Some ghosties…



Other than some stupid annoying technical difficulties that shouldn’t even exist, everything is going normal so, cool. The annoying thing is that for some reason the eyedropper  tool is selecting a slightly different hue of the color I pick, and since this is Flash and every color and line are vector shapes, I end up having two different shapes intertwined with each other and it sucks, it’s extremely annoying.

anyway, by now I expected the drawing style to be better but to be honest to me it looks pretty much the same as before which is… eh… a bit discouraging, I really expected to have improved way more, also, I wanted to make the sprites with colored outlines, that is so the line blend better with the filling color to give it a less “cartoony” feel, but it proved to be way too time consuming, so no, cartoony it is. so yeah, it’s pretty much the same, I was planning on doing bigger sprite animations in some special parts, but nothing is confirmed for now.

I guess there’s not much to say for now since we are still very early in development so, if there are any questions let me know, see you later.


42 Responses to “Some ghosties…”

  1. Could you tell us some of the animations you have planned, or should we wait for a demo?

    • Anonymous Says:

      just be patient until a demo comes out, people initially were complaining that he wasn’t showing anything, then he shows us something new and you wanna see more? be patient please.

    • I haven’t planned much of that though, I have rough ideas but nothing concrete yet. I’m focusing on the basics for now.

  2. Phantom309 Says:

    I notice the linework for her nipples is colored now, whereas it wasn’t for Xenotake. Big improvement, IMO. Maybe it could use a little less saturation, but I like it!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much for this screenshot

  4. Footguy Says:

    My question would be in regards to those two black lines that seem to split that screen shot into three separate shots. Is that part of the game like they’re posts?

  5. I think it looks good. Certainly better than I could ever do (For I lack PATIENCE :p)

    If your looking for ideas for monsters or some such, I could lend some suggestions.

    • I will dedicate a whole post for that later, but for now I want to focus on the basic mechanics, I’m trying to avoid thinking about that for now to avoid distractions.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    judging from the screenshot it look like one of those how long can you survive without getting raped, will it have a story? and different characters?
    Also don’t the breasts look a bit too big compared with the legs.

    • – Well, there will be a meter than will deplete with hits and grabs, since it’s going to have stats then it depends on your defense.

      – Yes, there will be a story.

      – Yes, there will be more characters, but not playable.

      In that screen she is in mid animation, in a static frame they should look a bit smaller, I didn’t take that into acocunt.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    will there be an escort section?
    and if there is can the girl your escorting get grabbed too?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to see her with boots

  9. Christin Eleven Says:

    please Vosmug never make again so a Blood game like this other one dad you did >< I like games like Xenotake way more ^.^

  10. Music Video Guy Says:

    I don’t know what your expectations for your drawing improvements
    were, so I can’t really comment on that aspect.

    But I don’t have any issues with a Flash hentai game looking
    cartoony. Which is to say, I didn’t feel that it detracted from
    Xenotake at all.

  11. Mister Fenix Says:

    To ne honest, I totally like your drawing style. Don’t change it :F Loved it in Xenotage and still love it on the screenshot. (Also, as someone who really likes feet, I’m happy to be able to see em this time around ;F)

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I think your animation style is fine. I kinda like it. Anyway really enjoyed your last game and looking forward to this one.

  13. I actually like this style. Making it more detailed may be nicer but it also brings more problems (like amount of frames and details given to each).

    Just because you don’t see an improvement in your art doesn’t mean it isn’t actually getting better. Everybody has a pace, and as somebody with a slow one I can tell how infuriating it is >_>

  14. Anonymous Says:

    The art/animation is why I love your games vosmug

  15. A girl fighting ghosts in the Sierra Madre with her Deathclaw Gauntlet. Good stuff.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Will the bosses have H animations Or will it be like Xenotake?

    • The bosses had animations though.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oh yeah they did… Damn my bad…

        I remember the big problem i had with the last boss in xenotake was that pregnancy thing with the 3 girls. I just don’t feel comfortable with weird stuff like that in H games…

      • Is not really pregnancy, but due to other requests that was the closest I could handle, so, is difficult to please eveybody.

  17. Is this game gonna be more along the lines of Xenotake or Prisonkage in terms of the rape/murder balance? I really liked both and I bought Xenotake as soon as I saw it was available, so I’ll definitely get this one as well regardless of how many pieces the heroine can end up in.

    It’s just nice to know what to look forward to, I suppose.

    • This is a hentai only blog, Prisonkage is something completely different, if there’s violence here, is going to be incidental or moderate at best, our definition of moderate may vary though, but nothing extreme or graphic as prisonkage is ever going to appear in this blog.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Are you aiming for more H animations, enemies, and stages or are you aiming for about the same as xenotake?
    Just curious.

    You dont have to do more if you dont want to.

  19. Is there gonna be an exclusive gallery for those who finish the game? Like H scenes that aren’t apart of the story line, or just deleted scenes or artwork? I think that would give people some motivation to complete the game

    • Anonymous Says:

      while simultaneously removing the motivation Vosmug would have to complete it!

      not that your idea is bad, but your reasoning for holding the idea is awful.

    • Mmh… the idea is that you should want to beat the game regardless, and since by downloading a save file you will still get the same end game content, motivation as primary reason kind of goes out the window.

      But anyway, I thought about that, like a gallery that shows the same thing you played but bigger and from a different angle, that would be cool. Not sure yet, I’ll have to think about it more.

      • Music Video Guy Says:

        That was definitely cool in the Alien Prison extras, with getting bonus scenes of Eerien and the boss/tentacles.

  20. I like your art style, already. I love prisonkage and xeno style of art, it feel pretty unique.

  21. annoymous21323 Says:

    Hey vosmug
    I thought of a game idea you can use for your next ryona game you see why not have the female protagonist fully naked ,unbraided hair and barefooted the rest of the game.
    You see the first level should have her remain clothed since it is a tutorial game but before it ends the demon enemies will capture her and removes her clothes and everything and hold her prison then the beginning of the first level she escapes and gain some power while fully naked and attack enemies what do you think?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Will she enjoy it? You know, i mean like “In another story”, haha

  23. Anonymous Says:

    have you decided the title name yet Vosmug?

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