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Hello there,

The colors in that screen came out weird, the saturation in the background looks way too cartoony, that’s not how it should look, all screenshots, even from other games are having weird colors, not sure what’s going on.

Anyway, just an alive notice here, so not much to say, I’m working on it…. yeah, I forgot how time consuming this is, welp.

Question: How do you like button mashing to escape? Can you think of a better alternative? I don’t hate it, but maybe some other way would be better. For now having 2 buttons, left and right, seems better than just one, it’s less tiring.

Sorry for not having more news, but I’m trying to complete the base gameplay and mechanics before moving to anything else. Besides, I’m not good at talking about stuff.

Damn colors.

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  1. Ay, Fast Forward Flux here, just wanted to give you a few alternatives;

    1) Just have no mashing needed, as people are usually fapping to these games anyways, and just give us a single “escape” button we can press at any time.

    2) As an alternative, go with the above, but have it only be a limited number of times; for example, on one life, we get 3 “free insta-escapes” that we can use, then after that, if we get caught, guaranteed sex scene/damage/whatever else.

    3) Have it be arrows or a randomized key pattern, like up-down-up-down-right or y-d-e-y-i and change the combo each time you get caught, or make the combo longer/harder each time you get caught so eventually if you get caught too much, it’ll be impossible to do the combo before the sex scene progresses to the next animation. (Having sex would reset the length of the combo)

    4) Have it be rock-paper-scissors; if they catch you from the top, you have about half a second to press up, if they catch you on the ground, you gotta press right fast, if they come up from underneath you gotta press down, etc.

    • This. More of a fan of #1, though #3 was what I was thinking as well.

    • Music Video Guy Says:

      Depending on how many difficulty modes and how much work Vosmug wants to put into them, another option could be:

      Easy: Escape button
      Medium: button mash
      Hard: Progressively difficult button sequences

    • 1) Actually I never saw it that way, but then it becomes too easy to just bypass everything once you got your fix, which is not the point at all.

      2) I like that better.

      3) It becomes tad more complicated and could start being annoying after a while, maybe for bosses could work.

      4) Yeah could work too, or could be random too.


      • I think as far as the 1) example FFF gave, it could work I suppose. so long as you have grapples deal a set amount of damage upon initiation of the grab. that way the challenge comes not from escaping the grab early, but rather from trying to avoid getting attacked unnecessarily in the first place.

  2. Having experience with many different RoRs I can say the left-right button mashing is the best method by far. Using a single button tires the hand (and destroys said button), and having to press one out of 4 random buttons makes it clumsy and tedious.

    The single escape button could also work but only in case the enemies don’t deal damage when grabbing you (or just do it upon grabbing). I liked the method in Xenotake, and I would prefer to be the same one here. Just my opinion though

  3. Anonymous Says:

    “I’m not good at talking about stuff.” your perceived lack of eloquence aside, we appreciate the update, its good to remain in the loop, and I for one like to help along the production of the game, even if its just constructive criticism or just one more “great job, keep it up!”

    as far as button mashing escapes go, mashing keys seems the best way to do that, and I think having two keys rather than one is much better, since its easier to press the keys at a specific pace, for example, if you wanted to see an animation from Xenotake without taking damage or dying, with two keys you can more easily keep the bar up while otherwise “occupied”. not to mention if you want to break out quickly, two keys again is much easier for that. and its not like two keys over one makes it at all more difficult or anything.

    at any rate, thanks for the update.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The left and right button mashing to me is a lot better than just hitting one. Is that blue bar a mana/magic/stamina?

    • Anonymous Says:

      and I love how the backgrounds are so far.
      creepy and atmospheric 😀

      will this game have music or will it have creepy background noises like crows cawing and wind? (like in some parts in resident evil 4)

      • The blue bar are orbs collected, and works as experience, think God of War.

        Mostrly music and ambient noise.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I’m all for FFF’s combo idea with varying patterns. Mashing is just boring and annoying, but still better than auto-win button. I was hoping for more difficulty as an option in XenoTake as well.

  6. Button struggle is definitely a favourite mechanic, it brings you into the game a little more than just a basic “PRESS X TO ESCAPE” QTE. Also yes, much less tiring than single-button mashing.

  7. Footguy Says:

    Another update! Yay!

    As for the escape method I know of a different method that you could do just to throw that idea out there. If you’ve played WWE on the Xbox you would know what I’m referring to.

    When you get pinned a bar appears, in the middle is a yellow bar and there is a blue bar that moves across the bar back and forth. You must hit the said key when the blue bar is on top of the yellow bar to kick out.

    Every time you fail, the blue bar resets to the left side and the yellow bar gets smaller and smaller.

    Like I said, if you’ve played those wrestling games on Xbox you would know what I mean.

    Me personally I’m with the other guys with mashing the left and right arrow keys to escape. One button makes the keyboard break as you press it uber hard but you don’t do that with two keys.

  8. Christin Eleven Says:

    Well one posibiliti to free from the rape could be like in this game ^^:

    It´s just an Idea -^.^- (below the vid iss the full Download) Just trie it it can´t hurt ; )

    • Damn those are some nice sprites, but I don’t get the method, I jusr hear “press buttons”.

      • if you haven’t played it, you basically break out of grapples by pressing the heavy attack button, the damage from the grapple is dealt upon initiation of the grapple, and there is no futher damage.

        you don’t mash anything, there is no combination of things you press, its just one button.

  9. BoboBob Says:

    I think escape mechanisms should at least require you to focus.

    The whole point of the mashing for me was always representing the struggle of the character herself, as she wants to gtfo, but the pleasure makes it hard to focus on escaping.

    Just like the player is trying to gtfo to continue the game but hes/she usually has a hard time focus when fapping too 😀

    Also having easy escapes or sex that has no effect on the actual game-play makes it feel pointless, I always think i might as well look at gifs online instead of playing a game.

  10. Fedefyr Says:

    I’d argue that having to struggle to escape should stay, perhaps have it be (if possible, im not a programmer) a random sets of keys to press. A sequence where if you fuck up once, you cant break free untill the enemies attack is over, or maybe just a straight game over right there. Have it matter a bit 😀

  11. annoymous223124 Says:

    Sorry about that i just needed to hear a reply if you can make that
    Hey vosmug
    I thought of a game idea you can use for your next ryona game you see why not have the female protagonist fully naked ,unbraided hair and barefooted the rest of the game.
    You see the first level should have her remain clothed since it is a tutorial game but before it ends the demon enemies will capture her and removes her clothes and everything and hold her prison then the beginning of the first level she escapes and gain some power while fully naked and attack enemies what do you think?

    • I don’t consider this a ryona game and won’t be making more of those anytime soon, aside from the one already on the making, and I find fully naked all the time very uninteresting. Most games I’ve seen and have plans for, even this one, are pretty much that minus the always naked part. So if that’s the part you care about the most, I’m not really interested in doing it, sorry.

      • Christin Eleven Says:

        No more ryona games (sexual games)anymore? ? Sad )= then I will probably stop to buy Here games =(

      • Wait wat?

        First, I said “not anytime soon”, it’s different to “not anymore”.

        Also, our definition of ryona is way too different, you even put it on parenthesis, which I think is not the correct definition, I was talking about violence and gore, I guess I missed the original question then… I thought the question was about ryona violence and gore.

        Either way, to me, hentai games are not ryona games. I guess there is some ryona in hentai, but it’s still not the main focus, at least according to the definition I know. So not ryona, yes hentai.

        I’m comfoosed.

      • Christin Eleven Says:

        hmm wait you meen you won´t make “soon” Bloody games? or Sexy games?? -°.°- I meen I dislike Blood and Gore but I like Sexysm ; P So what goes into the dusty cupboard??

      • Sexism is something different too.

        This is not a statement of anything, please don’t try to make it look like one. The question was about ryona and I said I don’t plan on doing much of it for now, except for Prisonkage of course. Hentai games I think are not ryona, and that’s what I’m focusing on, nothing happened there.

      • Christin Eleven Says:

        What exactly iss Ryona?? °.°

  12. It looks a bit cartoony as you said, but it’s still looking good regardless of that. In the next update could you post some more screen shots? I’m getting more and more curious about that game as time goes on and I can’t wait for it come out.
    But as far as the escaping thing goes, the pressing two buttons idea sounds like a good one. But is it gonna be like in Xenotake how we can stay in the H scene for virtually as long as we want without penalty or..?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Just wondering…
    How will the clothing lose and regain work in this game?
    2 hits and gone then regenerate like Xenotake?

    • I’m thinking it’s going to be grab based this time, so the first grab struggle is for clothing and the second one once you don’t have it is for sexy times and for recovery maybe you’ll have to go back (or move forwards) until you find a speicific point, again, just ideas, nothing implemented yet and could change.

  14. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the two button escape. Its just one of those things in every ryona game. Heck even mods for Skyrim use it. Soooo, yeah two buttons. Oh yeah this looks good

  15. Anonymous Says:

    The way I see it, the smaller the better!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    when the demo will go out?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Well, about the button mashing, maybe something similar to the paperheads game? I mean to be able to escape you have to press the right combo of arrows in a limited amount of time. If you fail you will have to struggle with left-right button mashin. Then again, it’s just a personal idea, and idk if this is hard to script.

    • Christin Eleven Says:

      please not =( I never made it in time to escape =( (well If the sex attak don´t hurt the Heal Points of course it would be different) ; )

  18. Do you also have an idea of positions you want to put in the H scenes? I liked a lot of the ones from Xenotake, and I think you should use those as well some new ones. Maybe have an enemy grab you and have sexy times in more than one position? Like a random kind of thing? Or maybe have multiple stages (like they fuck you in more than one position, progressively) of the H scene when they take you, if you don’t escape fast enough.
    It’s a thought, I don’t know if you’d be able to implement it into the game without it being too complicated, my knowledge on making games is extremely limited.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Whats the level cap? And is there going to be newgame+? That way we can play the game over again with the levels we earned.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I would definitely agree with anon above me, adding some kind of New Game+ would be nice, assuming the game is good and fun to play and we’ll WANT to play it more. Harder difficulty, but better weapons to discover and maybe new scenes?

    Kinda like Dark Souls.

    You know what? Just make Dark Souls.

  21. It became your fan after playing Xenotake.
    It comes to sometimes see this place.
    I am looking forward to completion of the new work game.
    I like Nipplefuck of Tentacle.
    Is such special SEX disagreeable?
    Or I am glad if Milking of Tentacle like Xenotake is performed on more scenes.
    Since I am idle, please allow unnatural English by translation software.

    • There will be tentacles and there could milking too, but not nipplefuck, sorry.

      • TheNewGuy Says:

        This is a great news! Tentacle and milking are both very arousing fetishes. According to psychology studies, physical characteristics that relate to pregnancy would enhance a man’s desire towards the female. Apparently the fact that she’s pregnant make her a good mate.

        With that fun fact out of the way, Milking is often overlooked in those kind of games and it would be nice to see something like that implemented. Seeing what you did in Xenotake, i’m pretty sure it would look great! Keep up the good work!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Cant wait for the demo/test/beta/alpha/omega

  23. I prefer a QTE-like “press directional prompts as they appear” to fill up an escape bar that runs down over time.Especially if there are skills or power-ups to enhance the effectiveness of the escape mechanic. Mashing is noisy and kind of brutal to keyboards.

    Just my suggestion.

  24. TheNewGuy Says:

    First of All, let me congratulate you on your fine work! I just stumbled upon Xenotake and started looking into your Blog and I must say I am impressed.

    Concerning escape mecanism, I personaly prefer the alternating arrows, but, that it gets more and more difficult the moreyou get caught. Gives a feeling of struggle that lets you relate to the character.

    I’m a big fan of Ryona games and there’s so few of quality out there that your work sir is very precious. I can safely say that you’ve made a new customer today!

    PS: Saw that demo of PrisonKage, too bad you removed the Hentai :-S Would have brought a feeling of dread to the game as you wouldn’t know if that creature over there would outright kill you or do something else. Oh well keep up the good work nonetheless 😛

  25. For a mechanical keybord user (Corsair K70), button mashing becomes really easy.
    An idea would be if you also have to press a radom key pattern after mashing sucessfully.
    Another Idea would be to hold a ball for a certain time inside a small circle. The ball can be controlled with the arrow keys and randomly changes directions. It also gets harder to control over time.

  26. Footguy Says:

    I think we’ve about done the button mashing escape technique to death. Next post would have to be a review of all the escape techniques that has been posted so far if it gets mentioned again.

    From the few posts that are here, most of us like the 2 button mashing left and right arrow key escape technique. That is not taking into consideration the ‘silent majority.’

  27. Alternatives to button mashing:
    1. Combo breakers. For each scene generate a random key combination. Not very interactive, but does give the player a chance to err.
    2. Progressive scenes. Instead of losing a life, the toon gets a progressively nastier scene. After the last it’s game over. Gets rid of the pain of having to start over.
    3. Player vs. PC mini-game. Could be anything from labyrinth to balloon pop. Let the PC pop a balloon and the scene goes forward :p

  28. Anonymous Says:

    will there be crawling in this game?
    and will there be on the floor sex positions?

  29. Definitely looking forward to the game, I would it if it had futa or lesbian scenes/enemies but ultimately just make what you want, what you have shown looks nice.

  30. Just curious, would it be possible to make the alien prison in xenotake playable by the other characters as well? or is xenotake wrapped up and done for good?

    • Yeah, I don’t think there will be more additions or modifications, besides, new characters may sound like an easy add, but is actually not easy at all, new characters mean new set of sprites and animations for every enemy, action, etc. drawing sprites is the moist time consuming part, so really, is not worth it at this point. Actually Is probably not even woth doing at all given how is more of the same but twice the work.


      • I was talkin about using the characters that are already in the game, i know making new characters is difficult, i’ve tried, and failed horribly. But im talking about using the other 2 female characters, the captain and the one who betrayed the humans. (I forgot their names) and just have them as an option to play as in the alien prison.

        Not sure if we’re on the same page, but it would be a nice way to spice up the extras in the game

      • That’s what I’m talking about too, the characters exist but the amount of drawings needed for those characters to move don’t exist and need to be created.

  31. Footguy Says:

    Not sure if this thought has ever crossed your mind or even if you would consider it but something has crossed my mind recently.

    Not advising you do this or anything but out of curiosity have you ever considered ‘merging’ your games together as reference to your other games?

    What I mean is like an Easter Egg where during gameplay, we suddenly see the main playable character from the game Prisonkage or even a small area where the Prisonkage pool is the background up to the wall but you can’t get past?

    e.g. There may be a door that needs a key to open, find the key and go through the door and it leads to the pool that was in Prisonkage at the beginning.

    • Not really in that sense, each game is different so far, none have anything to do with the other, for next ideas, I’m planning to keep using the same “Alien” universe, so there will be references and cameos maybe, but not as easter eggs. If it doesn’t make sense, I’m usually against it, even if it’s just fo fun.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Could you have her fully naked with no cloth regen throughout the game on hard mode? Please and thank you

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I apologize for asking this…

    Is the demo/test close to releasing?
    I’m really itching to see how some of the animations are coming out.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Another month has gone by! I reckon another monthly update post would be good at the very least for us to know how it is coming along!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    is a peek possible into the different characters there are

  36. Anonymous Says:

    by the way any idea what you are going to call the game?
    or just project 3 in the making for now?

  37. I'm Baked Says:

    Will there be something for people like me?

  38. Anonymous Says:

    There is Prisonkage and there is Xenotake. Surely one of those two games must suit what you like, I’m Baked?

    • I'm Baked Says:

      They’re great games, just Prisonkage is more scary, and Xenotake is more action packed. Something calm or happy or just trippy in general is what I’d be looking for.

      Not hating on the games at all, I love them. Just lookin’ for something to enjoy while stoned

      • Well, I have an unfinished rage game I worked on recently, but that would probably make you jump out of a window.

      • I'm Baked Says:

        Wouldn’t be a first, just would be the first time I did it without police, so I’d be open to the idea

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Game name?? *o*

  40. Im an enormous lover of clutches which make a statement.

  41. I really like reading a post that will make men and women think.
    Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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