Next thing…


Now that I’m done with some stuff I had to do, I already started working on the next game, is not exactly what I planned at first but it still retains some ideas, is not action though, it’s more survival-ish with an RPG-like combat system, I think it can be interesting.

The sprites I had before are still project ideas floating around but none of them convinced me for now.

Anyway, try to guess what it is about… the first comment will probably get it though. Also, how old do you think this girl is? it ended up looking way too different to the first idea I had but still looks good, I think.


How do you like it now?

Dat right hand perspective in the last one is killing me.

68 Responses to “Next thing…”

  1. Christin Eleven Says:

    a Girl that can transform in some sexy werewolf? ^^ hmm I guess ähh . . . 20 perhaps?? ^.^ PS: what iss a survival game?? and with rpg you meen this games where you choose flee attak spell and items??

    • By survival I’m refering to Surival Horror and those are usually about trying to stay alive instead of killing everything in your path, or sometimes you don’t even have to fight enemies but just hide from them, the main purpose is to survive, not to get money or points, of course the mechanincs and ideaa change from game to game but that’s kind of their main point.

      By RPG, yeah that’s the idea, of course it’s going to be simpler than usual RPGs.

      • Christin Eleven Says:

        ohh but I like games like your games bevore =( where you can move freely and so on =(

      • Well yeah, I never said it wasn’t going to be like that, I said survival-ish and RPG-like, which means it will have some elements not all of them.

      • Christin Eleven Says:

        wait °° What exactly signifikates RPG?? °.°

  2. Anonymous Says:

    a game about zombies or ghosts?
    To me she looks 19 or 20

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love your backgrounds, very atmospheric!

  4. Footguy Says:

    Another game! Awesome! You do know what I would say if I were to say it based on my name alone.

    Good to know you’re still alive and kicking.

    • You’ve been here from the beginning and you always ask me and I don’t know if I have delivered (probably not) so why don’t you mail me and give specific situations with reference images and all, I need more details because looks like I don’t quite understand yet, I mean I do, but not how to implement it.

  5. If you want some ideas for making the next game a kind of survival horror RPG, look at the game Outlast, it’s got some good stuff implemented into it. But it’s already looking pretty good by the sound of it.

    • I’m very reluctant to even check any new first person “survival horror”, first person killed and danced on the grave of classic survival horror, I have an almost pathological hate towards them.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Looks OK, I don’t really dig the eye color though, but that might be a design thing.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Is the armor/cloths tearing going to be like xenotake?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Her eye color, matching her suit, matching her boots is just one big color glob.
    It doesn’t look too hot in regard of aesthetic appeal. You might have to change that around a bit.

    Just an opinion.

  9. Hm.. I like it so far– but try messing with the colors, we shouldn’t have just one primary color for most of the clothes. Maybe black-grey tights and shoes with a red-tint or outline, or maybe just Red for detail. I otherwise just love the design, it just needs a bit more color differentiation is all.

  10. I just hope there is lesbo/yuri sex and/or romance

  11. elevator88 Says:

    Yay my ghost fetish. Ever since Alan Smithee disappeared…well the void was left unfufilled. So far the character seems a bit off but i cant put my finger on it. Other than that ill wait till the next update.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    the background style seems a bit off if i compare it to xenotake, maybe a little more common, different set or style

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Please make boots appearance(゚Д゚)ノ

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I feel your arm perspective pain, making me sketch arms all over the place to put it out of my mind. Besides that, looking good.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Woah the edit looks nice!
    I would like to see her with boots

  16. question if she point her character to the right, will the big hand stay on her ‘right hand’?

  17. Terraromaster Says:

    Personally I found the setting in Prisonkage more interesting and the character more relatable than in Xenotake.
    I think a fragile but brave protagonist works a lot better both for survival genre and for h-scenes. Survival isn’t just about conserving ammo, its also a setting.
    IMO a badass stormtrooper/beastgirl doesn’t blend well with a formula, but a fragile scared girl in a sleeping gown does. At first she could defend herself with scrissors and find a revolver a bit later on in the story.
    I think a character that gets stuck in a dimension and finds herself alive every time she is killed adds a bit more depth to death in the game. Gameplay-vise things don’t carry over from previous lives, but deep inside your character carries on pain and trauma.
    You don’t need to copy how others imagine demon dimension. It could be very different. Maybe everyone has his own demon dimension based on what they really fear. People can be afraid of very different things. In fact manifestation of fears is a good way to understand the character better.
    Maybe have some scenes that are triggered by death too? Its more work, but makes the game more fun and interactive. Also its a way not to abruptly end the narrative. The character doesn’t always die right away, she may just get incapacitated. Since we are following her in her struggle, we got to see what happens then.
    Thanks for great work. Xeno was first h-game I ever bought, because I knew you won’t disappoint!

    • You’re describing a combination between Demonophobia and Xenophobia, not sure if on purpose, and I agree, surivival horror, specially that kind, is my favorite genre ever, that’s why I wouldn’t want to do a complex survival game as a hentai game, I rather save those ideas for a serious, more… “respectable” game, hopefully a steam release or something like that, I have many ideas and projects almost complete like that, but not the kind of game I want to have hentai in.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Is the game going to be taking place indoor and/or outdoor?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Is that an eye on her glove? Cause I have the feeling that the will be able to talk. A Companion maybe? heh

  20. Vosmug, I’m curious. After Prisonkage, did you buy a new computer? Is it better for your work now?

    • Actually no, I was thinking about it but I don’t see any need for it. The only reason I would need a new one is to play games, but I’m not much of a Pc player.

  21. annoymouse23 Says:

    just one question does it have full nudity if it does just make her hair unbradied and her legs barefooted when she is naked and lose clothes during the game.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    hello there! the game will have a demo like Xenotake?

  23. Music Video Guy Says:

    The new edit is definitely an improvement.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    yup, looks better, but i think the arm band would look better in yellow instead of red.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    so what kind of story will it have?

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I hope this game has an easy difficult for noobs like me have fun and the medium or hard mode for pro players test theirselves. I realy suck at survival games =(

    • Balancing is not easy, last time it ended up being way too easy for some, and hard for others so I guess I’ll try a bigger range this time.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    cant wait for the test demo

  28. Will this have more tentacle scenes than xenotake?

  29. Are you gonna post any sneak peeks of H-scenes anytime soon?

  30. orexius Says:

    I can’t remember if it was you I asked, but, do you have any plans on streaming your work? I’d love to watch you drawing out and animating, as I’ve just started using Flash and want something to draw from for inspiration.

    • At first I thought it was an interesting idea to stream, but I don’t know anymore. My workflow is way too messy and inconsistent. Probably not something I’m going to do anytime soon.

      But if Flash is what you’re looking to get into, you should check Harry Partridge’s “how to” series in youtube, it’s pretty awesome and miles better than anything you could learn from me.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I would love to see how you work on the game

      • orexius Says:

        Those are nice, but not what I’m looking for. I much rather prefer some real-time art and animation footage. I can’t learn from just pictures of it or simple ones sped up to not seem “boring”. An hour or two of someone (you in this case) sitting down and doing the whole thing without editing for time or entertaiment (like the tutorials do -.-) is something I’d love to watch.

      • I don’t see how much better that would be, but if you watch them you would realize each is about 10 to 20 minutes of mostly (prerecorded) real time exercises, and most importantly with commentary about theory behind the basics of drawing and animation.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    In the next update could you show a picture of her naked?

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Really Anonymous? You know how easy it is to look that kind of stuff up elsewhere?

  33. I will buy this game when you finish it.

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