Demo Fixes

To save bandwith please use Mega, use Box only if Mega doesn’t work.

Download (MEGA)

Download (BOX)

Fixed most of the problems, I think all of them, if I forgot something let me know.


Ceiling glitch fixed.

Menu Glitch Fixed.

Ghosts won’t recover HP after grabs.

You can attack while naked, instead of just stunning.

Ghosts can attack you while jumping, that means they will throw you down NOT grab you, the idea is just to prevent you from jumping and escaping. Crawling let’s you avoid though, is not a glitch. Depends on the enemy too, you can avoid ground enemies by jumping and avoid air enemies by crawling.

Hand will come back near you if it falls to the floor below.

I forgot what else.

So there’re difficulties now and you can select how many ghosts you want, 2 or 3 is recommended since I guess that’s the normal you will encounter in game, you can add up to 6 just for funsies, but more than 3 is not canon so if you go with more than that, don’t take that difficulty as indicative of anything.

Same controls as before plus quit the game with Esc, or Q and then Esc.

Something that I forgot last time, there’s is no game over or any big penalty for now, of course there will be game over and stuff.

To address some questions, there is no customization, 2D sprite customization is not very easy, actually is quite complicated unless you use independent parts, and even then is not easy due to the amount of frames I have to work with, it’s just very impractical.

Same goes for similar fixes and additions, anything that involves changing or adding parts to the character, is quite difficult, sure I’ll fix some sprites and retouch some others but not bigger changes, there are still other characters not done yet so, I’ll think about some of the suggestions for them.

The thing about the controls not being responsive, I don’t know but I don’t really see it, I see how cooling down from stun or attack can get some getting used to, that includes turning around since it looks like is the cooling down what won’t let you turn around as fast, but that’s the point, you need to time your moves, actually while naked you can almost spam stun, that needs to be fixed. So I don’t think there will be much change unless it is a major problem. The ghosts launch speed was still reduced in normal though, that should help a bit.

If I forgot something important let me know.

I tried to fix one sprite but it ended worse, the one I said I didn’t like was the one when you are ass up on the floor after the ghost drops you, I hated it and now I hate it even more, I’ll probably redo it entirely or… I dunno know but it’s terrible, don’t judge me.

40 Responses to “Demo Fixes”

  1. Thanks for the fixes. In my opinion I really loved how the ass up sprite looked on the first demo. I can see why you hate the new one.

  2. Hey, I found no glitches or problems with the new fixes. Albeit I only played for like 10 minutes but I could not find anything to report. I do like the little animation when she flies as it makes it more realistic.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I like that you added a pink bar.

    Question about when the ghost cums inside her on pink bar. Will there be a harsher penalty when that happens?

    oh and there’s a tiny sprite problem (I’m sure you already know) when the ghost cums he drops her and little bit of jizz is still coming out while shes falling.

    • 1. I guess it should take more time for you to get up, other than that I’m not sure for now.

      2. Yup, saw it before but didn’t think much of it, but yeah it doesn’t look great.

  4. I think I have an idea for animation (The one you can control) maybe you can do a system to switch between vaginal and anal during these one. It could be a nice addition. But I don’t know how hard it would be to coding and stuff.

    But maybe it could be a nice addition ?

  5. I’d like to see a female character with glasses… And no pubic hair…

    • Have you ever heard of less is more? IMO glasses are a turn off. Besides could you even imagine a female in any sort of hentai experience being able to keep their glasses on when they’re being thrown around and controlled like they are? I certainly cannot.

      • I’m just saying i would like to see it. if vosmug doesnt want it in the game then oh well.

      • Why are you being so defensive?

        There’s a character that has glasses, I don’t know yet if only during the intro or during the whole game, and no pubic hair for anyone.

  6. Hi vosmug, nice demo ^_^
    but the things i noticed there is no speed up or run button, and when the ghost catch the girl and are done with here there is no cum other than that the demo was great and no other glitches

  7. Maybe you do need to get used to the turning and activation of stunning and attacking, but from 3 minutes of playing, the fingers on my right hand ached… Also, it’d be great if you could sprint or run.

  8. How much time do you think it will take to finish everything ? If you don’t know, on percentage where are you in the development ? I’m really impatient to play to the full game !

    • We’ve all been down this road before. When they announce a game that is coming out and it gets delayed. The entire world has to wait for it to be ready. It will be ready when it is ready. In the meantime you have to use your time to do something else.

      The time you use for this is only getting periodic updates every now and again and move on with the rest of your day. Then again, there is a demo for you to look forward to as well.

    • No estimations or predictions, i’m done with that. All I can say is that there’s still a lot of work to be done.

  9. Hey i understand you probably wont make another h-game after this one but i have a idea that you can use for your next game under vosmug name although you probably wont make that:

    You see make a game about a naked woman who is abducted by aliens and stranded in a alien spaceship use a ‘ironman’ type armor to fight them.

    The story has the woman abducted by aliens they tore her clothes and unbraided her and put her in a liquid tank to use her as an experiment until something went wrong to the ships power that the naked woman luckily wakes up and jumps from her prisoned tank that she runs from her alien captives the first level will have her remaining naked and have her fight alien enemies with her fists only until she finds an armour and wears it the whole game will have to use it fight against upgraded enemy aliens using the armour she wore

    and then fight the final boss some enemy attack will have her lose the armour piece by piece until she remains fully naked and then the aliens will have sex on her until she is weak which will lead to a game over and a try again thing however in order to avoid that she has to find a power up to fix her armor.

    What do you think do you think you can make that?

    • Sorry but I have tons of ideas of my own, I have to do those first. And who said I won’t make more?

      • Well you told us earlier that you will still make games sure but you said you won’t make a Hentai and ecchi game ever again i mean that how i remember anyway i understand you have lot of ideas for your new games do that ,I won’t force you .Oh and whenever you put the next game i hope you put something in the future games like the first level will have the girl naked with unbraided hair and barefoot legs escaping from the enemies until reaching to the next section where she gain a armor and a weapon and fight enemies

      • I’m pretty sure I never said that, it already happened once when I thought I didn’t say something but actually I DID say it, but this time I’m pretty sure I didn’t say that. And if I did please quote me because I’m going crazy.

      • what?? no hentai game ever again?? but i really want to see Xenotake 2 😥

      • You are not reading, I just said up there I never said that.

  10. where’s the ghost’s cum and the girl breast milk? 🙂 (like Xenotake of course)

  11. How about a female ghost enemy that grabs main characters boob and fingers her?
    No futa

  12. Well what you said ‘I’m pretty sure I never said that’ maybe its just my imagination or you deleted it few months ago either way i hope you make some good game with adult things and i also hope the next one will have a platform game but will have a nude female who escapes in the first level but gains armor and fights back throughout the whole game (the nude female platform game part i said is just optional)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Cant take screenshots with F9 like the other games 😦

  14. Anonymous Says:

    do you by any chance do large gapes/insertions or stomach bulges?
    something like ponpondou:
    niche genre, but just curious

  15. Not A Potato Says:

    Bug: You can’t just walk off cliffs (or edges, I don’t know, I’m not American), you have to jump off of them. When I flied to the second level, you can’t just walk off of the ledge and fall down to the first level. Not sure if that’s a bug, or that was put in the game for later fall damage when you don’t glide down.

    Other than that, the game is coming along well. A piece of advise is to polish her a tad bit more, she looks almost paper like unlike the background. Also the crawling animation should be improved to look, well, sexier rather than actually crawling. That’s just my opinion though. Hair movement could use some improvement, because it looks like it shrinks and resizes when she walks rather than moving due to motion.

    Also the lighting and showing both need minor improvement to make perfect. One more note: Is it possible to change her appearance? E.g. skin tone, piecing’s, hair colour, breast size, and even hair styles’?

    Question: Will their be running, slow falling, and/or attacking while flying (lasers our of the claw eye)?

    Onnnne more thing, the game logo that shows up on my desktop screen doesn’t do it justice.

    Good luck with the development!


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