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The main and pretty much only reason for this post is to give a plug CheshireCat who is having a bad time right now, I’m not going to pretend to know or to relate, because the more serious hardships in my life have been down internet connection and not having a computer for a few months due to it failing because it feels like it or because it wants to explode on me for whatever reason, so go to his blog read it and if you have enjoyed his stuff, can or want to help, you can do it there.

Anyway, have a boss because I should post something, right? Red or Vengeful ghosts will ONLY want to attack (or maybe kill) you BTW.





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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Vengeful ghost boss looks good. Will this one only choke or will she do more? Like throwing stuff or sending out the normal ghosts to do Vena.

    P.s. I hope everything goes well for CheshireCat.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hot :D. Honestly im kinda glad its not just sexing the enemies do. In a horror setting, it would make sense that the enemies would have other plans than just fucking, you know?

    • I have to say, I’m in the other camp, I love to figure out how to trigger sex scenes and it saddens me if an enemy hasn’t atleast one of them. I know I’mbasically asking for a shit-ton of sprites but I think we can have both. sex scenes and death scenes or even both?

  3. Please don’t make health regeneration. At least on higher difficulties. It will kill all the fun.

  4. I just hope that not every boss is killing only and some will have a rape attack. Anyway, it might be intereseting to implement some defensive block move, since the ghosts are running around invulnerable half of the time

    • You are immune to they attacks when you go on all fours.

      • Yeah, I know, it just doesn’t seem right, crawling to dodge them when you have a badass one-eyed gauntlet

      • I tought about that but I dunno if it’s necesary, why add something new if it’s going to have pretty much the same function? it’s a waste of time and energy, unless it does something else.

      • It surely would be a waste of time, there’s no need to do one thing twice. I was just expressing my personal preference and what would fit more to the game in my opinion (I don’t know the whole story though).

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe this is how he’s working in the masturbation mechanic. Give the red ghosts a show to get em into rapey mode instead of killy mode?

    • That dosens’t sound like a bad idea but taht’s not really what I’m doing. As i said masturbation is not somthing you’ll be able to do all the time.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What stuff you need to finish to release the story demo?

    • I need to do more sprites, need to get the art for the intro CG, need to polish the story… but before that I’m finishing some mechanics and a boss, which won’t appear in the demo of course but I want to be done with that before moving anywhere else.

  7. Will there be an option to “calm” the ghost once we’ve defeated them? I would very much appreciate that option!

    • To elaborate that idea, I *really* loved the expose feature of Prisonkage. If you could sneak that into the game (maybe that’s how you appease the ghost, you know, it’s really relaxing to knead something…), I would seriously buy this game three times.

      • I don’t understand, once they’re defeated they disappear.

      • My train of thought was that once you’ve defeated the ghost (you said you don’t want the ghost to have a h-scene during the fight), the ghost will disappear after a short time. During that time however, you can, to stick with my idea for a moment, expose yourself to appease the ghost, a h-scene will trigger, the ghost will turn to a blue, “calmed down” ghost and disappears.

        (Quoting myself because I can’t quote you for some reason.)

      • Well, I guess that could work, but the main reason for red ghosts was to make more enemies without the need to do more sex animations, that would defeat the purpose of having red ghosts at all.

      • I can understand that this might not fit the theme of the game or that it is too much work to implement but I’ve not seen many games using an exposure mechanic, tbh., your game is the only one I can reall right now. And I love it! I hope you could make use of this feature again, if not in this game, then maybe in the next. 😀

      • Right now I should focus on working on the stuff I already have instead of adding new stuff, that also has something to do… but wouldn’t the masturbation mechanic to lure some ghosts be pretty much the same thing? Again, only a few ghosts will have that and won’t be actaully enemies but more NPC-like ghosts, but that kinda counts doens’t it? I have to work on that btw, it’s still bare bones.

      • Yeah, that would work too. The reason I like the Expose feature is because on the one hand, you, as the heroine can choose to be raped, sort of as the lesser of two evils, in contrast to the usual h-game, where the heroine doesn’t want to be raped. think about Prisonkage with the exposing working for every enemy and a possession-meter. If you expose yourself, the enemy wont kill you but rape you, but your possession-meter is filling and once it’s full you transform into a demon and it’s game over/a minigame starts where you, as demon, have to rape your friends.

        On the other hand, I think an exposure feature is more fitting than the usual kill-or-get-raped scenario, since the player doesn’t have to make the decision between losing and seeing the h-scenes and progressing without seeing the h-scenes.

        Sorry for the long post, but like I said, this exposure feature needs to be in more games! 😀

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Will there be actual death this time around or just fade to black when the health bar reaches zero like in Xenotake?
    Doesn’t have to be guro, but I’m still shedding tears for PrisonKage now then then

    • You and me both.

      Anyway I do like the variety of attacks. You do not have to follow my advice but you could ‘cover all grounds’ by having different ghosts attack a particular body part.

      Gut punching, choking, hair pulling, clawing etc.

  9. I know you’ve probably got your own plans, but if after successfully killing/beating the player character, it possessed her body and wandered around in it, stopping every now and then to masturbate, that’d be incredible.

    I’m a huge possession/body snatchers fan.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    so the story needs to be polished? so another 3 months?

    • The story polish needed for such demo would take a few days, if it takes longer it’s going to be because of the other things I mentioned not becuase of the story.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    when she is choking will you make her face turn purple, and eyes turn up , and drolling?

  12. Why is she blushing as she’s being choked? Is she into asphyxiation?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    What do you think takes the longest time? Story polishing, getting the intro art, sprites, mechanics, or boss?

  14. Hey Vosmug, big fan of xenotake (Bought my copy back in march, still play it occasionally) I’m trying my hand at h game development at my new site – I added your blog to my ero games link list, guess I’ll add Cheshirecat’s too while I’m at it.

    The new demo looks neat, especially when I realized she could fly with that glove of hers. Those ghost dudes are annoying, I thought they were unkillable until one finally popped, guess there’ll be plenty of time for balancing, it’s early days.

    Best of luck with the new project!

  15. How about an endless horde mode mini game after completing the story? It would be interesting to see how many ghosts/boss ghosts we can kill before her health or timer reaches zero. Something like the mercenaries from resident evil.

  16. will the story of this game or to be more exact the stages as long as xenotake or more or shorter? I really like how long the story and playing was for xenotake kept it from being boring or too old.

    • I really can’t tell without actually playing a more complete version, but looks like it’s going to be longer, as long as stages go (more like areas), I really don’t plan that ahead but I’ll try to have a reasonable lenght when testing the level design, I usually cut or add rooms and areas on the fly while testing.

  17. Would you be able to add a shower scene at the end with all of the girls? It makes sense… They need wash themselves after all stuff they went through.

    • That sounds like a nice extra, I’ll think about it but I don’t promise anything, but certainly I would need help with that entire scene because I suck at suggestive/sexy/sex related dialog, not that I’m good at any kind of dialog… but yeah… no promises…

      • Would it be cg illustration or sprite animated? Because I’d love to see it animated rather than a still picture.

      • If it happens I was thinking about CG, mainly because I wouldn’t know what to animate, maybe a boob grab from behind like in one of my japanese animes, that’s all I can think of.

  18. Nevertheless I hope you plan to go back to Prisonkage after you have finished with this game.

    • That’s the plan.

      • Anonymous Says:

        When you go back to Prisonkage will it be the original H and guro or the later guro only?

      • Guro only, that’s one of the reasons I made these games first, so I could work on both (Guro and Hentai) separetely since I just didn’t like the mix anymore.

        I might go crazy someday and start mixing both again in the future but not for now.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I hate to ask this but will it still have fanservice? (Like the nude part in demonophobia) be nice to have just that.

      • I guess, but probably not full nudity.

  19. I was really hoping this game wouldn’t go the route Prisonkage did, which was a complete and utter abomination.

    I don’t get how people can mix pleasure and extreme pain together, they seem like oil and water to me, and many other hentai fans I know.

    If you can fap to a hot girl who was just raped by a ghost and then strangled by one the next second, then I don’t even know what to say to you other than I think you have a little psychopathic itch inside of you

    And yes, Vosmug, I have read your previous comments on this, and if you don’t call a girl being chocked to DEATH guro then I don’t know what you do call guro. Guro doesn’t have to include blood and guts, if the main character is being STRANGLED TO DEATH in a majorly HENTAI GAME then yes, you’re mixing hentai and guro.

    I’m not a hater, I want to see your games succeed, but I don’t even want to start talking about Prisonkage, that was a game better left in the depths of 4Chan and forgotten, but you need to stop killing off the girls you play as. And even if you don’t kill them off, but have extreme guro like “FairyFighting” does, then that’s still extremely repulsive.

    I played your demo, and I really enjoyed the rape animations, they were perfect and you’re very talented. When it was game over and the ghosts captured me unharmed because I was a toy for them, that was extremely hot and original in my opinion because I knew I wasn’t being killed or anything hardcore wasn’t being done to me.

    Just my two cents from a fan of your work who may be a bit on the softcore side, but I think it’s important that you get feedback from your fans on all sides of the spectrum of hentai to really come out with a good product.

    I even took the liberty and gif’d the animations I liked most, because as I said, I really enjoyed them. I look forward to seeing more QUALITY hentai from you.

    • It would be better to always comment in the latest post, I don’t like replaying in old posts, unless you want only me to read it and not other people.


      I don’t know what to tell you if that’s what you feel, but is not forgotten at all, it’s going to be my next game after this one so, I don’t like mixing pleasure and pain either that’s way that game changed drastically. And I don’t know exactly where you’re getting at with those comments just because there’s choking but there are tolerance levels, I guess it’s not for you, even though, you seem to be assuming a lot, choking is a normal attack and you should try to avoid it just as you would in any other game, the choking is not made for fapping purposes as you seem to suggest.

      It feels contradictory how you say one thing is repulsive and then the next thing you say is that you enjoyed the rape, rape is also bad, I don’t see how one is morally better than the other, as far as tastes goes sure, we all like different things, but to say one thing is bad and the other good seems a bit much, especially here where the things we play are not exactly bastions of correctness and good behavior.

      And I don’t think choking counts as guro, guro comes from the word grotesque, and I don’t think choking classifies as such, but maybe it is, I don’t really know.

      So yeah, if you’re thinking this game is following the prisonkage route just because of that choking then that’s not it at all, actually the only reason choking is there at all is because it’s a common ghost trait in anime and Japanese movies. And even prisonkage is not following the “prisonkage route” anymore.

  20. Thank you for the quick reply vosmug, I appreciate the fact that you did not disregard my comment because I challenged you in a way maybe your other fans do not.

    In regards to enjoying rape but not guro (and yes, I classify choking as guro because the intention is to kill or to inflict bodily harm) is because rape is a common and accepted genre especially in hentai games.

    Rape can of course go too far, take Fairy Fighting for example. As a Softcore rape lover, Fairyfighting and Eluku’s games in general are a love – hate relationship for me. He has some of the most softcore animations mixed in with some of the most hardcore animations you will ever see.



    I still enjoy his game because he does have the softcore elements in it, I just try to stay away from the hardcore garbage. I would classify his hardcore rape animations as guro only because if it wasn’t a game his depictions would result in death, as would your chocking of poor Vena.

    As for why I dislike the mixture of rape and guro, it has to boil down to why people find hentai games enjoyable.

    From my experiences hentai games offer a rare exception to most other games as in if you Win the game, then you win the game, and if you loose or are attempting to loose…. then you still Win as a hentai fan and a lover of good art & animation.

    I am all for violence in the right context, and I think it’s the context that matters most of all. If it were some ugly monster of a beast you had as the main character, and it was getting chocked and chomped on, then I could give less of a shit, but when you replace that with a hot chick who’s running around naked getting Softcore and medium core (normal penetration) raped, then it’s really a boner killer and disheartening to see her getting chocked like that.

    I would have recommended replacing the choke with a rape attack you have not explored yet.

    I believe you should base your enemies around sex attacks, maybe one is good for giving / receiving oral, maybe one is good for rubbing / grinding.

    The current ghosts you have sure were good for breast play and I really enjoyed that.

    At the end of the day, I’m a lover of originality. I love seeing unique content that doesn’t cop out and try to go hardcore / snuff.

    Rather, I love to see content creators try to swing the other way especially when it comes to rape and go softcore, because it’s rare, and I believe it attracts a larger audience.

    • Now I’m positive you are misusing the term guro, sounds more like ryona, I don’t really like that one but it fits better, even if it is inadvertently guro or ryona, that’s not the main purpose or focus.

      I find it difficult to take your word when you say thinks like “try to stay away from the hardcore garbage”, or that other thing is “repulsive”, you’re being a bit too judgmental and that makes me think you’re coming from an emotional, very subjective point of view, which makes any discussion about anything very difficult.

      As of now I’m not much into mixing those two either, but I really couldn’t tell you since our definition of guro seems to differ, if it wasn’t a game those would result in death, sure, but death to me doesn’t mean guro, and if it wasn’t a game rape alone would be quite horrible and despicable too, if we take these things out of context as if they weren’t games, as if they were real things that happen, most would be terrible things that nobody should do and things that would result in certain death, so to me those kind of arguments don’t really stand.

      When you say why people find hentai games enjoyable, that’s subjective of course, I for one like the story and characters more than the mechanics, and the very thing you mention about losing to win I hate with a passion, so again, it all boils down to different tastes and likings, I don’t really like the hardcore examples you post either.

      You seem to be thinking in gameplay/mechanics terms mostly, I think in story/plot terms because you know, that’s what I like, red ghosts have a purpose and they are supposed to be a real threat, unlike normal ghosts, so to me, the fact that they can kill you, due to as you say, the context this story takes place in, is more relevant and important than the fact that it may be wrong or bad.

      And as I said before I don’t want to make what attracts a larger audience if I’m not comfortable with it, even if that means going too softcore, again, I rather have something I would like to play myself, if people don’t like that then I’m sorry, I don’t feel like pandering too much, I’m okay with suggestions but if I have to change hardcore into softcore just because it would attract a larger audience or because someone doesn’t like it then I’m sorry but that’s not gonna happen. I don’t think I’m going too crazy for that to happen though, but still.

      In the end this is more about personal preferences and taste and there are so many possibilities it’s difficult to please everybody, the best thing to do is to pick and choose.

      I believe any rape is already hardcore isn’t?

  21. You know what, I’m not even sure what guro means anymore. If it only Guro when the main character is having grotesque things done to them? Or is it also Guro when the main character is dishing out grotesque things to their enemy? I believe ryona is just violence, I’m not sure if that is just physical harm or if it includes death as well. I do believe death is guro, because that’s the ultimate ender.

    We all have our tastes. I don’t only dislike hardcore depictions, but I also dislike the status quo. What is the status quo? Penetrative sex. I feel it’s over done, and content creators really need to start thinking outside the box. As for discussions, we can have plenty of discussions. As of now you have more softcore rape animations than you do medium core / hardcore. So we definitely see eye to eye on some things and can have intelligent conversations on what we agree on.

    Rape being horrible and despicable? Got that right! That’s why I’m a lover of softcore, original rape where it doesn’t leave any physical marks / damage. Sure, it might leave mental damage, but it’s a game, you disregard that bit 😛

    Story and characters are important, I for one love the story you have going on right now especially with all the ghosts (just in their lust phase, once they get to their im going to fucking choke the shit out of you phase, that’s when I stop playing)

    You might hate people losing to win, but it’s one of the major reasons your games are popular. Your games would not be nearly as successful if there was not any rape animations or game over CG’s. People want to see what you have created, one of the ways to do that is to see what different enemy does what. After you’ve had your fill then you can progress to the next level and see what the next stage holds in terms of enemies.

    About the red ghost, you could have made her a real threat without having to add in the death factor. Have you played resident evil? Remember that guy with the chainsaw, didn’t matter how much health you had, he would just 1 shot you? Why not have a 1 shot rape animation instant game over, or if the choking was meant to slowly drives towards a game over, then I don’t see why you couldn’t continue with the lust theme, it was pretty perfect in my opinion.

    I’m not sure what your intentions are with these games, but if you are or are hoping to make a living with these games, then a common rule in game development is to NOT make a game that only you would like playing, but rather make a game which would appeal to the most amount of people depending on which genre you have chosen. DEATH IS A BONER KILLER. You are going to be turning off people from this game which is really sad especially since you have a really nice ghost lust story going on right now with some quality animations. I don’t know why you would turn heel and turn it into hardcore death just like that.

    We all have our tastes and preferences, that’s what makes us all unique, and I really appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to have this debate/conversation with me because I think it’s important that you get a perspective from the softcore side of your fan base. I may not be able to convince you to ditch the death phase of this game and continue on with the lust phase, but I can only strongly recommend it and give you my reasons why.

    • Sure, it might leave mental damage, but it’s a game, you disregard that bit

      That’s exactly my point too; I think I misunderstood what you tried to say with:

      I would classify his hardcore rape animations as guro only because if it wasn’t a game his depictions would result in death

      But either way that was my point, if it wasn’t a game, all of this would be terrible, including the “softcore” rape, since it IS a game though then guro or death by choking or whatever shouldn’t be that bad either, but then again that’s just me and I believe that wasn’t your point, I dislike things and not necessarily have to relate to reality, so… yeah… that was pointless.

      What is popular or not is irrelevant, Call of Duty is popular… I’m perfectly fine with a small audience like right now, I would hate to get too big and start having to meet expectations for everybody, I am perfectly fine as of now, and this is something I do on the side, sure it helps financially but is not my main motivation. So getting popular or appealing to a bigger audience is not something I care that much about, there’s audience for everything, even if it’s small, I’m ok with that.

      Part of the reason Red ghosts exist was to have some urgency, something that you want to avoid no matter what instead of jumping on it to purposefully lose, one hit game over rape is still something you would want to do, if you really don’t want to see her die then fight your way through it, as in any other game, also, that’s a boss so it should be a big deal, putting sex animation to red ghosts would be the exact opposite of what I needed, the other big reason for red ghosts is to have enemies where I don’t have to spend too much time making animations.

      One thing I think you are assuming is that death might be graphic and it’s not at all, if you die the screen goes to black, so if that’s the case we should have started there, if the sole idea of implied death after rape or whatever is what bothers you though then I guess is not for you.

      I’m okay with talking about it but there needs to be a really compelling argument to change my mind in something I really think is not a big deal given how, as you said, it’s just a game, who knows, maybe is not as bad as you might be thinking.

      • I’ve talked to some other hentai game developers such as Anon 42 and Azurezero and I’ve come to the conclusion that when it comes to hentai games there’s really two major audiences.

        One of them, is people like you who care more about the gameplay and story, but throw in the animations and game over artwork as a side thing to cater to your love of hentai as well but you don’t want that to be the main focus of the game.

        The other, is people like me who are pure lovers of hentai in all of it’s forms. Whether it be a digital painting, a comic, a hentai movie or hentai animations from a game, I love all sorts of different genres, concepts and that’s all I really care about. If I wanted to play a game that included choking, I would play street fighter, if you want a sense of urgency, there’s a million ways to get the player to feel that.

        I think hentai games are a grey area between those two major audiences. I love the HENTAI part much more than the games part and you love the game and gameplay part more than keeping hentai fans happy

        It would be selfish of me to force my tastes upon someone else, so I guess I’ll have to do exactly what you said and pick and choose.

        I do hope in your future releases you will release a code to unlock the galleries however, because when it comes down to it, that’s really all I’m interested in

  22. To better get a sense of what types of animations I enjoy, I don’t think it can actually be classified as rape. I think molestation is a better term to use. When you had those ghost arms doing some breast play on Vena, I believe that can be classified as molestation. So can oral, rubbing or anything that doesn’t include penetration I guess.

  23. Hey I think you should make it like make her unconcious or kill her then possess her should be good.

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