h34zbqfbzrfrHey there,

This post is only to let you know, if you’re interested, that Flux, my script corrector and QA tester has been working with other guys (or girls I dunno) in some other projects, one of which is an RPG still in development called Malise and the Machine, you can find it here:

You can read the info, watch the trailer, see screenshots and all of that there, there’s also a patreon page if you feel like contributing, if it grabs your attention you may want to keep it on your radar, the video looks pretty cool.

They are called Eromancer, here’s the group’s blog:

I should have done a sidebar with links a long time ago, I should start doing that but I always forget.

11 Responses to “Malise”

  1. Well, looks pretty cool, and doing all of that in the rather constricting RPG maker is kinda admirable, so I’ll keep an eye on that. Thanks for that. 😉

    Maybe just make a link from the menu bar or add a new header to your page instead of creating a new sidebar, the aesthetic on mobile is rather nice and streamlined.

  2. Yeah, I’ve noticed the side bar thing. Nobody seems to link to you, either.

    I guess I just assumed you were the cool-guy renegade of H-game makers, leaning against a wall in the corner with aviators and a cigarette.

  3. Hey, we added you back to our bloglist at ! Looking forward to your new stuff D

  4. You spelled it EromCANCER… ;-.-

  5. Just make sure they return the favor. I see developers who advertise others, but those others don’t advertise them… Not cool. Thanks for the heads up on this game, but in all honesty, I’m more interested in yours.

    • Meh, if you’re going to call them favors, to be honest I’m the kind of person who likes doing favors but don’t like receiving them, I understand waht you’re saying but I’m not asking for anything in return, is not like I’m popular enough to make any difference, that being said they did link me so this rant is kind of unnecesary.

      Also if I start linking and promoting games I like, I would hate to start a pressure/obligation process to link back, it feels more dishonest to receive links out of obligation than just not being linked back at all, I guess that’s why haven’t done it yet.

    • We added him on our site’s sidebar, and one of the staff on our team actually did QA/Localization work for Xenotake, so we’ve got a back and forth thing going on here 😀

      Anytime Vosmug wants to get more promotion for his stuff too, he knows that we’d love to promote his game once it’s out or a new demo comes out as well!

  6. Me personally, I’m more of a Platform/Arcade kind of gamer.

  7. I am wondered that i cant find you at any support page like Patreon. I would support your gameprojects. Or are you already in a existing Team?

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