Well damn… real life has been happening, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate over here, I’ll have to move to a different place at some point, but mainly, game wise things haven’t been working the way I want, the mechanics in general just aren’t coming out in a way I feel they work competently to the point where I’m stuck and I’m already getting frustrated, which is why I stopped with the programming for a while and went back to draw some sprites, I’ll get back to more programming when I figure out how to fix that mess I made. Since you don’t know though, I’m doing a stun/attack kind of mechanic, you have to stun first then attack, your attack only works if the enemy is stunned, otherwise it doesn’t do anything, it’s weird but if it ends up not working I’ll just scratch that and make a normal attack system because I’m spending way too much time on that.

So I don’t know, everything sucks for now, I’ll do a video or something once the mechanics are decent enough.

Edit: Oh btw, left and right button mashing was the more popular way, so I gues I’m doing that for the first grab, the second grab, the naked one, it’s going to be only one arrow random button QTE style, and the a third one, the H animation escape one, would be either of those again, left and right again sounds the more reasonable.

43 Responses to “Asdfg”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Stun/attack sounds like fun 😀
    Thank you for the update

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just curious
    Whats going on in the screenshot?

    • Let’s call it the 3rd gameplay stage, one is normal clothed, second is nakeds, and third is after climax, not very meaningful “gameplay” though since your objective at that stage would be just walk around until you find the glove back.

      • Well the screenshot is good especially The ‘after climax’ but can you make her hair unbraided so it can make it more sexier Just my opinion.

  3. Footguy Says:

    Real life takes precedence over a game. You must have a focused and distraction free mind.

    As for the stun/attack that does indeed sound like fun. The only thing I’d say is you’d have to really check to see if it sends frustrations levels through the roof if there are multiple enemies on the same screen coming from both sides.

    Thanks for the update though. There is no rush to get this done. I’m sure we’d all rather the best possible game brought out, even it means a few extra months of waiting.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the update, and your effort is much appreciated. 🙂 I know people must get a little impatient on here, but just so you know, i love your work, man. It’s great. And sometimes like writer’s block, what is this h-block? omg COCKBLOCK!! 😀 omg brilliant

    Yes, sometimes when you get cockblock, you’ve gotta do some research if you can’t get the right pose if that’s the problem. I love looking at other people’s work for inspiration, but y’know… I hate to copy. So i try to spinoff from it as much as possible to preserve my own originality.

    Either way, good luck. It’s not very that I come visit your site, sorry about that, but I do enjoy it every time I do. 🙂

    • Anonymous Says:

      also it’s a little difficult to navigate here… is it new to the right? That makes sense… I think it’s the right…. Thanks 😀

  5. Can I make a Let’s Play of your game xenotake on youtube?
    Thank you, Gamerwolfseven

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Will there be a small portion where we play as another girl like the robot in xenotake?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Will some or all of the sex positions from xenotake appear in this game?

  8. Baked Saint Says:

    Do you have any of the H scenes drawn out yet? Could you possibly post them in an edit if you do?

    • Not really, I’m not moving on until the base engine is working completely, I’m starting to note it was a bad idea to do that but it’s better in the long run.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    @ Baked Saint

    There are many definitions to that. I know that biting is a very relevant option.

    What kind of ‘ass’ positions or attacks were you thinking of?

  10. Footguy Says:

    Did we ever decide on a name for this game?

  11. Baked Saint Says:

    When are you going to try and have the next update out by?

    • I don’t know, next week maybe? I don’t have that much interest in discussing technical stuff as others do, which is the part we are still in.

      • Baked Saint Says:

        A bunch of screen shots, list of problems you’re encountering right now, an idea or two, and a cherry on top is always good for an update.

  12. Footguy Says:

    Well, essentially just a screen shot and a small update is all.

    Monthly seems to be the vibe as to how often everybody is expecting another update.

    The point of the update is basically you telling us all that you’re still alive and still working on the game.

  13. Any chance you’ll release a demo?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Female ghost enemy?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    will the game have intro and ending illustrations?

  16. ImoryGames Says:

    Hey Vosmug. I’m new here and I want to know what you use to make games. I have a friend who is desperate about developing games and we want to start.

  17. @ Anonymous

    With Female Ghost Enemy and Possession enemy, I know that it is better if you come up with the design, draw a rough sketch in paint and email your idea to Vosmug.

    That way he has a reference point and he can give you what you ask for. Also explain what and how it happens and the effects.
    This in turn achieves everybody having the same idea.

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