OVE is evor too

img094Hello, non-update about nothing coming through.

So yeah about that, these past few weeks have been quite bad, I haven’t been able to move as fast as I would like but it’s going, I haven’t been feeling well and I get tired faster, mainly because I usually go to sleep late and have had to get up early recently, that sucks.

The results of the previous poll were interesting, It’s cool to see that a vast majority played the game to the end, wasn’t really expecting that but I’m just too cynical I guess, also xenotake felt short to me, but that’s because I played it so much I can’t give an accurate judgment, there’s also a big number saying it was too short, hopefully this one will be a bit longer.

And I realized I’m super rusty for pen and paper which is worse due to carpal thingie whatever it’s called, I noticed it before but it’s way worse with actual pen and paper, I think I said that before, but it’s gotten worse, is not fun at all.

Don’t know what else to say, don’t have much else to say about the game since right now and for a while more I’ll be doing just sprites, animations and backgrounds.

And… uh… EVO was kind of awesome too… that’s worth mentioning.

Similar to the conversation and comments about game length and stuff last post, let me know if you want to have a specific topic for next post, I ran out of ideas already.

See you next time.



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  1. Anonymous Says:

    That second picture… I cant wait to see my creepy crawly in action!

  2. Hmmmm… It might be interesting to write something about the design of enemies and stuff, I think it is quite interesting to design and animate weird creepy sexing ghosts. Maybe where you get inspiration and so on?
    *Ugh, not sure if I actually want to know*

    • That would be a pretty short talk, there’s not really much inspiration, I just do whatever I think first, the idea for this game was that all enemies needed to be human ghosts, from people that lived in the house, servants, maids, guests, etc, the user submitted enemies disrupted that concept a bit though, but I forced them to work, except that head with tentacles, I have no idea how to make that into a person.

      • Also, the fact that enemies are ghosts makes it easy for tentacles and limbs to appear out of nowhere with transparency, it doens’t look that bad and it makes sense I guess, it’s easier to animate that way.

  3. That second picture is very erotic for me… And does the first pic also mean we won’t play as a non H-able character this time around?

    Maybe as a poll or just in the comments, ask people what part they liked best/least of Xenotake. I can’t remember if you did that before though.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    so the F button makes her masturbate. How about having the F button also make Vena strip herself to masturbate. why have a ghost strip her if she could do it herself? That or have her masturbate with her cloths on.

    • I was thinking about that, you will need it at some point, having to look for a ghost to strip when you need it s kind of dumb, though most people will use it when is not needed, but yeah.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I kind of agree about being able to masturbate with clothes on. Needing to find a ghost to strip might make for some unneeded backtracking. Plus, clothed masturbation is pretty hot, though that would also probably make for another sprite that needs to be drawn and animated

      • Anonymous Says:

        Will the self stripping be the glove ripping her cloths off or vena stripping herself? Having them both at random would be great but that would add more time on animations huh 😦

      • Shhh spoilers… I thought about the glove, we’ll see.

  5. DerPeter Says:

    My body is ready. I hope we get more of these posts with small tidbits to keep us hyped! 🙂

  6. Footguy Says:

    Conversation for next post…I agree with what A suggested. You realized that we all played Xenotake to the end, you should find out why.

    What is it about Xenotake that made us play to the end? Which part did we enjoy the most and the least? Get to know why it was successful and why you have so many followers who keep coming back.

    If you put up some kind of competition, you get heaps of entries to say the least. I can tell you what part it is for me but that is for a topic of the next post.

  7. orexius Says:

    If you’re feeling carpal tunnel, try out this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUyMNyrOHJQ , it’s a bunch of exercises to help with it. Another thing to try would be a 5 minute break every hour or so at the computer, to walk around and do some full body stretches.

    • Thanks, I’ll check it out.

    • A lot of tingling sensations in the hands are caused by muscles in the back and shoulders pinching nerves actually. A good set of deep tissue massages and being aware of your desk posture will do wonders. F* surgery.

      • Is not really that though, it’s mostly a sharp pain in the base of the thumb, it becomes almost crippling after a few hours.

  8. Orbs?
    Push Enter to enter Orbs menu while you’re being raped… XD

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t rush youself if you need rest then rest, if u feel likde doing something else then do something else. There is no release date so no rush.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I started to see this game that you are making and i really liking it, keep up the good work.But i gonna know something really important… what is the name of this game??? i can’t find the name anywhere, please tell me the name of the game. Thanks

  11. anonymous Says:

    Now I kind of feel sorry for the robot.

  12. Fingers crossed the ghost in the preview does missionary.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I cannot -wait- for this to release x .x; and give you my money for this xD

  14. Footguy Says:

    I’m still looking beyond this, waiting for the day he returns to Prisonkage.

  15. Excellent work! Truly.

    How can I help and show gratitude? Maybe send some money your way?

    If there is a PayPal transfer or any other way to donate – please let me know! I am sure I am not the only one who would like to contribute.


    • Being patient is enough and helps more than you think.

      Thanks for your interest.

      • Sounds good 🙂 In any case, just wanted to say Thank You for all your massive and creative work. Kudos, man!

        If you change your mind – just let me know. Would be happy to contribute.

  16. Mr. Manguy Says:

    About game length: this video should say it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyFSbm79uBY

    • “Extra Credits” are the most thorough and meaningful commentary and professional critique of the gaming industry I have ever seen. Great animated presentation too. I’ve been watching these guys for years.

    • Yeah, aside from their more social justicey videos, I agree with them most of the time.

      • Fair enough.
        Can’t say I personally think of social justice when I hear about Extra Credits, hence just out curiosity: which of their videos are you referring to?
        Because I can’t remember any off the bat.

        Personal favorite: “Beyond fun”

        and the X-Com stuff

      • I’m a jaded cynical bastard so anytthing I say about it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but stuff like “Hatred is about sadism, no redeeming purpose, no value” and “games helps us explore and understand bla bla bla”, everything that has to do with mechanincs and actual development is great but when they go into moral, philosophical and social stuff is just… sigh… I’ve never liked any of that in the first place, so don’t take my word for it.

        Also even though I mostly agree with that “fun” video, the way they say it to me sounds pretentious as all hell, but hey, whatever, who cares.

  17. Dat Tebayo Says:

    Hey man , what is it for ? https://vosmug.wordpress.com

  18. Anonymous Says:

    EVO was… probably better as a transition into the last fight. I guess I just wanted to see the main girl in action again. 😛

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Wheres the glove in the second screenshot :o?

  20. annoymous21323 Says:

    So is the game almost done?
    and ih eard you run out of ideas eh? well for the next game if you are done with this one how about a game where the female protagonist will remain fully naked ,unbraided hair and barefooted the rest of the game while battling enemies maybe have it take place in a spaceship where she is abducted or traveled to a different world .
    What do you think?

    • Anonymous Says:

      This again?

    • Nope, not almost done at all. And I think you misunderstand when I said I ran out of ideas, I said topic ideas not game ideas. It will happen eventually but I doubt it will be a full game based on only that premise, more like a minor mechanic or a specific section, there’s asimilar section in this game, that could do it.

      • annoymous21323 Says:

        Really oh sorry about that ,well at least you almost like it that i hope you can make that game based on my idea when you finished that ghost hunter game by the way if you are almost ran out of topic ideas maybe i can help how about a final level where the protagonist vena remain fully naked during the final boss fight and have an ending where vena and the girls who escape from the haunted house are safe and are glad they are survived only to realize in shock they are still naked including the fraud female ghost hunter who is naked as well but in embarrassment.

        Do you think you can add that to that game

  21. When I first saw Xenotake, I was sure that it is a studio (team) project: attention to details in animation is impressive, considerable variety and creative design of monsters, the actual story that does not feel like an afterthought but as original inspiration, and so on.

    Comparing this to other artisan games in the genre such as “DARK STAR” or even fantastic “Parasite in City”, Xenotake feels much more polished overall.

    Really, really cool.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you think that. I wouldn’t say that myself because that would be utterly pretentious and because I can’t see past the flaws most of the times. Animation wise though, Parasite has a pixel art charm that’s not easy to top imo, maybe by Dystopia Story games, but both are great. I haven’t checked Dark Star, I’m not very familiar with it, all I know is that CG style sprites are difficult to animate.

      • Right, not exactly vector Flash…

        DARK STAR blog and screens:

        Fun shooting platformer, with stills being more attractive than the animated scenes.

        The animation is stiff, jerky and repetitive.

        He does have very nice art direction and backgrounds, all spacey with depth and pleasant effects. No tunnels or catacombs.

        I will check out Dystopia series, thanks!

        Parasite is fantastic! I bought game twice just to give the creator some initiative, but it seems like he is no longer developing. Sigh

      • Last time I checked there were sprites for a sequel for Parasite, updates come every 6 months or so. it takes a while. Dystopia Story is the name of the developer, their games are not action or platformers, they are mostly text based adventures with sprite characters in the background, their latest game is an angry birds clone for what I’ve heard I’m not sure, I haven’t checked that one.

  22. I’ve saw that you’re a bit out of ideas, because a bunch of reasons,
    so i’ve got a look in your previos page (vosmug.com) and saw this image..

    Maybe these enemies of prisonKage can serves as an inspiration for some enemies? maybe if you transform them(or some of them) in ghosts could work! (or no, who knows? 🙂 )

    • Ah, forget about what ive said, i misundertand something. Sorry.
      But well, what will be the role of the masturbation in the game? I’ve thinking if it can serves to remove some bad status(curse, for an exemple), what can make you slower, puffing, blushed and sweating (more than the nude status, disturbing the gameplay at the point you must masturbate to remove it) or draining health. Can be an good reason to use these function in the game!
      I thinks Vena is the sexiest character you’ve created so far!

      • Nah, it’s mostly a story device, not a gameplay mechanic, it’s used to lure ghosts in specific sections.

      • Wondering: why is it always has to be masturbation? In every H game – the same thing.

        If the girl wants to seduce or attract a ghoul or a monster (essentially a guy) there are oh so many other things she can do besides dropping to the floor and start rubbing herself: strike a sexy pose, have her hand follow the curves, unzip her top half-way…

        Got nothing against her masturbating per se, just saying that subtlety and originality go a long way, with less animation and twice the effect.

      • Good point, i’ve played PrisonKage yesterday (never played that before, that this is really good!) and i’ve saw that you can show your boobs to attach a little monster and transports him. Maybe you can use the masturbation to trigger some effect in a especific type of ghost to proceed in the game!

      • DerPeter Says:

        Yeah, I’m still a strong proponent of the heroine showing her breasts like in Prisonkage.

      • If the girl wants to seduce or attract a ghoul or a monster (essentially a guy) there are oh so many other things she can do besides dropping to the floor and start rubbing herself:

        Agree, but in this case those are the rules the ghost follow in the story, they are attracted to lewd, lusty stuff in a more supernatural, essence, ectoplasmic kind of way (if that makes any sense), that’s why I said it’s more like a story device than anything else, those other things could work if the enemies were more human and organic, but here it seems goofy to atract a ghost with just showing some skin, imo at least. With sex crazed aliens that could work though, so yeah, that could happen, who knows.

        Yeah, I’m still a strong proponent of the heroine showing her breasts like in Prisonkage.

        There will be at least one moment when that will happen, but again it will be story driven not available all the time, but then again, you don’t need to do anything especial to see boobs in this game so it’s kind of unnecessary, unlike prisonkage where nudity isn’t a main “feature” so it makes it more interesting and relevant.

      • DerPeter Says:

        In my opinion, there is a big difference between the heroine being forced to be naked, by enemies ripping her cloths apart, and the heroine stripping down voluntarily. The first formula can be found in many games, while the second is very rare (I actually have it seen only in Prisonkage). Not only is the first formula overused IMO, but it also applies a different mindset. While the first formula implies that the heroine wants to avoid being sexually harassed at any cost, the second formula implies that the heroine is accepting her fate and does what she has to do to survive (including giving herself up to the enemy).
        The second formula is a very interesting one and I wonder why no other game is even considering this formula.

        I’d like to give an example for the stripping down voluntarily formula, featuring the red ghost we seen in an earlier post.
        If the heroine is dressed, the ghost would just hit her and not bother to strip her of her cloths, ultimately leading to an game over screen, much like the leech in Xenotake, which would deal damage if you are armored, but would stick on to you and ultimately leading to an animation if nude. While the ghost is enraged (red), it is invincible.
        Now Vena can strip down, exposing her boobs, so that the ghost can play with them, calming it. The calmed ghost then can be hit and defeated.

        tl;dr: Vena showing her boobs voluntarily, in contrast to being “forced” to be naked, is awesome.

      • Seduce the ghost as to not to be attacked? Cool concept! Turn the vengeful ghost into a lusty one.

        Even if it does not get implemented, it’s just fun to think/talk about these things: how a relatively straight-forward platformer with sexy inserts may potentially have interesting and unexpected nuances, like what DepPeter suggested…

        Also just like to point out that the relationship between the girl and the magic, all-knowing sentient glove is a great idea! The glove is a weapon, a companion, a guide and a mystery in itself! And it can be amusing too, “not knowing” about human behavior and all. That’s awesome! Will it turn out to be perverted and eventually betray the trusting girl by turn into a monster you will have to fight? Sure seems monstrous enough.

        At the same time the glove looks original without bringing down the sexiness factor. In other games girls with guns, swords, lasers and battle axes has been overdone to death.

      • I see your point, that’s pretty good, I didn’t see it like that but that’s pretty much how it is for masturbation, you will need it to lure ghosts, she doesn’t want to do it but ultimately has to to advance, right? It has pretty much the same implications, only that I have it more plot focused than mechanic focused.

        I don’t know if that last part is a sugestion or just an example, but stuff like that at this point in development it’s a bit difficult, as always I need to finish other important stuff before thinking about adding unplanned mechanincs. Sorry, maybe but probably not.

      • DerPeter Says:

        One point I forgot to add was that if the heroine wants only to escape, when her cloths can only be ripped by enemies, the player usually wants to help the heroine to achieve that goal and get her to safety unharmed, which contradicts itself with the whole purpose of a h-game. Even if you choose to let the heroine be fucked, it still doesn’t add any mechanical meaning to being fucked. Being fucked does basically mean that the player has failed protecting the heroine.

        With the idea that the heroine strips down voluntarily, accepting her fate and that she will be sexually harassed, you can ship around that issue. Having sex can be made part of the mechanics, which lets the player having fun with the h element of the game while progressing through the game. For example how mechanics could work that benefit the player from being fucked, it could sometimes be wiser to let enemies have their way with the heroine than fighting them, in order to gain certain buffs from the enemies. Some enemies could be straight out invincible until they have been fucking something. It should not always be the best option though, the player should still be able to decide if he wants to fight or if he wants the heroine to get laid most of the time.

        The red ghost idea was both, a suggestion and an example. Masturbation to lure enemies in is a good start, but I think that it doesn’t carry the same notion of giving yourself up to the enemy as stripping down in front of them.

        Anyways, I like to hear that you are working with the idea.

      • I won’t mind trying something like that in a new game, but here is just too late to realistically try to add new mecahnics.

  23. I’ve a couple of questions:

    First: Well, in PrisonKage, when the heroine ducks, the animation flows very naturally, and her boobs bounce. i think that thing is very awesome. In vena, the duck is a lot simplier (if im incorrent is just 2 frames). Can you implement that sort of thing in Vena?

    Second, You’re thinking in add gameover CGs, or some kind of animation, showing the enemy raping you? (if you choses “no” in the continue screen)

    • 1. I don’t remember if it had more frames but I do believe it was slower, it’s on my list, I haven’t gotten to it yet, I don’t know if I’ll add frames but will add the bounce.

      2. Not really thinking about it, it’s too much already, NO is to go back to the main menu normally, instead whatever happens in there will change as the game progresses, for now it’s nothing since the idea is that the ghosts are still weak, tentacles and more stuff will happen in later parts, YES is to escape whatever is happening at the moment.

      • 1. Yes, that duck of PrisonKage was a bit more smooty. Thanks for considering Add the bounce! 🙂

        2. You could Add CGs as a kind of unlockable content, to be viewed in a gallery mode, that can be a worth thing! please consider adding it at someday, if you can!

  24. I haven’t played Prisonkage because of the brutality, I’ve only seen a few rape animations of the main character getting it cowgirl style, but I don’t know what the game over CG’s would include other than detailed shots of her getting chomped up lol

    • where? for the game? we’re talking about the same game?
      that thing doenst have rape (as far i know 🙂 )

      • Yeah, Prisonkage actually has rape animation. Look at the background you’ll see girls with dildos or whatever the fuck that is penetrating their vag

      • No it doesn’t, that’s an old non-canon version, the newest and real version it’s only a survival-ish game with lost of death and gore.

        and I’m pretty sure the version you’re taking about is one that somebody hacked, that doens’t even count.

  25. Fuck that robot.

    Stupid-ass robot.

  26. Vosmug, not sure why you deleted my post on the chocking thread, I thought we were having an intelligent conversation.

    • Didn’t delete it, if you post weird looking links it’s taken automatically as spam, I just saw it and approved it as not-spam, the same happened with the first comment you did yesterday,

  27. Mr.Stryder Says:

    I don’t know if someone already asked this, what kind of new monsters you will add in the game? Some like zombies, plants, spiders or will be focus just on ghosts? Also, will have any female-on-female h-animation?

    Btw, great game at the moment, your animations are really awesome, the graphics are beautiful too, can’t wait to see the next demo and also the finished game. Good luck and have a nice day.

    • A follow-up thought to Mr.Stryder’s comment.

      From what we have seen, the ghosts are essentially semi-transparent monsters: a semi-transparent guy, a semi-transparent hand, a semi-transparent octopus thing.

      But ghosts can posses things: people, animals and objects, right?
      As a suggestion for variety sake, maybe they can take control of one of the other girls. Or an insect. Or whomever.. Just makes their eyes turn white or red.

      Just the idea of lusty ghosts as protagonists is fantastic in itself because, well, anything goes! A ghost can look like anything, take control of anything and act as a daemon or as a wisp.

      Also, they can take any shape and fit anywhere ; )

      Again, I realize that just getting the project completed as it is without piling on any more concepts is a monumental task. These “suggestions” and “ideas” are more like open thoughts on the issue and the game’s future potential. In case there is GH Vera II, III, IV…

    • Just ghosts and Yes.

      I don’t think there’s going to be a next demo though.

    • The only female on female action thus far is Vena getting strangled to shit…unfortunately

  28. Hey vosmug, this may have been answered before but I was wondering how much of the communities opinion you take into account before making a decision and carrying on with either gameplay mechanics, art or animation.

    For example, the inclusion of that red bitch, I mean, red ghost you pretty well ended the “Lust Phase” of the game. I’m just wondering if in the future you would start up a discussion topic or even a poll that would allow your fans to share their opinions on where the game is headed.

    This doesn’t just have to be with additions of new characters that would change the tone of the game, (red ghost changed the tone of the game from hot to snuff) it can be with a ghost character type your thinking of, the attacks they do ect ect.

    Of course you’re not able to start up a new discussion thread for every single little thing you’re thinking of adding or changing in your game, but I think getting input from multiple people with different perspectives will make for a better product in the long run and will ensure that your execution phase (when you’re actually making the art & animation) is solid because you took the time in the pre-production phase.

    Also, if you’re looking for people to bounce ideas with back and forth I’d be ready and available. I’m on Skype, Steam and any other social media platform you can think of.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Odd question to ask, given that it seems evident by the fact that he responds to comments in the first place. though if I remember correctly his rationale behind the red (only kill, no sex) ghost was to add more monster variety without the burden of having to deal with animations for each of them, and on that note while I would certainly like to say that I’d want to see H animations for all of them, I also understand that I am no developer, and I know little of the kind of work that’s being asked for.

      Whenever I hear anyone ask about an ETA or how long each process takes, I typically hear that the sprites take the longest time, may even find a quote from Vosmug himself along those lines.

    • how much of the communities opinion you take into account before making a decision and carrying on with either gameplay mechanics, art or animation.

      Not much, I only take comments and suggestions that I like or that make sense according to what’s already established, plot/story wise and gameplay/mechanics wise, but not much, this game it’s still 98% of what it was at the beginning.

      I’m just wondering if in the future you would start up a discussion topic or even a poll

      I don’t think so; I don’t see that ending well, besides there’s no brakes to where the game is headed at this point in development (over a year in) there’s not many changes that can be done at this point. Even if that wasn’t the case though, I don’t take much user’s opinions to make important decisions, most people here, especially the ones following for a while know it by now, at least I hope so.

      That doesn’t mean I don’t read suggestions and take them into account, as anon said I’ve been answering to comments more than before, I take a lot into consideration, and there has been a lot of minor changes and additions taken from comments, but I make most of the important decisions by myself, I don’t see why I shouldn’t.

      As I told you before, death in this game is “video game death” the equivalent to falling down a pit or jumping on spikes, in this case the “red bitch” is one of those “video game deaths”, it’s not a graphic guro/snuff death as you seem to suggest.

      • I don’t think the “video game death’ was necessary.

        I’m assuming there will be more of these “red ghost” type enemies correct? You’re not just going to have one red bitch going around choking the character, there’s going to be other so called “threats”

        meaning more snuff scenes.

        As much as you’re trying to avoid the prisonkage route, this may be a blunt, in your face prisonkage, but it’s implied just as much.

      • May not be as blunt as prisonkage rather***

  29. He responds to questions yes, but the sole purpose of my question was to find out if Vosmug had any interest in hearing out the opinions of his fanbase before implementing an important change or begin working on it.

    I joined this blog late, actually yesterday, so I don’t know if there was a discussion thread on the red ghost and if the blog followers liked the idea or not, I’m just saying I think for the best outcome it would be best to hear what everyone had to say before implementing an important change.

    And this isn’t just about the red ghost, it can be with anything to do with GHV, be it game mechanics, story, characters animations ect.

    About the red ghost, I get that Vosmug wanted to save some time by doing a simple, few frame choking scene, but that could have been replaced with ANYTHING that didn’t change the tone of this game to what it originally was (Ghost Lust)

    • Anonymous Says:

      replaced with anything? like what?

      • Anything that doesn’t imply snuff?

        Vosmug said the screen will go black, and it will be a game over, I’m assuming leaving it up to interpretation on whether or not Vena is killed or not.

        How about not leaving it up to interpretation and not tieing this game with a so called “Video game death”

        What to replace it with? How about a pink fart gas cloud that puts Vena to sleep?

        Doesn’t seem threatening but has the same effect

    • I don’t think that’s what the game was originally about, from my point of view it is about some girls trapped in a ghost house, that’s it really, whatever happens from there on it’s almost fair game, sure it will be mostly sex but I wanted a real threat too. Death is the biggest threat I can think of.

      • I’m not sure what bigger “threat” there is other than to have a game over.

        Death was not needed, but okay.

      • We are talking about different things now, I mean a story related threat, not just a plain game over.

      • If you believe the red ghost is important for the story then I hope it turns out well, because you wouldn’t go through the trouble of making the art & animation if you didn’t think it was the best idea possible.

        I’m only going to be interested in the gallery anyway 🙂

      • That’s the thing, you don’t really care about the game itself, to me that’s the most imporant part, this was basically pointless.

      • I don’t think the conversations we had were pointless, I think it sheds a lot of light on where people stand when it comes to hentai games, and us being polar opposites but both loving hentai games is pretty interesting.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Next topic can just be a teaser about some work you recently finished. That’s all we need!

  31. Some development questions:

    1. What engine is the game on, and what is the reason for it to be on that engine? I know it’s not on the Unity engine, though it supports 2D I don’t think I’ve actually seen any hentai game on the Unity engine unless it was 3D

    2. I don’t know much about sprite animation, but I know sometimes you can save yourself a lot of time and splice up the character (legs, arms ect) and then layer them accordingly. This allows you to do a “Peg Leg” animation without having to draw each frame. Of course, you are very limited in what you’re able to animate without it looking stupid, but was just wondering if you were ever able to utilize this technique.

    3. I’m guessing you use either Sai or Photoshop for the art? What does it take do actually get an animation done from start to finish, I’m going to guess here:

    a) sketch out each frame

    b) fill in color for each frame

    c) combine and profit?

    • 1. Game Maker, only because it’s the only softwareI know how to use.

      2. I do use that technique for the characters faces, and sometimes enemies, indeed it looks terrible if you don’t try to polish it and leave it exactly as is (xenotake is guilty of this I admit), some people make it work and do interesting things with it, that’s why I use it less and less each time, would be awesome to move only to frame by frame but it’s a lot more work.

      3. Adobe Flash for sprites, 3ds max for backgrounds, basically I have a 3d dummy to keep the proportions and lines consistent and the animations as fluid as possible, animate it in max, then basically trace over each frame adding details, colors and stuff in flash, that’s pretty much it.

  32. I’ve heard of game maker, never used it though

    That’s interesting that you use it for the enemies, where most people aren’t concentrating on hehe ^^

    About the faces, I’ve noticed that you don’t focus much on emotion in your animations. For both Xenotake and GHV you add a bit of blush, and a standard surprised face. If there was an area I would recommend for you to improve on, it would most definitely be the faces, to try to convey more emotion, maybe even multiple emotions in the same animations.

    That’s cool you have 3DS Max experience, I, myself use Autodesk Maya for 3D modeling and uvmapping, not for anything 2D though you can see my portfolio here:


    I’ve done 3D animation with Norman, and it’s a pretty consistent workflow, key poses, breakdowns, polish ect. 2D animations seem much harder to me to wrap my head around since you don’t have a norman with an interactive rig to use, you have to MAKE norman yourself haha.

  33. Also, is game maker studio able to be uploaded to html and played on a website without the need of having to download the game?

  34. Can’t wait for the next update!

  35. Hey Vosmug, thought I’d give you some comment & critique on your animations from both Xenotake & GHV. You can take them as you will, but just thought I would give you my input as a hentai animation lover.
    For both Xenotake and GHV I’m going to exclude all critique that has to do with the face. Mostly because I believe it’s the weakest point in all of your animations and I don’t want to keep having to repeat myself. I find the faces, dry, dull emotionless and frankly repetitive. I would love to see more emotion from the player given the circumstances of the animation.

    I’m going to start with GHV as it’s your current project.



    My favourite animation from you for GHV by far. I love how smooth and crisp it is, the limbs are nicely bound and it makes sense why she can’t really do anything about the current situation. All she can do is look down and watch as the ghost plays with her breast.




    At first I thought I lost some framerate when I was uploading this animation, but when I went back to the game, and indeed for some reason the animation was choppy and not smooth like your first one. so there’s that.

    Although I like what’s being done to her, I feel it’s too similar to the first one in that it’s breast play. All that is different is that she’s being suspended. The breast play is fine, but I wish there was some sort of secondary pleasure going on such as some pussy rubbing or even double breast play.




    Frankly I’m not too sure what’s going on here. I think it’s some sort of penetration, being either anal or vaginal, I think you should have made it a bit clearer what is happening to her. Though I’m not a fan of penetration and will rarely post the ones that do include it, I am liking the originality of the ghost and the movements you have depicted. It’s some sort of ghost wall that grabs anything that comes near, I find that pretty hot. I am also liking the movement of the breasts a lot. I like how she is bound and cannot do anything to prevent the rape




    I’m not a fan of penetration, so when it happens in an animation it has to be something special, and this one is exactly that. I am delighted to see a change in emotion from that standard, dull “surprised” face. I can clearly see that she is tired, feeling helpless and very stimulated. I really like how the ghost tentacle thing going into her vagina is very thin, I despise thick penetration. I like how she is bound, arms up and behind her back fully exposing the breasts that I think you’ve drawn very well 🙂

    One minor criticism I would have is that you’ve done a good job keeping the limbs bound from resisting the rapes in the previous animations, but in this one, it feels a bit unrealistic, her legs are not bound, so I question why wouldn’t she just try to fight back by closing her legs and squirming and what not.

    I’ll continue on with Xenotake a bit later, but I hope my feedback will be helpful to you.

    • Anonymous Says:

      That’s not really a critique, it’s a series of subjective opinions, nothing wrong with that but I don’t think those are very helpful as criticism.

      • Apart from my personal tastes, I think some of what I said can be taken as critique.

        The faces for example,

        The framerate loss of the second animation

        The obscurity of the third animation

        The legs not being bound of the fourth animation

        Yes, my opinions may be subjective, I’m speaking from a softcore perspective if you couldn’t already tell

  36. I wasn’t going to say this earlier but since I come on here and see this…

    I must ask you Darkgoola, do you have a blog where you are making a hentai game? A ‘standard’ for the rest of the other bloggers out there to compare with?

    • I’m not exactly sure why I need to have a blog or a hentai game under my belt to critique erotic animations.

      I’m a hentai fan, that has softcore tastes that’s about all, and I’m sharing my thoughts and opinions here just as all of you are.

  37. Also waiting for the Spaniard, I mean Vosmug ^^ to reply to my comments, I don’t think I was too harsh, better to be blunt than sugar coat imo

    • Are you waiting for me to comment about your previous comment? I do think it’s very subjective for me to answer, about the points that are more general like the faces, sure I guess, but it’s more about the method used, full frame by frame would be ideal but would take too long, and I don’t have enough skill for so much frame by frame detail, this is the most time/cost effective way for now, also I don’t like exaggerated expressions, it if looks emotionless it could have something to do with the style too; frame rate, I don’t really see it, maybe it looks like that because it’s slower than the others; the trap animations, well, other animations will be different and have more to them, you don’t have to cram every possible combination into only one animation or else you’ll run out of material pretty fast; and the legs for the final one, that sounds like nitpicking, it’s a loop and needs to be in a position that is steady without too many sudden moves for it to loop properly, so I didn’t think about how realistic it was but how appealing it was depending on the angle and the number of frames.

      Even those felt quite subjective, it feels I’m being overly defensive.

      Sorry if I don’t respond to every comment, but I do try to take most into account even if don’t respond to it, I appreciate you take the time to comment and analyze and that you find stuff that you like but when you base your criticism in something like “dry, dull and repetitive” I rather not answer instead of looking like a jerk for doing it, is not like I can change your mind about the things you don’t like.

      • I may have been too subjective, I’ll try to put my personal tastes aside if I do ever analyze your works again, though it is pretty hard, it’s going to be bias one way or another.

        It’s not so much that you’re lacking “exaggerated expressions” it’s that you’re lacking any expression at all. I get adding multiple expressions for each animation can get time effective, but it’s rather dull seeing the same two faces sometimes with blush or without blush throughout the entire game.

        Hmm, yeah, now that I look back at it, it is slower, I personally think it should be sped up a tad bit, but that’s just nitpicking.

        I have to disagree when you say that you don’t have to cram every “possibility” into every animation. You have two animations that are practically the same, except in one of them Vena is suspended. There’s a ton of sex attacks possible and I think you should make each animation distinct from the last one, if you’re running out of ideas then you’re not talking to the right people.

        For the legs, if the legs need not be bound for technical reasons that’s fine

        I’m glad you take feedback into account, I believe comments that challenge you or come from a perspective you’re not accustomed to are far for valuable than “yes men” who just praise you no matter what you do.

        You can look like a jerk all you want when you’re replying to me, if you believe in something strongly, then don’t hesitate and express it. If you believe that your faces were not dry, dull and boring then feel free to explain why, I will never criticize you without providing specific reasons why I feel that way, I believe constructive criticism is the way to go and vague comments like “SHIT SUCKS!” doesn’t help at all.

        I’m not asking you to change my mind, I’m pretty set and stone in my tastes, though I believe I am valuable when it comes to discussing hentai and I have a lot of feedback and ideas to offer even if they may come off as blunt or me being an asshat, it’s better to me straightforward than sugarcoat and beat around the bush.

        In a nutshell this is where I believe you need to make changes / additions going forward:

        – Try something different with the faces

        – Compare each animation to the last one, if it’s too similar, change it up, add more attacks, secondary attacks ect

        – I think you should add orgasms, I saw a bit of lactation in Xenotake but no cumming

        – TALK TO YOUR FANBASE if you’re thinking of adding a ghost that does a specific attack, talk to people about it, more often than not at the end of the discussion you will end up with something much better than what your originally started with.

      • You misundertsand me, I’m not saying you can’t have subejctive opinions or be biased, please go nuts, but I usually refrain from answering to those, I didn’t want to comment in the first place for that very same reason, there’s no point in trying to argue opinions.

      • Understandable, what about the last bit of my comment?

  38. Is there any possible way I could donate to fund you? As your work is outstanding.

    • Nope. I appreciate the thought but I don’t really need it or even like the idea of donations, so thanks but not for now.

      • I can see your point here, donations can be great but can cause (patreons especially) to start expecting content on a regular basis, maybe something you’re not interested in at the moment.

      • I understand but rather than it be something I’d use to ask for something in return it’s to congratulate you for the outstanding work you’ve done thus far. I’ve played most of your games and the dedication and attention to detail are beyond real. It would be a token of my gratitude if anything.

        Good work requires rewarding.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Vosmug, I’m a beginner in game creation and I was wondering where do you first learn all that you know today ?

    • For me, I started more than 10 years ago with RPG Maker and other similar software, I remember it being so frustrating I abandoned it for about 4 years, and then picked it up again with a bit more patience, then a lot of reading documentation, tutorials and practice, the best source of information is the internet of course, the fact that I was interested in art and I’ve been doing it for a while helped a lot too.

      • The fact that you use 3DS Max in your sprite animation workflow is interesting. For most animators it’s live by adobe flash, die by adobe flash, was 3DS Max something you were reccomended reading these tutorials? And how would you fare if you did not use 3DS Max?

      • Do you think people can learn about art and how to drawn things by themselves? I mean of course they can but with something similar to your level of detail? And if you happen to have older games (Before Xenotake I mean) I would love to see how you improve over the time. Especially on GameMaker since it’s the stuff I use too.

        And for finding Gameplay element do you write things out or just find new things as time passed?

        And by the way thanks for making game so awesome. It really shows how GameMaker is such a powerful engine for 2D games and it kinda of inspired me as you can maybe tell.

      • You need to read about everything software related be it 3d or whatever game engine you choose, or watch video tutorials, that works too.

        I guess I would be doing something completely different, but then again the time I spent learning 3d would have gone to learning more 2d I guess or pixeal art even, I abandoned pixel art right about that time.

      • I don’t think I am super good but I never had formal education in art if that’s what you’re asking, I had some traditional art classes in college but it wasn’t much and I was into it already by that point, moslty practice since I was in elementay shcool, granted I should be better by this point seeing how long I’ve been doing it, so I don’t know what happened then, I guess for a very long while I din’t take it seriously so I wasn’t focused on learning. But yes, most artist people I know are self taught (2 or 3), formal instruction helps too I guess, but I don’t see why not.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Is Pixel Art better than your current drawn in your opinion ? Maybe it’s harder to do as well ? I don’t know I still search for option. Also do your drawn only with your mouse ? I guess you have a tablet right ?

      • I don’t think any technique is better than the other, but it’s easier or harder depending on what you know, I think pixel art is the most difficult thing on the planet (good pixel art at least, I can make very bad pixel art if that counts), but if you ask Kyrieru for example he will tell you “pffft, I can wipe armies of barbarians with pixel art alone”.

        It depends on what you want to focus, either becomes easy if you work on it, you can do both too though, one translates well to the other, usually a good pixel artist can also be a good traditional artist, It’s more transferable that way than the other way around I would think, but I’m no expert so I wouldn’t really know.

        Edit: Opps I forgot to continue.

        I do have old games but I have to look and see if I find something I can show.

        As for gameplay, you usually have to plan things ahead of time, it’s better that way, but you come up with things along the way too; it’s better to plan the basics carefully so new ideas can be easilly integrated after the fact. Coming up with everything along the way without a plan is not a good idea.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Alright, thanks for sharing all of that ! It really help and see how much can be done with just patience and self thaughting, thank you so much !

  40. Hi Vosmug! Mmm…the payment method* will be the same of xenotake?

  41. rohailkl@hotmail.ca Says:

    Wow, can’t believe I didn’t see this earlier, very interesting and I have a few questions.

    1. Is this sex animation part of either a:

    a) Scripted scene based on the story

    b) A regular rape animation

    c) A game over scene

    2. What is the material of the bumps made out of? The color makes me think it’s either metal or plastic which isn’t exactly ideal for pleasure. If you were going for rubber, which is the material I’m hoping it’s made out of, I would have changed the material to pink

    3. Is there any more backstory of the contraption you can elaborate on?

    4. The machine looks 3D, did you model it in Max? If so, I have experience modeling as well, if you need any help just hit me up

    • Darkgoola Says:

      Lol fuck me, I made this comment, just fucked up on the name T_T not sure how to edit an existing comment, so I’ll just leave this comment here……

    • 1. Scripted

      2. I didn’t think about the material, but I guess plastic or rubber, pink didn’t exist back then, that’s why it’s black.

      3. Spoilers. You’ll have to wait.

      4. Everything that looks 3d-ish is made in max, thanks but I’m fine on my own, especially in 3D.

      • I’m a lover of anything original really.

        This contraption seems interesting, I’m looking forward to the animation for it.

        Seems to me the bumpy bits are grinding up against her pussy, I would recommend,Vosmug, that you make sure the bumpy bits look wet as they’re being….used.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Darkgoola, would you please leave him alone. You’re really annoying.

      • i’d rather be annoying and get my point across to hopefully influence Vosmug to end up with a better product, than to stay silent or just be another “Yes man” and not contribute to anything other than “Good luck!”

      • Yesmangoodluck Says:

        I’m pretty sure he knows what he want to put in HIS game and how to make it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Influence is a bad word, I really don’t think it’s best one to use.

        You make it sound as if contribution is required and staying silent and being supportive is a bad thing.

        I don’t think you’re annoying but being annoying to get a point across is not something you should be proud of or strive for.

      • You’re the only one that has said that I’ve been annoying so far.

        If that’s your opinion okay, you’re entitled to it.

        Staying silent and buying Vosmug’s games is supportive, yes, though I don’t think he’s interested in making money off these games as maybe other h-game developers are, so in my opinion sharing thoughts and comments is more valuable.

        Being a yes man and commenting one liners like “Looking good!” shows Vosmug that he is making something that is well received with people, but as I said, I would rather be the one challenging him and debating with him and engaging in a conversation with him to ensure that Vosmug takes in opinions of people on all sides of the spectrum when it comes to how the people enjoy their gameplay or hentai.

        I of course don’t speak for everyone, I am just one voice on the Softcore side of things sharing my thoughts and that is about all.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Those two posts weren’t made by the person who called you annoying.
        That’s me. Not going to argue with you, just shut up please, no one cares what you want. Make your own game.

      • Obvious troll is obvious, I can see why you’re an anon now 🙂

      • Yesmangoodluck Says:

        Not everyone’s want to say it and appears like an asshole but yeah you’re kind of annoying and not it’s not and troll and no it’s not the same guy and that’s the last I’m going to say about it in respect of Vosmug and his blog.

      • Okay, thanks for your vague and shortsighted opinion, you can move along now.

      • Wow what’s going on here?

      • I’m getting called annoying and being told to stop posting 🙂

    • Anonymous Says:

      How can you make Vena jump on that machine? It would be nice if you tell me :”)

  42. Anonymous Says:

    It’s about time he was told to shut up anyway. I read all his essays he wrote and demanded you reply to and it’s nothing but “I want this I want that do it this way”

  43. Anonymous Says:

    I honestly think hes annoying too (I just wanted to get that off my chest)

  44. Vosmug won’t talk to me privately so I guess you all will just have to deal with me 🙂

  45. It wasn’t a real question >.>

  46. Anonymous Says:

    How much of the game do you have planned out?

    • All of it except for some specific details.

      • Vosmug if you want to add me for instant communication feel free.

        — Links removed for secutiry reasons —

      • We have very different points of view to go into further duscussion than the ones we already had about that, you can comment about anything you want here, I have responded to pretty much eveything you have commented an asked and I’ll keep doing it as long as it is a reasonable comment, no need to do it privately, besides I’m not really interested in having private discussions with anybody unless they are directly involved in the game, sorry.

        Also, It’s recommended to not post personal links or they’ll get spammed to hell by bots.

      • Anonymous Says:

        If I were in Vosmug’s shoes I think I’d rather slam a door on my dick then have you on skype.

      • Anonymous Says:

        That’s pretty good, I’m assuming you mean in terms of programming as well. As for carpal tunnel, have you tried one of those corrective glove-brace-things? I had a cousin lend me his and I felt like it worked, but occasionally the symptoms reappear slightly.

  47. And what have you, great anon, contributed to this blog other than flooding this thread with attacks against someone who wants to better the game?

    • Anonymous Says:

      You need to learn the difference between giving critique and shoving your opinions down his throat. Your earlier comment you said you would have made the belt on the device pink, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks that’s idiotic, it’s a decrepit haunted house.

      You also need to cut your post length by about two thirds, especially if you’re going to throw tantrums if he doesn’t respond. No one wants to waste time responding to your essays.

  48. I’m not the only one who posts long comments, I would suggest you scroll up and see what some other users have written, singling me out isn’t going to get you anywhere.

    The reason I wanted the machine BEADS to be pink is because pink is the natural color for rubber, and when people see pink they generally think rubber. I interpreted that contraption as a device not for torture, but rather external stimulation, and in my opinion having the color as black, to me, reads as metal or plastic which not be suitable for pleasure.

    For the haunted house argument, I don’t see a problem with pink, hell, vosmug implemented a pink ghost.

  49. SpinDoctor Says:

    Stumbled last Friday over GHV and couldn’t stop playing the demo over and over again. I see a great game coming.

    I had a look around your blog and tried the masturbation in the test scenario of the demo. I guess you already have a game mechanic in mind where to use this, but if not, then I would like to suggest to have Vena masturbate on purpose in order to soothe or seduce some of the rage or hate ghosts. I think that would make sense regarding the explanations of the Guardian Glove.

    Another suggestion, not a demand: Vena has different stages of masturbation. When I found out that you can control how long she “deals” with a ghost that grabbed her, it totally blew my mind!
    Now, if it’s not too much work and if it looks good, there could be some slight differences between those stages as well, for example soft nipples with the white struggle bar and erect nipples and stronger body movement with the pink one, or wet inner thighs when struggling with the hand for a longer time.

    And one last suggestion. Seeing Vena squirt on the floor is really hot. I guess the ghosts in GHV are not supposed to secrete any slime or fluids, and I don’t think that it would make sense when some would collect it from Vena and feed it back to her. But having Vena on her back and her legs in the air might be a good position to have her squirt on her face and breasts.

    • No Comment Says:

      Maybe the glove can comment on how much ghost sex the girl has. BTW, great mechanic with this cool down, cools faster by having orgasms with those ghosts.

      • I don’t know why would you say that but yes, there’s apart where it comments about it.

        There’s no cooldowns or need for them, are they?

      • No Comment Says:

        I thought that it would be fun to have the glove comment on ghost sex when I had the ghost hunter in the room with 3 white guys, making her squirt over the whole room. 🙂

    • It’s mostly for luring, calming down could work but I’m not sure how to implement it right now, maybe if I can make it work, but not likely.

      The problem with different satges for enmies is that it would need new animtions for evey enemy.

      That does happen but with other character, kinda, but I don’t get the ghost fluid part.

      • SpinDoctor Says:

        There was this game… what was its name… Ah yes. “Sakyubasu no tatakai”.
        Essentially, in that game, the seduction was rather a brute force method, that means the heroine beat her enemies into submission and used her “seduction skill” to make them her sex toys. It kinda works, but I wouldn’t recommend it for GHV.

        Remembering the explanation of the glove concerning the aura of every living being, I could imagine a mechanic that uses some kind of areas of influence around the Ghost Huntress.
        Example: Vena confronts the red maiden of hatred, and the glove must admit that he might stun the ghost, but he can’t attack, because he is not strong enough (yet), so you have to think about a different strategy. And that is to overcome hate with lust.
        Talking about game mechanics, I’d suggest some kind of hit boxes of different sizes, with Vena as there center. These boxes represent the strength of her aura, close to her biggest, far away only little intensity. By masturbating, Vena must try to induce lust in the red maiden, but the maiden still wants to kill her, and in order to prevent her from doing this, Vena must interrupt her by doing stun attacks with the glove.

        I hope this makes any sense for you.

      • SpinDoctor Says:

        Trying to explain a possible mechanic just made me think about an idea for GHV 2, namely Infighting.

        Imagine a room where there is one red maiden and two white dudes or these tentacle heads. While the white guys just want to b0nk Vena, the maiden wants to kill her. By masturbating, the ghost huntress amplifies the lust of the white guys, or they just realise that the maiden is about to kill off their means of release, and so they go on the maiden. Idea? 🙂

      • Actually that’s pretty much what will happen but with a different ghost, the first part I mean.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    I’d rather just kill all the ghosties instead calming them. Trying to calm them just seems off to me. Maybe if it was like a choice sort of thing idk…

  51. Anonymous Says:

    I hope there arent any enemies/bosses that had to be cut D:

    • Oh yeah, true.

      You will have some end of level bosses won’t you Vosmug?

      The bosses would require a different kind of tactic to beat them and not necessarily be harder to beat.

    • That depends on how things go from now on, still I’m startting to see that some enemies are very smiliar to others, even if they get cut it won’t reallly matter.

      It’s not estructured as levels, but there are some bosses.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    vosmug will there be sex individual scenes for each NPC I mean teacher and girls?

  53. SpinDoctor Says:

    Sorry, Vosmug. I’ll explain. 🙂

    1. Ghostly fluids:
    As far as I can see, the ghosts in the demo are somewhat dry, that means that I haven’t seen them gooeying over the ghost huntress yet. In my opinion, this makes totally sense, because they are disembodied and there are no glands from where they could secrete any slime like the green slimer from Ghost Busters, unless you imagine something like ectoplasma or this pink hate-goo from Ghost Busters II.
    You might ask me how the ghosts are supposed to interact with Vena? I would say it is through something in the meaning of life energy.

    2. Cooldown:
    I think the comment following my post addressed the situation that Vena can be caught and freed again twice. First, the orb counter blinks blue yellow, and when caught for the second time, it blinks blue red. When Vena is caught for the third time, she ends up in this room where she is tied up.
    I noticed (or at least have the impression) that the orb counter cools down faster from blue red or blue yellow blinking when Vena satisfies the lust of the ghosts.

    • No Comment Says:

      Hm. Have you thought about a ghost who might cause death by snoo-snoo? 🙂
      That might be interesting and disturbing at the same time… xD

    • 1. Where does ghost semen come from then? That’s kind of important. There is some ectoplasm talk and intereraction but it’s only in particualr moments.

      2. I thought you meant attack cooldown, actually I don’t think there’s any effect on that, it may look like it becuase it keeps cooling down even you’re caught, so when you’re done it’s probably ready to change, In that sense inmedeatly breaking out of the grab gives you more danger time to worry about.

      Is not implemented yet but defeating a ghost should be the cooldown.

      • SpinDoctor Says:

        So there will be ghosts that fill Vena up? Great! 🙂

        I looked for ectoplasm on Wikipedia. Damn, that’s a tough question to answer, because it is parapsychology and therefore anything but provable.

        When ectoplasm was supposed to be secreted from a medium during a seance, maybe you could say that it is some kind of essence that leaves every being upon death, which means that death is not just the end of every bioelectric activity. Some kind of energy-gas-dualism, similar to electrons that are a wave and matter at the same time. And this gas can condense into fluids or (rarely) solids.

        That is really tough to explain or understand. Maybe the glove could tell Vena that she would only understand when she dies herself…? 🙂

        You see, I haven’t thought about ectoplasm before because I had the impression that the ghosts in GHV are not that slimy… 🙂

      • Well, the imporant thing is that it happens, even if there’s no explaantion, not everything needs an explanation, event though I try to explain as much as possible, which is not great in the long run. Sometimes it’s just magic.

  54. what about piercing?

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Gamescom is no over too, it is time for another post. 😀

  56. what sort of things will occur if she’s filled? You could give her slowdown, reverse controls, or other kind of bad status. What you think?

  57. Mr.Vosmug will you add Gamepad support? Also have every thought porting your games in the android market?

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Hello, Vosmug! Like your work.
    Game is still at early stage, or you already done… for example, more than half of it?

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, love the game, would there be reprogramable keys on keyboard gameplay ? , it would be most benefic.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    How come there isnt a finish button at the end of the demo? Will it be updated to have it later on or is that going into spoiler territory?

  61. Buttrubber Says:

    Vosmug, there’s a thing I thought was interesting in the rape animations. I’ve noticed that when when Vena resists for a bit the struggle bar turns a hot-pinkish-purple. If you let the bar run down after that Vena looks like she cums harder than usual while squirting and/or getting creampied.

    I was wondering if there could be any narrative significance to this? For example: If Vena gets raped for too long she starts enjoying it, her lust then fuels the ghostie-goo’s power enough for it to give it’s own lust corporeal form so it can cum in Vena in an attempt to impregnate her or something like.

    I’m a bit skeptical because this same mechanic was in Xenotake and there didn’t seem to be any real significance to it.

    I seem to remember you saying, while Prisonkage was still being developed, and while you were still considering including sex, that you wouldn’t add cum inflation/stomach bulges because you didn’t think they were realistic or appropriate. But in Xenotake, the end of the game featured all the main female characters bellies bloated with alien semen while being fucked by tentalces. This brings me to my suggestion for your the next post’s topic: How does the setting influence what fetishes get featured in a game? How much should the setting dictate what fetishes appear?

    • The reason why I didn’t want to include inflation was simply because I didn’t like it, for xenotake I changed my mind about it, now I’m ok with it; the thing is, it could have more details and implications but the problems is always how much work it requires to implement, things that look simple can take a while to put in motion, I’m even thinking about removing the pink bar phase due to the extra animation it requires, granted is not much in comparison, but it adds a bit of extra, seemingly unnecessary work (probably won’t remove it though), but yeah, it’s more about the workflow than the actual ideas, there’s stuff that I would like to add too but given my level of skill at this point and the amount of time it would require, it’s not very viable… the setting influences fetishes and some mechanics to some degree (like some things you haven’t seen yet), like for example as pointed out before by someone, futa doesn’t seem to work very well in this setting, but in an alien setting it would be perfect.

      So yeah, the main reason for the pink bar thingy was just to add a better climax end, having the climax so fast doesn’t look that good imo, so you have to extend the sex a bit to get it, that’s all; and the inflation part was just me changing my mind about it from one game to the next.

      As a post topic though, it would be a sketchy one for me, since this is something that happened before, there was talk about impregnation/birth due to the alien setting of xenotake, and I completely refused, so…. yeah, even if it fits, that’s no indication of anything, it matters most if I like it or not; something I realized recently is that even when I don’t intend to it, this kind of topics seem to sway people into thinking that’s something I will start implementing and doing, when in reality I just want to know opinions and points of view about it without those points having to influence anything, it’s usually taken the wrong way, so I’ll think about it, it’s an interesting topic but can be taken as hypocritical of me to talk about it.

      • While I completely understand you not wanting to do something because its either too complicated or just like you said “Out of my skill range right now” You won’t accomplish any.. progress in how much you can’t do, if you don’t do it.

        though.. there is a difference between knowing what you can’t do right now.. and just not wanting to do it xD;

        B’sides.. Seems like you have your hands full right now.. and already have a vision. All we can do is try to influence what you could do, but you have the final say~

        Regardless.. I don’t mean any harm or offense by this.. Just wanted to say something..

        Im ecstatic to hear that more than half is already.. Partially made. That ‘More than half’ Isn’t done though, so I can’t wait for this to be done~

      • NipPincher Says:

        So I’m guessing that the setting influences things up where your personal preferences get involved, then? Yeah, that’s about par-for-the course for most people.

        That’s a shame for the post topic, though. Maybe someone will give ya a decent topic, or someone already did. Actually the post below me gives me an idea!

        You could talk about how you feel about traps in games. What you think are the good and bad implementations of traps. Or some other mechanic you feel strongly about? Perhaps you could talk about what mechanics you’d love to implement but can’t because of time/resource/skill constraints? Well, whatever you do; best of luck on the game!

      • I think there are already traps.

        Did you notice the ghost wall in the demo that grabs you if you come near? I would consider that a trap since I didn’t actually know it was going to do that my first time around.

        I also believe all traps should include rape animations, a simple game over might be easier but boooring 🙂

      • Well, to be honest I could do more or different stuff, but as you just said, I don’t want to, like scat and the normal obscure fetish stuff or mechanics where the same thing could be done in easier ways, there’s also some stuff considered normal that I don’t like either, like sex talk, I hate sex talk, and in other occasions I could do less but I don’t want either, like for example a simpler platformer with sex thrown in between, that would be easier to do and would take less time, but I really just don’t want that, I don’t know if it’s selfish or what, but I rather spend my time doing something I’m comfortable with rather than pandering to what’s easy or what’s popular, I know my character and story thing is not the most popular thing, but really, that’s what I want, but that’s beside the point.

        I don’t like talking about mechanics that much because, I’m not that good at that either, traps are meant to add content, that’s all, their gameplay implications come later and are usually half assed because of that, I usually think about aesthetics first, mechanics/gameplay later, which is probably the wrong approach. I was thinking about talking about normal stuff that we don’t like, like that stuff I mentioned earlier, but again, I don’t want that to be taken as “changes that are totally going to be made depending on your answers” which is something I’ve started to notice, so I guess we’ll just throw trap ideas around, I don’t know.

      • Kyrieru posted an example description of gameplay-centric game development. If you say you think you’re doing it the wrong way, you might find some inspiration there:


  62. Anonymous Says:

    would it be too late for request?
    it would be awesome if you put in traps and such, give a little diversity. maybe something like the drill thing from the ground from prisonkage… but without the gore.

    • Not really, I need more traps.

      • Hidden hole in the ground where she falls in to the waist height and is trapped and vulnerable? (Splatter Beach had something like that)

      • senorosobear Says:

        I noticed that “floor tentacles” are in his design doc. Vosmug could use them as a base for many different animations.

        Like for your suggestion they could spring up from the floor, pull her down, then have their way. Or with the thread’s OP, tents grab her legs, then a mass of tents that have twisted into a spiral penetrate her and start spinning.

        Though it really depends on how economical everything is to animate, I assume.

      • ” mass of tents that have twisted into a spiral penetrate her and start spinning.”

        That sounds pretty gruesome. I’m all for traps but not ones that elude to guro

      • senorosobear Says:

        Good thing that it doesn’t elude to guro, then.

      • based on how it’s implemented a mass of tentacles spinning inside of her would probably be insane bulging and I would consider that eluding to guro.

      • senorosobear Says:

        Then you’d be wrong. No one ever said the tentacles had to be that thick or for them to push in that deep. Though, even if it did result in a bulge like that, I still don’t see how anyone would consider it “guro(outside of it’s eastern definition, which I’ve never seen anybody from the west use. and, in this context, would not apply)”

        You’re either a really sick fuck or are pretty new to the internet, because stomach deformations in hentai eludes to snuff just as much as a Daffy getting shot in the face by Elmer Fudd eludes to an execution. As in, most people won’t make that connection because they aren’t obsessed with gore, like you are.

      • Guro means Grotesque, I find bulging grotesque, but that’s my opinion, if you don’t ok.

      • senorosobear Says:

        I’m aware of that. But, like I said: Not many use it like that. (it would also mean that it wouldn’t be ELUDING to guro because it would mean that it IS guro) Besides, just because you find it grotesque, doesn’t mean it will fall under what defines the genre.

        If you wanna whine about the fact that, someone, somewhere likes something that you don’t like, then fine. Just remember to use the right words for the right context. Vosmug used to do “guro” and it’s rather disingenuous of you to use it’s less colloquial definition in these posts, especially when it’s pretty well known here.

      • Definitions are a funny thing, different words have different meanings person to person and us being human beings can’t help but be objective from time to time.

        Anyway, rather than debate if bulging is grotesque or not let’s get back on topic about the traps.

        Traps: Yes

        If you need ideas, I have over 9000, but you’re only going to get a softcore spectrum from me, that’s why we have other people here to share their ideas.

        How about a pitfall of some kind where Vena gets engulfed in ghost girls licking her everywhere?

        Or she gets caught in a ghost web and a ghost spider has it’s way with her?

      • senorosobear Says:

        Which is why we use context to inform us on what something actually means. I’m guessing you’re admitting error on your part since your meaningless first paragraph is the weakest deflection I’ve ever seen( you could’ve just said: ” I concede.”) But I guess you want to pretend these sorts of things are beneath you, whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.

        @ Vosmug As far as traps go: what’s the deal with the “Fist wall” in the design doc? It’s one big arm with tentacles surrounding it. Will the tentacles restrain her while the arm fists her? I hope that’s what it is. Unless you got some other things planned. But when I hear “fist” I think “fisting.”

      • Lol you’re pretty hilarious. I’m here to talk about the game moving forward, you’re here to nit pick comments to make yourself feel better and stronger.

        I’m sorry… I concede?

        What do I concede to? Not liking bulging?

        Bulging is grotesque, that’s an objective opinion.

        You’re arguing it’s not in the context of Vosmugs games, but again, that’s objective. Guro doesn’t mean death, it means grotesque. And grotesque things in hentai don’t always have to include death / blood.

        I’m not sure how exactly you would define something as grotesque, but my main reasoning behind labeling insane bulging grotesque is that, that many tentacles inside the uterus would cause severe damage and pain, something I’m not interested in seeing in the game.

        Some people might disagree and say that’s all they want to see, but that’s why we’re here to talk and debate about it, and in the end, vosmug can take that, and decide.

        I would recommend you stop being toxic to other blog members trying to voice their opinion, I never attacked you, I voiced and defended my opinion, but you telling me that I have to “concede” lol, vosmug is making the game, the comment section is not a game, it’s a discussion board, let’s treat it like one.

      • Our definition of guro is different, just as our definitions of softcore, so arguing with terms that you/we don’t agree with is kind of pointless, that being said, I’ve always been more towards the hardcore side, but not too hardcore, it’s weird, and all the things suggested here are fair game, except for tentacle induced bulges, I’m not too fond of it, not becuase it’s alludes to anything or it causes pain, but because I just don’t find it appealing.

        Guro means death in grotesque ways? I don’t even know anymore.

      • senorosobear Says:

        —“Lol you’re pretty hilarious. I’m here to talk about the game moving forward, you’re here to nit pick comments to make yourself feel better and stronger.”

        And here you are, pretending to be the bigger man by deflecting and trying to invalidate my point by calling it “nit-picky.” granted, I can be pretty pedantic, but that doesn’t invalidate my point. You however, I wonder how shitty your self esteem is for you to get into arguments with strangers on the internet. Then to pretend you were never interested when it doesn’t go you way. The funny one here is you, man. And you’re a riot!

        —“I’m sorry… I concede?What do I concede to? Not liking bulging?”

        If you recall I was talking about the use of “guro” in the context of this conversation and these posts. Your last comment was a mere deflection. I took it to mean that you either didn’t have or weren’t willing to provide, a counter point. And in my post before that I said, and I quote: “If you wanna whine about the fact that, someone, somewhere likes something that you don’t like, then fine.” I really don’t care about you preference to stomach deformations(no one should really, your opinions are shit). But if you want to concede to that, go right ahead.

        —“Bulging is grotesque, that’s an objective opinion.”

        Opinion is SUBJECTIVE by definition, numbnuts. Do you know what words mean? I’m assuming not. So, not only is your reading comprehension garbage, you also don’t know the common definitions of common words. like I said: You’re a riot!

        —“You’re arguing it’s not in the context of Vosmugs games, but again, that’s objective(you don’t know what this word means, do you?). Guro doesn’t mean death, it means grotesque. And grotesque things in hentai don’t always have to include death / blood.”

        It’s not “objective(the word you’re probably thinking of is subjective, numbnuts)” it’s context. Context can be subjective, but you usually only have to worry about that when the speaker is being deliberately obtuse, or if they English as bad as you.

        My point was: In contexts involving the common western understanding of the word, death and gore are often included. Yes, it doesn’t always have to include them, but in this context it does. Go to an English-speaking hentai forum and watch how they use the term. It’s often in contexts involving death and gore, mostly gore, though.

        —“I’m not sure how exactly you would define something as grotesque…”

        Come on, use your reading comprehension! I already told you how it is used in the west and what context I’m going by here…
        I believe in you!(no, not really)

        —“but my main reasoning behind labeling insane bulging grotesque is that, that many tentacles inside the uterus would cause severe damage and pain, something I’m not interested in seeing in the game.”

        That’s faulty reasoning, though. First: No one has ever specified the size nor how many tentacles would be involved. I even said that in my first reply to you numbnuts! Second: Even if we had tentacles thick enough or a large enough bundle to be thick enough, no one ever said they would go in deep enough to breach the cervix. You’re assuming someone made statements they never did, and arguing against that! That’s called a “straw man fallacy,” and it’s disingenuous as fuck!

        But let’s grant you all of those assumptions. If you’re using grotesque the way I think you are, then your reasoning is still shit.

        odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre.
        fantastic in the shaping and combination of forms, as in decorative work combining incongruous human and animal figures with scrolls, foliage, etc.

        There’s nothing unnatural or bizarre about tentacles in the uterus causing pain and ripping shit up. In fact, it’s quite expected. Which is why it’s often avoided in real life(and when it does happen, it’s usually no thicker than a sound or the kinky chick’s own finger.) By this def, though, the tentacles themselves would be considered guro. But I’ve never heard you complain about the crawling head ghost things upstairs near the end of the demo. Either you’re a hypocrite or you don’t know what grotesque means.

        Besides, you don’t need to enter the uterus to get insane bulging going on. Look up HotKinkyjo or Amazing Ty. The position of the uterus makes it real hard for anything toget past the cervix.

        Besides, Who says anything about causing pain? Like I said, they’re CARTOONS. ANIMATED CHARACTERS. Daffy Duck’s bill is attached via friction and hentai womens’ uterus are made of rubberized adamantium. Like I said YOU are obsessed with pain and gore.

        —“Some people might disagree and say that’s all they want to see, but that’s why we’re here to talk and debate about it, and in the end,”

        What?! Dude, lurnhow2english.

        —“vosmug can take that, and decide.”

        What? if you’re saying it’s up to vosmug to decide what to do then yeah, I know that. Do you?

        —“I would recommend you stop being toxic…”

        You can take your social justice garbage and leave it at the door. We already have enough problems with SJWs in mainstream gaming.

        — “I never attacked you,”

        I never said you did. Are you implying that I attacked you? pfffft! I may have have insulted, but I always destroyed your arguments logically. But I guess facts and logic makes you feel attacked. A trait that is shared SJWs. You leave your “toxicity” and “attacks” at the door. Don’t act like an SJW if you don’t want to be perceived as one.
        —“I voiced and defended my opinion”

        Hey! we have something in common! Unfortunately, it seems this is where the similarities end. Since my opinion is not as factually deprived and vacuous as your opinion.

        —” you telling me that I have to “concede””

        If you’re wrong you have to concede. That’s how intelligent arguments work. Otherwise, you’d look like a retard who can’t tell “objective” from “subjective,” but you seem unconcerned with that. So, go on! Keep on dancing for me, fool!

        —“the comment section is not a game, it’s a discussion board, let’s treat it like one.”

        I have been treating it like a discussion board, or were you totally unaware of my literary evisceration of your points? I don’t have to be cordial or considerste when addressing you or anyone here (outside of vosmug’s preferences, of course). You said a dumb thing and I pointed out that it was dumb, and you were dumb for thinking it. Yet you wanted to press the point. So when I challenged your point you “conceded” by avoiding the point entirely. When I pointed this out, YOU had the GALL to try to attack my character by sneakily implying that I attacked you, in true Social Justice Warrior fashion no less! If anyone’s trying to play games here, it’s you.

        I had my fun, but I am done with this game. I shall let you have the last word. Because I know it’ll make you feel like a big man.

      • Vosmug, are you content with this blog turning into the wild west?

        I’m fine with users debating with me, but when they stoop to personal attacks that’s when I deem them a toxic individual and no longer wanted in the discussion board.

  63. I’d really like to see a hardmode setting where you have things like no breakout invulnerability turned back on. That was fresh and it sucks to see it go away in the latest patch.

    • I’ve made hardmode mods for parasite in city, final fuck and a handful of other mods on hongfire in the past but for all intensive purposes modding game maker is a pain. It virtualizes the game code so I have to mostly guess at creating event triggers for certain things. I probably won’t be making a mod for another game maker game so I figure I should bother you with suggestions ahead of time.

      A couple more for a hardmode setting: Spawn extra ghosts if she has been cummed in recently. Give her a fatigue stat so she can only struggle out of so many close together attempts. Consider using the edges of the screen for a large, visible directional arrow escape mechanic instead of the usual key mash. I have a version of the parasite in city hardmode mod unreleased where I implemented that and found if you use the edges of the screen, you can keep focus on the sex animation while having a complex escape pattern. Paperheads had the problem of distracting the user from the animation by putting a pattern in the top right.

    • Yeah, there’s plan for hard mode and naked only mode, I hope I don’t forget, I have it written down somewhere I think, I’ll include those too.

      I know previous GM version were not very secure, can you decrypt GM:Studio games? I haven’t really seen any tool for that.

      That’s an interesting idea about the arrow thing, instead of checking the arrows; you just notice the general position of the prompt and know what to press immediately, mmmmhhhh, might actually steal that idea, I was thinking of increasing the size of the buttons too, they are a bit too small, so will likely do that too, I don’t think I’ll include complex patterns though, or who knows, thanks.

      • Can’t decrypt GM:S games. That specific version was when they added their own virtual machine for game logic processing. They have common points like float loaders which divulge locations where objects are in memory but it is really time consuming to analyze for hacks/mods.

      • The directional prompts would probably mesh better with your aesthetic if they were white-ish or ghost wispy looking with alpha. I’m using solid orange bars in PIC because I can’t really get too fancy with my d3d hook.

      • Softcore for me means anything that doesn’t break the hymen.

        Medium Core is normal penetrative sex

        Hardcore for me is doing things not for pleasure, but acts for shock value, gross value and what not.

        And Guro for me is really anything that could leave physical damage.

  64. Makasih atas infonya , Adria

  65. Please don’t make some gore scene to this game…

  66. Anonymous Says:

    In need of more traps? Well I have come with two new designs.

  67. senorosobear Says:

    Another thing I’ve noticed about the demo. When getting raped in her “post rape” state, Vena doesn’t get, let’s call it her “get kidnapped” blinker, increased. in fact, it continues to cool down even during rapes in her “post rape” state. The only time the blinker moves up from it’s current color (like blinking yellow to blinking red) is when a ghost rapes her when they knock off the glove.

    I was wondering if this was intentional or a product of the game being unfinished. Because I do have a suggestion on how to implement this as a mechanic, if you would indulge me( depends on how the map works, too)

    • Please do, the reason was because it would get too difficult to maintain in a “positive” state, and would lead to a game over very fast, I’m still trying to figure out how to improve it, there has been suggestions before and I have them all written down, I will take yours and add them to the list and will try do decide the end result later on. To answer your other question the fist ghost was a previous suggestion and what you said is pretty much what it does, it was originally poltergeist living inside electronics, but since there are no electronics in this house, he is inside paintings now.

      • senorosobear Says:

        Mmmm… sexy fistings.

        Anywho, it would depend on how the game world is laid out. For example: if it were a level-based world like Xenotake it could work real well. If the map were more open, a la metroidvania. It could be more tricky to implement I think. Anyways, on to the suggestion.

        You have the “respawn” rooms in the game as far as I can tell. If you divide the game up into “levels” or “chapters” then you can use the respawn room as a sort of level hub. Vena goes to complete an objective/get an item, then gets raped into submission and dragged back to the rape room, were she can then complete the next objective or move on to the next level.

        To make the mechanic actually work without having to wait to get grabbed 3 times, you could implement a sort of “give up” mechanic. As a suggestion, the scenario could play out like this: Vena get’s raped. the ghost finishes and drops her on the floor. Instead of her getting on her own, you could give the player a prompt to get her up. if they don’t use it the vena can get grabbed in her lying down state and dragged back to a respawn room.

        I’d have more to add, but I think these are my most relevant thoughts for this mechanic. Like I said: it moslty depends on how the game is laid out. Might I make a suggestion? Perhaps you could release updated design docs for when people make suggestions. It could be useful since people might be suggesting things you have already considered and implemented or discarded.

      • I thought it was about the blinking not the actual respawn system. I believe it’s pretty much like that already, the respawn is pretty much a checkpoint, if you get to certain area it will respawn you in that room near of where you were, in a sense, is almost like a hub for that area, just that the progression is more linear, so is not mandatory that you go back to it, unless that’s the only room with an upgrade thingy, in which case, it would actaully become a hub.

      • senorosobear Says:

        I guess it does. I’m just not sure how the maps, will be laid out. Hence my suggestion. It would be difficult for me to explain. Give me some time in SAI and I’ll see if I can come up with a diagram.

      • Well, there are no levels or chapters, just a progression based map, a little metroidvania-ish but more linear.

      • senorosobear Says:

        Sorry it took me a bit. I had to reinstall some drivers and software. On to my suggestion.

        I think replacing the blinking light with a gauge might work. The gauge has 2 levels. It works by dictating how close she is to failing. I would tweak the rapes to work like this. In lv0-lv1 letting the struggle gauge fall to zero does nothing except get the orgasm gauge to fill faster. The gauge filling to lv1 will get Vena’s regular orgasm. A lv2 fill will get Vena’s “pink bar” orgasm. If Vena let’s the struggle bar drop to zero while in getting raped after a lv2 orgasm, she gets kidnapped. At no point will the ghost let her go. Vena can only be freed if she breaks out herself.

        The gauge also dictates what state Vena is in when she breaks out. In Orgasm lv 0 she’s in her regular naked state. In lv1 she’s in her “post rape” state. But I would set it so that she ducks and crawls faster, so that she’s able to dodge while she makes it to the glove. And like the regular post rape state, there won’t be a prompt to resist if she gets caught again. Lv2 is her lying vulnerable on the floor. She can be kidnapped if she is grabbed before she gets up. You can get her up but struggling. When she does she will move around like a Lv1 state, but the gauge will still be lv2. The gauge will reset to lv0 after a cooldown ticker completes.

        Getting the glove can get her back to a regular movement state, But she will still have whatever state she was in until it cools down. You will have to avoid failing any grab prompts or the cooldown will reset. Once the cool down runs out the Orgasm gauge is set back to lv0.

        I’m not sure how well this will actually work, or if it’s even viable to implement. I didn’t think it through too hard, I was kinda busy rushing to complete the sketch, which is of dubious value now that I think about it. I’ll be here if you need clarification or want to criticize.

      • senorosobear Says:

        Also, about the map: That sounds good, I guess. I just hope you can avoid what happened with the robot in Xenotake. Those areas where kinda confusing and WAY too big and empty. What I mean by empty is that there weren’t alot of objectives to complete. And the enemies only slowed me down as I tried to rush from one checkpoint to another and back. It was a really annoy stretch for me. Don’t know if that was what contributed to other people disliking the robot.

      • Well for me, when I play a hentai game, I want to play a hentai game,

        that robot wasn’t contributing to the hentai aspect, and I guess that’s what some people felt.

  68. lol how the fuck is the bot gonna leave if he’s in pieces? XD

  69. Hmmmm. I Like Vena, Aside From Her Character Design (Which I Must Say You’ve Done A Good Job On Making Her Pretty Hot) She Seems Extremely Innocent And caring For Everyone Around Her, Which Will Wishfully Make For Very Gratifying Character Development In The Near Future. . . Speaking Of, I’d Like To Know When It Is Possible For The Full Game To Be Released For Download. I Sadly Won’t Be Able To Get Such A Game Because I Have No Money To Make Such A Purchase. ;-;
    I Actually Can’t Find The Current Version Of Prisonkage To Download, Nor Will I Be Able To Open It Because It Is A Rar File. I Will Try And Find A Way To Get It Though. . . Would You Mind Sending A Link To The Current Version OF Prisonkage Please?
    Also, The Point In This Message Was To Say That You’ve Done A Good Job On The Games That You Have Created. I’m Taking A Class To Create Games Myself. ^-^

    • Could I Possibly Have A Link To The Current Version Of The Game Or Uh . . . The “Latest” Version? Oh Yeah And Uh . . . Sadly XP Mode Only Works For A Windows Seven Computer/Laptop, I Have No Good Idea How To Change It From Windows Eight Point One Though.

      • https://vosmug.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/demo-update/

        That is the latest version, that’ll have to do since I don’t have it on my pc anymore.

        As far as XP mode, sorry, I don’t have win8 so I wouldn’t know but I’m pretty sure all versions do compatibility mode the same way, or you could get a virtual XP OS or something, look for a tutorial online, other than that I can’t really do much more.

  70. Thank You Very Much For The Advice. I Am Very Grateful To You.

  71. Now That I Think Of It. I Am Pretty Excited For Your New Game. When Could The Full Game Be Up For Possible Download? I Am Kind Of Wising For It To Be Free For I Have No Money To Pay For It.

  72. Oh Yeah. Would Someone Mind Sending Me A Link To A Free Download For Parasite In City?

  73. What you need is some gigantic juicy orgasms, and enormous mammaries larger than J cups that squirt milk like a fire hose, topped with nipples the size of saucers. I also recommend large nipples and clit, with normal rings that don’t pierce but fit perfectly on the nipples and clit, providing arousal.

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