Potato Shields Activated


First of all, thank you for your support in the last post, is not like I was expecting hostility or anything, just… you know… delays and stuff, even though, I’ve never given a precise date (that I remember), all have been “hopes” and “maybes”… but still.

One of the stuff I’ve been doing was fixing and finishing the art, since my artist half bailed on me I ended up doing some extra corrections, I’m not entirely pleased with it but maybe I’m just too picky, I don’t think it’s bad, just not awesome as I expected… I dunno. Feel free to tell me if I should get him for next time, once you see all of it of course.

So OK, we’re pretty much done, I have a very big memory leak somewhere but I hope to fix that in the next couple of days, thenΒ  I will finalize details and send it to my tester for a final beta testing run, if no more bugs, glitches or extra details in need of polish come out of that, it means we’re done.

Aside from that memory leak, I don’t like one bit that the game eats up from 600 to 800k in ram, that’s way too much, not even 3D games go over 500 – 600, cause you know, they are well optimized, looks like that memory leak could be the thing making it go up to 800 but I’m not sure, even with that it’s still perfectly functional with a decent system, low end systems may have a problem though, even without the memory leak, so, I don’t think I can help you there. Again, hopefully that will be taken care of in the next few days since it’s really the only thing left to do.

My PC is pretty lame though, 2gb RAM, 2,7 Dual core, the only extra is the Gfx Card which is not very good either, but it helps a lot.

Anyway, I’m guessing it will be ready within this week, depends on how well memory fixing and testing goes, after that I don’t know how much it will take to set up Paypal and all that, but I hope not more than a week, or maybe less, no idea.

In non important news, I received word from Curious Factory, who are the contact with DLsite, and the game needed more censorship, I see how it did now, I was thinking about those manga with very tiny white strips that pass for censorship but don’t really cover anything, but that doesn’t work here, they demand full cover of everything. I already did that and it was stupid annoying, specially for something that is intended to be removed, as in, you will be able to remove it and I will have lost all that work that was censoring, because you’re not going to see itno jokes allowed.

See you later.

Edit: Censor will be removable, that’s what I implied… we’ve been over this already in previous posts, there are no changes, censorship has always been planned to be patched out.

83 Responses to “Potato Shields Activated”

  1. Well, if the game is censored I have no problem with piracy. I already had to watch you give up on one game and then got stuck watching you have a breakdown over this one.

    • Dude, your claws are showing, quick, hide them!

      • Richard Briti Says:

        He makes a good point though and I’ll probably be pirating this as well. I’m not against the guy making money but honestly it’s starting to turn into the same dramatic crap that a bunch of others do. You’re not making anything of value, you’re making a porn game πŸ˜›

        If you have family problems then take a break, deal with it, come on back; I don’t want your life story I want you to just throw around a game, a few gifs, etc.

        I do find it funny you’re using Flux though! I leaked their little comic the split second it went on sale. Am I a bad guy? Sure! It honestly kills me with all these people that randomly drop everything they are doing to make these games. Make it for the sake of making it, not to make a quick buck. You want money, make a real game!

        I’ll come out and say it Vosmug; I was a huge fan when you started and then suddenly your little porn stuff turned into financial priorities. It’s wasted potential that hits such a small market. You’re a capable person who does damn fine work.. you want to charge for it then make a real game that more people will play instead of the 100-300 of us that will play this one.

      • But Mr. Briti you were so nice before.

        I really don’t want to go into disscussion but I just don’t see anything you’re saying in this post.

        And HOLY FUCK, read the thing again, there will be an option to remove cenosrship, it was either poor wording on my part or poor reading from yours, but still, no need to flip out.

        Nevertheless, I can see your IP address from here, changing names and pretending to be someone else doesn’t work.

    • Richard Briti Says:

      Oof ya got me Vos! Nah, I typed up the Jerico post from my phone last night and figured it would be silly coming in acting like I was a different user once I got onto my computer! Wasn’t trying to be overly sneaky I swear.

      I won’t droll on over my personal feelings on the matter anymore as it’s a losing battle but my request still stands Vos, why don’t you make a real game? Porn is fun and all but honestly you’ve got the talent to be making big boy games. Games that not only turn a serious profit but also ones that can lead you places.

      • Welp, that was uncalled for, my apologies.

        I do have other “real” games around the internet, obviously under a different name, but those never worked very well for me, maybe I’ll try once I’ve gathered enough practice and experience from these.

      • I’d rather have porn games. Regular games are boring.

    • Richard Briti Says:

      This annoying reply system won’t let me reply after so many posts πŸ˜›

      I’d buy those any day Vos. You’ve proven from the start what you can do and I can only imagine how well those translate into a working game that’s more about gameplay and fun and not “hey hold your dick for a minute, she’s getting raped again!”

      Sorry, bad values from horrible experiences and I’m sorry for my previous messages. I just recently got out of a horrid stint personally and I’ve been overly aggressive for the wrong reasons. I know an apology doesn’t really speak for my behavior but I’m sorry regardless.

      • PandaWanka Says:

        No matter how worked up you are, it’s a really dick move to go and tell the creator you’re about to resort to piracy. If you don’t like what he’s doing, then get the fuck out. He’s doing something in his own free time, with his own effort, why the fuck are you coming in and being an ass about it?

        And if censorship is enough to make you rage and declare piracy, you pretty much don’t deserve to even look at the game.

      • beachjustice Says:

        I don’t understand why a “real game” can’t include porn; that’s a terribly subjective statement.
        Real humans have a major sexual dimension as well, and there’s no reason sex appeal cannot legitimately be a major part of entertainment media.

        I don’t think one could cite popular consensus here either.
        I’ve never seen any evidence to indicate that indie media without porn is inherently more lucrative than with.

        With reference to this game, judging from the demo, the gameplay seems fun and engaging in its own right. It’s got more fluff, depth, and attention to detail than most hentai side-scrollers I’ve played. If the rest of the game is anything like the demo, I’d say it stands to be a solid game even if it were without h-material; thankfully, just as we humans have multiple facets to our personality, media can be designed to appeal to us on multiple levels, for example, somewhere at a balanced position on the continuum between absolute focus on sex appeal and absolute focus on gameplay aspects.

      • A “real” game in this sense can’t include porn because of the moral standards of society, I like normal games whitout any indication of sexual content too as much as anyone else, there’s aplace for each.

        Angry Birds is insanely succesful being family friendly, no way in hell an adult game would get that popular.

  2. Show us some pics of the censorship so I should know to buy or not.

  3. YYYYEEEEAAA- censorship…?

  4. would it be possible for you to host a buying domain of the non-censored version on a different site?

  5. You could just keep this blog going with files/information to help remove the censorship afterwards. As long as the purchased product is properly censored i doubt they are gonna care…

    • Pretty much as they said (and I think it was discussed in a past news post as well), all dlsite cares about in regards to censoring is what they’re selling, not what “mods” people can put on the game, even from the creator, if you’d be so kind as to offer once it’s up. Heck, if the censoring is done via separate image files, one could just delete said files and play without the “missing” bar graphics. Otherwise, similar to Koonsoft’s games, they could hopefully be removed with whatever simple fix that took.

  6. Why not censor and just put up an uncensor patch for free elsewhere I don’t program is this too hard?

  7. There is a way you can do, load external image for censored part.
    You make the game censored on dlsite and on the blog put the uncensored image, so if you copy in the game folder you have done.

  8. elevator88 Says:

    Yeah that censorship law has ruined a lot of artists and game makers. Glad you still have something on the side and flux will most likely mention it in the forums. Anyways heres to the last stretch and the emptying of my wallet.

  9. Oh come on people.

    • No, welcome to the community. You’re making a porn game not curing cancer.

    • Oh, also anyone can send a tip to PayPal about you and they will freeze your assets. Just saying to be careful.

      • Wow, seriously? Just read the thing again, the censorship WILL BE removable.

      • PandaWanka Says:

        Get out.

      • TheCancerIsYou Says:

        You are going to pirate it anyway, so why do you even bother bitching? Do you realize that animating and coding “the porn game” takes ages? Apparently not. Yarr harr the fucking game and get the fuck out of here.

        Oh and plot-twist, your precious tax money does go into cancer research but the doctors get wasted on parties with hookers instead, but you’re probably way too young to bother your little kiddy head with taxes even.

    • elevator88 Says:

      No worries. The only way itll be noticed…if well if its noticed by a lot of people. DLsite has worse things up and i still wonder why it hasnt shut down for it.

  10. If need be I’ll pay extra just to make up for some pirates. I’ve been watching this since early days and really liked the process of it regardless. Great work Vosmug! Can’t wait till release date!

    • I absolutely agree. You’ve made a very nice game (even just the demo!) and based on the limited quantity of other ero-games out there that have a decent story AND graphics, you’ve earned my respect (and soon whatever amount of money you’d be asking ;P).

      Keep going man, and take the time you need to deal with life. The people who know the effort you’ve put in will be patiently waiting.

  11. You can count on a purchase from me, because I’m not autistic enough to throw a temper tantrum over optional censorship.

    You’ve put a lot of hours into this game and deserve to be compensated.

  12. Dedication is a big problem in projects that last a long time. People’s priorities change, especially if you’re not paying them a living wage to keep them the same. Good thing you got it finished still, hope there’s no stick figures or anything…!

    Awesome would be great, but good will do quite well (especially if good is the same kind of good we’ve seen in the demo). πŸ™‚

    Lots of H games seem to have exorbitant memory loads, and quite a few have crashed because of a leak. I hope you can patch it, but I’m sure the majority will be running relatively modern desktops with at least 4 GB RAM anyway.

    Looking forward to the release now, even if I felt very disappointed at the end of 2013!

    • I believe that’s a way more important issue here since it could be potentially game breaking, but as long as you aren’t running a toaster you should be fine.

      • A problem with many flash games is stages tend to be too massive with too many drawn elements in a single movie clip or loaded to a single frame. It’s like how that Mario is Missing game’s Castle level melts your computer at an agonizing low FPS, yet some other levels run lightning fast. It’s because Flash doesn’t de-render or lower the quality of what’s off-screen; if it’s off the stage, it still dedicates the memory to displaying every single minute detail of every vector, script, and animation. And that castle level is fucking MASSIVE, every single giant room is in one single movie clip, with all the details and animations being rendered in the background at all times. Furthermore, the stage MOVES, so it takes that motion into consideration with all the calculations.

        Point is, if you have very large stage movie clips with lots of detail and animation, it’s going to put a huge strain on your game. If the stages are more compact and the movie clip objects are loaded individually (removing the excess from off-stage) then your game will run much smoother. But this is all waaaaaaaay after the fact, and it’s more information to use next time. Not much you can do now that it’s already here.

      • That would be more of a CPU problem than RAM, even though it also factors in but to a lesser extent, my CPU usage is 15% to 20%, I guess it varies depending on your specs, but I think that’s a normal ammount. Either way the solution would be the same, load in chunks and not the whole thing at the same time, that’s what I had to do since the amin problem came from newly added data that was easier to sort and it’s kind of working so far. Also, I did have the level size into acocunt because I knew it could get crazy due to the resolution and sprite size, that’s why the levels are divided into smaller areas.

  13. If you guys think it’s so fucking easy, then why don’t you go make a hentai game then, where is yours?

    This is exactly what happened to phil fish and Fez 2

    Vosmug, do what you gotta do man, at least i’m with you, your game is damn good from the demo i’ve played and I can’t wait to see the finished product, it runs ridiculously smooth on my system.

    Seriously keep trucking, you crazy bastard

  14. beachjustice Says:

    however what is a potato shield?

  15. Oh Jericho. How can you be so retarded as to feel entitled to free porn games.

    Welcome to the internet Vos: Autistic, entitled, easily enraged, and can’t read a whole blog post before shitting through its keyboard.

  16. fuccccccccccccccckkk yessss I can’t wait

    So by the end of this week ?

  17. beachjustice Says:

    reading some of these comments is sort of depressing.

    for what it’s worth, if it will keep you from being discouraged by the naysayers i will purchase multiple copies of the game

  18. shut up and take my money!

    • Agreed, Shut up and take my money you beautiful beautiful knight! Personally im all for it, granted i’ve only been following this project for a few months its turned into something i certainly like and i hope to potentially see more in the future. That and im all for supporting indie devs who just do their own thing.

  19. sweet, about the game, will it have end game animation where you can watch how all the enemy attack you?

    you said the artist bail on you, do you mean like background and such? or the character itself? because I really like the character style.

    Will you return doing prisonkage? (V ^_^) V keep up the good work.

    • 1. Yes.

      2. He left some stuff unfisnished and I had to finish it myself. You will notice some character design differences.

      3. Yeah… I should do that.

  20. As someone who’s also making a commercial H-Game, yes. You can distribute through DLSite and have say a patch on this blog for people who want to remove the censors. I don’t think you can include an uncensor cheat since it is considered “illegal” for such thing to be included in the product itself.

    I think you’ll have to go with little image censors like black bars or heart stickers or something, unless you use GameMaker Studio which then a simple mosaic shader would do and would be a breeze to turn on/off, but I assume you’re using GM8.1.

    As far as the game content goes, found it a little annoying to move slow when missing the armor, it’s a tradeoff/punishment for losing it but it kind of makes the game feel sluggish and wish it was a bit faster. I’d also like to see a sliding/rolling move to evade enemy attacks and some powerups to make you shoot or move faster.

    Sex-wise, I hope you add some kind of oral, doggystyle & anal. The only things that pretty much missing from the demo I played, but again I don’t know what you have in store for us. πŸ™‚
    Finally wish enemies had at least a couple alternative sex positions, multiple enemies grabbing you and going DP and such would be a nice touch, but I know this might be a lot of work, I hope I could help in some way though, I know that is hard working alone on animations, coding and whatnot.

    This is a great game in the making and I am sure it will pay off both in money and experience.

    • They told me that, in addition they said is not allowed to link to sites with uncesnored material, which makes this site unlikable since the patch will be here… the response was really vague as always, but that’s what I got from it.

      I knew Studio had shaders but didn’t know about the mosaic shader, that reason only would make me move to Studio, which is weird since I got it already, but I didn’t want to use it in this game cause when I started it was pretty unstable.

      You move a bit faster in the full version and there is some of the stuff you mentioned, but about powerups, evades and multiple positions, all of that part is finished, I can’t add anymore, but what’s already there is hopefully enough.

      • It’s understandable. πŸ™‚
        Yes, Studio is a bit more stable these days. I used to use GM8.1 but Studio it’s a huge improvement on speed, features, bugfixes and the like, only the IDE remains to be modernized which I patiently wait for.
        But yes, I believe, you can check the official GMC forum for mosaic shaders, I believe there’s a couple of them there. You can just throw it on a surface and cover certain parts of your animation easily.

      • beachjustice Says:

        can you link to a site that links to a site with uncensored material?

  21. Don’t listen to people who are just complaining but won’t even give a dime. Maybe I’m just used to waiting for good to come, but I’m sure the game will be a success, and I’m willing to buy it when it’s finally out.

    You shouldn’t worry so much about piracy, just look at Kyrieru, he doesn’t care about people unlawfully getting the game because he knows that the more people playing it means more people will eventually buy the game.

    Anyways, this is the final stretch, so good luck and don’t stress yourself so much about angry anons.

  22. Vosmug, do you will post another test demo or you will stop with the 0.30?

  23. Well. Shoot. I don’t even remember exactly how I stumbled across this site while idly browsing around for h-games, but I gave the demo a quick download not really expecting much of anything. (It’s not exactly a genre reputed for high quality, usually)
    And look at me now, I’ve played the demo end to end and found myself pleasantly excited at the upcoming full release. I was not expecting to be earnestly entertained, much less really looking forward to what’s to come of this, even MUCH less ready to go ahead and throw down money on it.
    I just wanted to drop by and say, hey, quality work! Well done on snagging the full attention of someone just aimlessly drifting through like that. I’ll be around again when the real deal drops.

  24. Fucking hell – Why do I sense so much hostility towards Vos? He’s making porn for us. Shut the hell up and pay if you want, pirate if you don’t want anything else coming from Vos. It’s pretty simple – and it shouldn’t need any explanation.

    Vos – Do what you want to do. It’s your game, your life style, your career.
    And thank you, for making this.

  25. not gonna be piratin this or none o’ that, making games is a bitch, this bro deserves the fat cashses

  26. Howww muchhh longgger ; I honestly cannot wait anymore.

  27. Hehe, I just read all that?

    I have ways of dealing with those critics. Vosmug is the one who is making the game. Vosmug is the one who is actually doing something while the rest of us sit here behind our keyboards telling Vosmug how to cater to our personal needs.

    There are many people who give up half way through a project but Vosmug has seen it through all the way. We have also been receiving updates about his progress periodically.

    For me personally I’m waiting for Prisonkage but the way I see it, Vosmug now has more experience to get back into Prisonkage by making this game.

    The game will come out when it comes out, no need to rush perfection.

  28. I really love this project and if i weren’t such a shitty job position I would be definitely buying this game. Censorship or not. People are so quick to criticize despite contributing nothing. I hope none of these people manage to discourage you from future works. I am absolutely looking forward to the release of this game. Please continue making the world more interesting.

  29. These updates should be a little more concise. Alot of drama could’ve been avoided if there were just a few paragraphs about how the status of the the game was goin and what you were doin’ about the censorship policy.

  30. Well all i have to say is thanks for a great year of posts. Cant wait to get my hands on this. ^_^ Also cant wait for Prisonkage.

  31. Sooooooooooo, this months almost over; are we gonna have our hands on it before its out ?

  32. Totally stoked, ready to buy. Did you have a price in mind? (Sorry, forget if you discussed it earlier or not.)

  33. Also about “an adult game would never get as insanely popular as Angry Birds”, that may be true, but at the same time, it’s not for the reason you may be implying. For instance, take a look at the 50 Shades of Gray book. That’s an INSANELY popular erotic novel series, and I mean EROTIC novel series. It’s a literary hardcore porno trilogy. So how the fuck did that become a household name and get so insanely popular? Same way Angry Birds did; advertisement.

    You pay to put the words in peoples’ mouths. The key to popularity is to get the right people to pretend that it’s already insanely popular. If you pay enough celebrities, news organizations and television shows to talk about it like it’s all anyone’s talking about lately, soon others will come aboard on their own will, jumping on the bandwagon and talking about this insanely popular product. That’s how Angry Birds, Justin Bieber, Candy Crush, Katy Perry and 50 Shades got so popular. They made enough people cram it down our throats to get everyone else to start talking about it, and it took off from there. Smart advertisement and good connections. Your product doesn’t have to be that good to be widely popular, just talked about enough for the right reasons.

  34. Hey Vosmug! I like your games. Is there a way to donate you some money?

  35. So close i can almost taste it

  36. its a dumb question to ask but what are you going to do after this and Prisonkage?

  37. It’s a porn game so it’s not “of value.” These people man. If they’re bothering to pirate it, then it’s obviously of value.

  38. Vosmug pls.

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