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So, ahem, I usually don’t do this, and I don’t want to keep doing it, that is, showing in-development stage stuff, I would rather have something more complete, but I figured it was due time to show something. So whatever, there you go, it’s important to note this is a GAMEPLAY demo, I just want to show the basic gameplay, there’s not much sexy content aside from the normal naked playable sprites, and the interaction with the test enemy, so don’t hit me.

Please use Box only if Mega doens’t work.




Arrow keys = Move and stuff

Z = Stun (you have to stun first, then attack)

X = Attack / Recover hand when you lose it.

S = Absorb orbs.

C = Recover clothing while naked.

Enter = Menu

Q = Restart Game

Alt+Enter = Windowed mode, use it to close the game.

First, There’s stuff missing of course, sounds are missing and need to be leveled, some sprites need to be retouched, one big element is missing but I won’t tell what it is until several people notice it, it’s not hard to notice though. No music either. I hated how some sprites turned out, you’ll know which ones I’m talking about.

The most important thing I need feedback on is difficulty, there’s just one room to play in and you restart with Q, the number of ghosts that appear every restart is random between 1 and 3, to test mainly how many enemies on screen is ok, 2 is already a bit too much it seems, the idea is that enemies are not going to be that common, to make every enemy encounter matter, or maybe it could be RPG-ish where you can escape, you tell me.

Oh and you can upgrade if you open the menu near the monolith (I guess that’s what it is) there’s only 3 points to upgrade for now, also, enemies can’t grab you while upgrading, so you can test some upgrades, try to play without them first, to test the difficulty.

I suspect is difficult but that can be fixed according to feedback.

Hope you like it, see you later.

Found glitches and details:

– Enemies recover full HP after grabbing you, will fix that, this makes it more difficult than it should be.

– Jump/fly sprite is incomplete, should have more frames.

– Pressing X while naked only stuns, will add an attack instead.

– MAJOR GLITCH: Sometimes after getting out of a grab you’ll jump to the skies.

– Being attacked while jumping will be added

– GLITCH: Opening the menu while moving glitches the character into that animation.

75 Responses to “Gameplay Demo”

  1. Thanks for the upgrade stuff.

  2. Well whille jumping or flying can you make her tits bounce a little.

  3. Man, I haven’t posted here in a while.

    Anyways, not a bad demo. Hope to see more work from ya!

  4. thanks a bunch Vosmug 😀

  5. the animations are amazing dude!
    and thanks for adding crawling 😀 hope to see my creepy crawler design make it in

  6. having trouble killing the ghosts i keep stunning then try to attack but they don’t die and sometimes when you free yourself you warp up and get stuck in the ceiling

    • never mind it took me a while to get it.
      So whats that red stone thing in the room?

    • Oops, big mistake, apparently they recover all their Hp if they grab you, need to fix that and taht ceiling glitch too, The red stone is to upgrade, open the menu when you’re close to it.

  7. I’m here for the tits, but thanks anyway. This is cool

  8. fighting 1 ghost seems normal to kill. fighting 2 is pretty hard. fighting 3 is possible it just takes a long time to kill them. but I do really like that idea of you not being able to kill every ghost and have to run or be gang banged (since this is her first time going up against them).

    my problem with combat is how the ghosts go invisible. trying to hit them when they go visible for a second is a bit hard for me but that’s just in my opinion. Then there’s that problem freeing yourself for some reason it warps you to the ceiling and you get stuck.

    I like how the jumping works, the animations are great (cant wait to see them improved), leveling up is satisfying, sound is good so far, and overall its a very good first demo.

    question: can you kill them when your naked? seems like you can only stun with both z/x (just a little confused by it because there’s going to be that full nude difficulty)

    • I think the problem is that they get full HP if they grab you, fixing that should make it way easier.

      The visibility time can be extended if it’s too short.

      And warping is a glitch.

      Who told you there was going to be a full nude difficulty, I never said that… mhhh, anyway, I wasn’t thinking about letting you attack while naked, but yeah, I guess it makes sense.

      • on the Add new post update I asked if you could you have her fully naked with no cloth regen throughout the game on hard mode and you replied “Could be an extra difficulty, why not.”

      • Gah damn it, I have a notepad file with the suggestions I’ve been getting but apprently I forgot that one, now I suspect I could have missed more, but you can understand how it’s difficult to keep track of comments, so yeah sorry about that.

      • its ok
        we all make mistakes

  9. I noticed the H animation is exactly the same as one of the animations in Xenotake.

  10. What should the player be able to accomplish with relative ease? 1 ghost appears to present a medium level of challenge considering the ghost’s abilities. 2 ghosts definitely presents a problem, 3 is rough going. Only plausible course of action with 3 ghosts is to spam stun and hope you’ll also be able to get an attack off before being grabbed.

    Clothes HP drained fairly quickly, made it difficult to retain clothes when HP was already at 50% or less.

    Had some trouble changing direction quickly after firing off a stun/attack. If ghosts are passing through the player like this, I’d like to be able to quickly turn and continue attacking.

    Artistic suggestion: Instead of the ghosts (and possibly other enemies) dropping the player, it’d be pretty sexy to see the player being pushed forward a few feet / shoved off the ghost dick. If there are any environmental hazards in this game and the pushing/shoving propelled the player into these, it’d add a sense of urgency to break free of the fucking.

    Really looking forward to a finished product. Keep up the good work!

  11. I suck at fighting two, three is impossible for me.

    The grab mechanic with the button press to evade is great, it gives a good amount of time to react and the randomness makes you have to pay attention to nail it. I was thinking that one of the upgrades might be an improved “Shrug” that actually causes some damage to the ghosts when you successfully evade a grab.

    Are we meant to use the flight to dodge when we see the ghosts getting ready to swoop in?

    It’s pretty tough for me to see when they’re vulnerable to stuns, maybe adding an outline like a temporary blue glow would help?

    A chargeable stun, one where you hold the button and release to fire would be useful if landing one would stun the ghosts longer.

    Something else that might be useful: A barrier ability. Maybe purchased through upgrades or by holding a button, or button combination. But basically something temporary that causes the ghosts to bounce back when they try to fly past her, help the player keep them all to one side. If they do that charging swoop, it could shatter the barrier. Maybe on upgrades the barrier could survive more ghost attacks before it shatters.

  12. Is there going to be an updated demo that fixes the problems listed?

  13. awesome stuff man, but i already broke the demo like 5 times… haha i made the camera flip out and scroll upwards off the screen and trapped her on the ceiling within 20 seconds 😛

    can’t wait to test the hell outta this one, even if it’s public! (and thanks for giving feedback on my game too, i implemented the stuff you talked about minus the shadows!)

  14. I thought it was just my computer with the sky glitch. I just press q after that to try to fight the ghosts again

  15. Hello, Vosmug!

    I’ve been here since the first demo of Xenotake that in my opinion, is the best H game of 2014 so far. I know what you posted yesterday is a Demo Gameplay, then, it’s a DEMO of a DEMO, and I’m here to talk about future. There are five things that makes me give up playing a H game: graphs (animations), controls, censorship, gallery and difficulty. In this case, I’m concerned about the difficulty. Xenotake has the perfect difficulty level to me, it has the easy mode (monsters dies faster and doesn’t cause damage while raping you) and the medium difficulty. You can call me noob, I will not judge you, but I hope this game has the same or similar easy and medium mode of Xenotake. I guess you could, in easy mode, extend the visible time of the ghosts and decrease their hp to kill them with one hit after the stun, and I really love it if you kept the no damage system while raping. Sorry for prolonging me and thanks for reading.

    I’m here to help! Bye!

  16. Nice demo! This will keep us occupied for the time being.

    I noticed that the ghosts cannot grab you while you’re in the air or while you are MOVING while crouched. I did the camera spaz move as well. After I found out about stun then attack the 3 ghosts were easy. All you had to really do is focus on one not grabbing you for it to regen its hps.

    Besides, if you go to the red monolith and get 3 attack the ghosts will go down very quickly.

    What I do like about this game is the size of the sprites. They aren’t the size of toy soldiers – they are larger than that.

    Now with the difficulty of the ghosts, it is easy to hit z and x to stun them and kill them. What the ghosts do is fly around you side by side. If I’m running to the right and I see a ghost to the left side get ready to swoop me, the controls aren’t very responsive to the turning left hence I get grabbed.

    What I can see frustrating is not so much the ghosts as I found out how to deal with them but the unresponsive controls where I don’t turn straight away to attack the swooping ghost. I think Brendan mentioned this earlier.

    So to conclude: z and x combo is good. Not sure if flying and crawling is meant to make you immune to ghost grabs. Difficulty wise 1 ghost is too easy. 2-3 ghosts should suffice. I’d also definitely take a look at how responsive the controls are. Otherwise great demo, I can definitely see the potential in that game. I can’t wait to see the full finished product!

    • Upgrading shouldn’t be a factor here since by the time you upgrade you should be already finding stronger ghosts.

      The controls are a problem, I wanted to give it a bit of momentum, is not really unresponsive, it just responds when you’re already out of the stoping animation, if you are are running to one side, you stop, turn around, stop again and then you are able to attack, I hate inmediate response without momentum, it looks clumsy and unrealistic, the only good looking solution I see would be to slow down the swoop move, or I guess the best option would be to interrupt the animation as soon as you attack., I’ll have to check that out.

      Jumping and crawling should let you avoid some enemies, depending if they are in teh air or in the ground, flying enemies should just take you down, I’l add that later too.

      • Actually disregard what I said about controls, after testing a bit more the stop animation is not that long, that doesn’t seem to be the problem, cooling down from an attack/stun seems more likely to be it.

      • That does make sense actually. If you’re in the middle of an animation then you can’t interrupt that animation with another command until it is completed.

      • I was thinking in general terms, in this case looks like you CAN interrupt it, but it goes by so fast it shouldn’t be a problem if that were the case, as I said, disregard that, looks like the problem is somewhere else.

  17. Small little glitch
    When you go to the red stone and press enter while holding left or right crawling/running she runs/crawls in place.

  18. if you just tap the same one button on the sex animation instead of tapping both left and right you can escape.

  19. i can’t download it, it seems that my computer reject mega’s links… can you use a direct link for download please?

  20. I can’t exit the game LOOOL! I keep press ESC and Alt + F4 to terminate the game, no work

    So I press F4 (thankfully, I used to play these type of game alot so I know what where how) to minize the screen and then click at “X” to close it

    Almost got caught playing at company LMAO

    And a little question please, dear Vosmug

    Will this game have tentacles in the future update? I like Xenotake alot and I hope you will do that again!

    BTW, great demo!

    • Forget to input feedback about how difficult

      IMO, the game difficulty is not really that hard! perhaps this is still alpha beta demo, nothing much for this demo, fighting is not complicate (I think its easy)

      Looking forward for next update, keep up Vosmug!

    • Alt+Enter, then close the window.

      Not in the next update, next will be to fix all of these problems.

    • Oh don’t you worry about that, I’m quite certain that Vosmug will have a main menu screen.

  21. What sprites do you hate? I hope its not the running/crawling ones because I think those are perfect. Oh and could you add climax crawling? It would be nice to have one way to dodge enemies after she climaxes.

  22. im sorry but can u upload it on a different site please 🙂 just for once

  23. hope there’re 3 or 4 bosses 🙂

  24. Fantastic graphics and animation.

    Just to help maybe there is another problem, if you go to the sides of the map, if you lose the glove , the glove jump out of the map and you can’t take it back.

  25. vosmug i have a little problem that i think some people have too: i can’t download this demo from mega… can you please use another link or maybe a direct link in this site for the download? i really would like to help you with feedbacks and reviews but since i can’t download the game… well… i can’t…

  26. How will being attacked while jumping work? Is it going to be grab or just take some damage?

  27. Looks and plays great man. Keep working away on it.

  28. Well i played the game and it looks nice but give it easy mode because its difficult to defeat ghosts when you try to defeat them also maybe you should make the main female characters hair un braided that will do nicely

  29. vosmug tell us something about the story man it looks like fun

  30. Here is one glitch.
    If you got grabbed by the enemy and your glove falls onto the lower platform, and let the enemy rape you, you have no way of getting the glove back.

  31. I noticed that she can’t be attacked while crawling. An attack while crawling would set up a doggie style attack nicely. Also, there is no ejaculate when the ghost climaxes. She should climax also. When she is stumbling around after being attacked, I would like to see vaginal fluid running down her legs. Just my fetish I guess. Any chance of her having pubic hair? LOVE the crawling animation while nude. Game is progressing nicely. Good job.

  32. Jumping and fucking will be added? Nice! I noticed i couldn’t do that, and good job adding more fucking into the game without major penalties. This time, we can fuck and not die! Sometimes my hand isnt on the keyboard .-. …Can you estimate how many animations will you have per enemy/charater? And is the female charater customizable? By the way, the hair movement while crawling, jumping, and walking needs to be added. >_> She’s abit stiff in my opinion.. one more thing, a filter.. can you use a filter to increase the graphics or sumthin? BUT GREAT START THUS FAR!! Bro, you need to advertize yourself on Kickstarter and raise enough money to hire a female voice actor. If not, send me dem links bruh

  33. I can’t run it, the program always send me an error like “Insufficient ressources for ending the service”

  34. Baked Saint Says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but when she’s completely naked and standing still, the way her hand covers her tits looks like it bends at an awkward angle. I know it’s something really specific and probably doesn’t really need fixing, but outside of what has already been said, it was the only thing I could really find. Game looks good so far though, you have a name in mind yet?

  35. Hmm I don’t know this isn’t appropriate thing to ask, but will full version have skip and gallery like ‘Xenotake’?

  36. I recommend a masturbation key and hot juicy orgasms after rape or masturbation and gigantic tits that lactate that squirt milk while being raped of touched

  37. how can masturbation ?

  38. and how can unlock gallery ?

  39. Anonymous Says:

    when the cmplete game is going to come out

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