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No breaking news yet, still working… this last couple of days I did nothing because I’ve been helping someone to set up a computer, but in general I’ve been working slower than usual, I’m tired most of the time, I’ve been having to wake up at 7:00 am for the last 2 months or so and it’s already showing its effects… blah… so yeah, it’s still going and I’m alive…

Reading and coming up with ideas is pretty fun and easy but I need to stop getting so distracted and focus in actually doing all of that, I’m getting too distracted, so maybe I’ll tone down the commenting and answering for a while, but you can fight in the comments as much as you want.

For the sake of discussion this time I will tell you normal things/fetishes that I don’t like and very likely you won’t see around here, so you can yell at me for having wrong tastes:

Sex Talk: “My womb feels so hot I could die, my babies will be rocket fueled” I don’t get it, I don’t find that interesting at all and actually find it kind of annoying, I know it’s normal and almost required, but I just can’t like it, I have tried to avoid it and the very few there is is lame and unfulfilling because I don’t care enough, my writer person said that he was very much capable of doing it but I refused and said that he were to do it I would pay him less, that’s how much I don’t like it.

Anal: I don’t see the appeal of the poop factory, I’m ok with it from a distance and in double penetration and stuff like that as long as it’s not detailed or specific, but not with anal only and especially not with close ups.

Close-ups: Glad I do sprites, I’m not doing close ups of anything, mainly because I like context instead of focusing in a singular part whatever it is, again, sprites shouldn’t have to deal with this anyway.

Too much mental distress: What I mean is tears and cries for help and stuff like that; I know some people like the psychology of it, of seeing a helpless victim (virtual, let’s be clear here) in mental pain and suffering. I don’t know how normal this is but I’ve seen it way too much around, or maybe I’m just too paranoid, anyway, I know that kind of stuff it’s implied in the context of these games, that’s fine, I just don’t like seeing it so literal and so exploitative to the point of having it as a main gimmick or standing out too much as a main point of a particular scene.

I wanted to say it too in case you’re waiting for this kind of stuff, I don’t want you to feel tricked. I probably forgot some others too.

There was controversy before because I made (and will continue making) guro but don’t like some fetishes, before you go there, one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

You already saw one game, so I think you already know how tastes and ideas work here, I want to think that if you’re here is because you are confortable and pleased with what I have done before, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?

Finally, should I change the blog design? I’m noticing the text is too small and the comments get too cluttered and the columns seem to be too narrow after replying several times. I use ctrl and + to zoom in if that helps. Also use <blockquote>message</blockquote> to quote other comments, I always forget to say that.

I’m tired.

Edit: Oops, this won’t help in the “tone down the commenting and answering” part, maybe next time.

Edit 2: I kind of regret giving free way for fighting but only because you’re derailing other people’s comments, it’s fine if you want to argue, I don’t care, but NOT in somebody else’s question/comment, so new rule:


Stay in your own comment thread, I will start deleting comments if you derail or spam others’ with off topic comments, I dont care who it is.

Nothing personal, other people not involved don’t deserve to have their questions/comemnts buried with off topic arguments.

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  1. As one of your few female players let me be the first to say that anal is one of the hottest things that can be thrown into your games.

    I’m personally a huge fan of anal, it’s that little thing we all fear at one point or another but when it happens it’s a quick experience of pain and surprise. Afterwards it’s a wonderful feeling of pressure with a small bit of pleasure; sure it’s not vaginal but don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it 🙂

    Your current game is essentially a woman being thrown into a hellhole of sorts with all sorts of spooky/rapey things. If she’s not in fear of being randomly held down and violated anally then she’s a huge trooper.

    • Anonymous Says:

      yeah man. she should be horrified. that makes it all the sexier, honestly. remember THAT psychological effect: she doesn’t wanna be there and she keeps getting raped. over and over. they make her do things she doesn’t wanna do. she wants to get out but her ass is constantly bombarded with dicks and tentacles.
      you express exhaustion perfectly. i love it… but another fetish… ahegao.
      … it’s… thrilling…

      let her get penetrated in every way. she can’t get off easy. 😉

  2. Everyone a female on the interwebs ^^

    Anyway, I agree with mostly everything you’ve said Vosmug, except for some of the fetishes you’ve laid out (particularly with the red ghosts)

    I can see the metal distress part coming into play with the red ghosts, however. IMO being killed dead and being raped are different, IRL it kind of blends but in your game at least, it’s going to be one or the other.

    I still don’t know what that wall of ghosts is doing to Vena but I presume it’s anal? it was pretty obscure so I guess that’s what you meant by you didn’t want it too detailed.

    Fighting on the comments section is one thing, stooping to personal attacks with the attitude to show your dominance over another individual is a very different thing. In my opinion, you should ban users like that from the blog, they’re toxic and have no place here.

    I do think the blog should be restructured, it’s a bit messy, when I scroll to the bottom, I expect to see the latest post, but that isn’t always the case.

    As for as your rape animations go I would reccomend you explore oral since I don’t think I’ve seen it yet in GHV

    • senorosobear Says:

      Are you still buttmad about being dumb? I think you’re still buttmad about being dumb. That’s fine. What’s not fine is you telling Vosmug to ban me just because you’re too dumb to handle an argument. But the dumb are do tend to throw tantrums when they don’t get their way, even if they try to make is sound polite, so I guess this is to be expected.

      Tell you what: If can avoid saying really dumb shit to me in the future, I won’t be compelled to point out how horribly dumb what you said was, and how dumb you are for saying it.

      • Lol, here we go again, are you able to contribute to a discussion board without throwing childish insults?

        You’re a smart, contributing member but your attitude is really shitty.

    • Anonymous Says:

      i know you wont shut up but i can still tel you you’re a faggot

    • Anonymous Says:

      “In my opinion, you should ban users like that from the blog”

      The only person that should be banned from the blog is you. You haven’t actually said anything that deserves it but it should be done just to take some pressure off Vosmug, because if I were in his shoes and I had to come to this blog and pretend to be nice and answer to all your shitty entitled posts, It’d make me want to quit.

      Now watch his only response be him grasping for straws saying that my post is somehow invalidated because I didn’t bother making myself a username.

      • For the majority of this blog I was defending myself from trollish personal attacks, but I decided to put that aside and give Vosmug my opinions on where I believe this game can be headed on a more original path.

        You can see that post if you scroll to the bottom.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You mentioned how you will continue to make guro stuff. Will there be guro in GHV?

    • There will not be Guro in GHV but there will be the implication of death.

    • Mario doesn’t have tits

      • So it’s ok to imply dead on a man, but not on a woman? That sounds awfully familiar, please don’t go there.

        What I meant by that is that it’s an implication of dead as any other video game ever has implication of dead, on spikes or falling to a bottomless pit or drowning or whatever, usually in hentai games girls too die if you fail, I’m not going against your ideals just for the sake of it, I’m just having a logical conclusion to failing against dangeruous supernatural creatures.

        See it this way, if you fail you die, then try not to fail and you’ll be fine.

      • There’s a reason why I feel a certain way about the main character, so please don’t assume I’m going a certain way when you don’t know my reasoning’s behind my statement.

      • I’m okay with dead men and women when not in the context of hentai.

        Xenotake did not imply death as far as I can remember, and I enjoyed Xenotake. Some animations I did not, others I did, but overall it was a positive experience.

        I didn’t touch Prisonkage after a quick google search.

        Then comes GHV with very good animations, then that red bitch came along, which you say is important to the story, which you hold a high regard to, and I don’t so much, but I agreed that if it was important to story then okay, I just don’t like it.

        Also, I don’t think you answered my question, are red ghost animations going to be in the gallery?

      • There’s not much to draw from “Mario doesn’t have tits”.

        In the gallery? Yes, probably.

      • Then ask me to elaborate on my statement before assuming a position I have on it.

        Since the red ghost animations are going to be in the gallery, I’m assuming the red bitch chocking Vena is going to be in the gallery.

        Since you didn’t want to spend too much time on the choking animation how are you planning on doing the animation?

        My recommendations would be to have her shaking, using the same frame that she is in the choking position, and maybe sway her feat a bit as if she’s trying to escape.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You are quite literally the most retarded piece of shit I’ve ever seen.

      • Not sure where this comment is going to go, so I’ll just say that I intend to address it to Darkgoola.

        Xenotake definitely does imply death for the protagonist. every time the enemies deplete your health bar it COULD be taken as an implied death, or it could not.. Further in the game the scientist guy says something like “the more evolved beings among us will kill you on sight if they find you.” or something to that effect. he’s referring to the robo-spider-creatures that shoot lasers, those guys absolutely imply death, even if all the others don’t, because the scientist guy himself explicitly states that they will kill the protagonist.

      • I played the part again and found the exact quote.

        referring to aliens before this part that all have H animations the scientist says they are “unevolved beings acting only on instinct; their only purpose of existence is to roam around and satisfy their primal needs.” this suggests that the player will not die to these specific enemies, even if “killed” outside of an H animation, so in that regard you are right.

        There is the matter of the ‘spider-guards’ though, in which the same scientist later says that they are “modified to suppress their primal needs, they will kill any intruder on sight.” this section implies death, so to say that Xenotake does not imply death isn’t entirely correct, since there is this one case here that clearly does.

        if your argument with regards to the ghosts is that the red ghost deaths may be a little to explicit, then I understand, though I don’t agree, I guess our preferences differ, even gory deaths wouldn’t deter me from playing or buying this game, though I agree that I’d prefer to not see it explicitly, I don’t see a problem with it being implied, since it is censoring the actual act itself.

        Finally, I’d like to say that while you have typically made points I find objectionable, I don’t think you’ve had any ill intent, and I think its really childish to see some of the reactions made to many of your posts. we can disagree and remain civil, and I think for the most part you’ve been civil.

        disagreeing doesn’t mean that anyone is attacking Vosmug, and constructive criticism is always a good thing, so long as it remains constructive.

      • I actually haven’t played the game, I’ve seen play through and have seen the entire gallery and no animation implied death.

        The red ghosts will most likely be in the gallery, meaning that instead of 100% rape animations there will be actions such as choking which can only imply death.

        I’m down for violence and death all day every day in movies, video games ect ect but in the context of hentai, I just don’t like seeing it, I don’t think that’s an outrage position and many people will agree with me.

        Although as of late I haven’t cared too much about the red ghost as much as I did before, because Vosmug said that it is important to STORY and GAMEPLAY two things that don’t really hold dear to me in hentai games, sure they’re going to be in the gallery, but we’re not going to like everything we see right? No matter what we all pick and choose what we like and that’s fine.

        I’ve come to realize that games like Jungle Girl, Demon Girl, Shinbo Girl, really all the Koooon Soft games are just meant for the gallery, they don’t really have a story, they don’t really have anything apart from the animations. Vosmug has gone above and beyond that, and even though he has some very nice animations, he’s not relying on that for the game to be successful, he has come up with his own story, his own theme and if the red ghosts doing what they do is important for that story to work, then that’s fine.

      • Anonymous Says:

        If you don’t care about what makes a game, a game, you should have absolutely no say here, the best you could do is patiently wait and you know, not play the game when it comes out, the rest who actually care about a game and not just a gallery should have more input than you ever should, and we’re not even bitching that much.


      • But the Gallery is part of the game, you’re all here talking about the game, I’m here talking about the gallery, so I think we can all talk about what we like in vosmugs game respectfully.

      • Okay I lied when I said I wouldn’t dive into it. When it comes to the gallery you can just choose not to look at those animations (I seem to recall Vos saying that enemies that kill will be red, ie easily distinguishable. I might be wrong though). I also dislike death or implied death in hentai/porn, but that gives you a big incentive to to defeat that enemy too – provided that they’re not really hard to beat, I’m fine with it – even then there’s not going to be any actual gore as far as I understand.
        To resolve any contention over this, could there be an option to replace these enemies with a buffed version of a normal one of similar type?

      • Jungle Girl does not have or imply Ryona / Death

        Demon Girl does not have or imply Ryona / Death

        Angel Girl does not have or imply Ryona / Death

        Shinobi Girl does not have or imply Ryona / Death

        Witch Girl does not have or imply Ryona / Death

        Xenotake does not have or imply Ryona / Death

        All these great hentai games are great because they know what they are, HENTAI games.

        I don’t like mixing pain and pleasure so to speak, that’s the bottom line.

      • A Fellow Daydreamer Says:

        There’s a game called Demon Girl? I must’ve missed that one from kooooonsoft. Could you share a url?

  4. senorosobear Says:

    “My womb feels so hot I could die, my babies will be rocket fueled”

    It would be so hilarious if it were from an actual hentai! But I can see your point about sex-talk. Most of that shit is so poorly written that you wonder if they hired their writers off the street. Also: I finally made my reply to you in the last thread. You can set your reply here, if you’d like. It would make it easier instead going back to that thread now that this one is up.

    • Is not so much about it being badly written but in general I don’t like the idea of the girls doing internal monologues about how they feel and at what temperature their insides are, it’s just weird, men are also not reat, show don’t tell I guess, maybe it’s a very japanese thing, especially in visual novels, they drag for so long.

      About the gauge, I see it very similarly, the problem would be to add an extra state (the kidnapped part) for every enemy with aniamtion and all (which I don’t love) and an extra inner working since the blinking only affects the game over, nothing else, so it’ll have to be modified, the different states are sequencial:

      Clothed > Naked > Sex > Climax > Post Rape. And depends on the enemy grabs and your hand recovers and cloth regens directly, without meters.

      If you recover the hand you go back straight to Naked, from there you can move to Clothed or to Sex, and it repeats, all of that is not tied to the blinking, that’s the problem, the blinking only changes during Climax and it starts cooling down separately, if the ghost catches you while naked but you shake it off, the blink just keeps cooling down normally, it only adds one extra blink if Climax happens again, that’s still going to be modified but for now that’s how it works. I don’t know how clear this explanation is but bottom line is, there would need to have some internal modificaions for it to work and that’s not very likely.

      But in general though, it’s very similar, just that is not very descriptive, the part about the post rape state crawl makes sense, I just didn’t want to do more sprites there since the hand is never too far away, but maybe I’ll have to do it, I don’t know if it’s worth it though.

      • senorosobear Says:

        Well, to be fair: visual novels are novels. Which is why I don’t read them. You can find the galleries online anyway.

        I figured it would need a bit of re-coding. I just didn’t know how bad it would be. Well I still got some ideas for some other things, but I think I’ll let it rest for a bit after this post. They’ll need some time to calcify.

        As far as the post-rape crawl goes: you could just use the regular naked crawling animations. part of the reason I made those suggestions was to make the crawl more useful as a dodge. I’m just thinking that the crawl , as it is, is kind of necessary. The transition between standing and crawling doesn’t feel too smooth(to me) and you stay crawling even if you let go of the “DownArrow” while moving, which means you have to stop then turn the direction you want before you can attack. I think this makes using the crawl as a dodge too clumsy to be useful. It’s just far easier for me to just walk around them until they try to attack and just stun them.

        And I haven’t seen any other useful applications for a crawl. So, from what I see from the game so far, there’s no reason for the crawl. Maybe you’ve got some vents for us to crawl through at some point, but I haven’t seen them. So I can’t assume they’ll be there.

        Anyway, I’ll let you go for a few days. Hopefully I’ll have something more useful by then. I hope this’ll helps, too!

  5. Sex talk is hit-or-miss — for every person enjoys it, it will likely fail to please someone else. This is a game, and games derive part of their power from how the player interprets them; dialogue can interfere with this process.

    For example: let’s say Vena is being fucked by a ghostly appendage. One player interprets her reactions as reluctance; another might interpret her reactions as enjoyment; and still another might interpret her reactions as reluctant enjoyment. Dialogue stating, “I love it!” or “I hate this” would preclude some people from interpreting the game the way they want to, hence I would include only dialogue that conveys necessary information.

    Anal sex is popular in smut for a number of reasons. Some people, whether they admit it or not, like feelings of friction or fullness in the poop chute. Others think it’s naughty and enjoy naughtiness. Still others think that anal sex is synonymous with rough sex and like it for that reason. Once again: I would leave it open to interpretation and include it only if you feel comfortable with people enjoying that particular sex act.

    Your art style is clean and bold, and you obviously have the capability to do more detailed closeups (as demonstrated here: On the other hand, ANIMATING such detailed closeups is a daunting proposition, so I would recommend avoiding closeups except maybe as rewards for completing the game under certain conditions.

    Mental distress is mainly important to people who enjoy seeing others in distress — in other words, sadists. I don’t mean to be pejorative! After all, BDSM stands for “bondage-domination-sado-masochism;” BDSM exists because sexual sadists exist, and as long as nobody gets hurt (who doesn’t want to be), sexual sadists deserve a safe space, too. That said, it’s YOUR game, and you don’t have to cater to sexual sadists if you don’t want to!

    I don’t have any problem with the size of the text of the blog; I’ll zoom in if I do.

    Good luck!

    • I agree, when it comes to Ghost attacks Vosmug implements some are going to like that particular attack, some are not, that’s why I recommend to him to try to differentiate each animation so it’s, it’s own special thing.

      For example, right now the first two ghost arm things play with Vena’s breasts, except in one she’s suspended and in the other she’s not, in my opinion this is to similar, way too similar to warrant an entire new animation.

      Some areas Vosmug has not explored yet is:

      – Oral

      – Teamwork Rape

      – Possession

      – Fondling / Fingering

      – Rubbing / Grinding

      And of course each of these categories have their own sub – categories and positions that can be milked when all of them are covered.

    • senorosobear Says:

      I really don’t like the whole subjectivity angle. Unless the whole point was to be ambiguous and have people draw their own unique conclusions, then yeah! Subjective interpretations FTW! But if the writer wants have a specific feeling/atmosphere/trait you’re going for, then it’s up to the writer give the readers(or players/watchers) enough information to effectively convey what is going on. If the reader fails to understand what is going on, then the writer has fail (or the reader just as shitty reading comprehension) the devil’s in the details, and depending on your medium and the level of precision you’re working with, dictates how you must convey this information.

      You have to tell them people what to think, without being painfully obvious about it. And that’s hard.

      • I recommended to Vosmug he should focus on emotion more in his games, right now in both Xenotake and GHV it’s a generic “supersized” face for almost all of the animations. That emotion I don’t think tells you whether she’s enjoying it or not, so maybe that was his goal. But seeing some change in emotion would be cool I think.

      • senorosobear Says:

        First of all: Unless you’re a producer of some sort you, like everyone else here, are in no position to make recommendations to Vosmug, only suggestions. What did I say about saying the dumb words? I’ll be generous and give you one strike.
        (strike 1/3)

        As far as emotion goes: if they were to be added there are far simpler ways to implement them for a game as visually simple as GHV. One would be the use of symbols and pantomime. If Vena is totally loving the hard dicking she’s receiving, then small hearts floating above her head would be enough to convey that. Frustration could be represented as a harsh scribble and so on…

        That being said. The emotion Vena exhibits now seems to be sufficient. Her distress when struggling and arousal when being fucked is apparent enough to convey her emotions effectively. Though I would be very pleasantly surprised if Vosmug were to improve on them anyways.

      • @Senorosobear:
        I simultaneously agree/disagree with you.

        On the one hand: yes, it is the author’s job to provide sufficient information for the reader to interpret the text. To use 2D art as an analogy: a gesture drawing offers just enough information to suggest a form, whereas a blueprint or schematic provides very large amounts of information. Both have merits depending on context — for engineering purposes, you need as much information as you can get! On the other hand, for artistic purposes, providing too much information can be interpreted as telling the audience what to think.

        In Vosmug’s case, he generally provides enough information to sketch the character (Vena is a reluctant host for the demon hand) and lets her actions do the talking — what a character says and does often tells us more about them than countless pages of description.

        On the OTHER hand, authors simply cannot control the interpretation of their work. Readers will consume it and talk about it and interpret it in all manner of ways, none of which the author can control. To use another analogy, authorial intent is like a rifleman’s aim: the rifleman can aim his weapon and pull the trigger, but whether or not the bullet lands where he points it is subject to a number of factors that are outside his control — he can try to account for them, but he cannot necessarily succeed.

        That said, I agree completely that Vena provides enough information. Her facial expression, flushed cheeks, and degree of resistance (if any) offer plenty of food for thought, as do the absence of such things.

        Vosmug’s art style draws on iconography present in Japanese animation, including: hair outline and shading; eye size; nose size and shape; chin shape; and body shading technique. Whether or not this style does anything for you is up to you. =)

      • Hey troll, you can take your nit picking of detentions somewhere else.

        I don’t care how intelligent you think you are, you have a horrible attitude that makes you loose all credibility when you throw around insults as common as exhaling.

      • And of course this blog doesn’t have an edit post section, that’s wonderful.

      • Are you referring to me, or Senerosobear?

      • Senerosobear, the new troll of the blog 🙂

      • I found Seneroso’s comments towards you to be slightly undiplomatic but otherwise civil (unless he’s a moderator or a friend of Vosmug’s, I’m not sure whether or not he should be handing out strikes on Vosmug’s site). He doesn’t seem like a troll to me; his contributions to the discussion seem constructive to me.

        He also makes an excellent point that we probably shouldn’t be making recommendations. Suggestions, yes, but recommendations? Not so much.

      • Okay, so I’m getting dog piled because I used the term “recommendation” instead of “suggestion”

        Lol, please take your grammar nazi’s self’s somewhere else, anyone here can nitpick all day, how about we have actual discussions without insulting, as if you have something to prove, I think that would be great.

      • senorosobear Says:

        @Gaius the strikes are my own little personal scoreborad. He’s got two more and it’s back to treaty him like the vacuous little skid-mark he is.

        As for that gun analogy… It works pretty well, from what I can tell. The only issue I have with it is that it doesn’t seem to support your point all too well, at least what your point seems to be. I can explain what I mean.

        Like a writer, a trained gunman can get a bullet to go pretty much where they want it to. Other things can factor in: travel time, wind direction, whether the target is moving or not, bullet spin, trajectory, and if your doing some really tricky bullshit, thing like humidity and the planet’s rotation. But the bullet still goes in the general direction you want it to go.

        Yes, interpretations can color people perceptions of things. However, it doesn’t change what the thing is. Let’s take a character from a game I’m fairly familiar with, MGR Revengeance.

        What do we know about Raiden? He’s a former child soldier, and has a bloodlust he’s initially in denial about. About halfway through the game he’s unlocks ripper mode by coming to terms with his nature as a homicidal maniac and starts laughing like a weirdo whenever ripper mode is triggered. The basic gist, right?

        There are many ways to interpret his character though. For example: He’s a monster. Sure he, channels his energy more constructively than most, but he’s still an unhinged murderer and even admits he does what he does because he thinks it’s fun.
        Or you could see him as a decent anti-hero. He always looks out for society and the people he cares about. He wants a better future for others, even if his way of helping is cutting dudes into chunky salsa. He may be impuslive, but he always fights for what he thinks is right, and that’s a respectable trait. Well at least he enjoys what he does.

        It’s a bit rudimentary, and left out the more involved bits to be as concise as possible. But my point is: you don’t have to change who the character is to have a different perception of them. The writer gave you the info, and now you can come to your own conclusions. The bullet may or may not hit someone, but you’re still laying suppression down at the treeline.

        Or I could’ve just missed something. Anyway, this is my take away.

      • Keep insulting me, you’re only proving my point further that you are not able to engage in a discussion without stooping to childish measures.

      • senorosobear Says:

        @Darkgoomba (strikes 2/3) You seen rather obsessed. Are you tsundere for me? You keep saying mean things about me when I’m not around, like you want my attention. But your too shy to address me directly. Let me be direct now to save you some heartbreak later. I’m sorry, but I will never love you, you’re just not my type. I’m sure there’s someone out there for you, though. You just have to keep looking.

      • I’ve been addressing you directly the entire time, I don’t know what you’re reading.

        Mean things? I haven’t personally attacked you once, I’ve just reflected upon the garbage you’re posting in this blog.

        Keep posting your rubbish though and thinking you’re high and mighty if it makes you feel better.

      • @Seneroso:
        The bullet goes where you point it, but you can’t control whether or not the target bends over to pick up a penny while the bullet is in flight. This is key: the rifleman CANNOT control what the target will do, and though he can compensate for as many environmental capabilities as he likes, there are almost always unknown-unknowns that he cannot control.

        Your description Raiden is a good one, but I would take it even further: Revengeance is the text (the bullet, to use my original analogy); we are the audience (the target). We, the audience, will interpret the dialogue, Raiden’s actions, the music, etc. in different ways depending on a number of factors, including our personal history, our knowledge of the sociopolitical environment to which the game speaks (namely, the relationship between the military-industrial complex and politicians, war and peace, and whether or not killers have their place in society), and our own personal context. For example: a former child soldier might be offended by the game, or they might find it inspiring. Who knows?

        Personally, I found it refreshing to see a protagonist openly embrace what are ultimately sadistic tendencies — so many anti-heroes spend their time brooding and wangsting. On the other hand, the game DOES tend to valorize a social darwinist utopia in which strength is equated with value; I find this unfortunate, because I feel that DIVERSITY is more important than any particular trait — we need good fighters, but we also need good farmers and mathematicians and doctors. You could argue that Raiden’s talents would allow him to be good at whatever he puts his mind to, but historically, the qualities that make for a good killer are rarely those that are conducive to more domestic activities. For example, adrenaline addiction is hard to slake as a farmer, but it is often adrenaline addiction that makes a good killer. “War is a drug.”

      • senorosobear Says:

        @Gaius …I think we agree on this topic, then. In that case I won’t add on to this particular point anymore.

        Though, on a separate point: (I’d recommend watching this: for an interesting interpretation on the game itself) I guess you could say they were lionizing Social Darwinism, but my impression was that the game was extolling the virtues of “carving your own path.” Raiden and Armstrong(DON’T FUCK WITH THIS SENATOR) were both powerful characters that fought for their own values. Raiden is totally willing to cut through ANYONE(including george) in his fight for what’s right. Armstrong wanted to get rid of sheeples so that the strong would fight among themselves and shape the world according to values they actually believed in.

        In a sense Armstrong got what he wanted in a micro scale. And he “conceded” to Raiden once he won the “debate,” by dying.

        Anyhows, it’s been fun. Maybe we’ll get Armstrong’s ghost in GHV trying to destroy all the weak ghosties so the strong ghosties can rape for reasons they believe in.

      • First of all, I believe explanation through text is not great, but sometimes is needed, what I mean about sex talk doesn’t really have that much to do with letting you know about the situation or the emotional state of the character but more about toning down the sex exposition (and because I don’t like it, but that’s already clear), I don’t think it’s necessary for you to know how many kimochis she’s having, I don’t think there’s much about sex or rape that can be misinterpreted either, no matter how little emotion there is, I believe context is more important in this situation and I think the context is clear enough, so unless, it’s stated otherwise, the characters won’t change their stance.

        Even though I agree with the entire intent and interpretation business, I think it’s okay to have different interpretations within certain ranges, if you mistakenly take distress as pleasure for example, there’s a huge fail on either side of the equation, other than that, small little differences in interpretation are usually unavoidable unless there’s a wall of text explaining every little detail, as long as the main idea is intact I think it should be fine, still, the grade of character complexity here is not something we should worry about.

        In my script document I have a bare bones description of the characters personalities; it’s great that you already have an idea of their personality just by what you already know thus far, that means I’m not doing a terrible job at it after all, it’s all based on stereotypes and clichés so it shouldn’t be too difficult anyway.

        So agree, a few paragraphs saying “get off of me you, pervert” is enough for me, but in this situation because most enemies are ghosts I assume they know they don’t have to bother talking to them or try to convince them of anything, so I win since ghost sex talk is especially pointless. And internal monologues about how they feel is the think I don’t like the most.

    • What a mess, I missed entire comments.

      That pic is not mine though, that was another artist I got and that particular pic was the concept test.

  6. Clarification: I was referring to Seneroso’s most recent comment directed to you.

    • We had a discussion the last update where he was personally attacking me, that kind of attitude i actually find surprising that Vosmug tolerates it on his blog, apparently it’s the wild west here now.

    • You’ve been very constructive to this board, and you have a much more mature and professional attitude, rather than Senerosobear, who hides behind a smart ass surface, but behind that, is probably one of the most immature people I’ve met in the hentai community.

      But pointing out the minute difference between “recommendation” and “suggestion” is a bit much, and one would only really point that out if they have a personal vendetta against me, as Senerosobear seems to have.

      • “We use “suggest” when talking about giving someone an idea in general, and we use “recommend” when telling someone that a certain choice or option is the best one. For example”

        I believe the choices and options I lay out are good ones, but that’s my opinion. If you don’t like it, then have a constructive debate with me about it, but personally attacking me and bringing up nonsensical differences between words is foolish, and makes you look foolish.

      • On the contrary, “suggestion” and “recommendation” have two completely different connotations in my experience.

        “Recommendations” and “best practices” are usually provided by subject-matter experts. They imply authority and expertise. When FEMA makes a recommendation about coping with the disaster, people listen, because FEMA is theoretically an expert on disaster recovery.

        Me? I’m just a horny gamer who knows a thing or two about interpretation — who the heck am I to put forward recommendations? I can make suggestions, nothing more — ANYONE can make suggestions.

        In that respect, I don’t think Seneroso was nitpicking at all, though I should also note that you might have chosen that word in ignorance of its connotations. =)

      • Unless there’s a degree in the hentai field I’m pretty sure no one here is an expert.

        You can take your grammar nazi bullshit somewhere else, please and thank you.

      • I’m afraid we might have to agree to disagree. I personally feel that I’m not sufficiently expert to be making recommendations for Vosmug. I can offer my opinion and suggestions and try to support them as best I can; if he likes them, fine, if not, so be it, it’s his game. =)

      • I make recommendations to Vosmug, why? Because I’m not a nitpicky grammar nazi.

        That is all.

      • In my defense, I’m being a diction nazi, not a grammar nazi. Diction is word choice; grammar involves structural rules.

      • Well you can stop.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    so is that bloating animation gonna happen while hes doing her or only when he ejaculates? I hope it only happens when he ejaculates… If not oh well.

    • I believe Vosmug has stated that he does not like bloating and will probably not implement it.

      But don’t take my word for it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Dang and it looks like the boss I was looking forward to see has bloated H animation

      • senorosobear Says:

        From what I can tell, anon. Is that Vosmug doesn’t like stomach deformations, like say a bunch of tentacles pushing out her abdomen from the inside. He told me that he got over his dislike of inflations after I pointed out that I remember him saying that he didn’t like them and asked him why Xenotake had inflations at the end.

      • Inflation is disgusting. Glad he’s not implementing it.

      • senorosobear Says:

        @Darkgoober He never said he wasn’t going to implement it. I even linked to the post were he said hes was okay with inflation.
        Besides, it’s in Xenotake too. He has the artwork posted in his screenshot of his flash file. It’s pretty reasonable to assume that the inflation animation will be included in the game, unless Vosmug states otherwise.

        Also: (strike 3/3) Next post will be time for funposting.

      • What does them in Xenotake have to do with them being in GHV?

        He dislikes inflation, he has already done inflation, idk why he would implement inflation again when he could be working on something he does like.

        You can take your strikes and shove them up your ass 🙂

      • Not to nitpick, but the bloated scene at the end of Xenotake was more-or-less within the range for pregnancy. Though it’s not my speed, I have no objection to it.

        On the other hand, I actively dislike more severe bloating or bloating of other physicals structures. Once again, though, it’s Vosmug’s game; he can do whatever he likes. =P

      • I like to see original content when it comes to hentai games.

        Vosmug has already done inflation, so I encourage him to do something he has not done before.

      • senorosobear Says:

        I’m sorry, I don’t swing that way. Besides, even if I did my ass is too good for you.

        You won’t be gettin’ any shugga with that attitude, gurlfriend!

      • Anonymous Says:

        To the retard who will never shut up’s 2nd post in this chain:

        “he could be working on something he does like.”

        Like guro? He likes that. Personally I don’t but I think it’d be hilarious to just make the whole game nothing but guro to spite you, because you’ve made it clear how much you hate it, as you won’t shut the fuck up about the red ghost.

      • *Red Bitch, actually.

      • OOH GUYS! Deflation! Vosmug do deflation whatever that may look like!

        To be serious though I’m a big fan of a sort of rubbing against crotch without penetration, or between the thighs, ooh!

    • *sigh* See? This is why responding for somebody else is not a good idea.

      To answer the question, it’s the climax to that particular enemy, but it will happen too during regular sex in other animations.

      Now, I did say I’m ok with it now, I said I didn’t like deformations caused by tentacles and stuff, but regular inflation is fine in my book now.

      It might look like pregnancy but that’s actually the very reason I started changing my mind about it, I realized that babies actually inflate bellies, so hey, is not that unnatural after all, right? On the other hand, I don’t like extreme inflation, breast expansion and deformations where you can see the shapes moving around the belly, either, maybe one day I’ll stop disliking it, who knows.

      Also, I think it’s very difficult to be original without going extreme, there’s a limited amount of normal sex that can be done, eventually things will start looking the same, even now it’s already happening.

      • What are you talking about? I never responded for you.

      • And no, you’re wrong. You can be 1000% original without being extreme.

        I would have liked to share my ideas with you, but you refused to add me stating we have differentiating opinions.

        What I don’t get is if we had similar onions, then there wouldn’t be much of a debate would there?

      • senorosobear Says:

        @ vosmug Maybe I never should have asked about inflations. It was never my intention to have people to misrepresent and/or misunderstand you. Ah well, I tried my beast.

      • There’s a lot of things you haven’t explored in Xenotake or GHV that are not extreme, so there’s always new, original content that has the possibility of being added.

      • @senorosobear

        I think it would be best for the blog as a whole to stop posting your smartass comments here with your high and mighty ego

      • @senorosobear

        “your best is an idiot!”

        -Bender Bending Rodríguez

  8. CoolChipsBro Says:

    Do you do Patreon donations?

    • He is not accepting donations at the moment.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Stop responding for him holy shit

      • I’m only responding to questions that Vosmug has previously answered to.

        He has stated he is toning down his responses, so someone has to say something.

        If my responses are inaccurate, Vosmug, please smite me now.

    • No, I don’t have a patreon and I’m not planning for it for the moment, thanks for the interest.

      @Darkgoola: I agree, please don’t do it if the question is specificaly directed to me.

      • I’m confused, you say you’re not going to comment as much then you ask me to stop posting replies to questions you have already answered to.

        Do you want to leave people hanging or post more from now on?

      • Read the last part for the post, the edit part.

        I’m just saying it’s rude if the question is directed to me, you don’t know if I have changed my mind.

        Besides, it’s a very easy question I will certainly answer it even if I’m busy.

      • Then you should probably state that you will still be answering easy questions.

        I asked you an easy question on the last update, which you did not answer, leaving me to assume that you were toning down your replies.

      • And I’m pretty sure if you changed your mind on donations, we would all know about it.

  9. beachjustice Says:

    sweet, those are like word for word my same fetish dislikes

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I really hate myself for asking this but could you add none inflation animations? Since (im guessing) there arent that many inflation animations. you dont have to do it now since you want to keep moving forward with the game. So maybe adding it in an update after release when you can.

    • Don’t hate yourself, that’s a perfectly reasonable request.

      As of now there are no inflation animations in GHV and Vosmug has expressed his distastes for it, so there’s a minimal chance there will actually be inflation in GHV.

    • There will be some, don’t know how may but some.

      • Hm… Vosmug, as i see that there are people who like some things and who’s not, how about some options in settings to forbid some content?
        Like it were made in Shinobi Girl/Witch Girl (though i guess for that kind of thing you’ll need to make 2 versions of the same scene…)

        And for all guys who fights in here, please stop. I came here to read something about game, but i see 50% of post are useless fight. Please don’t forget that there are other people here, who’s not interested in wasting their time on reading yours showdown.

  11. I just want to say that I don’t care much for gameplay which is the reason I haven’t been responding to some of these gameplay discussions.

    When it comes to Vosmug’s games, and hentai games in general, it’s really the gallery, and the galleries content that I care about and will voice my opinion on.

    I’ve said that I don’t like the implementation of the red ghosts because I believe it it puts a dark cloud on the gallery, but Vosmug and others believe it’s important to gameplay and the story and I respect their opinions.

    Vosmug says that you have to be extreme to be original, and I have to disagree. I made a list of categories that were not explored yet and they were not extreme at all. Even after you’ve implemented all those categories, there’s different positions and combinations that can make even the same category look different.

    When it comes to emotion, I believe the current emotion is a bit over-used and I would like to see something new. Some users have suggested hearts or scribbles and visual symbols to mix things up a bit, I think that would be cool and would add some new flavor when it comes to emotion.

    I’m going to try to be more open minded from now on, because I know, that Vosmug isn’t making a game for me, he isn’t making a game for you, he is making a game that he, himself would enjoy playing, and though his fetishes that he implements revolve around what he enjoys, he is taking our feedback to heart as well and shaping the game up, so I’m not going to vaguely trash someones like or dislike for something, only express my opinion and reasonings for feeling a certain way about it.

    Though I’m not going to be the one to contribute much of anything to the gameplay side of things, we have users here that are doing a good job of it, so keep going, you guys are doing great.

    Though I am bias to the gallery, I believe my feedback can help move this game towards a more original direction, because at the end of the day, all I really care about is originality.

    • Ok, I appreciate it but you seem to be wrong about some stuff.

      Contribution, help, suggestions, feedback, debate, etc, are not required, as in, you don’t have to do any of that to be part of this “community” or whatever, you criticized people before for only agreeing and being “yes men”, I believe you are very wrong about that, you DON’T HAVE to contribute or debate to post, it’s not an obligation, this is not a community project. It seems to me you think contribution to the project it’s absolutely necessary, it’s not, and I very much appreciate when not everybody wants to pitch in; it would be very difficult to keep track of everything. And I’m not talking just about you, no one has any obligation to contribute or suggest or recommend anything, is okay if people just nod along, nothing wrong with that, if you want to pitch in that’s cool and you are very much welcome, but don’t expect me to address or even consider everything.

      • Please don’t sit there and tell me that this isn’t a community project when you ask for peoples opinions on new content & features you implement and make polls & ask for feedback on gameplay, that’s an insult to everyone who has been following & supporting you thus far.

      • You are so mistaken about that you have no idea. You have no say about what kind of project this is. Having a blog doesn’t mean anyone can barge in and change things they don’t like. Also, having a blog doesn’t mean I can’t make 95% percent of the game by myself, which is the case by the way, so no, is not.

      • You sit here posting polls and requesting feedback and then claim this isn’t a community project, I find that absolutely hilarious.

        I bet you could make 95% of the game by yourself, a game 100% for Vosmug.

        if that’s the case, why do you have this blog?

        Is it to… I don’t know…. get the communities opinion & feedback on what you’re creating? If so, then it’s a COMMUNITY PROJECT.

      • Taking communities opinion & feedback doesn’t mean this is their project.

        You can’t be serious, I beleive we’re done.

      • “Sooo just for fun I thought we could have some related polls about xenotake, don’t feel pressured to lie on the internet, it’s just for fun. Of course if you never played the game you shouldn’t answer, it’s only for the people who played the game regardless if you finished it or not, that’s one of the questions.”

        Stop asking the community for their feedback & opinions if it’s just the Vosmug show around here.

      • No, it’s not their project but they have something to do with it.

        You’re discrediting everything us bloggers are doing here by claiming it’s just the Vosmug show.

        Yes, we are done here, I don’t want to hear any more garbage from you discrediting the community just because you’re the one pulling the trigger.

      • I clearly said it’s just for fun, how does that constitue feedback & opinions?

        You’re taking this too literal and personal, I never said I don’t take suggestions and feedback, I clearly do and I appreciate it, but that doesn’t mean anything else than that, you having some input in somebody else’s project.

      • Are you or are you not discrediting the community by saying that the community has nothing to do with the project?

      • So it was for fun?

        Meaning all the discussion on that thread meant piss?

        That’s nice to know

      • Holy fuck when did I say “nothing to do with it”? Please quote me, I dare you.

        I just said I do take feedback and appreciate it.

        And seriosuly dude, I don’t know if you’re purposefully not reading or you are just reaching.

        The fun comment was because YOU said I asked for feedback and showed that as an example, in that partiuclar comment I said it was just for fun, to tell you that I wasn’t actually asking for feedback in that moment, whatever conversation came from there it’s a different matter, and all started because I made a poll just for fun, that’s what I pointed out, the start of the converstaion not what came out of it.

      • How do you label a community project then?

        If this isn’t 100% the Vosmug show, then what is it?

        I believe it’s vosmug doing what vosmug does with the feedback & thoughts of his fanbase.

        That is all.

      • Yes that’s exactly what it is. Why wouldn’t it be?

      • That’s all i wanted it to be

      • Then what was you point?

      • That the community had something to do with the project

      • So? When did I say something different?

      • By saying it wasn’t a community project

      • Anonymous Says:

        Vosmug: This guy has CWC levels of obsessiveness and entitlement, there is really no point in driving yourself mad trying to satisfy him. I’m actually amazed how patient you’ve been but I can tell it’s wearing thin, you don’t have any obligations to respond to anyone or do anything really.

      • Yeah it’s still not a community project, that’s really dumb.

      • I think our definitions differ, that’s fine though.

      • Is not fine, what a waste of time.

      • What do you expect? It’s text chat.

        This isn’t skype where we can talk over mic

      • I want to distance myself from what Darkgool said and assure you that I am here to see *your* game, Vosmug. I am not a fan of all things in Xenotake and I would love to get some ideas into the new game you are making, but the fact that you recognize the parts of Xenotake that weren’t quite spot-on gives me faith in your ability to create a truly well made hgame and the demo you presented didn’t let me down on my hopes.

        Keep doing what you are doing, you are awesome.

      • Not sure what you’re distancing yourself from.

        Vosmug thought the term I used meant one thing and I thought it meant the other, we got it cleared up in the end though.

      • No, we didn’t.

      • “Yes that’s exactly what it is. Why wouldn’t it be?”

        I’m pretty sure that sentence mean you agreed with me.

      • No, it means you were wrong.

      • Our definitions for that term differed, I meant the same thing you agreed with the entire time.

    • I’m not asking you to take my ideas & thought to heart over other peoples. All I can do is lay out my case for where I believe the game is currently at and where it could be potentiality headed (which hopefully is in a better position than where it’s at now)

      This is a community project, if it wasn’t than you wouldn’t have a blog, you wouldn’t have a discussion thread, you wouldn’t have anything except for you & your personal friends to talk to about it. You read the discussions and you decide who has the opinions, thoughts and ideas that match your own, but maybe enhance them in a way you didn’t think of before.

      I’m not trashing “yes men” but the people nodding along aren’t contributing anything.

      “Hey man, great work! Keep going!”

      Do you need that to motive you? I don’t think you do, because to my knowledge you’re working out of passion, not caring what other people think, but making something for your own enjoyment.

      No, I don’t have to post anything, no ones holding a gun to my head and saying post your thoughts and opinions, but I like your games and if my comments will shape it even the slightest bit to the path I believe is more original then that would be great, but again, it’s your choice if you want to listen to my views, or someone elses views.

  12. Just so I don’t portray myself as someone who might be whining and complaining without actually contributing specifics as to what I’d like to see from the game moving forward here are some of my thoughts and ideas that would make the game more original without being extreme.

    As I said previously in GHV these are the non-extreme categories that have not been explored yet:

    – Oral

    – Teamwork Rape

    – Possession

    – Fondling / Fingering

    – Rubbing / Grinding

    That doesn’t mean that implementing these categories will make the game automatically original, execution of these categories compared to how other games executed them is what is going to make the game original.


    I’m not sure if you hate oral or not, Vosmug, but the only oral I remember from your games is that lizard boss from Xenotake that shoved it’s tongue inside the players pussy and mouth, it was a good animation, I enjoyed it, just saying, oral seems to be very scarce with you for whatever reason.

    Oral can go two ways, cunnilingus or fellatio.

    Since Vena isn’t a Futa, she doesn’t have a penis, meaning if there was ever going to be fellatio in the game, either a ghost would have to grow Vena a dick or she would be forced into fellatio by a ghost, either by possession or physically forcing her. I’m not a fan of forced fellatio, but I think possession would be nice since she’s not physically being forced, so that’s an opinion.

    As for cunnilingus, there’s many ways you can go about it, depending on the ghost, the position ect ect. One thing I would stress is that you make sure Vena’s limbs are secured somehow by the ghost. There were a lot of animation in Xenotake where the player seems like they could have easily escaped. The worms being a fine example, none of her limbs were secure, it was almost like the worms were raping a statue quite honestly.

    Cunnilingus where the limbs are secure is very rare in hentai games as far as I can see, so there’s a original target for you right there.

    Teamwork Rape:

    I can’t remember if Xenotake had teamwork rape / gangbangs but that’s probably because it was rare if it did have any.

    In order to be original with teamwork rape you have to look at what is always done when the victim is raped by more than one person at the same time in other hentai games and avoid that.

    Some common attacks are anal / vag at the same time or forced fellatio / anal / vag at the same time. Those, I think are the top two most done, so I would suggest avoiding those two completely, because the fans aren’t seeing something they haven’t seen before, everywhere.

    I would suggest combing scarce categories with other scarce categories to maximize on the originality.

    Some examples:

    Cunnilingus / Breast Sucking / Kissing

    Cunnilingus / Anilingus / Kissing

    Pussy rubbing / Anilingus / Kissing

    Pussy rubbing / Anilingus / Breast Sucking / Kissing

    Those are for 3’s and 4’s but you can take any of those and make 2’s as well.

    I don’t think I’ve seen those combinations anywhere in hentai games, so like I said, you don’t need to be extreme to be original.


    Possession has been done a lot by Koooon Soft, particularly with masturbation. I would suggest you avoid using it for masturbation and maybe focus on fellatio or cunnilingus of a female ghost.

    I think sixtey – nines would be pretty awesome while Vena is possessed, be it either straight or yuri.

    Fondling / Fingering:

    I think this could be great with a female ghost doing it to Vena, once again, I would stress that you secure Vena’s limbs in order to re-sure that the ghost is the dominant one and whether or not Vena is enjoying it or hating it, she’s having it, and there’s nothing she can do about it until she escapes.

    Rubbing / Grinding / Teasing:

    Something I don’t see too often, I saw it once in Xenotake where a creature ate you and then rubbed your pussy and then spat you out when you escaped, that was one of my favorite animations from you and it was SUPER original. It encompassed softcore rape and softcore vore, something original by themselves, but when combined, UBER original.

    One original attack I would like to see is a ghost turning it’s arm into a saw that, instead of sharp razors was a bumpy like shape that would grind and rub against Vena’s pussy. I imagine Vena’s legs being spread wide, almost doing the splits and her limbs of course being secured. and the saw just moves back and fourth, back and fourth, juices spraying everywhere. That has never been done before and is yet again, original without being extreme.

    Hope you took something from my thoughts, cheers.

  13. Looking forward to your awesome game !! Says:

    Vosmug, I’m quietly waiting for this game since 2014, just wanna know what % of your progression at this moment (there’s no rush,do it according to your convenience).

  14. Mr. Manguy Says:

    The only part of sex talk I don’t like/find VERY annoying is the hentai trope of girls narrating everything that’s happening to them.

  15. Your Vosmug fan Says:

    I, too didn’t really find interesting in sex talks at all. I mean …. seriously why bother saying what you honestly feel at the moment, is it really that necessary ? I can see it clearly that you enjoy the activities, instead of moaning with joyful appearance, surprised or simply adorable look on their face they just can’t help but spiting nonsense every second, It’s so unnatural.

    But, well. See here that I really mean to disgrace your fetish if you find this one preferable. This is how I feel about sex talks though just don’t upset too much about that ‘xD

    I just love to focus on their reaction and face appearance more than any other things, with this I also don’t prefer the mentally distressed too …. well Its just make them look weirder IMO.

    • Your Vosmug fan Says:

      *I really not mean to

      reply fix : My bad that I didn’t carefully check what I type.

    • Just to be clear, mind break and light humiliation and all that fun stuff it’s going to happen, don’t know if in this game though, but what I mean is is that the emotional state and mental distress is not going to be forced or exploitative, it’s implied but never explained and exploited to the point where the characters are in life breaking despair and can’t get married anymore. I hope that was clear enough, or maybe I’m just being paranoid again.

      • Your Vosmug fan Says:

        It’s crystal clear! My man! Not that I hate nor dislike about it.
        I do know a lot of artist that really care about their feed back and sometime just need to dig in a deeper detail, I like that 😀

        Which is what I look for! light humiliation or mind break is fine. what most likely not prefer is like … heavily Ahe where their eyes going wild like a pinball or something like that lol

        For mind break that looks like they about to lose their mind and getting confuse on how are they doing right now with their pupil pull upward but still visibly in full sphere, This is the most one I can handle like in you previous game! It make them looks so lovely, I what to bully them more. >_<

        All these are just my opinion how I fell about some fetish, the rest is all yours. I like you work anyway 😀
        (Even though I don't really like guro stuff in the other site but your art style are still my prefer (´・ ω・`) )

  16. I loved all things that you made before. I prefer do not give any sugestions. Get your own time to get GHV ready! I’m sure that it will be a great game! Thanks for you work! Greetings from Brazil!

  17. Baked Saint Says:

    I just wanna see some cowgirl or something with booty. There wasn’t all that much booty in Xenotake, but as long as there’s at least a little in this game I’ll be happy. 🙂

  18. elevator88 Says:

    Wow that was a lot to read and all within a span of a few hours. Other than that do what you gotta do Vosmug. Im with ya till the end buddy.

  19. I agree with the sex talk thing to a point. If it’s over-the-top like you were talking about then it can get rather irritating and honestly for a game like this it’s rather unnecessary. However I do find that just simple moans or something conveyed through text (“..Ahn..~” stuff like that.) can add a certain element to a game. I dunno.

  20. Yet another fan Says:

    Thanks for the update Vosmug!

    Everyone has their own preferences and that’s perfectly okay, it’s your game so you’re free to put in or leave out whatever you want, regardless of what some people arguing for the sake of arguing in the comments (e.g. Darkgoola) might blabber out.

    Even more, I’m pretty sure it will be a much better game (to everyone’s benefit!) if you do it the way you like, since you’re more likely to have more motivation and end up with a higher quality result thay way, but I’m pretty sure you know that better than any of us horny idiots here. ;D

    Not that trying new things is bad either of course!

    Anyway, keep up the awesome work! Cheers!

  21. Yet another fan Says:

    I got bit on the balls by a rabid squirrel.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    If this game releases on Halloween it’ll be a miracle

  23. svnhddbst Says:

    i pretty much agree on all parts except anal.

    tastes and interests.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Vossy you should really ban/block/restraining order darkgoola before he shows up at your house with “SUGGESTIONS” on how to “improve” your game.

    • Not improve, just hopefully on a path of more originality.

      • If you think this game is not original enough then I’m sorry to say it’s not going to change. Take it for what it is or just don’t. Also, I’m pretty sure you don’t have much to judge on originality when you’ve only seen less than 20% of the game so far.

      • So you’re saying I’ve seen 20% of the game and from the little I’ve seen it’s safe to say it’s not going to get more original, even though there’s another 80% I haven’t seen.

        Don’t understand your logic here.

      • How do I take it for what it is if there’s 80% that is yet to be seen?

        I’m here sharing my thoughts with you for that 80%

      • I think what you were trying to say was that there may be more original content in that 80% I do not know of yet, so I cannot judge the game based on my personal opinion of the lack of originality.

        But what I would say to that is, until you disclose that 80% and dazzle me with originality, I’m not going to know anything and can only base my thoughts and ideas from what I’ve seen so far (from the 20%)

        From the 20% I’ve seen, I have suggestions to make the game more original, that I’ve already posted, whether them, or anything close or even content that I have not thought of but will love has made it into the 80% I have no idea.

      • You are right there, you won’t see the rest until it’s done.

      • Exactly my point, so until then, I can only judge based on what I can see, and what I see is a lot of potential for more original content to be added.

      • As I said that’s not gonna happen.

      • What’s not gonna happen?

      • Oh boy. I thought people were being complete assholes for criticising you Darkgoola, despite their choice of wording they have a point. You’re being very obnoxious here – the content in the demo is not 100% of what you’ll see in the full game. If you don’t like the current content, you never know, something might get added that you do like.

        What do you see as “originality”? Laser beams flying out her asshole? TF2-style hats? Flyable jets? If this game isn’t up your alley, Vos isn’t going to go and turn it on its head to suit your individual wants, especially when the majority of people who come here are already loving it. There are things I hate about everything I enjoy, it’s just a fact of life – Of course, attention should be brought to it when it’s something objectively negative, but here’s the thing – sexuality and pornography are extremely subjective. Some people can only get off to missionary, some people love it when the man dresses up as a clown, some people like golden showers. In attempting to satisfy everyone, at least someone will be disappointed.

        You can say “Oh hey I’d really like this thing in here”, but if the person who’s making it says “No”, it means no, and trying to pressure or hassle them into doing so just sours your image. This is about as polite an explanation as to why people have been raging at you (of which I’m now not surprised) as you’ll get – It’s up to you, either adjust your attitude or leave; the only option other than that will only perpetuate the hate and with understandable reason.

      • I’m only here because I do like what has been presented in the demo, if I didn’t like it or didn’t believe a good game could be a great game then I would not spend my time here sharing my thoughts.

        I think Vosmug misunderstands what I mean by adding more “originality” but I will wait for that 80% perhaps some of what I have been talking about is already in or is planning on being in, idk, I’ll just have to wait and see.

        Did everyone miss the giant post I made detailing specifics as to what I mean when I talk about all this? I think it was a pretty reasonable post.

  25. Just curious: how come almost every H-game, the hero is a girl?

    In other words: why is it more appealing for gamers to play as a victim vs monsters, and not as a monster vs girls? Or a guy (ie Link, Mario, etc.) vs female characters he can chase, trap or seduce?

    There are exceptions, of course, but by far most games feature a female protagonist (ie victim).

    (to everyone) Any thoughts?

    (to Vosmug) Sexuality is complicated and it is so easy to get it wrong. Examples are countless.

    Almost makes you wish to read a book on sexuality it or take a psych class, doesn’t it? )) If maybe just to better understand your own little fetishes and preferences, so they in turn can be expressed better in dialogue, story, animation and general mood.

    As an art director by trade, I want to say that you are absolutely right: listen to your own inner compass ONLY, keep on doing only what you like and what is exciting to you. Nothing else ever works. Ever.

    Fatigue or laziness is a problem.

    In retrospect I ended up regretting several of my own projects, because I released them too early and unpolished.

    And regretting sucks! Oh boy, does it suck…
    I can’t even look at some of my old work, because all I see are mistakes and unrealized potential.

    All of this is a platitude, sure, but it has helped me to push through those annoying last 10% to get the project, when it’s just polish and drag.

    Good luck, man! Your work feels inspired and really is worth discussing, debating, analyzing and fighting over.

    PS: The hand character is awesome!
    Where did that idea came from?

    • It’s true most hentai games you are the victim vs the attacker or rapist if you will.

      There are a few games like Virgin Invader where you actually play as the attacker but they’re rare.

      Your question is actually a broader question as to why people actually like playing hentai games.

      I like playing hentai games where you play as the victim because hentai games offer a rare satisfaction that if you are doing what you’re supposed to and you win, then great, you win. BUT if you let enemies attack you then the animations and game over art are equally, if not more satisfying than completing the given objective.

      Some people will disagree with me saying that you should not play to loose, you should always play to win, and I tell those people that the reason I’m playing a hentai game is to see hentai content, not some red bitch choking me, if I wanted to see that I would play street fighter.

    • Because I like bringing the girl into sticky situations. E.g., I like being the devil’s advocate.

      • When I read “Sticky Situations” the only thing I thought of was the victim being stuck in some goo with goo girls about to pounce on her ^^

    • I never see playing certain games as deep hidden desires, or the famous “we do things in games because we can’t do them in real life”, I find that a bit silly and quite horrifying in the case of the latter (of course if you take it literally), I really don’t like seeing it like that. But it’s actually a difficult question, I really wouldn’t know precisely, if I had to guess, I think we prefer seeing girls more time on screen, and because it’s easy, straight forward and effective, that’s more a technical point of view though, as a player I don’t really have a specific answer.

      Personally, I don’t have a preference; I find any type is equally appealing depending on the context and the background. The normal male protagonist romancing girls I find it mostly boring but I guess it also depends in the actual characters and story, because that would be pretty much a visual novel.
      The bad guy approach would be interesting too, I even have an idea for that, but I always shy away from it because it seems a bit too mean, but it could be interesting too.

      It would be interesting to hear more opinions about it, I never gave it that much thought actually.


      Likes and tastes are built with time I suppose, I have ideas why I don’t like some things, I’m pretty sure I don’t like sex-talk because in general, I don’t like talking to people, I guess it has to do with your own personality, you are right there, you could say forcing that means going again your “true self” or whatever cheesy way you want to put it, but it’s kinda true. On the other hand, you can also change your tastes over time, there was a time when I hated ahegao faces, and know I think is sort of an essential part of the business, so yeah, it can go both ways too.

      The idea for the hand came from the fact that I like companions in general, but more specifically, I wanted and glove device to absorb orbs like in Onimusha combined with Vampire Hunter D, I don’t really know much about it, but I remember playing a game in ps1 and having that idea stuck ever since.

      • Your Vosmug fan Says:

        About that, and also above there. I never really have problem with gender of protagonist as long as they ‘cute’ man or woman alike ….yep. Sounds like a bisexual right but I just like them, They’re not real deal anyway. (´・ω・`)”

        But I just like this way of gameplay. Being a victim, fight for your….ahhh way or business or whatever you have to be done. It’s satisfy me more than being an aggressor and try to accomplish somethings with your lustful ambition ….. dunno maybe I’m an Uke type or something lol.

        But this not go for the way you essentially need to doing that to progress further, You just have no choice but must do for whatever reason its hold, making them hesitate and shy – I just want to pinch their cheek at that moment, so adorable xD

        Just like what you mentioned, What fetish people like might come up with your own deep desire, personality, etc.

        The way you play as victim and need to defend yourself carefully or be ruined is kinda game that drive my focus into more than being an aggressor 😀

      • Could definitely dig a game with an evil male (monster?) PoV. Just so long as it’s not the guro game you’re planning =/

  26. the only problem i’ve saw in your art, is how the hands are make, in the closed hands of your characters, the end of the hand is too flat, and the fingers are very linear, maybe, the rest are fine!!

    • Yeah, I’ve never been good with hands, maybe the newer sprites look better.

      • One thing I would advice would be to take a camera and make a shot of your hand in the position you want to draw, So you can use your hand as reference.

    • I’ve been looking at references and girls’ hands don’t seem to have a pronuciated curve, even my own hand is less chubby, can’t you point a more specific sprite? I’m getting autitsitc about this now, If it’s just one or two I could retouch them, if there are too many then I don’t know if it’s worth it, I’ve been looking some of them and they look fine to me, don’t know which ones especigically you’re talking about.

  27. My theory: it’s appealing to have a sense of justice as a player.

    Beating up rapists / monsters feels good.
    Being one – not so much.

    Agenda to defeat “evil” is a good motivator. Drives to keep on playing to the end!


    The sexy stuff in your games is an awesome mechanic!

    This is nearly uncharted territory in games, being obviously ignored by the AAA industry and thus remaining woefully underdeveloped.

    Sex games feel like the underclass in the gaming world, but with no budget like regular pornography.

    Sexiness in most games that do exist tends to be boring, with no context and a simplistic, repetitive, uninspired sequences.

    In the meantime, Xenotake and Vera hit the right notes: sexy scenes are varied, they are woven into the plot thus making them meaningful, interesting and well…really damn sexy! Awesome!

    The point being: tastes vary and thank god for that.
    But sexuality is more than which pose or look one prefers.

    I feel that it is predominantly about the context, and for some reason almost every other H game out there just completely ignores that, turning out to be little more than a glorified gallery with an archaic, monotonous game-play slapped onto it.


    Ghosts breaking into wisps and being collected is a great visual! Love it! It dresses up the scene (by contrast to pale ghosts against brownish backdrops) and just feels … lively and “organic”: those spots of light floating chaotically all over the place! A very nice touch that’s again, is part of the plot and ode snot feel random at all.

    It is definitely far more original than hacking at them with a sword, shooting fireballs or a gun, ie every other single game out there!


    • There’s nothing wrong with a glorified gallery

      • Agreed. Not at all.

        To me, calling it a “game” does feel like a stretch though.

        Flipping comics is not “playing a game”.

      • To me, the game sets the theme and context, what the enemies look like, what the background looks like ect

        The gameplay can be simple as piss, like the koooon soft titles are, but having a strong gallery is more important to me personally because when I want to see hentai content, well, one form of that is in games, if I want to play a game, then I play a game.

      • when I want to see hentai content, well, one form of that is in games, if I want to play a game, then I play a game.

        That’s a real problem of this genre.Hentai content feels separate from the rest of the game, while ideally they should support each other for a better overall experience.

        And so far there are few cases where that has been properly done. Setting the mood is hard. Variety is hard. Creating inspired sex scenes is probably impossible without being in the right mood yourself, and that pretty much goes away because animating is very, very tedious.

        I am excited when I see different yet equally important parts of the game work together, as opposed to being enjoyed separately.

      • I enjoy the story in both this and XT. While there’s nothing wrong with a “glorified gallery” as you put it, having a story and characters that have a goal beyond “don’t get raped” gives context to the H content, which for one makes it more enjoyable, and second caused me to actually play through and beat the demo (ditto with XT in full) without actively seeking the H-content.
        When you look at games like Anthophobia, Parasite in City and Crisis point, I’ve enjoyed the H-content much more when compared to the former because once again, the H happens with context that is present, rather than more of an “excuse” to have it there as in Linemarvel and Koooonsoft’s games – which, as you say, have context only insofar as to define the setting and the kind of adversaries you will face. Furthermore, those games (Antho/PiC/Crisis) are really quite challenging, meaning that to progress in the story, game and therefore the H-content, the H-content is to be avoided wherever possible
        Galleries themselves are kind of a double-edged sword for me, because, here’s that word again, they remove the context from what’s happening and any reason to play the game its self – though, Xenotake and Parasite in City do an exceptional job of trying to avoid this, especially since rather than just playing the animation in the gallery, the heroine’s imprisoned and subject to these creatures. Those two games are among of the few that I have gone back to to actually play as well, despite having a gallery.

      • … having a story and characters that have a goal beyond “don’t get raped” gives context to the H content, which for one makes it more enjoyable …

        Nicely said and I completely agree with every example mentioned: Parasite in City, etc.

        Sex by itself is boring. It’s the dumbest, most monotonous action that even hamsters can do. It takes creativity to make it interesting, the aforementioned context to make sex sexy.

        A story for H scenes is what lingerie is for sex.
        No wonder fine lingerie is so damn expensive.

        Bethany: What’s he like?
        Metatron: God? Lonely. But funny. He’s got a great sense of humor. Take sex for example. There’s nothing funnier than the ridiculous faces you people make mid-coitus.
        Bethany: Sex is a joke in heaven?
        Metatron: The way I understand it, it’s mostly a joke down here, too.

        It is impressive how small touches in Ghost Hunter make it stand out.

        Case in point:

        Vera is not overly heroic, nor is she a warrior or a professional daemon hunter. She is shy, reluctant, confused and often needs encouragement and guidance. She even stops in the middle of the quest to question the whole situation which was pleasantly unexpected and makes her that much attractive.

        There is a mystery to this house with subtle clues like the red-eyed statue that foreshadow rather than attack, the notes on the floor and pictures on the wall. This place has history, as opposed to just an infested sewer or a faceless dungeon.

        Vera needs to use the sex machine to unlock a certain door, and even that has a back story of why that device is there in the first place.

        Monsters are lustful for a reason, not just because “evil is bad !”

        This stuff matters. Really. Makes it nice and exciting to follow the development, anticipating the result.

    • Mmh, to me that is a bit contradictory, maybe beating rapist feels good, but 90% of teh time letting the grils be raped on purpose kind of goes against that justice feeling, even if you first commit the crime yourself by letting it happen and then correct it by beating the guy.

      • Fair enough, I see your point and the contradiction is there.

        And yet allowing “a crime” to happen as opposed to being the actual instigator of said action is really different psychologically, if not de facto.

        This also touches on what you said earlier about a game with “the bad guy” feeling too mean. I agree completely: being “bad to the bone” is one thing, but being mean and sadistic is something else entirely.

        90% of teh time letting the grils be raped on purpose kind of goes against that justice feeling

        Personally, I allow certain animations to take place because they are already there and I am simply curious to see them.
        At this point it is just a gallery, a feature, not gaming.

        On the other hand while playing: jumping, fighting, dodging, I feel invested in the heroine’s quest and just want to smash those monsters into tiny little lights! : ) Go Vera!

      • I agree combining the two harmoniously is difficult, especially since we all have our different tastes and preferences.

        That’s why I’ve suggested to Vosmug to add more variety in his content, to appeal to more people.

        Gameplay wise I’m not even going to comment since I don’t believe my opinion on the gameplay aspect of hentai games means much of anything since I don’t focus on that bit.

        I analyze gallery content and use the actual game as a reference to the theme of that gallery.

      • “crime” is a strong word for what I was trying to say, but still the idea of wanting to beat the bad guys but letting them get away with you anyway is a paradox in itself, I understand the reasoning and very much agree with it but I would like to explore a way of not letting that happen since imo, it kind of ruins the characters and the context, it depends on how the player wants to play, which is not my place to decide.

        That’s why, in future games, I would like to try an remove most enemy sex interactions, and leave most of the sex animations as mandatory, as in, you don’t get to decide by jumping on enemies, but the game decides when they happen by progression, that way is not the characters’ faut, it’s the games’ (bad guys) fault and you have to espcape from them instead of initiating it yourself, sure you will take your time to do so, but it’s still not the characters’ fault. I’m not saying the basic idea of enemy grabs is flawed, but the freedom the game offers breaks the idea of survival and turns it into “let’s see how many enemies I can sex even though I’m supossed to avoid them”, that of course has to do with trying to keep characters and motivations in “canon” and the story intact. I don’t like when a bad guy captures your character and it’s supposed to be a big deal but apparently the 50 times you gladly jumped into enemies before don’t seem to matter to that same character, again that’s just me and my crazy brain wanting concistency, lewd supersonic dissonance I guess.

        But that’s just an idea, as you see I care about that more than just rapey rapey gameplay, nothing wrong with that, but it would be an interesting test.

        That’s why the idea of playing as the bad guy sounds interesting too since you are doing what you’re supposed to do, you are still in character and being consistent to the game’s “canon”, is just that the “morality” of it it’s a bit tricky. Probably will have to try it out at some point.

      • Vosmug I think it’s cool that you’re digging for a deeper meaning in hentai games than just the surface “rapey rapey” if you will but you also have to acknowledge that’s a huge reason why people play these games.

        When I play a hentai game, logic goes out the window. It’s a fucking hentai game for cry out loud, anything goes, and monster grabs are awesome until you grow tired of them, then you can start avoiding them.

        I believe our biggest difference is that I don’t see the rape attacks as “punishment” sure in the greater context of gameplay they are obstacles since they do train your energy bar or whatever but as someone who analyzes hentai content I can’t take it as anything other than a treat.

      • trying to keep characters and motivations in “canon” and the story intact. I don’t like when a bad guy captures your character

        Right! The dissonance between beating the level yet wanting to run your hero into enemies for the H content is disengaging and damaging to the whole. It makes for a worse game and ultimately (this is for Darkgoola) far less sexy (ie engaing) H content.

        It is very refreshing to hear this coming from a game designer!

        Darkoola: You are right, this is an H game.
        And we all want to see it be sexier. Really.
        The question (hypothetical) is: how can this be accomplished with limited resources (animation time)? If not for this game than maybe down the road.

        And it is fun to contemplate (the point of this blog?)

        One solution (as expressed in numerous ways by Vosmug, Jesus) is keeping the big picture in mind, having all parts work together improving the fun, engagement and sexiness exponentially!

        Doesn’t this sound great?

        Because very few H games actually do this, meanwhile a handful that actually do have comprehensive directing stand high above everything else out there!

        See examples listed by Jesus.
        Personal favorites: Parasite in City and Xenotake

      • I even really enjoy being the devil’s advocate, bringing the girl into sticky situations.

      • That’s why, in future games, I would like to try an remove most enemy sex interactions, and leave most of the sex animations as mandatory, as in, you don’t get to decide by jumping on enemies, but the game decides when they happen by progression, that way is not the characters’ faut, it’s the games’ (bad guys) fault

        I very much and wholeheartly disagree here. In my opinion, the sole fun in a hgame, compared to regular porn, is the interaction.
        I get to say what the girl does and I can either decide to let her get raped or to let her get through this unharmed.

        The flaw in commom hgames is that choosing to let the girl get raped leads almost all the time to failure. the h content has to be included into the game, not slapped on when you fail.

        A really easy example of how to incorporate sex scenes into Ghost Hunter Vena is to not set back the player when getting dragged into the cell. Right now the cell is a soft game over. It means “you failed to kill the ghosts, try again”, while it should be “you decided to get Vena raped, continue on this altered story path”. And with altered I don’t mean a completely different story. Maybe something like an alternate ending, where Vena can’t leave the house, because she has been exposed to ghosts for too long or something like that. Or that ghosts will recognize her as one of their own for a short duration after breaking out of the cell.

      • I don’t like when a bad guy captures your character and it’s supposed to be a big deal but apparently the 50 times you gladly jumped into enemies before don’t seem to matter to that same character

        I agree, but for me, it’s not the frredom the game gives you that is at fault. It is the fault of viewing sex as failure. Having sex oughtn’t mean failure, it should mean taking a different path.
        I get that not many hgames are doing this, because it requires you to expand your game. But instead of taking the freedom away from players to jump on enemies, the freedom should come with an impact on how the story plays out.

        You have criticized that in most games, and probably in GHV aswell, jumping on random enemies means nothing, while being raped by that one guy suddenly has an effect. This is a problem of the creators trying to please the players while keeping the sex as game over.
        The creators have realized that seeing the sex as game over is bad, because people want to see the sex and thus have to purposely fail. So to get around that, they stopped using sex as game over, but used it as a way to get to the game over instead (You can be fucked by enemies, but it drains your lifebar).

        This however leads to the exact problem you have described: Getting fucked by enemies has no big effect on you, but when you are raped by that one guy, it suddenly has an effect on you.

        That is why I am advocating the idea of all sex having an impact on your character. If you get raped by the standart monsters, it should have an effect on you, just as it has an effect when the big boss is raping you (an effect, not the same effect necessarily).

      • the sole fun in a hgame, compared to regular porn, is the interaction.
        I get to say what the girl does and I can either decide to let her get raped or to let her get through this unharmed.

        I don’t think interaction is necesarily the be all, personally I find interaction to be the less engaging part, that is the enemy grabs, so it’s really a matter of preference.

        Also, you deciding what would happen to the character would be precisely the problem since what I was saying was not from the point of view of the player, but from the characters’, as a character I doubt they would gladly accept to be raped since that’s precisly what they are trying to avoid, again, this is all from a story perspective, I never talked about player input or gameplay.

        is that choosing to let the girl get raped leads almost all the time to failure the h content has to be included into the game, not slapped on when you fail.

        Well, not to be a bummer but that’s only a part of the game, the part I’m talking about is not that part, but again, the story part; as in the progression dictates what will happen to the characters, not your input or the game over screens, I don’t think every hgame has to abide by the same rules, I would like to try something different at some point, but again, it’s just an idea.

      • @Vosmug

        For this new idea you have are we talking GoR (Game over Rape) Concept art,

        Rape Animation followed by GoR concept art

        or just a rape animation followed by a simple game over screen?

        I don’t think I’ve seen any game over screens from you (that are like all the hentai rpg’s out there) but I think it would be interesting

      • That is why I am advocating the idea of all sex having an impact on your character.

        I see that as a very different kind of game with a different approach, it’s intersting actually, but as you said it would require way more work. I don’t know if I would like to go there.

      • @Darkgoola

        I’m not talking about any of that actually, what I mentioned was pretty much a sprite based visual novel with gameplay, kind of. If there are any GoR stuff would be just the same but with way less frequency.

      • Also, you deciding what would happen to the character would be precisely the problem since what I was saying was not from the point of view of the player, but from the characters’, as a character I doubt they would gladly accept to be raped since that’s precisly what they are trying to avoid, again, this is all from a story perspective, I never talked about player input or gameplay.

        I think that is the wrong mindset to begin with. I understand your intention in the way that you want to have a “real” story. But if you think that through, that would mean that you have to depict real girls in a real scenario getting raped for real. Something that doesn’t turn me on at all and is certainly not what I’m trying to find in games. I am looking for an alternate reality where things happen that would not happen that way in our world, like girls accepting rape as something they don’t want to, but ultimately don’t really care about and something they want to get over with.

        For me, the story doesn’t have to make sense by real world standarts, it just has to be coherent in itself. If I would think any different, I’d not say that the KLK story is one of the most entertaining ones I’ve ever seen.

        In a game I want to be the guy who is constantly whipsering into the girl’s, who doesn’t want to get fucked, ear: “But wouldn’t it be nice to be fucked by him?”, playing devil’s advocate.
        You should certainly see the player as the character and think about what happens if the character is accepting the rape, because that’s where the fun lies.
        I want to see what happens if the girl is giving herself up to the enemies.

      • But if you think that through, that would mean that you have to depict real girls in a real scenario getting raped for real

        No no no, now you’ve taken it too far, I’m still talking about a fantasy scenerio where rape is still considered bad but not life shattering bad, in essence that wouldn’t change. I certainly don’t want to go there at all.

        I think you misenterpret the mindset I’m taking, it’s still very much a “game dev” point of view, is not so much about realism and more about execution and consistency. Note all of this is story based, when you talk about being the player convincing the character we are already talking about different things, and in essence different games.

        Also, seeing the player as the character, seems to be a fundamental difference in preference, I believe there’s two schools of thought on this: One is taking the role of the character, and the other one is basically being a Lakitu, being just a witness of the character’s journey; in general I like the second one more unless the difference is made more clear with a character creator. If the character already has an established background and personality I prefer to be an invisible mute companion than the actual character, in this case the whisperer approach you mentioned is actually kind of perfect. But again that’s preference and is not worth fighting over.

      • I believe there’s two schools of thought on this: One is taking the role of the character, and the other one is basically being a Lakitu, being just a witness of the character’s journey

        For me, that is the difference between a game and a movie. The games I liked the most were those, where I can identify myself with the character, where I can act as the character.

        And in a hgame, I want to be the slut, not the one who doesn’t want to have sex at all.

      • Anonymous Says:

        So by that logic a JRPG with an annoying character that you cannot identify with it’s a movie. FFX it’s a movie.

  28. The whole comments section here is pretty crazy, so I’m not going to dive in to it. What I will say is if I were making an H-game, I’d be in the same boat regarding the stuff you’d exclude. Anal doesn’t interest me, suffering is a turn-off, dirty-talk is corny at best and as you said, close-ups aren’t necessary with the quality of the sprites – though a zoom function wouldn’t go amiss – it’d be an easy way for people who want them to get them without you having to put extra work in to the art, but there’s the whole alternate angles thing too. Anyway, I would bet that it’s the “loud majority” who’s particularly divided on this topic while the people who are fine with it aren’t going to kick up a fuss.

  29. Off topic, but I don’t remember seeing this attack in Xenotake, was it scrapped?

  30. You’re awesome man. Keep doing your stuff because the things you enjoy are probably things we all enjoy too.

    Also I played the GHV demo. I’d like if you were able to leave the glove behind after you lose it and go on without it. I’d like to be able to embrace being a ghost sex slave

  31. Hey vosmug, when will the game will release? Is it too late to give you an idea? I have 1, dildo strap-on. Maybe there’s a scene where all girls need to wear these in order to proceed, creating a love train, walk through a barrier or a force field…

  32. Hey guys, I decided to create a sex spectrum just to know what’s really out there and where they all fit in.

    I’ve tried my best with the categories, though I could use some help filling it up especially in the medium and hardcore categories.

    So I have a question for you guys, looking at the list, where do your tastes lie and why?

    Also fun fact, as of now GHV has 5 animations, three medium core ones and 2 softcore ones meaning as GHV stands right now it’s 60% Medium Core and 40% Softcore.

    Of course, this is all subjective and I want to get more opinions if people agree where the sex categories are under.

    • Anonymous Says:

      In my opinion, penetration and scat stuff could be moved from guro to hardcore stuff since they don’t directly lead to bodily harm or death.

      Also, I hope there won’t be any defecation stuff in this game. That’s an instant boner killer for me.

    • You see… to me Nipple pen.. Would be going into Medium-core. Vag-pen, anal-pen tit-job would go in softcore.. Douple pen in Medium.. Scat & Defecation In Hardcore(Though I dislike this..) And.. well.. that would be my Chart of what you just posted. 😮

      • Though for nipple pen.. its because it became that underwhelming/Normal to me.. I could see it in Hardcore for other people though.. (Dang no edit button~)

    • Well, i think whipping can vary based on how strong or with what you whip.
      As for my tastes… almost all till medium core and first 3 from hardcore… Also some things from BDSM (yup, i’m bdsm fan)

    • A lot of these can over-lap in to one another. Nipple-penetration, scat, urination, inflation, oviposition, large-penetration, ryona would fit into a category between hardcore and guro imo.
      My preference is for all “soft-core” stuff, with penetration, bondage etc with a bit of pregnancy/inflation (though I don’t enjoy this as the main focus). Anything more extreme, can’t deal with because pleasure would be completely over-ridden. With regards to nipple/umbilical penetration, they’re physically impossible as displayed in most hentai, in reality it’d be extremely painful and bloody – blood being something else I hate seeing in sex, even in regards to a character losing their virginity. A bit of pain: light whipping, spanking, the odd needle isn’t so bad but when it crosses the line to actual bodily harm, again, nah.

    • Update on the spectrum, let me know what you think!

    • Guro shouldn’t have so many items under it, I would call that last category “Extreme” or something, but that’s just me.

      • Updated the link.

      • According to the spectrum, you balanced out Xenotake superbly.

        Mediumcore is the slight majority, though that’s good since it’s the most common category.

        Softcore is in there more than I expected it to be which is great

        And hardcore is the minority, which I believe is a good thing, you still have it in there, but it’s not in your face.

      • My calculations so far using this Spectrum on a few popular hentai games


        SOFTCORE: 35%

        MEDIUMCORE: 45%

        HARDCORE: 20%


        Angel Girl

        SOFTCORE: 28%

        MEDIUMCORE: 57%

        HARDCORE: 14%

        These games seem to be following a common trend, majority medium-core, followed by softcore, followed by a sprinkle of hardcore.


        Grimhelm (Darkstar)

        SOTCORE: 31%

        MEDIUMCORE: 65%

        HARDCORE: 4%

        Seems to be majorly mediumcore, lots of room for expansion into other categories IMO.



        SOFTCORE: 15%

        MEDIUMCORE: 38%

        HARDCORE: 46%



        SOFTCORE: 20%

        MEDIUMCORE: 40%

        HARDCORE: 40%

  33. I’m not reading all of that, I’ll start from the sex spectrum. My tastes lie with kissing and everything with breasts, along with Ryona.

  34. Wow, a lot of feedback, awesome!

    I’m going to be updating the spectrum tonight. Just to clarify, the reason why there’s a lot of categories in guro that might also belong in Hardcore is because Guro also encompasses all things bizarrely gross, not just whether or not it inflicts damage / pain / death.

    So far, I’m going to be:

    – Adding Tit Job to Softcore

    – Adding Paddling to Medium Core

    – Adding Lubed Anal Pen to Medium Core

    – Adding Rough Anal Pen to Hardcore

    – Adding water works to Hardcore

    • elevator88 Says:

      Do this chart justice and people will use it as an example for ages. Also does torture go into disfiguration?

      • Torture could go into a lot of categories depending on what the result of the act is.

        Ryona / Whipping / and in extreme cases , Guro categories is what you’re probably looking at.

        But in more intimate torture that is not meant to harm such as candle wax and spanking that’s leaning more towards softcore / medium core.

  35. What is the reason you’re making this chart again?

    • I’m making this chart to be used as a reference for both h-artists and h-developers. Some might disagree saying one category belongs somewhere else, but at least many of the sex categories are laid out in roughly the area the belong.

      I know I sure will be using this chart when I commission some h-content soon.

  36. 6DarkRaven9 Says:

    Well besides this place turning into Youtube/Reddit I have to agree on anal being awesome, after trying it many years ago I can’t help but get majorly aroused, go figure a gal can like it even though in media we’re portrayed as stuck up *itches who fear it lol. Sorry you don’t like it.
    The image, I see pregnancy?

  37. wow i love it, nice that we both dislike the same fetishes for the same reason
    I also cant stand gore, stomach expanding or scat
    mainly because i cant the protagonist suffer pain and i cant connect pain/blood/pee or shit with sexuality
    i do love your game(s), even though the characters get violated, because it is about sexual stimulation and pleasure while fighting the enemies

    the point about “if you wouldnt like my games, you wouldnt be here to read this comment” i cant agree. For example i am still following the “toffi” who made some great games, however i couldnt enjoy any of his recent games becuase they were futanari only but still check out his homepage here and then

  38. Anonymous Says:

    wow this was unbearable to scroll through… move the reply box up? to teh top? plz?

    a thought: instead of showing recoil when some shaft is shoved up in there, the depth of it looks painful. i know this, just trust me.
    i was thinking, maybe you could use the mass of the tentacle as a mode for her to recoil
    get what i’m sayin?
    instead of a thin dick shooting up there and her bouncing from it (looks painful), use a big one so it seems like the massive one going so deep is what it is, rather than a needle stabbing her uterus.

    that had to be said. just thought it should be known.

    another thing, besides dialogue being horrifically long, i think this could be like a ryuko-senketsu relationship between clothing and girl? no? ^-^ sounded fun.

    last thing, the ghosts that aren’t humanoid… i think you could go all out with it just being some random bunch of organs thrown together with an unquenchable thirst for love nectar. instead of being simplistic.
    i’m not trying to make sprites harder. i’m saying have fun with the scary graphic non-humanoid ghosties. :3

    love ya, vos. this doesn’t go unappreciated. remember that when your arthritis starts acting up ❤

  39. Anonymous Says:

    So bad… anal could be nice in your game…

  40. I just wanted to get your guys’s opinion on this animation done by Eluku for the game Fairy Fighting, I think the responses will be interesting.

    Now, I’m probably the most softcore person you will ever meet, and according to the spectrum that I created, this animation has both hardcore and extreme elements, but for some reason, I see it as a softcore animation, probably because of my own interpretation, some other people might interpret it differently but that’s why I wanted to ask you guys.

    When I look at this animation, yes I see scat, yes I see waterworks but for some reason I’m just not grossed out, like at all. What I see is a gross monster sucking out what it needs in order for it to live, and the reason why I’m perfectly okay with it absorbing the fairies excrements is because it’s a gross monster and frankly, I would expect anything else for it to consume. Now, if it were another humanoid of some kind absorbing the excrements, it would be an entirely different story.

    Now, if you can get passed whether or not you find it gross or not, there’s still one other element to this animation which may or may not turn you away from it, is the fairy being hurt? Is the scat and waterworks being forced out of her so hard that she is being hurt and his is indeed a hardcore / extreme animation regardless of whether or not you find the scat and waterworks gross.

    Personally, I’d like to think she’s not being hurt and it’s actually relieving for her to have the scat and urine out of her system, as Shrek once said “Better out than in I always say!” So if you think of it that way, this animation which looks super extreme and hardcore, is surprisingly softcore and…. pleasurable?

    idk, that’s my take on it, what do you guys think?

    • Anonymous Says:

      This should count as spam and you’re kind of a hypocryte, you can remove the scat and it would be normal, so the fact that you’re ok with it even thhough it’s completely unnecesary makes you a hypocrite. You can have the same animation anywhere else without the scat, why single out one that has it as ok?

      • Not sure how it counts as spam, I’m trying to get peoples opinion on hentai content in a hentai game blog.

        And I explain why I’m okay with scat in that particular animation since it has a very, very specific context, maybe you should ready what I actually posted rather than jump to conclusions?

    • this statement I think really elucidates (to me) the fact that a list like the one you’ve made can probably never be categorized like this, since its all going to be subjective, I mean. if you find scat to not be extreme in this context, who’s to say anyone would find anything in the extreme category, at least if we stick to the “blood and guts” definition of Guro, then we’ve got something we can really nail down, a definition we can actually stick to, but by use the “sexual grotesqueness” sort of definition of Guro, then the list becomes useless, I think, and I think the same is true by calling it “extreme-core” or whatever, it opens the list up to subjective opinion, and is no longer as useful.

      I say AS useful, since word definitions reflect usage, so I suppose it could be said that if enough of a majority shared your opinion, then scat might very well not be labeled as extreme.

      but then I’m being a bit unfair, you didn’t say scat is not extreme, you said this particular instance of scat is not extreme (to you). In which case, this again brings back the point of the importance of context, in the circumstance of a rape fantasy, someone might find that appealing or erotic, even when they might not feel the same way when witnessing what they believe is an actual rape.

      I would say the animation is probably stimulating, but I wouldn’t say that she finds it pleasing, if she could she’d probably much prefer to not be in that situation.

      • Should have proofread that, I’m a moron.

      • There are animations in that game that involve cunnilingus, but it’s still against her will, so whether or not she wants it her body still finds it pleasing, so that’s why I’m unsure if this particular animation involves any pain or not.

        I believe the spectrum I created is good for the majority of hentai, then you have weird ass people like Eluku doing things like this which kind of flip the spectrum on it’s head, but that’s fine since Eluku does things that no one else does haha.

        That’s why I brought this animation up, because it was so unique and out of the box, I really didnt know what to make of it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      unless a person has a shit fetish im pretty sure most people would be against poop. are you retarded? never mind i can already tell

      • You look at shit every single day in the toilet, do you, my friend have a shit fetish? Stop looking at shit in the toilet if you don’t.

    • You didn’t take into account that the monster is grabbing her, probably squeezing her very hard. She may not be hurt from the ‘sucking’ but from the holding her up she will be hurt by that.

      Oh and because it is an animation ofcourse she will not have any wound marks at all.

      • I’ve come to the conclusion that the amount of reverse force that vacuum would have to be to give someone an anal evacuation and force piss out would have to be immense and not relieving or pleasurable at all, but hey, I think it was worth at least discussing.

      • Anonymous Says:

        holy fuck dark you really are stupid.POOP isnt sexy.

      • holy fuck dark you really are stupid.POOP isnt sexy.

        I don’t think the argument was whether or not it was sexy, but rather where on his spectrum something like that would fall.

        I’d say it would be up to a interpretation, but then I don’t find the spectrum list particularly useful precisely due to the fact that people will always interpret it differently.

      • I believe the spectrum is useful for the majority of hentai, it’s just when you get into crazy fantasy shit like this you don’t know what the hell is going on.

        There was some animations in Xenotake where I had trouble placing on the spectrum, for example this one:

        To me, I interpreted this animation as the player just simply being held. If it was some sort of death squeeze then she would be wrapped up higher than just her waist.

        There was no category for “holding” since the spectrum only specifies acts common in hentai, and since Xenotake and Fairy Fighting are fantasy games, there are going to be things depicted that are not going to fall on the spectrum because they’re out of the box and really open to interpretation.

        I ended up placing this animation at “Softcore” because there’s quite literally nothing happening apart from the fact that she’s being held.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Vosmug!
    The music used for the introduction is very well chosen.
    Don’t you want to put one in the main menu?

  42. Anonymous Says:

    I wish some of the people here would just move to a forum or something

  43. Air Horn Holster Says:

    Hey Vosmug, what would you want the best part of your game to be?

    • I know it’s kind of counterintuitive for a game but I would like characters and story to be appealing enough to drive you through. Obviously the rest is important, so animations and gameplay should be close.

  44. Well it seems like I’m late to the party.

    Dropping my two cents, I’d like to support you in pratically all your no-no.
    And even on the supposed “dualism” of fetishes, you may remember that one of my first post on your blog was to request that the H-animations of Prisonkage had a lethal outcome.

    Still I do not like see the characters amputated or suffering, but the contrary (I’m a big fan of “Monster Girl Quest” after all).
    Weird uh? Or maybe not.

    But to sum it up: do whatever you feel like it can be fun. We will enjoy it for sure.

    • Oh yah, then I said I was going to remove the H part and leave only the lethal part and then everybody got mad at me.

      Fun times.

    • Is there amputation or suffering in monster girl quest?

      I like lilith stuff but they go too far sometimes, is best to mentally pick and block accordingly, I think.

      • Your Vosmug fan Says:

        I also a big fan of MGQ too but I remember there ‘re no any kind of amputation even among girls themselves. (but some kind of ‘lethal outcome’ among them like vore or eaten-stuff still there)

        By suffering might mean to a situation that protagonist got force against his own will, even with overwhelming feeling but he doesn’t enjoy from heart at all. thus, make him suffer inside (and outside …literally). something like this maybe ?

        about Prisonkage …. well you know, I’m not in this kinda game myself so I think I have no comment about that ‘XD. But can’t help and feel sorry for you man. Some lewd people just got their heart content destroyed (me too) but I never felt any mad or anger toward you — there’re tons of H games out there why must I mad to one got call off ? so many H game call off too and there’re nothing we can do about it. just kinda feel ….deplore or something like that, hell some even delay about years and finally got cancel, talk about sad day lolz

        But hey you know what, some of my friends love them! Mostly fans of Phobia franchise gonna love that work man. I’m sure of it.

        I still cheering you up with this current game though (and along with your art style) Keep up the good work!

  45. Anonymous Says:

    You’ll do great Vosmug! Keep it up!

  46. breast smother 😀

  47. Darkgoola Says:
    August 29, 2015 at 5:14 am
    The animation yes, but if i remember correctly, if you’re not fast enough, the tentacle take you under the liquid and it’s game over. (though no clarification of what happens to MC next)

  48. Oh and
    Darkgoola Says:
    August 26, 2015 at 4:44 am
    Specialy tried this boss fight and saw it myself

  49. hello vosmug, how are you? how is the work going progress wise? are the sprites or dialogue done?
    sorry i dont know if the question was asked before

    • Nope, still working on it. This thing is going to take a while more.

      I’ll let everyone know if there is important progress.

      • not him, but thanks Mr. V.

      • Oh.. sweet.. I was about to post something about potential Month of release.
        Though.. you saying its going to take a while more is like “Uh.. I guess it might not release This September.”

        So.. here’s my question.. Do you think you might be close to completion in november ? Cause im saving up my money to buy this, but I also wanna go and buy something else.. so I wanna juggle and judge just.. what I should get first.

      • November… yeeesh.. I mean October.. Sorry for the wrong month.

      • Not even november probably, truth is I don’t know, I’m going at my own pace without rushing or anything like that, I’m not setting deadlines, that never ends well.

  50. (there wasn’t a Reply button. )

    I see~ ! Well I just wanted to know ^^ ! And indeed.. going at your own pace without rushing anything is the right pace and rhythm. Its just that recently in august Towards the middle/End of the month You said you were about 50-80% done. So I was hoping on those.

    Regardless Im patiently impatiently Waiting for the game xD Thanks for the reply Vosmug~ !

    • Sure, that number is correct but you have to put that number into perspective, as an example if you are 6 months into writing a book, and you say you are at 50% completion, it is safe to assume it could take you other 6 months to finish that other 50%.

  51. Just wanted to say that I love these kind of screenshots. Seeing all the technical is really neat.

  52. Whatever you do, don’t release it in the same time period as the next Fallout game.

  53. Air Horn Holster Says:

    Hey Vosmug, do you worry about originality much?

    • In which sense?

      Gameaply/mechanincs wise, I think so yeah, I don’t really like the usual platformer style so I won’t do that, probably ever, who knows, also I want to try different genres and mechanincs in the future, I guess that counts.

      Content/grapchis wise, not really, there’s only so much you can do with sex related content, things eventually will repeat and look similar to somthing else, the context and execution will change, but the actual content is bound to be similar to everything done before.

  54. A new game demo from Grimhel, the creator of “Dark Star”

    Looks fantastic and there’s a fine playable demo in the last blog entry (underneath all the pictures), but the gameplay suffers from easily-fixable mechanics in such an obvious way – it’s painful to watch!

    1) No post-hit invincibility. If you character is down, as soon as she gets up, she get hit again. Immediately. Or captured. Which leads to the second problem:

    2) long and tedious capture animations that are unskippable. The hero is captured by the tentacles a lot, and as great as that sounds, when you are forced to see it 5 times in a row (not an exaggeration), with animation of 10 seconds each, it’s annoying, frustrating and oh so unnecessary.

    Both these problems have been pointed out to the author countless time on his blog. By many fans of his beautiful work.

    As a result, his gameplay is mediocre at best, without the need to be this way. No story makes it boring.

    I actually played Parasite and Xeno / Ghost hunter demo twice, because that was fun on its own.

    On the other hand, this gorgeous looking demo I barely muddled through.

  55. A Fellow Daydreamer Says:

    Newfag here, but big fan of XT. I particularly liked all of the breast play animations in it, from the breast sucking flea monster thing to the yuri content with the MC’s superior. It was a bit short, but the boss fights were fun so I felt the length allowed the game to be more re-playable, so not too bad a thing imo. I really enjoyed the combat of both games so far, not too fast, not too slow. Milking the main character’s breasts for this energy she has might be fun to see.

    Question though, do you have a Patreon Vosmug? I’m willing to support you and your team to see more of your games release quicker, I feel like DLsite needs more RoR games like yours. No pressure of course, keep up the fun! Sorry for my poor English.

    • A Fellow Daydreamer Says:

      Whoops, just saw my question answered in an earlier comment, forgive me for spamming. Holy shit there are a lot of comments.

      • Indeed lol, also I want your opinion on something.

        Those flee / worm / leech things you were talking about, would you say the one on her pussy was sucking her pussy or trying to penetrate it?

        I would like to think it was sucking on it because I’m a fan of oral before anything else.

      • A Fellow Daydreamer Says:

        You mean those leech/slugs that pile on the MC of XenoTake? I guess oral too? I liked the way many of those animations were done. Reminds me of Angel Girl’s little succubus that milked the angel girl for her health to go down. Pretty sexy!

    • The thing about patreon is that it doens’t feel right, I don’t want this to become a job, I’m doing it mostly as a hobby and a potential extra source of income but I don’t want to feel it has obligations attached. Having the pressure of money invested before hand just doens’t feel right and would create an actual obligation to customers which I don’t feel comfortable having right now.

      Maybe in the future if this becomes a full time thing, but not for now.

  56. Vosmug,will you do more demo,or next version will be release?

  57. Will nude mode have small differences with dialog, cutscenes, and animation?

  58. I just thought about something I would really like to see and that is a “bad ending”. Basically an ending where Vena stays behind to distract the ghosts, so that the others can escape, or something like that. If that ending yields one or two more animations, including a corrupted Vena with some kinky, explanatory text, that would be perfect in my opinion.

    • Just know that the release of the game would be pushed back if that gets implemented and the storyline may have to get altered.

      Then again that would also allow for replay-ability, just like Mass Effect! Oh and mark down the date of November 10 2015, that is when Starcraft LOTV and Fallout 4 come out!

  59. I’ll probably be one of those very few people who’ll say that your game is awesome the way it is and it certainly doesn’t need any specific additional fetishes added to it

    • you probably could have worded that better, you make it sound like everyone who isnt in your group is unhappy with the game. which is highly unlikely.

  60. It’s just my opinion, but maybe you should release another demo so everybody can take a second look to the game and it’s new features.

    • stop begging for free stuff

      • I’m not beeging, but if you see it like this, then I’m sorry 😀

        I just wanted to say, that with a second look we can see what descision Vosmug has maken with our comments to the game.

        Do you maybe know what I mean? 😀

    • There are no new features that I can remember.

    • Thinking about it there will have to be another demo, the one that is the closest to the final product in gameplay changes and balancing and the one that will be uploaded to dlsite and stuff, so yeah there will be, but most likely at the very end when said changes and balance is complete, I haven’t done any of that since I’ve been mostly doing sprites and animations.

      • that’s good to hear, but im sure most of us will buy it regardless if there’s a demo

      • Hm. I’m just the same guy from September 15, 2015 at 3:56 pm and the one who’s Reply on FBI’s comment …
        Call me Kirito-kun? xD

        Maybe you shouldn’t release the demo to close to the final product, because when the demo is to close to the end game, there would be no fun to play the hole game again just to see the ending.

        Take your time with your stuff and keep up the good work 😀
        Thank you for working on it Vosmug ^^

  61. If your able to please please please have an option to remove that bloated stomache thing. Maybe in an update after the game releases so it doesnt add more time.

  62. seems the comments section has finally calmed down, time for a new post Vossy g!

  63. I agree with all of your opinions except for anal, I just love me some anal.

  64. Hi, i didn’t found any open threads other than this to ask u Vosmug, if you’d be interested in translating your games to spanish, and if so , would you pay for it?

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