Monthly post I guess…


Hey long time no see, I wonder why that is.

So I’m done with the basic gameplay… I guess, it was a very messy process due to poor planning, I had to cut down a lot and in the end is simpler than I expected and I don’t know how well it will blend with other enemies, I guess they will have to be adapted, still I think it works ok, is not perfect yet so some fixes need to be done, but in general that’s the idea, there are still some things that need to be fixed, there are no sounds and there are some placeholders for the sex sprites that need to be replaced since yeah, none of that yet… I want to show a very basic gameplay demo soon (Keyword: GAMAPLAY), but first I need to fix and add some of that stuff, so don’t know when.

As an additional note, someone said that I should release a bunch of screenshots as an update, sorry but the thing is, there’s nowhere to take screenshots from, right now we’re at the boring stage of development and there are no levels or enemies or animations, except for the main characters ones, which most of them are already implemented but they don’t have much context yet, so here are two mid-dev screens, this is what I’m doing, code and main character sprites, mostly code.





So, sorry but there’s not much exciting stuff right now, we’re still at an early stage, that background you’ve been seen for a while is the same one I will be working on for a while more, I’ve been working in the same small level/room since the start doing and testing all the basic gameplay functions and other code stuff, the forest back ground (which is a backyard) and the wooden one were done quickly for of variety and to test the room size, tile size etc., but I haven’t really added levels as you know them, just a small room to run around over and over while testing. That’s how it is, you build block by block until at the end you are finally able put them together.

So yeah, not death, working on it.

Next, I’ll do some sketches for the NPC characters just as a preview, and might look into the possibility of an “artist test”, it’s still a while until that needs to be decided but I’ll have someone do some tests, I’ll post them here when I get them.

See you later.

102 Responses to “Monthly post I guess…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    WOW those screenshots are looking really good!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think you showing those development kind of screenshots are better than showing the in game screenshots.

  3. Good to know you’re still alive and working on it. Take all the time you need. I’m sure we’d all rather the best possible game that can come out when the time comes, even if it does mean a delay in the release.

    The other option is to play a game that has a lot of bugs and I’ve been there done that and those games weren’t as enjoyable as they should have been.

    Anyway thanks for the monthly update! That is basically all we’re asking.

  4. Xenotake is the best H game ever; definitely exited for this one

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Have you thought of a price for this game or is it too early?

  6. love your game keep the good job o/

  7. Hey vos add some pubic hair customization control, would be a nice feature.

    • That’s pretty specific, but sprites don’t work that way, I would need to add several sets of sprites for each pubic hair “style”, is not worth the effort, if it was 3d it would be considerably easier, I still wouldn’t do it though, I don’t find pubic hair appealing at all. Sorry.

  8. Papanomics Says:

    I’m counting on you to make a badass game. I loved your previous work, the less bloody kind, but you have my vote either way. This game is gonna fuck shit up.

  9. Lord Pineapple Says:

    Looks awesome! Thank you for the update and wip screenshots 😀

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Is there or will there be jumping?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Lookin’ great! Any chance of giving her or any of the other characters a bush, though? Shaven is fine, but a little hair down there won’t hurt.

  12. An artist test? What kinda artist test, sounds like fun. 😀

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Tell me more about that “absorb mask” 😀

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Will the gameplay demo have at least 1
    H grab? Im ok if it wont but it would be nice to have

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Vosmug,

    I just want to say, I recently bought and finished Xenotake. It was really good! The sprites are really impressive, and I like your anatomy a lot. Also, the story was interesting, and the pacing was dead on. Keep up the great work! =)

  16. Baked Saint Says:

    After you finish this game, are you planning on goin’ back to finish Prisonkage?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Will the gameover be the same as xenotake or will it be something different? I would like to have it where the ghosts just keeps having sex with her until you hit restart.

    Im fine with whatever though

  18. Papanomics Says:

    I’m wonder if you plan on making Xenotake 2. The ending provided made it perfect for a follow up. That game was so well done…

  19. Anonymous Says:

    What kind of story are you planning for this game?

    • Ghost story? I doin’t get waht you mean by kind.

      • Anonymous Says:

        whats her goal? To rescue someone or to kill all ghosts?
        (Sorry if im not making any sense)

        And has she been partners with the glove for a long time or is this the first time they meet?

      • Mmhh… well that’s going into details, but it’s a “normal person getting into extraordinary events” kind of situation, which is probably my favorite trope, the begining goes like this:

        You go with 2 or 3 (still not sure) other girls to investigate a haunted mansion because of rumors – they get captured by unknown forces – you find the glove and start looking for them – there’s more details and there’s more stuff going on, some of which are not completely defined yet, but that’s the basic idea.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    You don’t consider ‘tickle torture’ sex do you?

      • what is it with tickling? It is ryona in a way, but it reallly is torture… omg… maybe this is getting too personal. I know I would hate to be tickled for long periods of time.

        I accidentally kicked my gf in the face while she wouldn’t stop. =c

  21. Anonymous Says:

    If you havent thought of a name for the main character yet. Can her name be Kim?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have a release date or something ? Or it’s just “wait and see ?”

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Alright then, no need to be stressed about. Take your time and make a good game 🙂

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Could you add crawling? It would be great for dodging enemies and of course it would be sexy. Maybe add a floor enemy that is only able to H grab you if your crawling.

    • I like that idea with crawling. The only thing is what kind of floor enemy do you want? What does it do if you are not crawling?

      Finally, I know Vosmug likes to see examples for ideas so you are both on the same wave link. Would you be so kind as to draw an example into paint so we have an illustration?

      It not only helps Vosmug but it also helps you in knowing exactly what you, yourself are looking for. With regards to my name, I like bare feet and I also like it when bare feet are the focal point of attack.

      However when I had to draw it in paint I really had to think what I wanted to see. I had to take the idea out of my mind and put it into paper.

      • Anonymous Says:

        How do i show vosmug my paint example?

      • Music Video Guy Says:

        Just upload the image to something like and throw the link up here in the comments. Vosmug has been pretty awesome about people’s feedback, even if he doesn’t respond to everything I think he still reads all of it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        thanks for the help guys 🙂
        Here is the design i drew and a pic of the sex position I would like to see with it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        forgot to put what the enemy would do.

        It will attack (cant H-grab) when the main character is standing but when she is crawling trying to avoid enemies it will be able to H-grab her.

      • Ok, I’ll look into it. That enemy would look ultra creepy in that sex position me thinks.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Sorry that it came out creepy. Ive been playing too much Silent Hill.

      • I like it. Creepy floor sex.

      • Anonymous Says:

        you know what would make that floor sex position EVEN BETTER? if the enemy had face tentacles that wrapped around her head facehugger style during the animation!

        imo. it would bump the creepy factor way up, but be super sexy too.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I would say no to the face hugger thing because I want to see her face. I could draw another enemy design that can do that though… But i dont know… I feel like ive sent too many ghost designs. I dont want to stress vosmug by requesting too much.

      • I, personally, could see a insect-like creature. Something you know you would look down to see. It would invoke other thoughts of the mind too, not just a scary creature, but something you know, and familiar things that you know, are fucking this girl on the screen. That. Is sexy.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Here is another floor sex ghost design i did. Sorry if I’m requesting too much. I wasn’t planning on showing this one.

    • relatively typical doggstyle, isn’t it? Also, it seems willful. I don’t know everything, but i think this was all rape more or less. I would edit her upper body position to something more… forced, such as putting an unwelcoming hand upon the chest of the penetrator, lol, or on her elbows, or even laying flat on the floor with her legs reflecting her state of mind. I’ve always loved that position. 😉 There is also changing his position to something more demanding, such as pulling her arms back, restraining her. you know the deal.

      damn i’m good. 😀

  26. Anonymous Says:

    я то думал ты умер

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Will the extra difficulty (nude playthrough) be choosable from the start or will we have to unlock it by beating the game once?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I’d reccomend a “mask” enemy. It would try to attach to the heroines face and you’d struggle to get it off, if you fail she goes limp for a second beginning to masturbate, and if any other enemy walks closer she “happily” fucks it.

  29. September update hype! 😀

  30. So, at your level, do you use the standard game maker studio, or do YOU need the perks of the master collection? I’m just curious if at your level of expertise, do you need all the crazy exportable platforms?

    More importantly, texture and multiple configurations?

    • That’s not a very high level though. I’m using Pro, but I assume standard should be enough, I don’t see any of the Pro or Master features being essential, most of the master stuff is for android, ios and other devices, unless that’s what you want then there’s no point in having that, you can make a windows application with the standard just fine. About the texture and configurations, I haven’t really used that, if it’s necessary or if it greatly improves anything I’ll look into it, but right now I have no idea how they work or what they do exactly.

      • Really? I’m honestly amazed at how great a game can be with just the bare minimum. I thought that there was like a crapload of other crazy software that you would have to use to get these results. That’s really good to know, thanks. 🙂

        So I assume you actually use the windows app export, dsp, and team features? Or are you solo?

      • Well, you need the additional software of your preference of course, photoshop, flash, music software and stuff, I mean, you need to draw the stuff somewhere first, but that’s separate, or you can just use the internal graphics editor if you want, I don’t use it much.

        As I said I haven’t used used the Pro features yet, I don’t even know what they do or how to use them, and I assume app is for mobile devices, what you really need is the windows desktop export, which is for executable windows files and is already included in the standard version.

      • I see. I had no idea all the artwork wasn’t done in-app. Now I need to find out what software I wanna use for that purpose… That’s fan-tastic.
        I heard photoshop was pretty good, but I thought that was editing software… I know there’s manga studio, which was supposed to be pretty good. There must be a hella ton of frames for each animation. Everything (in terms of artwork) exported is .jpg, correct?
        I don’t wanna dive head first and have to deal with program extensions that I’ve never even heard of. I don’t know if you need to convert files for importing to game maker, or is .jpg a universal file type?

      • Any normal format, jpg, png, bmp, etc. Since tranasparency is pretty much required jpg is not recommended, you can use the GM editor to remove the backgorund but it won’t look good.

        But I think I’m just confusing you, if you’re doing pixel art, the internal editor will do just fine, even Paint would do.

        The reason I’m using external software is because I’m not doing pixel art, in that case Photoshop IS a graphics editor, but you can go with Gimp or Graphics Gale which are free, I missed that calrification.

      • ahaa! Okay, that clears things up a bit… I’m not too keen on that pixel art. Though i gotta admit, pixel art is pretty impressive. So if I’m not going for pixel art, Photoshop, Gimp, and Graphics gale are your recommendations? I’ll need to do some digging on those.

        I was already going to get manga studio for other purposes and figured I could just as easily save myself the hassle and use that. If you advise against it, the others are free, so I won’t bother.

      • I don’t know much about manga studio, but I assume is for frames and panels composition, maybe you meant anime studio which is for animation, I don’t know muchabout it either though.

      • I’ve never heard of anime studio… That could be something ELSE I’ll need to buy. I was getting manga studio for me. I figured I would just be making a shitload of frames. Is that not it, or is there more than just a flipbook to this?
        Don’t you have like a dozen frames per sprite, or do you actually animate it? (Be honest, I can’t the difference right now.)

      • There’s some with 12, some with 8 and some with 2 or 3 frames, I use Flash which specialty is animation (3rd image in the post).

      • two or three? Doesn’t sound like torture. I think I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this. If I have any more questions, I’ll just come to you. I seem to know what you’re doing. 😀

  31. I hope you’re planning to or have already planned the most common enemy of all – spikes! I hope these spikes only go ankle height as well! Just a thought.

  32. you are great HENTAI man ! Im looking forward to this! Thank you !

  33. when this game will be realesed?

  34. Next update due any time now!

  35. i hope the backgrounds will be cold and isolated to give you the feelings of being in another world like xenotake

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