Release date… finally.


The files are  split in two.

First you download which contains the main executable among other files, and by purchasing  through PayPal you receive the other half of the files in your mail. The product you will be buying is called Xeno Files. Then you extract all the files from both ZIPs in the same folder, and you have a whole game.


If you run the executable without the rest of the files it’s going to crash right away after it finishes loading, but it’s actually a good way to test if your system can run the game before purchasing.

I would like to ask you to let me know how everything goes during purchase and download, of course you will tell me if something goes wrong, but even if everything is fine I want to know just to be sure, I never tried an automatic mailing system before so I would like to know if everything is OK… also paranoia.

For any japanese players out there, japanese translation will be coming soon, hopefully in a matter of weeks.

Just to be sappy for a moment I want to thank Flux for his help in proofreading and testing, and you for buying and supporting this very long and annoying development process, especially those who’ve been following from the beginning. And I’m not very good at this so I’ll shut up now.

So there you go, I hope there’s no bugs or glitches or weird stuff happening, if there is, you know what to do.

Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Finally its hereeeee ooohhh yeaaahhhhh!!!
    I wish i had money :/

  2. Bought! Finally! Thank you!

  3. Richard Briti Says:

    Hi, it’s that annoying guy again whats up o/

    So hitting ignore a crap ton of times seems to just let you jump through some small parts and actually plop you right into the game, going to see if I can beat the game or not with this. I’ll keep you posted.


  5. $7? Radical.

    Just bought it, the process is smooth as silk, payed through paypal and it forwarded me to the download page for the file, and it downloaded in a minute tops.

    I’ll post again if there’s any issues.

  6. Okay, all unzipped and everything is working perfectly. It all works, so I’ll check for bugs and enjoy the game.

  7. Excellent game, well worth the $7.

  8. Looking great, bought it and had no problem with downloading the file. The game works with no problems too

  9. the game so far is perfect!

  10. Everything works fine. Nice touch on that final boss. I died more than a few times due to distractions.

    The extras could use a bit of a touch up though. It’s nice to be able to jump to scenes but some of the scenes you still have to grind to re-visit even using the extras to jump to.

    Also this is just my own personal preference but I feel the game could have used a little more anal sex, especially tentacle wise. You get some of that in some cutscenes but none really from enemies in game.

    What I’d really love is during one of those event cutscenes is if you could add/change penetrations during (we got some of that with Malla being spitroasted, but again no anal).

    All and all it was worth the $7. Though I wouldn’t mind donating/buying some extra scenes when you have the time.

    • Wait wut, already? Man I wanted it to last a bit more, don’t tell me it’s too short.

      Yeah, not much into that particular fetish, sorry about that.

      Glad you liked it.

      • The game wasn’t too short. There were some very grinding areas (those bullet hell sawblades…fuck them).

        It would be nice to get some more tentacle triple-penetration scenes. You have them, but again the extras need some adjustment (so I don’t have to grind those sawblades again).

        Any chance you’ll be making more scenes of these girls or are you moving on to another project?

      • If I have a good list for things to fix, there could be a new version, I see now how a skip could be added there, but I don’t think I will add more content, I rather work on something new now.

      • One thing I noticed is my first playthrough with the EXO, I didn’t have to go through and find all the DNA – the doors were already open (might be why I got done so quickly). However going back through the extras I did have to grab all the DNA (which means more fighting to get to a scene). Dunno if it’s a glitch or something you want to look at. Thought you’d want to know.

      • Well, the doors were already opened by the main character, if you skip, then you skip her opening them too.

  11. After it loads i get an error screen thingy saying: ___________________________________________
    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Create Event
    for object START_ALL:

    Error defining an external function.


  12. I just finished the thing myself and i don’t feel bad for spending money on this. My only real criticism is the girl freaking out about being seen naked. I thought they were battle-hardened soldiers so that moment felt a bit out of place. You don’t go full anime when your life is at risk.

    I quite enjoyed the rest so anyway, good job making this and.. i wish you luck with creating more stuff in the future.

  13. Totally worth the $7 ^_^ cant wait to buy more games from you!

  14. Richard Briti Says:

    Sorry big guy, everyone on every site seems to have to small gripes. 1: Short game, easy to get through, 2: Gallery doesn’t have boss scenes or something, idk.

    • ^ This guy is literally delusional; every single post on ULMF said that the game was far worth the $7, and same for the comments on this.

      The TWO people (out of 15+ people so far who’ve commented on the game) who said the gallery didn’t have “boss scenes” (they’re not boss scenes, they’re controllable animations in-game; talking shit about the game without having even had played it, while simultaneously misquoting people outright, LOL) also all said that it was okay thanks to the skip, and that the shortness of it was still worth the $7.

      I love it when people have literally nothing going on in their lives and no talents to the point that they have to bash other people’s talents, and hide behind anonymity.

      Even worse though is when they outright falsify things to try and make their argument stronger. Pretty pathetic, really.

      • Richard Briti Says:

        Alright so if you’re done being a prick for no reason, it’s not all about what ULMF’s little circlejerk emporium has to say about the game. Believe it or not there are plenty of other forums and websites full of people who enjoy these kinds of games. Sit and spin kid, sit and spin.

      • Richard Briti Says:

        Also have to love how you claim I’m talking shit when I merely informed Vosmug about two average complaints people are having. Didn’t know that magically makes me a horrible person proclaiming that the game was shit. Seriously you idiots trickle in and just make bigger fools of yourselves every single time.

    • LOL I googled the name of this game and searched every h-forum I go to (which is upwards of 40+). TWO of them have topics about this game; ULMF and one other.

      Please, if you’re going to troll, don’t do it with half-baked opinions and claims that are outright proven false with a 5 second google search.

      On top of that, again, the comments in this post alone debunk your claims, even without the ULMF post.

      Finally, YOU’RE calling ME a prick for no reason? You’ve done nothing but bash this game since day one with complete fallacies and ignorant comments, for no reason besides either your own jealousy or idiocy.

      P.S. when you call people “big guy” and “kid”, you only serve to point out how immature you yourself are, if you still use ageism as a way to establish your dominance, especially with no knowledge of how old the person you’re responding to is.

      The end.

      • Richard Briti Says:

        And you’re angry and foaming at the mouth. So seeing as I’m now labeled a troll, thanks for letting me win 😉

  15. 101jimmy123 Says:

    Finally, it’s released! I’ve been waiting for this day since 0.1 was out!

  16. I think people who are saying its too short probably speed ran it.

  17. LOL I googled the name of this game and searched every h-forum I go to (which is upwards of 40+). TWO of them have topics about this game; ULMF and one other.

    Please, if you’re going to troll, don’t do it with half-baked opinions and claims that are outright proven false with a 5 second google search.

    On top of that, again, the comments in this post alone debunk your claims, even without the ULMF post.

    Finally, YOU’RE calling ME a prick for no reason? You’ve done nothing but bash this game since day one with complete fallacies and ignorant comments, for no reason besides either your own jealousy or idiocy.

    P.S. when you call people “big guy” and “kid”, you only serve to point out how immature you yourself are, if you still use ageism as a way to establish your dominance, especially with no knowledge of how old the person you’re responding to is.

    The end.

  18. loved it! best 7$ i´ve ever spent, cant wait for the next one!

    • beachjustice Says:

      Yeah, just for reference to the people saying it’s too short; similar side-scroller games are 2 – 3 X the price on dlsite and have about the same or less content / attention to detail.

      Look at some popular ones like shinobi girl — 20$
      there are better examples.

      The game isn’t too short unless you’re bent on doing a speed-run. And, for what it’s worth, I’m very happy with the game.

  19. Brilliant! The elevator scene was completely fantastic. Can’t wait to see more.

  20. beachjustice Says:

    Will you be working on other, on-going projects now, or do you have ideas for another h-game you wish to start on?

    • I have tons of ideas, I haven’t decided what I’m doing next, but I’ll probably finish that other half baked game I have lying around, but first I have to get the japanese translation for DLsite and wait a bit to see if there’s something critcal that needs to be fixed. But yeah, I will be definetly working on a new H game in the future.

  21. Sooo….did you ever fix that thing where she get’s knocked down and everyone just stands there starring at her o.o?

  22. Dart Mannington Says:

    Absolutely amazing work Vos. Well worth the money and recommending it to various friends also. Thank you for completing this great game and I’ll definitely be looking forward to future games as well!

  23. what are those worm like things in the area after the first encounter of the humanoid aliens in stage one?

  24. wish there was more vore but overall a good game. worth the $7

  25. I just wanted to give my feedback on the game. All constructive and I do want to start out by saying you made a really good game with top notch quality. Unlike most hentai games, this felt like well worth the money.

    The Pros(which far out weigh the rest):

    Excellent Art/Graphics: I can’t tell you how much I loved your style. Excellent work with the animations. No real complaints on the quality side.

    Good Story: Simple but still good. Left room for a sequal for sure, which I liked. Not much on character development, but thats not to say you didn’t have interesting characters. Its not a terribly long game so not much you can do there anyways.

    The Gameplay: The controls were responsive. The difficulty was alright. I was never frustrated by the game. Some challenging points, but not too hard. The checkpoints were well spaced.

    The Mixed Bag:

    Sound: Could have used a few more sound effects for the sex a bit, to vary it up. Still solid, but not a strong point. Everything that had to be there was there after all.

    Length: The game was a bit on the short side. Took me about an hour to get through. The game left me wanting a bit too much. In other words, it should leave me wanting more in a sequal, but I had just started to sink my teeth into this one when it was over.

    The Bad ( though not really that bad):

    Gameovers: The reload to last checkpoint was a bit of a let down when you lose all your health. Would have liked a gameover scene/animation for each enemy/boss (especially the boss scenes). Then the user could be prompted to load last checkpoint.

    The Finisher animations: There was a lot of inconsistancies with the final bit of the rape animations. Some would go to the cumshot, others would end abruptly ( though the prison cell shows a bit more for a few of them).

    All in all, if it was to rate the game. 8/10 Great quality game.

    If you every want to collaborate or need assistance with writing or ideas, please feel free to shoot me an email. Love to help folks.

    • This is the best kind of comments, wheter is about the good or the bad.

      Lenght: I keep hearing that, it took me more than that during tests, I guess I’m a slow reader, which makes sense since I started reading English at a decent level about 4 or 5 years ago.

      Game overs: Mmmhh… people don’t like my opinion on that, I rather have more content when “winning” the game, rather than “losing” to it, of course is maybe not that noticeable here, but game over hentai to me seems kind of a waste when you could be using it, to progress the story/gameplay rather than halting it to start over. Will have to think about how to apply it better in next projects.

      Finishers: I guess I didn’t notice, I didn’t have a regular pattern so it came out as whatever I thought of certain animation at the moment.

      Glad you liked it.

  26. I just finished the game, it was a fantastic game, it worth wayyyy more than 7 dollars, I hope you continue to work on Xenotake 2 (I honestly prefer if you work on Xenotake 2 than back to that non hentai game >_<, but it is your choice ^-^)!!I loved yuri scenes S2, thank you man, you deserve a candy! =)

    • I will be doing more hentai games, but it’s very likely I go back to tha one first, I mean, I stopped that one to make this one, it’s only fair I finish it now. But still deciding.

  27. elevator88 Says:

    You are the best. You and pixelfactory are the ones i follow. I lost alansmithee but you just keep my hopes up. Bought my copy and hope to see your future works.

  28. I feel like a schmuck talking about plot in a game like this, but it felt like several story threads were raised and discarded. Sequel hooks?

    • No, it’s fine, there was a story for a reason. Several points will be taken again, maybe not in sequels but in future games in the same universe.

      • Glad to hear it. Good work! I was quite pleased with the content. At first I felt kinda cheated by (spoilers ahoy for any bystanders) the character switch applying to the final boss, but ultimately I think that was the best way to go from a gameplay perspective.

  29. 감사합니다

  30. Purchase process was flawless. The game ran fairly smoothly. There was only one time I encountered a bug. When I found the captain and the boss encounter started, the controls locked up. The boss couldn’t hit me and all I could do was switch ammo. I tried reloading the save and it did the same thing. On my third try, I tried not touching anything for a bit. After a few seconds, I tried moving and it seemed to work out just fine.

    I went through on easy at first and beat it. I really liked the little robot part! Lots of pew pew and guts flying everywhere. The art is really nice and the gameplay was very smooth. It was well worth the 7 dollars. If you ever decide to make, say “expansion packs” or something, I’d gladly pay for more.

  31. Well, job well done! I’m not fan of h-games, but I think effort should be rewarded, and purchasing it was the least to do. Good luck in the future, mate!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    H-game of the year, every year.

  33. Anonymous Says:


  34. Anonymous Says:

    Bought it, played it, loved it. Now back to Prisonkage pls! With Hentai elements!

  35. Mister Fenix Says:

    So very worth every last cent. Download was a very smooth process and the game itself was awesome. Never been so satisfied with a purchase of a hentai game before. Only thing I wish there was is a cutscene selection so you dont have to use that other scene selector (which can get really confusing since I rarely know where I am supposed to go when suddenly thrown into the action). Also, some gangbang action would’ve been fun lol xD But I know you won’t add more content and I don’t really care anyway since the game is really cool as is. Keep it up! ; )

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I’m fairly sad at the amount of vore, and the actual vore animations. Namely, the boss fight and the worm that should both have the chance to eat you and have a good animation. 😡

  37. otaconx Says:

    Bought it awesome game looking forward to more.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Dude, Paypal is a pain in the fuck dick to use….
    Everything is cool and clean on my account yet i keep getting the

    “Your account is limited. Please check your Account Overview page for messages about resolving this problem.”

    When are you going to upload to DL site
    And this current download; is it the uncensored version ?


  39. Very nice game, it would have been nice to be able to replay the second time the game without the armor.
    Still great game.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    The only bug I could find is that, when you “finish” with the first vore monster in the Extras monster lab (walks on tentacles, plant-looking), you can’t escape, clear the room, or leave that situation in general unless you quit and re-enter the gallery.

    Let’s see if I can write a short review on the impressions of the game:

    I beat the game in about an hour and a half. Did it consume as much time as most RPG Maker H-games? No. Did it look better, sound better, play better, and leave a longer-lasting impression on me? Absolutely. Because you didn’t take the easy way out and force a system where you have to grind for EXP or backtrack -too- often for -everything- to simply pad the game for extra time. When you backtracked, it was only two rooms and a hand-full of enemies to re-confront.

    I won’t spoil what happens around midgame for other players who haven’t gotten it yet, but around midgame with the given perspective change, you see an absence of H-content which disappointed me at first, but the change of controls and gameplay gave things a fresh new pace and feel, and you take an alternate path through tubes with bullet hell enemies which I would have blasted you for had you expected us to go ALL the way through the way we came before. (There were a few moments in-game where I worried “Oh come on, does he REALLY expect me to run ALL the way back??”, but thankfully, you don’t actually have to.) But the whole sequence where the character changes feels like it has a place in the story, feels like a fun change in gameplay, and then bows out to return to the original mechanics without over-staying its welcome.

    The Extras, besides the one bug listed, is also well done. You didn’t go for a gallery view, but rather it FELT like a level in itself. I appreciated that a little bit more than I would a plain “go to this cage, get raped by this enemy” type of layout. And the scene selection part of the extras doubles as a stage select for those who would like to play the game from a certain point if they choose to. The guy near the top said you still have to grind a bit to get to the scenes in certain areas, but that’s not true; you’re placed right near the door to the scene, except fro two points where you start off as the robot, and start off as the main character once again after the robot sequence.

    For the type of game you made with the quality of graphics, sound and balance you put into it, I’d say it was a phenomenal job and well worth the price. There was nothing about the game that felt clunky, frustrating or completely unnecessary. It’s not the longest game in the world, but it’s also not too expensive, which is important. Unfortunately, for H-games, no matter how great your game is or how fun and content-packed it is, there seems to be a certain price range that you just can NOT go over if you expect people to pay for it, and this unfortunately stunts the amount of content, length, and overall ambition developers want to pour into these types of games without making it super long due to grinding. But the effort you put into this game is excellent, it really shows itself, and you’re going to be a great hit on DLsite and around the net for these types of games.

    • Anonymous Says:

      tl;dr: butts butts butts

      • I do read, but when there is only positive comments I can’t seem to find anything to answer to, so thanks.

        Those “skip to” points could be added if there’s enough things to fix to justify a new version.

    • Anonymous Says:

      That isnt a bug; when you finish with that monster, use the fire button to shoot out of it (that’s how it behaves in the normal game too)

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Man, i’ve just found out this game and played the demo. This game is awesome ’cause it’s a mix of an h-side scroller and the gruesome and failed demonophobia. I’d really like to buy this game, but i hate paypal. I’d like to know if is there another way to pay you for it. If not, then when Dlsite is gonna upload it? (i know DL is really annoying in that terms smoetimes)

  42. Anonymous Says:

    How do you go back to the menu/quit the game? Esc didnt work for me, neither did any other key. I had to close the game via task manager. Quite annoying.

  43. The only weird thing I’ve encountered is the sound. There is none, or what little volume there is, is all scratchy sounding. I’ve re downloaded the files and went through the extracting again, but it isn’t fixing the sounds.

    • I wouldn’t know what to tell you there, does this happen with other games made with game maker?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Try updating your sound card drivers.

    • Or maybe, try downloading the Essential Media codec pack for windows, i don’t recommend third party ones, get the windows one.

      • I updated the sound drivers, and it’s fine and dandy now. Device Manager actually told me they were up to date, but when I used a different program, they were waaaayyy behind. Fun.

      • Do you possibly have a link for that? I tried finding it and I’m seeing a lot of rather shady links that I’d rather not click on.

      • Nice.

        @ Drew

        Actually it turns out is not that official after all, I was thinking about the WMV codecs which I updated recently becasue I unistalled Windows Media Player, the windows essentials I got was from, which is not official, they can cause problems espceially with video so, it’s your decision (I’ve had no problem so far though), besides, just updating sound drivers seems to fix the problem better and more safely.

      • Actually, after installing the latest drivers for my audio I could find. It still is having issues with the sound.

      • Do other GM games have the same problem? If they don’t it may be an OGG problem, if that’s the case install the OGG filters here:

        Other than that, I really wouldn’t know.

  44. PerBert Says:

    I was waiting for this!
    Buyed and now let’s play!!

  45. Hoodahellame Says:

    Well, I’m always extremely picky to entertainment stuff, so please don’t take offense.

    I totally understand that simple platformer is what you were aiming for, but I think the game could be much greater if it had gaming elements other than just shoot stuff. Like, for example, using some monsters to overcome obstacles (like what you did in prisonkage with breasthug monster). Or if it had different ways to overcome obstacles, thus giving player a choice, and in h-game those kinds of choices might be just another turn-on for some people (like me 🙂 ). Like for example letting people choose to go through sewers filled with horny pests but avoiding tougher enemies or fighting your ways straight through guards. And in combination with my first proposal it would further add to game’s value and replayability. (And ofc I’m not even talking about choices along the storyline). Or adding some more detrimental effects like horny-meter, that builds up during h-scenes and hinders heroine’s actions, like giving her shots fizzle chance, making her unable to restore armor, making harder resisting H-stuff and etc. or making those little pests that attach to her stay and accumulate on her and travel along, also hindering her actions till they are “released” in a way it is already in the game…

    Maybe I should be writing it all to Prisonkage site now, that I think of it?! 😀

    I mean this game IS fantastic and probably best platformer I’ve ever played, but it is a 1hour game that u actually forget cause once you’ve beaten it for just 1 time theres nothing else left to do, including in fap-ability sense ))) Its like watching through cgs, once you saw them, they are not as interesting as they were the first time. BUT if the game has some game-influencing H content, well hell, if you ask me, those games stay on my hdd for a very long time.
    For example, nanocrisis unfinished and very simple platformer, but thanks to parasite lvl I still replay it sometimes just because of HOW monsters there hinder (with H-attacks) heroine’s actions.

    But not that I’ve done any research on the topic, or have any psychological degree to point out to the core of the matter, it is just my opinion, not sure if you even have to pay any attention to my words, cause u know, human beings are so strange and alien…

    • I understand, and I’m not gonna try to justify the lack of any of that, the truth is, I didn’t think of any of that at the beginning, maybe later I did about some, like leveling or extra interactions with enemies, but it was too late to change the core engine at that point.

      That being said, meters and all that stuff seem to have, for me, an “anti-gameplay” effect and could become bothersome for some players, where you are being limited for the things you are supposed to trigger, kind of like game over CG, if you want to get it, you have to lose and start over.

      The thing with meters though, is that you are essentially adding an element to help the game halt your progress, get hentai content sure, but halt progress and gameplay nonetheless for something you actually want, I still haven’t been able to completely understand that, I know hentai is important but shouldn’t be at the cost of everything else, otherwise don’t make a game, just make a gallery. It’s really weird and contradictory in itself, there must be a magic secret for that somewhere. Not to say I applied my “philosophy” perfectly.

      The only thing I can think of is to be the bad guy, sex and rape everything in your way and get rewards and stats for sexing and raping, but that’s kind of… mean… not completely out of possibility, though… mhh.

      I’m probably contradicting myself all the way, so…

      Anyway, you are correct though, the game is simple minded in its approach, and it was never intended to be more than that, but there’s always next projects to try and expand that stuff.

      • Hoodahellame Says:

        The thing about “don’t make a game, make a gallery” is exactly what I meant to point out, basically your game is just a gallery with some shooting involved in between the images/animations. Which, as I said, perfectly ok for a simple platformer game, BUT if additional gameplay-hentai elements implemented the game would be a masterpiece.

        I follow you from the very beginning of prisonkage and was actually really interested and thrilled by Xenotake because I hate GOR games and also believe that getting game content by loosing intentionally is really stupid and I don;t see it different from just watching some hentai pics really (and no need to grind through a game to get those pics). But now, I am more thrilled to see prisonkage coming cause even though gore is not my theme, it had potential to have hentai-gameplay elements involved in the process of going through the game, which make the game more valuable, in my opinion.

        About meters stuff, not sure if I understood you correctly as well XD. But, I guess it is a matter of taste actually, someone likes playing tough badass guy and rape everything left and right, someone prefers games with a horny bitch heroine, basically doing the same things as a badass guy, just with a different “tool”. And I prefer to play weaker (well or at least struggling heroine, getting spoiled (ofc in terms of sexual content) slowly through the game). Which in my opinion is really hard to do, cause u need to pull the right strings at the right moment and not make it look awkward, stupid or out of place and/or content all at the same time. Make the heroine submit/be spoiled too fast or too easy and thats a horny bitch scenario. See, making a straight-forward game is simple: no need to build tension or come up with fork situations.
        I think its kind of submitting fetish I am talking about, or maybe tainting something pure and innocent (well almost) into nasty and dirty activity is what captivates me when I want see h-gameplay elements and MY decisions influencing the flow of game.

        Another thing about meters: I see it in completely different way:
        You don’t just delay the game and everything else to get some more hentai content as you say it, in my opinion it actually turns a usual game with hentai insertions into a whole big trully hentai game. As it is now, I actually see it the way you say it shouldnt be: you just delay me from getting H content by requiring me to shoot stuff and basically play non-H game to get to my H content, and again to get H content (monster rape) I need to fail basically which kinda tastes GORish, which I personally not very fond of. Thank god you added easy mode.

        And I wont get tired to repeat after all I’ve said: Your game is fantastic and better than any other platformer, I just always up for more complexity and depth, I guess. Which as I mentioned, in my opinion makes a usual game with hentai pics and some dirty texts into a good truly hentai game.

      • Well, I mean, I’m talking about galleries in the conventional sense, but I see your point.

        you just delay me from getting H content by requiring me to shoot stuff and basically play non-H game to get to my H content, and again to get H content

        That’s kind of unfair, with most games right now it’s usually one or the other, to achieve a good balance between the two would require more skill and more experience (first game : D)… but yeah, that’s the ideal… I’m not saying I did it particularly well, but hell I tried to not do the usual rapey rapey for the sake of rapey rapey… except for…

        Fun fact, I don’t like gor either, it’s the norm I guess, I was planning on NOT doing it, but… you can guess what happened… the idea was to do purely story captures and intermissions, in the end, i think it was better this way, appealing to most people and try to do my thing on the side… besides not doing gor it’s a difficult thing to do, because it’s already well established as what most people want, so not having it would be a turn off, and because a better way to implement hentai in the middle of the game is not that easy to come by, or at least, I can’t think of anything, unless a really bright light bulb appears, gor it’s the easy and for now, best choice; or try a pure story hentai event based game as I was thinking… who knows, maybe that would be more appealing, for me it would.

      • Anonymous Says:

        It pads the game for length, but I guess if I were to find a more organic and less deceptive answer, I suppose it adds to the overall narrative of the game. Most games hit you with a Game Over and you feel a sense of non-canon failure, like “Oh, I (the player) messed up, this isn’t what happens in this story, the character cannot lose like this.” In fact, before GOR games, I can’t recall too many games that give a look as to what becomes of the hero after failure (as most end with character death).

        But of course, for an H-game, we are all pathological completionists and we want to find every last picture of H-content for a full gallery, so we have a compulsion to lose to one of each enemy. But many games have at least taken this into consideration and tweaked their game to make it less redundant and repetitive.

        Some games simply streamlined the way a character loses, either through a self-destruct move/item, or a “submit” ability to immediately get the GOR sequence. Another thing you’ll find some GOR games do is there’s no “absolute” failure, and GOR simply teleports the character back to a safe zone or some other non-death consequence, so the adventure continues without retroactive continuity in the plotline. And I’ve even seen some games go so far as to announce that, after defeating a GOR enemy, the GOR scene has been unlocked in the gallery, so the player doesn’t have to go out of their way to die in-game to complete the gallery.

        And then there’s BF (Battle Fuck) games, where you attack through sex moves and the goal is to make them orgasm (and therefore defeat them) before they make you orgasm (in which a sequence plays where you are forced to orgasm over and over again til you black out or die). But obviously BF games are incredibly campy and rarely ever have too compelling of a storyline, since the whole world in this universe is under the pandering premise that everything revolves around fucking. But hey, those have a lot of appeal.

      • Hoodahellame Says:

        Well not only that actually, and the games I’m talking about are games where if hero dies he dies for good – no H content for loosing, but some enemies got H-attacks (as “they” call it) that actually add to my interest in the game, not to mention that loosing to some enemies lead to rape OR even to some non-death side questing. And some games also have hentai elements that are just building up on a heroine over time and affect her, but at the same time NOT resulting in her death and are left purely for a player to decide whether get involved in them or not. And even those are rare, and sometimes such situations basically mean you get H-content or you don’t get it, I still like it much more than when it is straight auto-decided by scenario. Scenario behaviors just ruin the game element at all, and again make me wonder what a hell author just didn’t post his work in a form of a gallery.

        A rare few have some h-content involved that actually goes against what heroine whats (which is eactly means they spoil her, if accepted) but benefit her in one way or another, BUT still leave player a choice and even without those h-events it is possible to beat the game.

      • Yeah, getting rid of Game Overs in favor or something else more in context like you said is a good idea. Same with gor. Battle ones could work with a story on the side.

        Scenario behaviors just ruin the game element

        I guess we disagree there, if you want to follow a story, which I do, you need to have that kind of stuff, similar to the cutscenes vs gameplay arguments, I like cutscenes.

      • Hoodahellame Says:

        No no no no, you misunderstood me about scenarios: What I meant to say that characters who behave by programmed behavior ruin the game, implying on games where player just sits and watches the hero do the decision part of the story, while all that is left for a player to do is some mechanical stuff like walk from point A to point B and don’t get killed on the way, and then again watch hero do all decisions and repeat..

        I totally am for cutscenes and ofc for a consistent story

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Great game, more than worth $7! In terms of complaints about the length, it really is a question of how much you are getting for the money – and I think it’s probably better to release shorter games for less money in this environment, you can just split them into multiple chapters or something and make more people happy (it’s annoying to have to spend $20 even on an awesome long game because it’s a bigger upfront risk, maybe you won’t like the style).

    In terms of a suggestion, I think a really fun situation to add would be while your main character is fighting, one of the captured girls is in the background getting energy “extracted” from her – maybe she could have a little bar over her head and each time it fills, the monster you are fighting gets recharged or some sort of powerup. Alternatively, at a higher difficulty, this could be used as a time limit – if you don’t free her in a certain amount of time or before a certain number of orgasms, she gets eaten or the monster becomes unstoppable.

  47. Good job on finishing something big you started! I think I’ll get to buying and playing real soon – can’t wait to have time next weekend.

    • The buying was so easy and the price so reasonable I just went ahead and bought it anyway. It plays a bit smoother than the demo, but I won’t have time to explore until the weekend… gotta stay away from spoiler comments!

      • Well worth the money. It’s different and it’s quality – and I like the the content! Good job. The skip is kind of clever about showcasing entire scenes instead of just the H in it.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    im just one of the fans of you and i wonder how you translate English to Japanese.
    Do you translate it by yourself or ask someone ?

  49. Anonymous Says:

    I really wish you could play as Ran or have her in that jail gallery

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure how daring it is to ask, but has the release worked out as you hoped it would? Both technically and financially?

    • Martini Says:

      Probably he will get much more from the japanese dlsite, since it sells better than all others sites. And I dont see why this game do not become top 1 since its the best h-action game =)

  51. Kageneko_Alfa Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaand 8 days for my money to get from my bank account to paypal :/

  52. worth the 8 buck, is it possible for future update to have the other 2 girl in the prison? and is it possible to add cut scene like when MC got capture to the extra? it a hell to remember when the cut scene are at and get back to there in skip.

    lengthwise, it a bit short like many others mention.
    No known bug, everything work perfectly.
    Not a fan of the robot rescue part, you could have have another girl to do rescue work. But that just me.

    Looking toward Prisonkage again ^_^

    keep up the good work ☜(˚▽˚☜)

    • Anonymous Says:

      You’re only ever one door away from the cutscenes in skip mode, with the exceptions being checkpoints for the first time you start at the robot and when you control the MC after the robot sequence ends.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I would quite like this, even though like is said below you are close to cutscenes it is just easier

      I liked this game and I can’t complain about the content for the price but I was slightly disappointed at the lack of content, I would have happily paid much more for a bit more variety in the game

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Bought the game today and loved it! Love the art style and smooth animations!

    Are you thinking about making a sequel?

  54. Anonymous Says:

    im having trouble opening the game i payed for, help please.

  55. I’m getting background music but no other sounds.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, man. If you ever do make a sequel/more scenes to the game, would you mind putting in some more footage involving both (multiple) girls? It’s kind of a shame that you spend most of the game with two girls in the party, but there’s only one scene that involves both of them interacting at the same time. (Great scene, though.)

  57. Nastynassy Says:

    Hi, there is not much to complain about, good game, good animations and evrything, the only things I can complain are:

    -No pregnancy/birth, It would be so hot @.@

    -and the last scene were all 3 girls are tentacle raped and full with sperm, why is there no extraoption to watch this without endboss and robot that would be so awesome.

    all in all it was a good adult game liked the violence, but hentai was like not the main-content-feeling.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    On DLSite, do you will upload the full game or the Xeno Files only?

  59. feels like old times…
    when there were real ryona games like demonophobia

    feels like playing Half life 1,
    after getting sick of games like COD.

    games thesedays, not restricted to ryona genre…
    lack philosophy.
    gawdy visuals yet souless.

    Exo stages felt like homage of Metal Slug 3 dive missions.

    during some parts it felt like you were running out time and finished in hurry, but the general flow is harmonic.

    anyway, it’s been a while.
    glad you finished your project,

    great game.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Hey vosmug, people are already profiting on your work:

    Its in their premium downloads so they are making money of it.
    Im just giving you a heads up. If you want to do something or not is up to you.
    Its not that I want to be a copyright crusader but I kinda feel that sites like these are kinda dickish – obviously stealing and profiting from other peoples things.

    • There’s not much I can do, is it?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Point, eh, just felt a little bad about seeing the game there and knowing you worked a good bit for it. You can perhaps look it up or try sending them a mail (At least make em know that you are aware).
        On the bright side, Plagiarism is the greatest form of flattery?
        Also, sorry for linking it. I Did not think about it when I posted, so my mistake.

        Good luck on whatever your next project is, Id gladly pay a little if your next thing is like this. Well spent 7$.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    hey, think its just me, but the sounds the game plays…. stutters a lot, i’m not getting smooth sounds, it may be my computer or something…

    • Try updating your sound drivers, it’s the only thing I can say, so far only 3 or 4 people have reported sound problems, it’s definetly not the game but a computer problem.

  62. peridia Says:

    Are you not going to put the Sex scene on the scenario in the story on Extra?

    • I would like to, but given the way it’s implemented, it would be difficult to put them all, I would need to keep trying, but for now SKIP should work for that.

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Would it be possible for you to put
    Kava Gar doing Malla from that one scene in the background of the Jail?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oh and a way to look at the CG pictureswithout having the text and screen moving. Or maybe a download of those CGs? I really want to set them as my wallpaper 🙂

  64. Its launched on Dlsite!

    • Now we will know the truth. I really think this game may sell a lot of copies. The moment I write, it was launched a few minutes ago, so just 7 copies so far. But some products launched today sold zero, so I think its ok.
      When you look the japanese site, it is the page that sell the most games from small circles, so I think this is where he will get his $$$, I just hope some small leak will not change this.
      A small advice, next time, I think you should launch your game on Dlsite before on your page. Good luck, hope you can reach a high amount of downloads!

  65. Anonymous Says:

    censored ?

  66. Asking a question? Is dlsite adding or updating new things in your game yet?

  67. only lesbian boob suckling? I thought there is more to that? (though I prefer no dildo)

  68. Martini Says:

    Hello Vosmug, the moment I write this message, you are the 2nd on the daily rank from dlsite with 240 downloads. Still, it does have the best evaluation, that pink smile face. Congratulations!

  69. BeknownGamer Says:

    Hey there kiddo, Glad that you finally got it up and what not and of course I’m not saying I play H-games or anything. so if you ever put a donate button up I’d be more then glad to try and help you out when I can. btw I did follow you on da. but I closed that a few days back and I was wondering if you had a facebook page or twitter I could follow? like always have a great week!

    • I don’t think I’ll have donations for a while, probaly never, but thank you, I appreciate the thought.

      I read your message but you were gone, you dissapeared from YT too, I don’t have facebook or twitter, I’m not very fond of social media stuff.

      • BeknownGamer Says:

        Welp, I have no other choice but to rejoin da and annoy with silliness on there. I understand on the social media stuff. The YT part is a little weird thoguh

      • BeknownGamer Says:

        annoy you with*

  70. Uh, I am playing in Easy Mode and the final boss is still hard…

  71. Anonymous Says:

    This might sound weird, but I find translating stuff oddly relaxing… I might have a German translation ready by sunday or monday… Where to send it?

  72. So far after reading many posts on Ulmf and other forums, seems like the main problems people are having is the Gallery type thing you implemented due to it not having anything. People just kind of want to be able to get the H content quickly, and not have to do a section (even if it’s small) before they’re able to fap. People seem split 50/50 on the robot part.. personally I kind of liked it…

    Anyway, well worth the $7 to me. I hope your next project is even better 😛

    • … And by “anything” I mean “everything” … -___-

      • Is not like I did it on purpose, the only reason I didn’t include everything was because I never anticipated the gallery so the way all the events were done were difficult to move to a different place in the game. Some are easy but not all of them, If I manage to find a good way to do it without breaking them too much I will update.

      • Vosmug, I don’t think you need to “fix” something in your game. I mean, come on, it’s you first game and you have a good score on dlsite, this shows that you made a great job. Maybe you should take a rest and, when ready, focus on a new project. You should be proud =)

      • Not fix, but if I can improve some stuff, I will at least try.

  73. いつもお世話になっております 
    今回当サークルのブログ MMD的一日一おっぱい で記事にさせて頂きました

    それでは失礼致します MMD

  74. I am japanese,I do not know a few English. sorry…
    I bought your game with DLsite.
    Your game is very erotic and interesting!Good job!
    Please do your best from now on.
    Thank you.

  75. where the uncensor patch

  76. Will you be finishing Prisonkage now, or is it a dead project?

    • Is not dead, I’ll get to it eventually, even if it’s now or after another game, not quite sure yet.

      • That is good to hear!

        You did an amazing job with XenoTake and Prisonkage looked very promising too, and it is always better later than never.

  77. Uuuuncensor patch pls? >.>

  78. Anonymous Says:

    Looking forward to more games like this 🙂

  79. Any chance of you return to work on Prisonkage?

    • Vosmug said about Prisonkage: “Is not dead, I’ll get to it eventually, even if it’s now or after another game, not quite sure yet.”

      I wish we could go back to Prisonkage when it was a h-game.

  80. Macattack Says:

    best money i ever spent. how do you unscencor it by the way?

  81. thank you for this GREAT game!!!
    best money i ever spent. (c)
    show must go on!)))

  82. Anonymous Says:

    I can only plead with you to make Prisonkage your next project. I don’t mind when you start working on it again, as long as it is next on your to do list.

  83. Mannish Says:

    Just bought the game, and i loved it! The gameplay was solid, the art and sound were beautiful, and the story was great! Thank you so much for making this!

    You’ve got a new fan and permanent investor!

  84. I buy you game, and play. Very good!!! I like it! Maybe you try in next game make beat em up with sexual monsters???))

  85. Got the game, totally worth the 7$. The robot parts of the game were okay, maybe a little long but most of the time very easy. Except for the exclusive parts for the robot you can pretty much just hover above everyone. Things I would like: the boss and special cutscenes in the Alien Prison extra. Also, I was kind of expecting the Capn’ to grow a dick and go futanari at the end =P. Is there any difference playing in Normal difficulty? (besides the difficulty…obviously)

    • I’ll be on the lookout for anything else you make…except Prisonkage…guro for me is a weird thing. I usually like violent “normal” games, but when ero is added…not so much. I can take some guro if there is a LOT of ero and if usually the guro is a consequence of not getting the ero, stuff like that.

  86. Anonymous Says:

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Create Event
    for object START_ALL:

    Error defining an external function.

    Except I actually don’t know what the cause is, and nobody bothered to shed light on it when it came up… -_-

    Help please?

  87. Anonymous Says:

    Scratch that… u.u

  88. I want more interaction between eerien and captain ran… dammit so dissatisfying with just boob suckling and fingering 😦

  89. 700 downloads on Dlsite, awesome!

  90. Anonymous Says:

    what will you be doing now?

  91. I’m having a problem with the sound as well, sounds really distorted and fuzzy. Tried updating my audio drivers and reinstalled the game but it hasn’t helped.

  92. Kageneko_Alfa Says:

    8 days later …. finally got my money to paypal and buy the game. This is going to be good

  93. Anonymous Says:

    is there a way to remove the censure?

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Really great game. Not too short, nor too long. A lot of good scenes and splendid atmosphere.
    There was only one thing, that was strange – I was pretty much sure that it is not the first part of the game. The characters were speaking to each other like if the player should have known them from before.
    I don’t mean that’s bad. There was a question about sequel above. I’d like to ask another: what do you think about prequel? For example, about Captain and Malla fighting and impresoning General for the first time?

    • Anonymous Says:


      • I don’t know if knowing the characters beforehand is important or not, especially in this genre, In general in any kind of storytelling, I’m more interested in the journey, rather than the origins or even the conclusion, so maybe that’s why it came out that way.

        About sequel or prequel, I don’t dislike the idea, is not something I’m thinking about right now but it’s very possible later on.

  95. I bought your game and it was great! 😀
    while I play the game, I couldn’t enjoy H-scene since it ends too fast,

    by the way, I have a question. How long did you take to finish this project? since I’m making eroge too, I want to hear the other developers experience :3

  96. Anonymous Says:


    I bought the game and congratulations, Vosmug!

    But I’m not finding the option to remove censorship, can you help me?

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