
        Who know that would show up.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I’m personally not interested in the idea of a nude mode nor do I understand the reason you would need one. But would an easy way to solve this be to have spectral clothes with a small piece of added dialogue from the hand that states “these clothes are only visible to those without lust. ” You could then just permanently have the main character nude with the ability to resist an attack.

      • That would negate its purpose, the point is that it’s another diffuclty mode where you don’t have any protection., the problems I say were discussed in comments so there’s no way of easily find them, but it’s about dialogs and points where some events require having clothes, those are the things that need fixing.

    • Although I clearly understand that it would cause some extra work, I think this licking ghost would be great to do Vena some cunnilingus in the second phase (pink struggle bar), maybe even penetrate her with his tongue and lick her cervix…

      I think as a background for this ghost would work some kind of oral fixation. 🙂

  2. holy shit, great animation, take my money now

  3. Good job dude i like your work

  4. Erm, okay… what to say about this one…

    It’s well…oral…kind of, I guess.

    Foot licking, that’s something I don’t see too often, especially in game sprites, so I guess you have the originality factor going for you.

    As much as i like oral animation, this just seems weird to me, I think it would have made a lot more sense to have the same ghost do some cunnilingus with that slobbery tongue since you don’t have any cunnilingus in GVH to my knowledge.

    Also what’s up with the blood dripping?

  5. Yow dude all your work has been awsome I am happy to see a mail from jou
    Also think New animation its great man keep up the good work I love it

  6. crossing my fingers for a halloween release

  7. senorosobear Says:

    Boos don’t get much work anymore so they usually take what they can get.

  8. Hey Vosmug, I was wondering how much your game will cost ? I don’t know if it has been answered before, but if not, hey it needed to be asked !

  9. Very funny and well done animation! There is just something strange in her right wrist/hand, but i know that hands and feet are the most difficult parts to draw.

    Let me say that japanese developers should learn from you how to make hentai videogames.

    • I see what you mean hadn’t notice that before, maybe because of the perspective, I’ll see if it can be improved, I also noticed something else that could warrant a redo..

  10. Foot licking…have not seen that in a long time. Toe sucking and footjobs yeah but licking brings back some childhood memories.

  11. This thing will lick more other parts or just her foot? its the first time i’ve saw such fetish 🙂

    (and yeah, the right hand looks…weird 3:) )

  12. Are there going to be notes that tell stories about all the ghosts? Like their past life how they died.

  13. Vosmug, I just checked DLsite and found out you can only make purchases using a credit or debit card…pre paid cards arent accepted, and paypal doesnt work for “adult” purchases. i dont have a credit card. will you have alternate payment options?

    please Q_Q id pay $20 for this (if i could)

  14. Yet another fan Says:

    Stay strong buddy! Thanks for the update!

  15. That ghost went some weird road… XD

  16. Are you working alone ? yeah i know hows that is booring and tiresomely and it’s getting fatigue every time , so thats very good that you do all this work, and working in that annoying unitys UI fuck i hate it… just.. you are super, doing your job and doing it before the end of

  17. Vosmug you already have in mind the release date of your game? or perhaps it is too early? sry for my bad eng 😛

  18. Looking forward to your awesome game !! Says:

    Sorry Vosmug, I clicked even u told me dont.

  19. I love you

  20. I love you and I’m very grateful, Vosmug.

    • ^^ what he said ❤ thank you! I loved the baby slugs in the last game and the chest bug in Prisonkage, not every enemy needs to be big and dangerous.

  21. One thing u could add is her crying from being tickled? Her reaction doesn’t really suit having her foot licked, as the sole of the foot is pretty much the most ticklish part of the body she would likely be squirming from being tickled.

  22. Hello vosmug. I have (stolen, or i should write “be inspired”? 😛 ) some ideas about trap.
    Are you interested in?
    These are only ideas, there isn’t nothing special/original or elaborated/refined

    1.A ghost that when dies releases a fake orb that try to rape/do something when you go near to catch it
    As alternative the same ghost as before could release more orbs lined up (like crumb in Hansel&Gretel) where at the end something happens.(in my opinion this create suspance, but the player could expect the trap. It need to be well-thought)

    2.A bath tub(or something else) that do something when the character are near ( like in Ghostbuster 2 😉

    3.A fake door that when opened something happens.

    If i found something better I’ll write you

    • I think he could do a mirror trap. Like the mirror would hang on the wall and you would have to crawl under it to dodge or else it would grab you and pull you in or something.

  23. Wow, I LUFF this animation.

  24. Hope things start going better for you soon. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  25. Is there something that can be done to help you out?

    The work is really great, mostly because it feel inspired, original and labor-intensive. I can honestly say that I have not seek a ghost like this in other games.

    You really are a kick-ass designer.

    And in the words of Yet Another Fan:

    Stay strong buddy! Thanks for the update!

  26. I hope the Teacher is the second playable character. Her side story is interesting.

  27. Hello Vosmug! Cool and funny animation ^_^
    I had one question. May you answer onto it, if it not too hard for you?
    1. How long will be storyline in GHV? Same as in Xenotake or longer?

  28. It will always be longer because I’m going to be unable to advance in the storyline once I get up to this ghost…

    • There’s still one more, but these are short gag aniamtions, and those “enemies” don’t do much aside from being a small obstacle, that’s the best I could come up with.

      • Darkgoola is a faggot Says:

        The worst you can come up with is the best anyone else could hope for.

      • Another ghost that does something to her feet? I like, I like!

        I’d prefer if that were kept a surprise though 😉

  29. I was wondering. Will the system you will use to pay be the same as Xenotake? I mean everything automatic? You pay and the hour after you have the game or will you use a different system?

    (Totally not planning to buy I swear)

  30. 6DarkRaven9 Says:

    You just had to say not to and ofc it makes one want to, now I’m more intrigued then before.

  31. Will the outside section be silent with sounds of stuff like wind blowing, crows cawing, and/or chimes?

  32. I can’t wait to play, when will the full version come out?

  33. Use Lick!
    It was super effective!

  34. Hey Vosmug, quick question here.

    I’ve played the demo and its wonderful, but I noticed the enemies will still attempt to attack you even when you’re in the middle of being grappled by another enemy. Is there any chance that the enemies will “gang up” on you in later editions of the game?

    • One can only hope 🙂

      I just hope it’s not in a hardcore manor

      • Maybe there will be smaller ghosts, heck one of them might be this licker, that will swarm you like those little slugs in Xenotake.

      • “ganging up” is the definition of hardcore, what are you on about

      • Darkgoola is a faggot kill yourself immediately no one likes you Says:

        hey there dark buddy how are you

      • I don’t think having more than one entity raping you is by definition hardcore, I think it really depends on what the culprits are doing.

        And yeah, I would love to see multiple of these lickers doing more than just licking feet 🙂

      • you don’t “THINK”, well said, in what universe is rape not hardcore actually, rape is also by definition hardcore

      • It depends on what perspective you look at it from.

        In reality, yes, rape is hardcore and horrible so I would agree with you there.

        However, this isn’t reality, this is a game, where rape is the norm and we’re all desensitized to it.

        In a movie, if someone got shot, you wouldn’t stand up and storm out of the theater proclaiming you don’t condone people getting shot, it’s a movie, it’s fiction, so it’s fine. Same goes with rape in a game.

        In that regard, since rape is the norm, the question left is what do the enemies do during the rape.

      • Nobody is bringing the reality vs fantasy stuff, but is not my fault you’re a psycopath who finds it “fine” in such a casual way.

        Your definition is super wrong, this game is hardcore in every sense of the word, penetration is already hardcore let alone rape.

    • A few will, one or two actually, not many because it’s too much work for a single enmy, I rather just make a new enemy or a new animation somehwre else.

      • Anonymous Says:

        OP Here, Thanks for the reply Vosmug. Glad to hear that a few will, and I understand your reasoning behind not giving every enemy one. I too would prefer a new enemy to a new (And somewhat rare) animation for an old one.

        On another note, Will the wall and ceiling trap ghosts appear again in the game, and will they have secondary animations?

      • Again? I’m not going to delete them. Same for traps, one each mostly.

  35. Hi Vosmug! I have discovered a contest on hentai foundry about creating the cover art of an adult game (here there is the link
    Why don’t you take part? It could be a good way to promote your game.
    I quote: “Create covers for games that do not exist yet. If you’re currently working on a game, but it hasn’t been published yet then that’s ok to promote. “

  36. Hi there!

    I’ll take your comment about things not going smoothly lately as relating to your work on GHV. No matter what, I’d like to express that your work truely impresses me. As far as I can say, there are times in your job, your creative work or life as general where things don’t want to go the easy way.

    It’s an old saying, but it is true. Sunshine comes after the rain. And what would there be if all would come easy?

    You know, I love the sitcom “Scrubs”. I can’t cite Doctor Kelso exactly, but he said that all things that are worth having them must be earned with hard work. It might sound rough, but I find it true. You are more happy when you have reached a hard goal.

  37. senorosobear Says:

    How many different types of these “small obstacle” enemies are you thinking of adding?

  38. I just noticed that (at least in the demo) fighting the ghosts isn’t mandatory, which I think is kind of thought-provoking, although it might not be intentional.

    I like games that offer different ways of solving problems (*cough* Deus Ex *cough*), and as I just kinda rushed Vena through the demo without fighting and, erm, being touched, I thought that the glove pushes her into fighting the ghosts.

    Meh. But I just realised that this thought can only be held true when you completely ignore the dialog dealing with Vena’s friends…

    So, as you already told on release of the demo, there truely is no punishment for walking around without fighting (and without any clothes). Do you think this is a problem, Vosmug?

    Somehow, I find it an interesting option to have the player choose whether he wants to fight or just, you know, give in. 🙂

    • Not fighting ghosts – do you mean crawling on the floor through the level?
      Yeah, it’s an interesting option: avoiding enemies altogether, if you choose so.

      Although entering doors this way is problematic )

    • You can but the mandatory ghosts fights will become more difficult, also there will be sections where you have to defeat all enemies to conntinue, but yeah, is not what I had in mind and I don’t think is going to be balanced for it but technically you could skip a lot of enemies, maybe I’ll have to make more unskipable ones to avoid “undergrinding” so you don’t get stuck somewhere for lack of upgrading.

  39. Hey Vosmug!

    I was wondering if you could add a “Zoom in/Zoom out” button at least on the gallery. It could be cool to have the animation in “full screen”

    Gameplay wise it have no interest so that’s why I’m thinking on adding it only in the gallery where you are not really here for the Gameplay. What do you think?

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Could the next update show something of that girl in blue?

  41. Hey Vosmug! Can you tell me when will GHV be released in a full version? I really wish to play that in this year. Do you think that’s possible?

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Keep it up, Vosmug. This looks very fun.

  43. Hey Vosmug,

    I did a little CFG file for JoyToKey to use Ghost Hunter Vena with a controler (I used a X360 controller to do it)
    If you want to test it out, and maybe include it in the final version of the game feel free to do it, I used the demo to do that.

    Here’s the link :!0soi1LRK!Kqtm-5IXAFC5SAHDLOPq7fatxvRuE6s4rRe9LJ-NeYc

    • Anonymous Says:

      no one download that it immediately crashed my computer when i opened the file

      • It’s not a virus don’t you worry. It’s a Cfg file. It’s the type of file which JoytoKey use. If you had a problem it’s really strange. It’s not coming from me anyhow. CFGs have no way to be exploited or just infect your computer. I can also upload it on Github or something so you can see the actual file without downloading it. I should have done that actually.

    • it downloaded fine for me, did you use megasync? I hate those downloaders, maybe something happened with it.

      Anyway, the file is 0 kb, it’s empty, maybe you uploaded the wrong one?

      • Anonymous Says:

        DAMN IT vosmug i warned you not do download it! hope your hard drive RIPs in RIP. 😦

        i tried starting my PC but all i got was a blue screen. wouldnt even let me enter the bios.

        and i did not use megasync…maybe we’re using different OSes so the virus only affected me?…

      • Maybe. I need to check this. I’ll look into it tonight as well as the “Updated” version. Some things wasn’t working since I didn’t test it completely. But I’m pretty sure this was the right one. Anyway sorry for the inconvenience

      • Anonymous Says:

        Indeed, that was the wrong one, so now it is :!dtY10YLS!zbG5CXDuZaLcR2scCgWE6hscrykRW_xJx2XvUi-_4DQ

        And if you don’t trust me because of the other guy (I don’t blame him for that) here’s the content of the file, you can just put it in a CFG yourself and use it with JoyToKey :


        [Joystick 1]
        Axis1n=1, 25:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        Axis1p=1, 27:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        Axis2n=1, 26:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        Axis2p=1, 28:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        POV1-1=1, 26:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        POV1-3=1, 27:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        POV1-5=1, 28:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        POV1-7=1, 25:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        Button01=1, 58:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        Button02=1, 5A:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        Button03=1, 53:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        Button04=1, 43:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        Button05=1, 11:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        Button06=1, 20:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        Button07=1, 51:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0
        Button08=1, 1B:00:00:00, 0.000, 0, 0

      • ok, I’ll check it out thanks.

        btw, if you don’t want to download you can create your own joy2key file too, it’s super easy.

      • I’m just putting it for people who don’t know how to do it. Also the enter Key don’t work. I forgot to map it since it doesn’t have a proper use in the demo. Well. It does but it’s only use once so I completely forgot to implement it.

        Anyway if you want a final version I can work more on it, like work on the ergonomic stuff. It won’t be much but if I can help you in any way just let me know.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    sadly that the demo is so shortly, i hope that the next udapte become soon

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Is the screenshot thing still buggy?

  46. Anonymous Says:

    will this game have more blowjobs ?

  47. Hey Vosmug ! Will this game have a “EngOr.txt” to edit ? I want to give you a french translation but only after the final release of the game because… Well I want to enjoy the scenario before doing a translation. I hope you don’t mind about it.

    • I can’t use external files anymore, so no, it probably won’t have text files to modify, I’ll have to do some research and see if there’s a way to do it but for now is not likely.

      I really want to know if it’s possible too.

      • But is there a possibility I can provide you a translation after the release or you really need to do it before the release ? If I can do after I would gladly do it after I completed the game to appreciate the plot.

      • If translation is possible, I would gladly do Russian,

      • Problem is as of now I would have to reupload the entire thing, I don’t know how to do patches orupdates properly or even if it’s possible, again I’ll need to do more research on that, I’m sure there’s a better way so we’ll have to wait and see. but as of now, it’s possible, just very inconviniet.

        Any translation would be awesome and is appreciatiated, but I’ll have to figure it out first.

      • So I stay on my position and say I’ll be glad to help translate in French. Just after the release if you don’t mind. And maybe it will take a while (Grammatically speaking French is horrible and make correction can take a lot of time)

        By the way since you are concerned about the upload is was wondering if this game will be bigger than Xenotake in size? Or you still don’t know yet?

      • And I messed up my accounts. I’m sorry for that. (BagOfLemon = Zerro. Sorry for the confusion)

  48. I hope for a happy ending in this game xD

  49. Anonymous Says:

    What about nipple piercing and clit piercing. I want piercing scene in every girls. Can I see in this game?

  50. Define ‘piercing.’ Do you mean like a sharp spear piercing through her breasts in which case blood would come out and there would be a hole mark?

    One thing I know about these games are that there are never ‘marks’ left over after rape is completed. There is only one game I have ever played where the bullet holes actually show on the victim.

    • If I were to do it, which I will at some point I guess, it wouldn’t be explicit, actually it would be nothing, just normal animations with the piercings already made, so yeah, not even worth mentioning probably.

  51. Hey Vosmug!
    I was wondering, is the “Always nude mode” going to affect all the characters or only Venna?

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Is… Is it… A good time to uh… Post … An update?

  53. Hey Vosmug, I just played the demo. Really good stuff. I loved Xenotake and this one seems like I’ll enjoy it a lot too. Take all the time you need 😀
    Btw, if you don’t mind me asking, which applications do you use to make your games and animations? (or if you code the game yourself from the ground)

    • If I recall correctly he use flash for his animation and GameMaker for the code and the game itself.

      • THat is correct,.

      • Oh, cool. I’m learning to use GameMaker to make action/platform/adventure games too, but I’m still having trouble deciding which app to use for animations. I’m between Anime Studio, Flash or just go dot syle with GraphicsGale. Also considering Spine because it looks like saves a lot of time but I fear sex animations will look rather bad with bone animation. Decisions, decisions… :/

      • As for (late) advice I say, yeah I agree, start small and slow, don’t try to go for the best game ever at first, focus on learning the basics; first software (interface, basic functionality, workflow) then actual creation (logic, timers(alarms), variables, internal functions and parameters, etc).

        Everybody does things different but I’d say your first 2 or 3 months should be exclusively dedicated to the process of learning and practicing, the main point is that imo the first 2 or 3 games should be practice runs and not full-fledged games, use those to practice and learn as much as possible.
        I guess you can skip all that if you already know the basics and to want go full into it already.

        As for software, it matters most your input and your preference than the software itself, I use flash because I just can’t work with bitmaps, I’m used to working with vector graphics so is what I prefer, the thing with Spine and things like that is that it’s way easier to start and you can make it work, it really depends on your input, I personally don’t like automated systems, I prefer to rotate and move parts manually and individually (flash lets you do that), but again, preference, but yeah, “puppet” animation will always have limitations.

        Also, some skill on your part is preferred, the software you use will only take you so far, grab some pen and paper and start doodling and practicing that too, I’m not a super good artist but I try my bestest, I should practice more too.

        I don’t think I’m the best person to give advice beyond that given how I constantly realize how much I’m doing things wrong, but I think I can give you some tips on the basics.

      • Hey, advice is always good. Yeah, I don’t plan on releasing anything serious on Game Maker anytime soon. I’m learning to use it while making a game on RPG Maker which I’ve been using since RPG Maker 2000.

        As for drawing, well, it’s been about year and a half since I started learning more seriously, but yeah, raster only. I’ve been playing around with Anime Studio these days and I’m pretty much convinced. To me it seems like Flash but also with bones. So yeah, I’m now getting used to vectors.

        Btw, of course you will always find things you are doing wrong, learning never stops, in fact, you realizing that gives a lot more weight to your advice in my book.

    • If I can give you an advice on game making don’t go too fast. Start little like a little pong or something. I know it’s boring but that way you will learn how to do basics stuff and escalate from there

      • Advice is always welcome 😀
        I started learning before GM Studio, I did the tutorials which start very basic like you said. Sadly, life happens and I had to put that on hold for a while. Now I’m getting into it again but this time I’m following some tutorials on youtube which I think are better. He starts doing simple stuff too, but with code from the beginning. I find this a lot better for the learning curve. The other way is like teaching first how NOT to do it, and then, ok, forget that, now let’s do it the RIGHT way (if you are serious about making good games, of course). Right now I’m more concerned about art stuff because I’ve been programming most of my life so it comes easy for me, drawing I started just recently so I’m not too versed in the ways of animation. =P

        I like quite a lot the boobs animation of Vosmug’s works, and in general is quite fluid, so that’s a few points for learning Flash in my book 😀

  54. Just a wild question, does ghv have flashing/exhibition like in prisonkage where u press ‘F’ key 🙂 , and if its too late for giving suggestions I’m sorry 😦

  55. I’m curious, do you have any plans to have extra costumes for the main character? Also hello all, this is my first post here 😛

    • Hello,

      Not at all, the way 2d sprites work means this is pretty much impossible witout a huge amount of work, very difficult and in the end not worth it.

  56. thanks for the answer my friend

  57. Hey Vosmug ! I was wondering, do the coding take longer than the animation or it’s the other way around ? Or maybe it’s both as long ?

    • Hero Zero Says:

      Not Vosmug, but animation by far takes me longer than coding. You almost never have to code the same thing all over again three times in a row just to make it look right.

      But I’ve never done both at once, so I can’t be sure how much is more in the context of a game.

      • Bossmug doesnt appreciate when people talk for him, mr. zero.

        except this post he’s ok with this

      • It also depends on the experience and how well he is comfortable doing coding I guess. But Vosmug know what is he doing. I just wanted to know what he though of that.

        Also optimizing your coding can take a lot of time. But since Game Maker is light game engine, optimization isn’t necessary as much as if he was working on Unity so let’s not take that in account. But I guess it’s necessary in some part of the game to make things not buggy and make things run smoothly.

      • I don’t mind polite and sensical responses, I only mentioned that once in regards of important information (patreon and donations) only because that can lead to misunderstandings, also he clearly said he wasn’t me (I bet people noticed it wasn’t me) and gave his own take on it, so yeah, no problem, just be mindful of what you say, again, I just don’t want misunderstandings, we’ve been through that and is not fun.

        To answer the question, animation takes by far the longest, coding can take a while and is way more draining but not as long, animations can take up to 2 to 6 days each, that without counting fixes and redos.

      • Vosmug, you clearly have have an eye and skills for game design. But animations are tedious and time consuming.

        I bet you have considered getting some volunteer help in producing animations, that you as an art director can keep or dismiss.
        Or how about creating a few keyframes and finding lackeys to fill in the rest?

        I realize you have your own process of rotoscoping 3d or film for realistic motion, and that is a fantastic approach that clearly makes a difference! The problem, it seems, is the number of tedious hours required in polishing those short, sexy sequences.

        Any chance in hell you can get help with your work?
        You have the name and enough following to get happy volunteers to shoulder some of your production burden. Or maybe (just maybe) they might even offer something better and unexpected.

  58. vosmug's car Says:

    it’s officially been a month, update tomorrow? maybe next week? take your time, V man, we can wait a little while

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Ever thought about tag team or gangbang rape animations?
    I’ve seen it pretty often lately in most ACT games. Not quite sure about the term for it but it’s when another enemy walks to your char during a rape animation and it becomes a threesome/foursome/etc.
    Since you usually fight many ghosts at once it wouldn’t be too terrible.

  60. Heeey Vosmug ! i was just going to play the demo for excitedness at the release in the following months. But.. I don,t know if this was ever said, I just encountered a bug where the ‘continue’ screen after being raped one too many times in those rooms. Tied up.
    Soooo, yea.. The continue screen does not appear. (this happened to me with the first encounter of the tentacle heads AFTER the sex machine cutscene.) I don,t know if I pressed the correct button to escape at the same time it game over’ed me but.. whatever happened im 100% sure its not supposed to xD

    Sorry to say this this late in the process u .u

    • (just to make sure I ctrl+f’ed on your demo page to see if this was posted.. with Continue and Game over as keywords didn’t fine this soo.. yea. )

    • Never seen that happen, I’ll have to work on that to make it work properly at some point anyway, if there’s a problem I’ll fix it then.

      • I found a little mistake when Vena is captured by the eye spike ghost. If shes naked when shes caught it shows the ripped clothing animation.

      • I’ll check it out, thanks.

      • Anonymous Says:

        found another super tiny mistake. For a quick sec when the teacher hops out naked you see this.

      • Oh wow that is one frame out of 60 per second, quite the reflexes, that’s a one frame link, yeah I know why that happens, several things behave like that where they start with a base sprite and immedately change to the one needed, if it’s too noticeable I’ll have to fix all of them.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I love finding small mistakes and bugs in games. I’m on that demo all day erryday.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    hey sweetheart, i’m like a superfan of your awesomeness, when can we expect an update? haven’t heard from you in a while. wouldn’t like you to die on us or anything. that would suck ass, man. personally, i just like seeing your work in progress; i’m an artist myself and i love seeing stuff come together. thumbnails more than anything. i like to see people’s creativity all posted on one place as they make a final piece. demos are okay, but i like thumbnails better — i’ll buy the final when it comes out. :3

  62. Hey Vosmug, how far are you from completing the game or at what percentage is the game right now, and i would like to try the latest version if it cost about 6 or 7 dollars

    • Hero Zero Says:

      A game only has three states: Not done, Done enough, and Completely done. There are no accurate percentages, sadly.

  63. Here is a quote from Vosmug:

    “I don’t know what to say anymore, I guess I’ll just say the same thing I say every month.”

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