Well, good news I guess, I’m done with most of (at least 95%) of the technical stuff, all that is left is drawing a lot of sprites and putting the levels, dialogs, events and other stuff together; making backgrounds is really fun but level design and linking rooms and areas together not so much, but is not that difficult either, additional to that sounds and music are also missing but that’s probably the easiest part, maybe music is not easy but I really don’t care that much about music here, I’ll probably ask a friend of mine to put something together real quick and be done with it. About voices (moans and stuff, not dialogs), I would like to have custom voices but I have no idea how I would get those, besides I’m socially retarded, I would never be able to ask a girl to moan for me, so I’ll keep using that super expensive library I got last year… I guess.

So that’s it I think, now, drawing sprites takes a lot of time so it’s still going to take a while more, but at least the most difficult part is over… and I don’t know how long is going to take, so don’t ask, I know it’s been long enough already but this time I’m not as pressured nor as stressed out as I was with the previous game, and I think that’s good… on my end at least, I’m still very motivated and setting expectations, building pressure and stress with estimations that will inevitably not be met will just ruin the pacing and the momentum, so no, I rather keep working at my own pace without rush… sorry, but that’s the method I decided to follow with this game from the very beginning and will probably keep using it from now on.

Also I wanted to say that the portrait you see in the screenshot is temporary, so don’t mind it; I’ll get an artist to draw the portraits and maybe some CGs as I said before, problem is the artist I got bailed out (I think, I’m not sure yet, it’s weird) so I’ll have to get someone new, that’s something else I have to take care of. Thinking about it though, I don’t know if portraits are even necessary given the screen starts to look cluttered, so we’ll see.

So that’s all for now, things are going pretty well that’s for sure, see you next time.

228 Responses to “Sssssss”

  1. Take your time man 🙂 This game is gonna be great.

  2. Update! Awesome to hear news, looks good. And the pacing is fine, you’re mostly doing this on your own so to me at least it seems this is coming along quickly.

    What, you can’t find someone to do voices? All you have to do is approach a random girl and say, “Hello, I’d like to pay you to moan for me”, and then quickly run away. 😉

    And just having the character like that for the portrait is actually kinda nice, might want it smaller though.

  3. thanks vosmug for this early post it really means alot and gives motivation ^_^

  4. Shitty Wizard Says:

    Will we get to see sexy time with all of those characters?

  5. You could try posting a “Voice actors wanted” post on various web forums… I know an animator who does that on He often offers like $5-$10 as a reward and always seems to find someone willing. Quality of the voice-acting varies, of course, but hey… it’s a cheap way to get more variety in character voices.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank you vosmug ! I know this game will be awesome, you are not rush by the time or stuff like this so I think we can except even more from you. Keep up good job ! You’re awesome !

  7. Hi,long time no see. Vosmug.I’m glad to good news.

    You’ve created for games upon completion,you should take a rest.
    Pleas don’t workaholic.
    Your own body is an important asset for yourself.

    I’m looking forward to making up your game.See ya.

  8. Hi Vosmug. I’ve been following your work as a fellow indie developer. For the last few months I’ve been working on a game in multimedia fusion for the last few months and thinking of going with a hentai theme.

    I am more of an artist and less so programmer.
    Would you like to get in touch? We can help each other.
    If you need a bunch of avatars done for your game, I am up for it. I can do a few tests for you too.
    I want to ask you a few questions of your experience in developing and selling xenotake. Please get in touch with me at


  9. I have a reputation with being a Grammar Nazi and I cannot ignore it so I’ll just say it and move on – first line in the brackets you misspelled ‘least’.

    Now on to what we all like to see. That is wonderful that you have completed so much of this game and that things are moving along. I surely cannot help with the moaning part but perhaps there is, by god, some miracle that somebody who has posted here is a girl who could potentially contribute to that aspect.

    Again, we all appreciate the monthly updates. Not too frequent but also not too far apart.

  10. was the link the incorporeal head enemies intentional? XD
    looking great so far, keep it up!

  11. XiahouDun1225 Says:

    Neat picture in the period :3

  12. I like ur Projects and first of all ‘Xenotake’. U should take the time u need for ur creative works and technical know-how. Its great to see updates and Community-Opinions, so iam more and more excited than before to watch the progress. Anyway iam still in the opinion that u would be a good creator at Not to see u in stress of ur work with a deadline or something – i like ur works and many other people too and i would support ur works with some $. Not only for motivation – it would be my way to say ‘thanks, for ur worth seeing Art’.

    But thats your decision – my humble self loves your Art and Style to create these worth watching Games.

    • I’m way too paranoid to adopt a system with such degree of control from the player, I don’t even feel comfortable with donations; deadlines and expectations due to money being invested up front just doesn’t sound fun at all, not to mention the extra work that may or may not have to go into rewards and all of that stuff, I just couldn’t handle that, if I was on a team with somebody else in charge of that… maybe just maybe that would be different, but I’m just me for now.

      Thanks for the interest but for now we’re going with good old capitalism… there’s a product out, you buy it, end of transaction.

      • I thought it would be a good possibility to find more other game-creators u can cooperate with and can use more of other stuff u want in ur games. Maybe u can find also good Voice-Actors to create a sort of an unique Moan or for whole text-passages like a Storyteller or something. Many Creators of such Content are there – thats why i was thinking about this possibility.

        I have read that u will use a Speech-Library for ur Game, which u got last year. That was the Reason for my post. Otherwise iam only a paying Supporter/Customer.

        I found it only unfair to be payed only for a complete Content/Game and not for the work u have with it. But if u feel more comfortable this way, then it dosn’t matter whether iam a Supporter, or only a Customer 😉

        It was only a Thought of mine 🙂

  13. Wow, you’re really trucking along compared to the other games and authors I follow. Good work!

  14. That you’ll likely be able to finish the game in a little over a year is good imo, considering you’re a one-man army. You’d be surprised at how many people lack that drive.

  15. agentsmith Says:

    Yeassss. When release date?

    • He said he doesn’t want to give release date because that would stress him out 😉

      • Oh I didn’t say that, the stress doesn’t come from saying a date, it comes from not meeting said date, which will happen want it or not, and then having to endure the rest of the process with people telling me how much I suck and kicking myself in the head for not meeting the date in the first place.

      • You should not think that way, don’t kick yourself because of that, your work is incredible and you don’t suck, believe me.

      • to fix such problems you should give estimations and not give clear cut dates like for eg. somewhere between a month and a year 😛

      • Release dates in general are a bad idea just because people are dumb. They see a “Maybe next week, but no promises.” and take that as something solid. Then get angry when it doesn’t happen. The only time you should ever set a release date is when something is finished and ready to go out.

  16. are the sprites(sex scenes right?) drawn or still process just curious.

  17. nashaty Says:

    Is the DeviantArt’s member who named Vosmug are you?
    -if yes , can I contact you via DeviantArt note?
    -it is for ensure that will be no virus go with the message.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Just wanted to let you know:
    If you scroll down to, you can see, if the information is right, that your blog is prone to being deleted, if you didn’t knew it already.
    So I would suggest that you back up everything you find back-up worthy to be able to quickly move to another platform if the worst case scenario happens.
    Still best of luck. ^^

    • Thanks.

      We’ll have to wait and see what happens with that, I’ve never seen any problem happening about that with wordpress and even I let them know myself with link and all (since it’s their suggestion) so they could mark this blog as mature, so I don’t know, we’ll see.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Will you return to working on prisoncage?

  20. How do you do, I am Shinobu.
    English is not very good at.So my English might be strange.

    I am a game developer of Japanese.
    My website:
    My game:

    I terribly enjoyed your game.
    Xenotake was great.
    Your blog is wonderful.
    Could you link with my website?

    I have linked to your blog.

    Then, my best regards.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Will this game have v-sync?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    so damn long… 😦

  23. Lee@duva Says:

    Hey Vosmug what do you mean by super expensive library? Just asking out of curiosity,I’m mean aint some of your fans is female why not ask them

    • I think the effort is much more than to use an existing Library and not every amateur-voice is matching/proper to this work. And you have to create an agreement for using someones Voice for a Product u want to sell – to much extra work for a single moan 😉

      But this way u can create the game more unique 😉

      whether this effort is worth enough for it – i don’t have to decide 😉

    • I don’t think there’s that many female regulars around here, let alone ones that want to do “voices”, but I’m looking into that already, at this point I’ll go for the easiest way, which probably is to use what I already have.

      • Anonymous Says:

        so the moans will be different than Xenotake or the same available variety that was used in Xenotake will be used in this one?

      • Did you try Craig list or back page?
        You know Mr.Vosmug you could hire a escort for voice over?

      • @Anonymous

        I’ll use new ones.

      • @Lee

        That’s not really what I’m looking for, I’m already looking into anime/japanese-like voices which fits better the style and is what I prefer, thanks though. Also, I don’t feel like asking if I’m not sure the person isn’t interested in this kind of content so most job listings woudln’t be my first choice, but then again, I think I got it resolved already, thanks for the interest.

      • Lee@duva Says:

        Ah damn no wonder your having trouble. The only thing I found that even close to what your looking for is this But still my bad. But I’m still curious you mention a library of sound you brought that was expenses? Do you mean SoundCloud? Anyway don’t be afraid to ask:) Like you I’m also socially retarded but that not going stop from trying to get what I need;)

      • Again, I don’t want to bother anyone who’s not interested in adult content and sound like a pervert, I have already contacted adult voice talent with no results so, if the ones already into it don’t work, much less I want to bother anyone else.

        Also, I was joking, it was actually a cheap sound set from DLsite. You can’t tell when I’m joking but just assume if it sounds like an exageration it probably is.

        Don’t worry though, I’m already on it, though there’s some more important stuff that need to be done first, thanks.

      • Lee@duva Says:

        I see. Sorry I couldn’t be of help:( I should of realize that you probably did contact people for voice over in the adult gigs. I hope you do find what you looking for,cause it seem you and Mr.Kyrieru are the one man teams out there who really and succeed and putting qualites and your eroges.

      • Huh-oh. I thought the voice styles in Xenotake were fine. Would you consider putting Japanese voices to a vote? I hate the high pitched screeching often found in JAV or hentai, reminds me of this:

        I guess there are exceptions, though.

      • Well, I do hate the other extreme too which is 70s porn style acting, I just can’t unhear the “fuck me” and the spitting… oh gawd the spitting, extremes are not great I don’t like super high pitch either, so I want to beleive I have a middle ground leaning towards the japanese side, but I’m not sure what others would think about that.

      • Lee@duva Says:

        Mr.Vosmug I think I found the perfect website for you on voice overs just hear me out do you have an adult content for voiceovers.

        I’m not being a pain in the ass but just take a look at it I don’t eat that but I think I found someone who will do it this is her profile just take a listen to it.

        no your not being a pain to anybody just ask them! I’m pretty sure they say yes,unless you use this website.

      • Thanks, I’ll check it out.

        Please next time try not to post super long links since they are automatically taken as spam.

    • Lee@duva Says:

      My bad man.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Tifa easter egg?

  25. Just a simple question! Do you think this game will be longer than Xenotake? Or will it have the same length?

    • It probably is, I can’t really measure that accurately right now but looks like it is.

      • DerPeter Says:

        Longer game + no weird robot passages = awesome game of awesomeness

      • Awesome! I’m going to like your game even more than the previous one! It will worth the wait!

      • Anonymous Says:

        come on that robot part was fun it made the game more realistic lol ^_^

      • I thought I was being clever and different, it turns out it was the most hated part. I guess it should have been shorter or not there at all.

      • Anonymous Says:

        well personally i found it nice and fun

      • Anonymous Says:

        Had no problem with the Robot parts, the problem was when the bot was the one controlled in the final boss fight. Personally, I think that fight should’ve been about breaking the girls free, then using the main char to defeat the boss.

      • Robot parts is fine but its would be nicer if you assume control other female character instead (with different set of animations). its also super nice feeling to see main character (or other character) got detained and fucked hard and badly in front whilst you standing there helplessly or intended not to help them.

        Not many H game let you do that, to watch main character got fucked badly in front of other character while you currently control other character at that moment and I dare say its awesome idea.

        Vosmug, I really loved how you present this idea in Xenotake, I says keep this idea up!

      • And about Xenotake final boss fight, its would be super crazy epic H scene if at that moment you are not Bot (well, obviously Bot can’t got rape :P) but another female char instead, imagine you lose to boss and you became another victim of boss play things and he have quality time with 4th victim in front of trio girls that got detained and watch her begin played helplessly.

        Its just would be pure awesome! you (another girl) sent to help trio but fail to do so, worst consequence await. XD

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Praying that the story demo is close to release.

  27. Another question! Will this game have some sort of easter eggs or secret? It would be fun to see the main character of Xenotake (Can’t remember her name!) in the game just talking casually to the character of this game. Or a secret H scene why not!

    Also will this game have a “Ghost prison” like Xenotake with all the scene?

    • I dunno, I should think more about that when the main stuff is done, for now it would be distracting to be thinking about extra stuff.

      I was thinking more of a regular gallery this time around since it would be easier to do, but yeah, a mode like that is almost mandatory.

      • I always loved Easter Egg in game! Sadly not really a hunter so if you plan to add one, try to find a way for lazy players like myself to find it?

        And yeah a gallery like Xenotake is really good! It was nice to see an other thing than just a black screen and the animation played on this black screen. And I hope this game will feature this kind of thing

  28. Another question! (I’m annoying with all my impatience) will this game feature more H-Scene than the previous one? Or the number of scene will be the same?

    • To be honest, again, I never counted before or now but I want to say there’s more, I may be wrong though so, it feels like more at least but we’ll see.

      • I will not count either don’t worry. But these scenes was awesome. Really! Also do you plan to keep the same system or is it a brand new system?

      • If you mean the speed control and all of that, yeah it’s going to be pretty much the same.

      • Yep, I was thinking about that ! That’s cool I liked this system ! Thanks for answering.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry for being/sounding impatient but will there be an update this month?

    • Anonymous Says:

      I was also about to ask this one. Doesn’t really have to be anything new, just a different post for this month for consistency would be cool. Like “Hey I’m not dead, kthnxbai”.

    • I wasn’t really paying attention to the date, but I also was waiting for something to happen, if it doesn’t I’ll just post whatever or just wait. There’s nothing that interesting happening at the moment other than normal “working on it, this sucks”

  30. Do you plan to release a demo anytime soon? Or are you gonna straight to the full release?

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Yo vosmug, can you give me a link to the demo ? 😛

  32. Footguy Says:

    Yeah what that other guy said, just a different post, update pretty much saying that you are still alive and you’re getting there slowly but surely.

  33. Footguy Says:

    Okay, fair enough.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    can we just post anything doesnt matter just to reset the 92 comments?

    • Anonymous Says:

      why? that seems like a weird reason to post an update, you’re telling me that if Vosmug made a post titled “BLAH, THAT IS ALL” that had nothing in it, you’d be satisfied with that? just because it resets comments?

  35. Anonymous Says:

    please i need this game

  36. Anonymous Says:

    making a game is realy hard and he is making it alone so it will take long time

  37. Vosmug – as you see, the posts are indicative for that the most of your Fans dont want to rush you, because they know about the difficulty of this Work you do. Precisely because you do it alone – all the Graphics, the Animations, the Storyline, and to keep in mind also the whole sourcecode of the Game. Me and the biggest Part from your Fans are very intrested in a Game what shows the Quality of a “Vosmug-Game” and want to give you the Time you need for.

    So take the Time you need for your Work, because nobody wants/likes a unfinished Game. I think all of your Fans knows this about but not all want to see the effort of creating a Game what is interesting and gives fun together.

    So please – do it like you do 😉

    • Thanks, but I don’t want to make myself to look live a victim either, it’s reasonable to want news and stuff, especially after this has been going for so long.

      So people out there, sorry, I understand, I’m just as bothered by it as you are.

      Tha being said, I’m just being stupid, I wanted to have a demo ready for next post, I just haven’t been able to finish what I need and the artist guy is taking more than expected, and to be honest, the art is not ending as I wanted (portrait and so called CGs) so I’m having to do corrections myself, so yeah, also I don’t want to get too dristracted.

      • You don’t looks like a victim. Maybe my post shows you like this direction, but that was not my motivation for.

        I know u give updates when they are ready for – so i thought it’s clear for all with this post i made, but false imagined.

        I guess i should not use long Postings with quotation marks 😀

        Maybe it is not as anyway as i think but i think all the people who need an update are contented now.

  38. The last point contains a secret update ! (Or it’s just me)

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Can you please let use masturbation ability after the enemy lure stage or have them be a reoccurring enemy after? It wouldnt feel right if it was only available for one stage…

  40. I have a question ! If I don’t have the possibility to buy the game on Paypal, will there be any way to buy it anyway ? (DLsite will not be an option either)

  41. Привет братишка !

  42. Anonymous Says:

    It has been 2 months since this post 😦

    • Vosmug did say:

      “If I don’t post, don’t worry I’m still working, there’s just nothing interesting to post about.”

  43. Anonymous Says:

    I have a weird feeling that the next post is gonna be the story demo 😛

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Maan can’t wait huw much time left ? you have much works to do to finish ?

  45. Anonymous Says:

    it s been very quiet around here, is everybody still alive, also is the sprites part finished vosmug?

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Any sprites giving you trouble?

    • Yes, gaddamit lack of planning is a biatch.


      I spend quite some time on them and then I realize it doesn’t work or it’s broken (shoulders should be higher and I needed her naked anyway) It happened several times already when I’m forced to redo or fix them, that wastes some time (nott much but still counts) and it could have been easily avoided with a litte bit of planning.

      Aside from that multiple characters in the same sprite, for example an enemy and a girl, because of the sizes and different color lines (gray for ghosts), it can get tricky and tedious sometimes.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    id like to see special features in the game after you beat it. Concept art, scraped stuff, and behind the scenes sort of thing would be amazing.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Super looking forward to the next post!

    The gallery in xenotake is amazing! Love the concept and the freedom it gives, and makes everything much more immersive. I’d love to see something similar in your next game. Maybe in an update like you did in xenotake?
    Xenotake is my favourite H-game so far ❤

  49. Anonymous Says:

    After release do you think you can do a full frontal sprite of Malla? Bummed out I didn’t get to see some pussy action.

  50. Good luck mate, i like your games. Cheers

  51. So how long before we can have this shinny demo? Is it close to release? I’m very excited!

  52. Yes it has. So next month we’ll have some kind of demo? Good to hear!

  53. Anonymous Says:

    What will there be left to do after you release the story demo?

  54. когда игра выйдет? Не могу больше ждать)))

    • Footguy Says:

      Unfortunately we all need to wait. If you can’t wait any longer…what are you going to do?

  55. woo.. your art so nice ! i’am very exciting ! can you show the way how you draw ! I really want to know about :3

  56. Your games are f”in amazing. Best graphics and concept i’v seen in a H game in a looong time. Totally worth the 7 bucks. Keep up the awesome work

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, Vosmug! Are you still alive? What are you working on now? Say something, I’m scared…

  58. Rarebit Fiend Says:

    Good, we were getting worried man.

  59. Footguy Says:

    They say repetition is important. You’ve seen me type this before and I’ll type it again – All we ask is a monthly updated post just to see how things are going. You don’t have to say much, just another new place to post at the very least.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Got any nasty glitches to put on the youtubes?

  61. anonymous Says:

    Where do you find people to do voices for your games?

  62. Anonymous Says:

    any idea on a possible demo ? would be great for feedback, i love xenotake ! ❤

  63. Danlorn Says:

    Vosmug, didn’t you think to move on patreon? Get constant donations from your fans and forget about piracy? Sorry, if that question already been asked…

  64. I’m always waiting~! Ignore these idiots and do whatever you can do, vosmug! I enjoyed your last game and I’m looking forward to your next post! ah….I have a question… I purchased xenotake once before(the day you revealed the game!), but I formated my computer, so….should I purchase your game again….?

  65. hey dude i’ve been attentive about your progress about this game, i have played xenotake once a time, and finished it and i really liked it, so my question is your last post was on frebruary, so this proyect is on the road or it is cancelled? already played the demo, and i really liked, i really cant wait for the complete demo or the completer version this is gonna be great!

  66. Anonymous Says:

    I really would like to see a screenshot of the game 😦

    • Anonymous Says:

      Id rather get the demo first then next month a screenshot

      • hey dude i’ve been attentive about your progress about this game, i have played xenotake once a time, and finished it and i really liked it, so my question is if your last post was on february, so this proyect it’s on the road or it is cancelled? already played the demo, and i really liked, i really cant wait for the complete demo or the complete version this is gonna be great!

  67. Demo is almost ready, I’m having some fixes to do, second guesses about stuff, some critical bugs, there’s a lot of text, if you don’t like stories then you won’t like this game and is not cancelled.

    Aghghghahah!! But seriously, sorry for the lack of posts and updates, everything is going to normal after the demo.

    • Anonymous Says:


    • yay, that’s good bro i hope it comes sooner, hey pstt , if you need help you can count with me, im programmer, so i should give you a hand if you need it

      • Footguy Says:

        Hah! I’m also learning programming! By God is it hard to master. I’m going to be super busy over the next few weeks with assignments and all!

  68. The Adoring fan Says:

    when’s the next demo?

    i can’t wait anymore to see more of your creation ❤

  69. Anonymous Says:

    Take your time, just keep us posted 🙂

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Waiting for the demo

  71. Kluster Says:

    wow the Demo is almost ready, take your time to finish it.

  72. Anonymous Says:

    The last week of the month and still nothing.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    You’ll know the demo is out when you hear the sound of meat slapping in the distance

  74. Anonymous Says:

    …Sooooo uh… How are things coming along…?

  75. Anonymous Says:

    Offtopic question mr Vosmug but where are you from? I noticed in some of your previous posts that your Windows is in spanish

  76. Anonymous Says:

    end of the week and still nothing

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oh well 😦 at least we’ll get it next month

    • I’m sensing a hilarious elevator accident… or not. He said he’s almost to the demo, so let’s give him another week before the mafia hunts him down.

      • That’s why you better not say anything, elevator accidents and other less hilarious stuff happen, lesson re-learned.

      • Anonymous Says:

        A was probably reffering to the post on DirtyC101’s blog from about a year or so ago, where someone posted “you know though, an “I wasn’t killed in a hilarious elevator accident” would be nice now and then… just saying” during a period in which DC hadn’t posted any news for a while 😛

      • Yeah, that’s what I was referring to. Though I was trying to say for the others to be patient already, and life happens. ‘Cause you know, undead usually don’t make H games these days. ;P

        Also, wasn’t that a comment on this blog a year-ish ago?

      • Anonymous Says:

        I actually just checked and it was januari 2014 😛 So more like a year and a half 😀

        But yeah, take all the time you need Vosmug! We’ve waited for a long time, I’m sure an extra week or two won’t kill us 😛

  77. Footguy Says:

    Nah, I have a lot of work to do over the next 2 weeks with assignments and exams coming up. Even if he were to release it now, I would not have enough time to try it.

    Make it 2 weeks!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      you really are selfish

      • Anonymous Says:

        Why is that? Because he want to give us the best game possible? It’s everything except selfish.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oh yeah nevermind, I though you were telling that Vosmug was selfish because he didn’t release the demo. I didn’t realized that you were answering to something. So yeah I agree with you.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yet at the same time I also do not agree with you, Anonymous. I was correct in thinking that Anonymous’s first post was correct then Anonymous corrected his second post. Yet now here I stand, Anonymous saying that I do not agree with you one bit.

  78. Anonymous Says:

    rip vosmug

  79. Danlorn Says:

    Hey hey guys, let’s make some good old flood! 😉 Vosmug, did you see official Fallout-4 trailer? Wanna puke because of shitty graphic?

    • At least that game will come out eventually, am I right?

      I just hope there’s a decent 3rd person mode, and non-ugly characters.

      • Danlorn Says:

        Yep, this trailer is official. Also pre-order was appeared in Steam. I think the game will be announced on E3.
        As I heard Fallout-4 will use old engine from Skyrim which is so old that was used since Morrowind… Gradually it has improved but it’s realy old engine. So you know, it’s like doing a facelift to the old whore – yeah, it will look not bad (if you don’t look closely) but it’s still ugly old whore.
        Too early to say something about graphics but trailer is really disappointing for me 😦

    • Anonymous Says:

      The graphics looked amazing to me

  80. Anonymous-shiftyfive Says:

    The picture of the game pretty much sums it up. I have just heard about it.

  81. Footguy Says:

    Fallout 4, the final trilogy of the Starcraft series. I’m so glad that we have things to look forward to.

    Fallout: New Vegas was my all-time favorite game due to the replay-ability. Playing through 7 times with a different outcome each time. That is what I love about Fallout games.

    I am most excited about this!

  82. Kluster Says:

    Crying downgrade graphics for The Witcher 3 😥

  83. Anonymous Says:

    My most anticipated Games of 2015
    Fallout 4… and Ghost Hunter Vena! (If thats still the name)

    • I wonder how much we agree in tastes over here, the only reason I played fallout 3, (for like 1 hour) was because of the setting which I really like, everything else I just couldn’t care about, especially the first person gameplay, the only thing I care about right now is P5 and FFXV, in general I like japanese games more and mostly dislike western games.

      Yes, that’s the name.

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Will the demo have the masturbation button?

    • Not really since in the story that shouldn’t happen yet, but I’ll make a test room to use it I guess. Bear in mind that I want to fix those sprites, the hands are all weird, so it’s for testing only.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Thank you

      • Anonymous Says:

        Forgot to ask this. Will we be able to test the masturbation with enemies in the room?

      • You can but enemies don’t react to it, as I said, it will be used in especific situations and not all enemies will react, the actual enemies that react are not implemeted yet. And by react I mean lure, all other enemies should still try to grab you normally regardless of your actions so there’s nothing especial for normal enemies to do, just that the actual grabbing is turned off for those.

  85. Anonymous Says:

    Is the demo almost finished ? We are in juin and im not implying that you give us now, its just to know how long do we have to wait more ? D :

  86. saludos agus

  87. Anonymous Says:

    I think that the demo is going to be finish in october you know in halloween XD

    • Anonymous Says:

      don’t even bother asking he clearly doesn’t even know when he is going to release it and he keeps avoiding all the questions related to it but answers pretty fast to off-topic posts, sorry if I sound rude but thats what I think

      • Well, yeah. I’m pretty sure he isn’t doing this as a main income source, and not commiting to a release date either a)due to previous setbacks, criticism and general feedback, or b)has no definitive idea on time remaining to give one.

        Let’s just give him space, it’s been a good past month for H games and he’ll get the demo out.

  88. Anonymous Says:

    hey just of suggestion might have if there is more then one ghost around you can have them gang up on the girl if she gets caught like threesome or something would match more the theme of horny raping ghost instead of them taking turns.

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