No Game… yet


Misleading title FTW… corrected.

I don’t know what to say, so no excuses, throw your potato bombs this way… the game will take a bit more since I’m waiting for some pictures, I wanted them because I need the ending to be more than just text, if you don’t care about story, well, sorry but I do, If you care then I hope it’s worth it… I have my doubts too but I think is at least worth to try it, I overdid what I planned already so what the hell, one more thing won’t hurt… the artist is having trouble trying to imitate my style, which is weird because is pretty generic… so we’ll see.

Sorry about all the delays and stuff… I’m not specifically worried about the fact that there’s a delay, it’s pretty normal actually, what really worries me is that after one year, some of your expectations must be through the roof, if you’ve been following from the beginning that is, If you’ve been here for 6 months or less, it’s a pretty reasonable waiting time… I think, do you know if other h games took this long? Probably not, or better yet… What’s the acceptable standard you know about, or expect yourself?… I sure as hell don’t want to go this long again…

So… damn.

Check in next time to continue witnessing my gradual down spiral into madness… and maybe play the game…

63 Responses to “No Game… yet”

  1. Richard Briti Says:

    Yep, been watching since your first game and honestly I’m just happy this game is still functional. Though I must ask, is there no chance you could throw us a bone at least? Maybe a new alpha or beta to play around with? You already planned on charging for this game so a bit more good faith might not hurt.

    That or throw us some more pics/gifs. You know your fans love those gifs.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about expectations unless your game has a drastic drop in quality compared to the demo or is short, and I mean really short since H-games are generally not very long. H-games are a very niche genre so I feel fans are more forgiving so I wouldn’t sweat it to much.

    I haven’t followed many H-games to completion but kyrieru’s Eroico took about five months to develop and it’s only three levels with like I think 18 H-animations. It was generally well received.

    The fact that your finishing this game at all is something to be proud of, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. I follow a lot of H development blogs that don’t seem like they’ll ever be finished.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    my heart skipped a beat when i saw this. Thank you so much for this Vosmug! ❤

  4. God i’m loving this hype 😀

  5. Honestly, I’m just glad for updates that the game is still alive. I gotten use to waiting. Yes I guess with each update and screenshot my expectation does go up I will understand that you tried your best and that no one is perfect. However, I’m sure that I will enjoy this game. You know extra pics for a ending is perfectly reasonable to wait alittle more. All I read is more content.

  6. beachjustice Says:

    lol don’t worry about it bro. it’s your hobby.

    i’d personally rather wait longer and have a more polished product anyway.

    thanks for not leaving us unwashed masses without our updates 😛

  7. Anonymous Says:

    OMG HE IS STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!! *breaks down into tiers*

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Parasite in City took a year to make with two people, according to dot_slave. So a year for development is not uncommon.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Your once in a lifetime activity is pretty common in the h-genre game making community so it’s not a big deal really, actually a few posts here and there is always enough. Hype only comes around when the game is almost finished otherwise people from time to time will just check for updates

  10. Funnily enough I do care about the story in games, “even” H games. Conclusion and closure are a payoff in themselves when you have put time and effort into something.

    … I guess the same could be said about making the game, too, eh.

  11. elevator88 Says:

    Hey at least your keeping us up to date. Ive lost a few artists already and your the last shining light in this H world.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Another Screenie plz ?
    So your just waiting on the CG right ? intro.end ?

  13. Stay cool, Vosmug. Some games in DLSite take 2 years to be done. The delay is not a problem, all you want is to release a good game =)

  14. Anonymous Says:

    You probably said it already somewhere… but how much gameplay time do you expect? Will it be payable via paypal?

    • Took me a bit more than 1 1/2 hours rushing through, avoiding enemies, but reading all the text, I’m guessing it will be more than that for a normal player.

      Yes, paypal will work.

  15. Xion Fenix Says:

    Who cares about what people expect? I don’t. You shouldn’t either. I am just glad that you are still continuing. That headline made my heart stop for a second because I thought you’d cancel it. Just… keep your head up and don’t care TOO much about what others say and do. You’re doing great as is.

  16. Christin Eleven Says:

    Ha! I wont let you be in pease until I still don´t have the game! >= ] I never give up no matter how long I have to try or wait. .^_^.

  17. Don’t worry about the small details, like what other people wants or thinks. I mean, yes, it’s good to consider suggestions but in the end the most important thing is to do what YOU think would be awesome in a game, or else you will lack motivation, and without motivation things lose that…”spark”? Which I believe it’s something you can see in games, when they are truly made with love and those made just for other reasons like wanting to be cool or money. (Just to clarify: it’s not wrong to ask for money, but it shouldn’t be the only reason to make a game). Anyway, if I could wait 14 years for Duke Nukem Forever, I can certainly wait for your game =D

  18. Anonymous Says:

    You released a demo and made sure to keep expectations in check with your updates, so you don’t have to worry about over-selling and under-delivering. I’m excited for the game based off the demo I played and screenshots you provided, and the game should be just fine.

  19. Any time is acceptable considering most start only to never get past starting, leaving something unfinished behind.

  20. Personally I don’t mind waiting. There are many game out there to keep me busy.
    The important thing is that you need to let us know you are still alive.
    Give us some update each month.
    May be you only added 1 pic. may be you only done some bugs test. It don’t matter how little or slow the process are.
    It matter we know you are still working on the game.

  21. I’m just glad you keep us here and updated bro, by the way, do you speak any other languages besides English?

  22. yeah
    you seem to me to be frustrated because you didnt reach your personal time goal
    dont take it tooo serious
    First of all its your first game in the hentai gengre and i gues the first time that you want to complete a game in a time limit, that are 2 factors which can hardly be calculated i think
    AND i am following many blocks around here and almost all delay their games, only a few get it done a small time after their deadline.
    You are doing good quality work which takes time anyways but you are posting frequently and thats one the of the best things blogger can do (some post less often because they fell bad for their delay (or some dont even dare because they have to read the angry rager coments?))
    i wish you a well doing anyways!

    • I’m very paranoid and most of the times I take criticism very harshly and not for the best, that could be a reason, other reason is that I don’t like sharing too much, or at all, which I realized is not a good thing in this circle, but then again, saying “dude I added an enemy” is just so silly I don’t see the point, even if it’s more than that.

      Anyway, the best thing to do about delays, is not saying anything about dates, that’s it, since delays are inevitable, no expectations, no disappointments.

  23. I think you are making a great game, don’t skip possibile feature for rush, this is the mistake you can make (and big artists make).
    P.S. The screen you posted is well made, nice work.
    The frustration comes when you’re close to the goal, do not be fooled, you are strong 😀 !

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I really hope it comes out this month

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Thee waiitttt issss killllinnnggg meeeeeeeeeee

  26. It’d be harder to enjoy your works if I knew you had regrets about them. Take as long as is needed, man.

  27. One picture per month sounds good. Keep reporting every month.

  28. Did you get the CG back from the artist yet ? Any dates set ?

  29. 😦

  30. I know right I check this blog like daily. no pressure all the pressure!!!!1

  31. But really hurry up and let me throw money at you.

  32. You can’t rush perfection, Anonymous.

  33. Hey Vosmug have you resolved the paypal issue? found a seller system that works yet? im still hoping you will go through dlsite but whatever works i guess…

  34. Any predictions for date yet?

  35. When you get the game finished, you may want to do a few of the below.(ignore if you already have this done)

    Clean up your website.(remove troll posts or worthless posts)

    Make a link to your japanese verion of this site or create a new one thats in japanese.(for the buyers from dlsite)

    Pick a few pictures that show your game off.(to post on dlsite, showing whats in your game)

    Make a new demo or polish your current demo. Have the demo in japanese.(to post the demo/trial version on dlsite)

    Make a post that has all the best questions answered on your english/japanese site.(Ex: Will this game have ??? in it. Yes/No/Maybe later)

    If, you have a demo and a few pictures up on dlsite, you may draw in more hype / sales.

    Be ready for alot of questions on why the game doesn’t work.(windows xp/vista/7/8/Mac/Linux/etc. or English/Japanese/Chinese/etc)

    Good luck to you on this game and your next one(s). Your designs and scenes beat 80% of the stuff posted on dlsite.

  36. Alright boys, get the potato bombs ready.

  37. Hi Vosmug,

    I’d tried contacting you about advertising your game in a couple of ways; the email bounced back though.

    I host erotic choose your own adventure stories on several forums and /b/; the community votes on what actions the main character should take, and enemies will try to molest/rape your character. If your character orgasms it is game over.

    I’m a strong supporter of small adult game developers, like yourself, so I’ve started doing expanded stories to advertise your games. Recently I did one for HNyarly’s ‘Sex Realm.’

    If you’re interested, I would be more than happy to host a story about your game to draw attention to it; as well as advertise it on my blog to help you out.

    Keep up the great work,


    • To be honest, I would feel more comfortable if you do it on your own terms not solely to advertise me but because you want to, if that’s the case, then you don’t even have to ask.

      • Hey,

        I’m always looking for new ideas and concepts to write about; so there’s absolutely no reluctance in writing about it.

        I just wanted to check with you first, given this is your intellectual property.

        I was thinking of doing a prequel to your game.



      • If you like my stuff and want to write about it then I feel flattered actually, so just do your thing, I ahve no problem.

        For an accurate prequel though, you’ll have to wait for the details, or just give me your mail and I’ll give you some important tips.

        Or if it works.

      • That’s another thing I was hoping to contact you about to make it accurate. 🙂

        You can contact me here:

  38. waiting…

  39. Potato-launchers are online. Acquiring target.

  40. it has very good animations and grafic, congratulations, hope you don’t give up. You have a talent man

  41. I’m not even into guro games but when I heard about the art style I had to take a look and I must say i am a huge fan. This is one of those games I will have to buy as soon as it comes up for sale

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