DLsite has already uploaded the Japanese translation, if you got the game here and you are interested in it send me an email. And of course if you got the game from there you can just redownload. Also, I just received an user made german translation if you are interested. DOWNLOAD HERE.

I’ve been messing  around with the gallery to see if I can add the rest of the stuff but it’s kind of a mess,  I will try to finish that gallery unless there’s not enough demand for it, the comments I’ve read about it are not that many really, so I don’t know if it’s worth it, if you think it is let me know, otherwise, I’ll be more than happy to move to something else, but again, if it is, I’ll try to finish it.

So as long as there’s nothing else to add or fix (or if it’s not necessary) I will be starting another game almost right away, I want to try something smaller and simpler this time, I have tons of ideas lined up so that’s really not a problem.

About what kind of game exactly, all I know is that I like stories and I want to focus on action adventure or at least side scrolling even if is not totally actiony, even though there’s an interesting shmup idea floating around, either way it’s going to have dialog and some sort of storyline, maybe not as much dialog as before, that was kind of overkill, but I like having context and reason behind it all, rather than have monsters attacking girls just because whatever, and I like games with stories, so that’s what I do too.

As for that other unfinished (non-hentai) game I have lying around I think I’ll work on it in short bursts given how much I want to change and redo, I will have to study it and do some changes to the base engine before going full into it, I won’t talk much about it but I’ll be working on it, even if it’s every once in a while.

Anyway, thank you everybody for supporting the game, whatever comes next will probably be better. So, any afterthoughts? Not so much about stuff to fix or add but improvements for next time, I have an idea already on what to do and what not to do but let me know what you think. I know there’s a lot that could have been better.

48 Responses to “Anyway…”

  1. Mr. Martini Says:

    The moment I write this, you have already +900 downloads on DLSite, thats a lot, and this is your 1st complete game. I think this game is already done, don`t think you need to make a better gallery or others stuffs. For me, you should move, really, you did a great job and you are VERY good in what you do. Maybe take a rest or buy a new computer if you feel like. And I`m just saying because you did a small complain about this before.

    For last, you already know how to do a great game, focus in what you want. Doesn`t matter how good a game may be, we will always have some complains here and there. So keep it up =)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I say yes to finishing the gallery mode.
    If you dont want to then thats fine but i would really appreciate it if you did 🙂

    Xenotake was a fantastic game and I cant wait to see what other stories you’ll come up with.

    • Anonymous Says:

      another vote for the gallery
      I quite like the game and it is a great first release, little bits of polish like the gallery would be nice

  3. Another vote to finish the gallery.

    And do you plan on staying within the universe you’ve created with your next game?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yes to finishing the gallery as well.

    Glad to see this game was a great success. Am looking forward to your next project.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Will your next game game also have hentai element in it or will it just be plain old action sidescrolling?

    • The new game I’m talking about, yes.

      • If money is still your concern then I suggest to stay away from non-H game & keep making H-Game. Selling non-H game is a real pain & needs tons of luck/effort/marketing … your target market is way more demanding than hentai fans, you also can’t rely on DLSite sales since they have little interest in non-H Games. I’ve tried to sell 2 non-H games & both failed horribly … .

        if money is not your concern then feel free to take the risk!

      • I meant yes to hentai though, it reads different now that i notice.

      • ah, no. I’m the one at fault here, i read your blog too fast and got the wrong conclusion. Sorry lol!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I heard you talk about editing your engine. I happen to wonder did you build it? If so, what language did you use? Also, do you have any tips for an beginner Game Designer?

    • Well, the actual engine is called Game Maker and it uses its own language called GML (game maker language) which is based on Delphi, I believe, and you can build you own “engine” with it to suit to your needs, is not really an engine per se, is just a set of rules a bases to build upon, calling it engine seems easier, even though is not entirely accurate.

      As someone who is still learning my tip is, choose your language or engine, then read and practice a lot (official documentation, tutorials, etc.), and don’t make the same mistake a lot of us did, start with the basics, then move on from there. Seems pretty obvious but a lot of people want their first game to be the best game ever, and that usually ends up in frustration and giving up due to the amount of stuff you have to learn before getting there.

  7. Hi ther Vosmug, good job, 2 things, 1st I do hope you will release an uncensored version, shouldn´t be too hard, because you have to REMOVE some annoying sprites, not add.

    2nd if when girls gets caught, sometimes is better to let bad guys finish you, because it doesn´t add extra damage( and it never kills), the most damage you can get is when you get “caught in the middle” of the bar.

    Great job, keep it up

    • The version you get from here should be already uncensored, but you can get the patch thing clicking the upper right button on the main page.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Will your next game have 2 or more positions for each monster or thing?

    • That depends on what I’m doing at the moment. But more animations per enemy would mean less enemies, so it’s really a trade off.

      • Out of curiosity, why would it have to be a trade off?

      • Because it would mean more work and time spent on one thing, I rather have one or the other, more enemies witrh single animation, or less enemies with double animation, but again, I don’t want the whole enemy/ror mechanic to be the focus, I rather use those animations somewhere else.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Would it be possible to add gangbang with those big aliens on Eerien?
    Like that one scene

    • Since looks like I will have to finish the gallery after all, I could try (keyword try) to add that. Since it doens’t seem that difficult.

  10. eireen X ran, need to be explored a little bit more than boob suckling and fingering 😛

  11. As a suggestion for your next game, more 3p action if possible, but if not that’s fine. The only con I could find with Xenotake was the fact that the escape bar was too short or your escape system was a little awkward. I would say, have the animation be for a fixed time(that goes from slow to fast with an ending) and then do a normal escape bar instead, with the exception of monsters that swallowed or killed you. Your current escape system works best for those guys.

    Anyway that’s my 2 cents. I just didn’t feel like fapping and spamming “S” at the same time.

  12. Hey, out of interest, do you consider Xenotake to be a success? i.e. are you glad you did it?

  13. Bladesoul Says:

    only played the demo the game is great and im am waiting for it to come up for sale on english DL site hope it comes out soon its done realy well and its good to see the quality u have for this game

  14. Yes please gallery.

  15. 3p is what the Japanese call it. Although it should stand for triple penetration, it typically means double penetration(in h-games) with 2 of the same kind of monster or two different kinds.

  16. Bought and beat the game today, money well-spent! I only got “game overs” at the final boss, so I think I did pretty well all things considered.

    I guess it also had me realize there’s not game over scenes waiting in other sections I guess, so I don’t have to worry about backtracking to those bits, hahaha.

    Good game though! I liked the characters as well. I didn’t expect the… hints? Of a relationship between the protag and captain though, but I certainly liked it.

    Be looking forward to more!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Just wondering, if you’re updating the gallery, is there any way to have multiple girls being fucked at once? It’d be neat to at least have a background of the background girls, or to have some way to clone the main character and have a little monster orgy going on. Any way you can make that happen?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Or also, is it possible to have a version of the walking eater monster with the x-ray showing without the screen being blacked out, so you can see her being penetrated and eaten at the same time?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    better gallery pleeease 🙂

  19. It’s made to want you to see event CG of Eerien, Malla, and Captain Ran which comes out into a story by a gallery.
    Since a battle is in between, CG at the time of a last boss is not seen leisurely.
    Sorry for poor English. I’m Japanese.

  20. bathingwithplants Says:

    Congrats on your first complete game. I hope you find time to continue and finish on Prisonkage too.

  21. beachjustice Says:

    If the gallery isn’t going to have any new content in the way of new sex actions, then I don’t see a reason why so many users would rather you work on improving upon it instead of investing time in generating newer content.
    I mean, the UI maybe not maximally optimized for efficient fapping or whatever but it works in all the ways it should.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    It would be nice if there was music in the prison

  23. Anonymous Says:

    what will your next H game be about? 🙂

    • I’m still deciding, the main candidate so far is similar. (future setting, aliens, guns, but in the city)… but is not for sure yet.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Does the most actualy XenoFiles includes the uncesored version?

    • It always had it. Whatever method you used, you can still get the patch from the game page clicking the top right button in the main page.

  25. Wow… This game, Money well spent ! I do -hope- You get to do a Xenotake 2 Or a spiritual Successor.. Those Scenes where you could choose speed were just.. Games need more scenes like those they were just -deliiiiiicious- The only ‘complain’t I have is probably the fact that I would’ve -loved- To play as Malla or Ran In the prison myself. Its probably not Story Friendly since Malla is kinda.. Trained to not feel good but it would still look good on screen ! Thats.. kinda my opinion. Also, Xenotake Was my first Bought Hentai game, Im REALLY, Happy that was the one. Seriously its F***ing Amazing !

    • About the Ran And Malla Part, THat would probably be somethign you unlock after you beat the game(Of course)

  26. Hey Vosmug, guess what, who is the top 1 on weekly and montlhy ranking on

  27. Reiangelion Says:

    Hello Vosmug, I happy playing game is hard with Xenotake.
    I want new game Xenotake II: Final Life for Earth.

    I doing look Xenotake episode some, last boss. When big egg do lines is destroy, yet she has in big egg. I want new game part 2.

    Thank ask
    From Reiangelion

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