Yeah I know….

Well, the game is playable from beginning to end, of course there’s still polishing to do, enemy balance, add missing sound and music, more testing, also the script is still in revision, blah, blah, blah… you could call it finishing touches or, I dunno, more work to do… but yeah, pretty much done at this point… now, the big thing still missing is the Japanese translation, I want to have it ready from the get go, if is not ready it can be added later, is not a big deal, but I really want to have it from the beginning…

Don’t know when, just so you know…

That being said the big problem will be family reunions and all that holiday nonsense coming up… Β I dunno how much time that will take away from this… and the other thing that dropped my motivation almost to zero was that I found some problems with PayPal and Payoneer (which I used to get the PayPal money since here in the third world there’s no direct PayPal service) which pretty much means PayPal won’t work for me anymore, I usually don’t like to talk about money, sales and all that greedy stuff and I apologize but that sucks quite a lot, shouldn’t really get in the way of development though but it will almost make this whole process useless, unless of course I find some other way but right now it doesn’t look too good.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo… meh, game’s almost done though, that’s good right?

See you later…

Edit: Thank you for your mails and comments of concern about the paypal thing… I’m already looking into some other promising options and will deal with it later, don’t worry about it… sorry for bring it it up… Also, I’ve been out of town for about a week, but I’m back now…

105 Responses to “Update”

  1. Ahhh! I’m so super excited! Thank you for seeing this through to the end! We all hope that through this experience you have learned a whole bunch and will continue your efforts.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Does anyone have a walkthrough available? There’s no quest marker on the map and I’m stuck. The girls have been kidnapped from the library and I don’t know where to go.

  2. fuck no paypal? okay well you might be stuck with dlsite…personally i would rather the money go to you and not dlsite…i dont care or want a japanese translation any chance i can buy it from you now without having to wait for translation? once you work out payment stuff that is…You have my money you just need a way to get it from me ha ha! only other alternative i can think of is you have someone else handle your paypal stuff and then they E interac to your email directly but that would require you trusting someone ALOT! anyways hope you release soon! good luck to you!

    • Well no, it is a bit more complicated than that, I mean I can’t use PayPal in general, Dlsite also pays through PayPal and I still can’t even access to that. So direct or Dlsite, it all goes to PayPal which right now I don’t have access to and so far I don’t see any other option available. I wouldn’t be that worried if what you said was the case.

      • yah but if i E interac you a payment that is Dircetly to your email so it should be fine…but like i said it would require you to trust whoever was handling your games payments to paypal…then the person takes the money out of paypal into thier bank account…then they E interac that money to your email…so that payment doesnt go to paypal it goes to you directly only thing is you would have to trust this person not to screw you over…Then they give you the password and you withdraw your money ?????? profit! unless your country doesnt allow E interac but i highly doubt that.

      • That’s the thing, have to check it out if it’s available or not.

  3. I can see your talent making this game and that`s no problem if Vosmug wants to talk about money, you spent hours of your time making this great game so I hope you find a way to win what you deserve. Congratz.

  4. Hey man, this is your QA guy: was wondering, did you get my email with the completed/checked script?

    And did you get ahold of the Japanese translator? If not, I have other people who may be more reliable/have more time on their hands to translate the game!

    -Your QA guy

    • No, I haven’t, there’s nothing new on my mail. And I haven’t contacted anyone yet, I wanted to have the full version first (the ending is still missing *ahem* * ahem*)

      • oh shit, I sent you that finished script like 2 weeks ago! Check your spam mail, I’m going to send it again πŸ™‚ once you get the ending ready too, send it to me too!

  5. I’ll send you $3.25 if it helps

  6. Here’s something that might cheer you up.
    I know of a member at ulmf that knows japanese and that might translate your game to japanese if you ask him πŸ˜‰
    Go and talk to him, his nickname is “platanus?”.

  7. That sucks about paypal. I know how it is sometimes we just need money to keep on. Anyway glad that its almost done and yeah fam takes alot of time away from projects.

  8. From what country are you ? πŸ˜•

    • Somewhere in the jungle in south america.

      • It seems like a lot of the really good games like this are coming from Latin America, lately.

        I’m sorry to hear about about your Paypal problems. When you get things squared, my wallet will be ready. πŸ™‚

  9. Sorry to hear of the troubles, best of luck to you though.
    Also… pay is not always greedy. People must live to do work, they need money for food, electricity, so on to live and do the work.

  10. Come get my money, Vosmug!

  11. I am Japanese. There is also a strange place because it translated in the translation site this comment

    I thought that it was trying to play download a demo of your game, but you can not play you can not start any way
    My computer is Vista, but I would lack a spec …
    I’d like to be lightly at the time of completion

    • If I understand correctly… sorry, but I think the final will be even heavier, I could optimize more but I’m running out of time…

      I run XP and it plays fine, so specs would really help…

    • Also, try this:

      Do not remove any file from the game folder and then run the game, I made a stupid thing where if a file is removed, even if it’s unimportnt, the game won’t work, I’ll remove that for the final game.

      Or, Run the game in XP mode, in file properties you should be able to change that (not sure if Vista has that option, I think it does).

  12. Have you looked into accepting bitcoin? If you have any questions about it, I or anyone here could probably help. I don’t see any reason you wouldn’t be able to accept that. I have been watching the development of this game silently since the beginning and I am planning to drop some money on this, that coming from someone who has never paid for an H game before in his life. Keep at it!

  13. i can provide both korean and japanese translation.

  14. Maybe you should consider moneybookers (They’re called something else now I have no idea what it is) or google wallet or something. Is your bank not taking your paypal transactions anymore or something? I know dlsite takes a lot lot off your profit margins…

    • Paypal doesn’t work directly here, not bank nor credit cards (unless it’s an international one), you need a US bank account for it to work, I’m already looking into some other options, skrill (mooneybookers) was one of them, I will have to work that out later since I need my paypal refilled for any of those new options to work, and since I’ve lost contact with paypal I’ll have to wait until after release…. don’t worry about that, I will take care of that later.

  15. 10/10 demo

    How much longer is the full game ?

    Got a ETA on when you think you can get this payment stuff sorted out ?

    When can you fully release it ?

    How much do you think you will charge ?

    How many more enemies ?

    Is the story going to continue to get awesome ?

    Any cool twists like that machine part at the end ?

    Are there more then one rape ani per enemy ?

    • How much longer is the full game ?

      About 5 to 6 times longer, it’s a rough estimate since I haven’t been able to test it properly with all the elements combined, I hope more than that though.

      Got a ETA on when you think you can get this payment stuff sorted out?

      I’m not worried about it that much anymore, PayPal should still work properly for buys/sells, I still have to work some stuff out after release but that part won’t affect the PayPal button and checkout thing in any way.

      When can you fully release it?

      I’m trying to do my best to release within this month.

      How much do you think you will charge ?

      Been thinking 6$ or 7$, will be around 10$ or 11$ on Dlsite… but you tell me…

      How many more enemies ?

      I already forgot how many there are in total or in the demo, but there are around 15, not all are hentai related though. There are also more interactive events like the final one in the demo.

      Is the story going to continue to get awesome ?

      You’ll have to judge that on your own later.

      Any cool twists like that machine part at the end ?

      Yup… some…

      Are there more then one rape ani per enemy ?

      Only a couple of enemies have more than one.

      Weird that most of this was never asked before, or maybe I missed it.

      • Thanks for the quick reply!

        Make a “About the game section” It will help sales and i’d love to read anymore cool tidbits.

        10$ sounds about right, at least ive found most games float around there… IMO, dl site surcharge is insane.

        Definitely eagerly awaiting this

        Is their going to be a “bonus” or “Gallery function” ??? / cheats ?

        Keep up the awesome work, im super hyped i stumbled across this game today

      • Really? just today? Then you haven’t experienced the agony everyone else has for the almost year this has been in development.

        “About”… maybe.

        10$ would be only for dlsite since from that I would be getting 5$ or so. 6$ or 7% would be the price here… and yeah, their cut is about 50%.

        Gallery is getting more difficult than I thought so maybe I was thinking in special prisoner room where every enemy would be present and can’t hurt you or something like that would replace the gallery. Cheats maybe, even though Easy difficulty should be enough… I think.

  16. I guess sometimes you just get lucky like that.

  17. a special prisoner room and cheats would be awesome!

  18. Can’t wait for prisonkage updates again!

  19. NastyBlacky Says:

    I’m going to sound like a cheapskate but couldn’t you put the game to download for free and gain money from advertising with banners and such?
    In any case, I’m glad you have nearly finished this because I can’t wait for Prisonkage.

    • Not cheapskate but a bit selfish… if you want you can get it for free and no one will stop you (yaargh matey), certainly not me, not like I can (by you I mean anyone in general)… so wanting a free option with less benefits for me when you already have one is, again, a bit selfish… also advertising is annoying, and most people are usually against it, I am.

  20. NastyBlacky Says:

    No, no. I’d pay for it, especially because I’d like you finish your other project Prisonkage (and I say “like”, not demand or anything. I’m not your boss or anything, obviously) I don’t want you being poor and stuff and thinking “arrgg, making games is useless” and thus depriving many people of enjoying your games. It’s only that I’m a bit biased against paying for something that is merely digital, let’s see… couldn’t you sell physical copies of the game by Amazon or another similar web? I wouldn’t mind if that choice means a price up.

    • I wasn’t saying it for you specifically, that’s why I said “anyone in general”.

      And physical?… nah, I’m just one single dumb kid selling a silly perverted game on the internet… that seems like too much trouble, consider it a donation if you want… but not even that since seems like one project will affect the next and I don’t want people thinking that, I want you to purchase one product and when the next one comes out you purchase that one, I want people to think you are getting a product, not a service, that’s why I don’t like donations or stuff like kickstarter. Not saying I won’t invest profits in the next game, I will, I just don’t want anyone feeling riped off about next projects not being exactly what they wanted since they payed for it in advance.(Prisonkage will be free regardless BTW, whenever that comes out).

      So take that as you will and make your decision. I’m not trying to be rude if that’s what it sounds like… besides all is digital nowadays, I don’t love it *ahem Steam *ahem*, but is not as evil as I thought… but yeah, it’s your deiciosn.

      • An Airborne Cat Says:

        Keep it up Vos, Though I much prefered PrisonKage, I’ll be supporting this one as well for a final release.

        I much prefer these games that have some actual effort put into them… A lot of dlsite stuff is just… So cheap…

        Out of curiousity, why would PrisonKage be free? That one feels like its easily going to be worth 10-15 in my opinion.

      • Because I never intended selling it in the first place.

  21. Will there be any sort of crawling movement or masturbation function in game? Find that stuff really hot.

  22. will it have one endless mode?

    • I think so… not sure if we’re thinking about the same thing…

      • My english is a shit, screw it.
        Eu estava pensando em um modo de jogo em que os inimigos nΓ£o param de aparecer e o jogador tem que mata-los apenas para fazer score.

      • Survival mode?

      • Ok, I actually read spanish but portuguese is pretty close so I undersatand.

        I could do that, is close to the gallery-prison-mode-thing I was thinking about, so yeah, though it would be only available after completing the game, right?

  23. Merry christmas vosmug!

  24. I’m glad that the PayPal thing is not a total bust. I hope you don’t use DLSite! I haven’t used my account in soooo long and can’t remember the user or password lol. That being said I’m glad to see there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I hope to see some more of your stuff in the future. Ever thought about streaming while you work? I love when game developers allow you to watch some of the stuff being developed. It’s fun interaction and you get to learn and share new things and ideas. Even the boring parts of developing I find interesting. I know you got your other game on hold but what other future game ideas do you have on your mind if any?

    • If there’s enough demand maybe, it would be interesting.

      I have so many ideas it’s a shame I probably won’t be able to do them all… I don’t want to share specifics yet, I don’t want to focus too much on them since I get derailed very easily. I have some quasi-rpg platformer as a viable option for a next game… no promises yet though… hell, I need to finish this one first.

  25. Is December still looking like a reality at this point ? πŸ˜€
    If not what do you think if you had to ballpark a guess

  26. OverlordZero Says:

    i found this from your hidden edin game and i was sad to see it was on hiatus but from this game, it was really really good, a bit hard (i was playing on norm btw, but the reason it is hard is because the enemies are cheap lol) but still fun mind you

    this reminds me alot of the demon/angel/witch girl game (not gameplay but the look and feel, which is a good thing lol)

    i thought that one that “eats” you was going to do something but i was sad when nothing happend

    when this game is done how much is it going to be to buy? or are you giving it for free and you would rather rely on donations

    • Stop asking developers for free games, jesus people.

      • Word.

      • OverlordZero Says:

        i wasn’t asking it for free, i was wondering the price IF he had one, no one likes a assuming ass

      • You clearly asked if he was “giving it for free”, stop asking those kind of selfish questions.

      • Context is hard. He was clearly just wondering if it was going on sale or being given away, a very honest question.

      • beachjustice Says:

        As he said in a previous post, “Been thinking 6$ or 7$, will be around 10$ or 11$ on Dlsite…”. So that is what he is thinking it will be about, assuming he hasn’t changed his mind since.

        Also, the update post you’re responding to says he’s trying to get paypal to work for his sales, so obviously he’s not thinking of making his work free.

    • Oh boy.

      First, Hidden Eden is not my game, the person doing language check for me is also in the team for that game (I actually didn’t know that until now).

      About the eating part, waht do you mean nothing happened?

      And as beachjustice said 6$ or 7$… CAPITALISM!!!!

      • OverlordZero Says:

        oh thats what i thought, must have read it wrong on HE derp lol

        the plant head things (the 2nd enemy you see) it didn’t look like they were really “doing” anything and yay for capitalism πŸ˜€

    • OverlordZero Says:

      thank you last anonymous guy, thats what i mean

      and beachjustice the reason i asked is because some of the post isn’t coming up on my comp (i hate my shitty comp) i didn’t see anything about “paypal” but thank you for answering my question

  27. Anonymous Says:

    [hype intensifies]

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Will your next update be the release of the game? just wondering.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Call it unnecessary, but when you submit the game to DLsite, if you choose to add sample pictures to the game’s store page, try your best to avoid any english in the pictures. Sure, it may be excessive, but I would hate to see anyone not want to buy the game because they assume the game is only in english.

    for example, here’s the store page of Kajio’s Nagai Yamiji game, I found it to be pretty good. but it doesn’t have many sales on DLsite.


    as you can see in the sample pictures, Kajio has the Main Menu in English for his game, which was unnecessary, as the game had no text in-game for the most part, only when you pressed escape to try to quit did you encounter ANY text.

    I could be overthinking it, and your game is likely to be successful in the english speaking market, I’d just like to see it succeed in both.

    • Which is weird since lots of japanese games put the menus in enligsh. There’s a lot of text here so I think I have to mention that in the description, I will especifically mention there’s a japanese tranlation (or will come in the near future), but yeah, I understand why is better to leave it out of the pictures.

      Thanks fior the advice.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    hey vosmug what did you use to make Xenotake? what programs?

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Update soon !!!
    And include some screenshots, get hyped.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    lol its gotten to the point where i have to be checking every hour for a new update.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    We know… need… porn…

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Is Japanese supporters. It may be funny to some places because I use a translator

    Because it may be the in the final print, I want the on-off function of BGM and gallery mode watch free anime fucked
    It will be useful to the attendant of the night lol

  35. Anonymous Says:


    I noticed there is 3 stages of cloth destruction, the 2nd stage is the same as the first, will this be changed in the final version of the game ??

    When the enemies finish, will there be cum left over on her until you replace armor ?

    After the enemies finish, she just “pops” out and goes back into fight or flight mode… Will there be a “Recovery” animation ?

    • 1. What do you mean is the same as the first, that would make it just 1, no? There’s only full armor and broken during gameplay, there’s fully nude too but only during some none playable events. But I think it’s only 2 stages, I don’t know why you say 3.

      But to make another stage would mean to draw a whole new set of sprites for every action, so I don’t think so.

      2. That could work, except I only have one cum layer and is the full body one and would be way too much for a single enemy, I think…

      3. There’s a recovery animation If the bar fills up completely. You mean when you escape from the enemy? Or in general a weakened standing up animation? Because I could do that… maybe.

      • Anonymoose Says:

        No, don’t add more things. Just release please.

        Seriously I will physically mail you golden dubloons in lieu of paypal at this point.

      • I’m sorry about that, I hate for how long this has been going too.

        Technically I did add something new though, that pushed me back a few weeks, heh.

        … but I’m on it, trust me, I want this out as much if not more than you do.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I agree. release first then add more later πŸ™‚

  37. I’m all for the weakened standing animation. Take your time and release it when you think its ready. πŸ˜€ though I’m antsy to see the final product as well.

  38. Vosmug we all love you and we are very happy that you are making this game πŸ˜€

  39. fullmetal Says:

    Hey Vosmug if you release tomorrow then it would have been exactly one year since you uploaded anything on this blog.That’s something cool to have in mind right? *wink wink*

    • NO, why did you have to remind me!!?? AGAGAHGAHA!!!! Joke’s on you though since technically the first post was on January 4… ha ha…. AGH goddamnit!!!


      But in a serious note… I am at 99.8%… I decided to add another layer of complications in the form of an artist so…. fuck… I need to wait for the artist to finish now.

      Not full CG though, just intro and ending…

  40. I personally don’t mind when you release this, go for it whenever you are ready. I just hope you go back to working on Prisonkage after this.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Will this be playable on a mac at any point?

  42. Pllllleeeassseeeeeee drop a new screenshot.
    The anticipation is killing me
    Just one!!!

  43. I ne-need my f-f-f-fix o-of posts!

  44. Anonymous Says:

    so is the CG for intro and ending the only thing and then its finished?

    • Yeah, pretty much.

      • Anonymoose Says:

        asdfjhasdgf asdj kfhasdfljkaskdfjhl

        If your artist is a professional, they should have given you a delivery date.

        I hope your artist is a professional.

      • He is a friend of mine. So it was a medium time between, “as soon as possible” and “no problem dude, take as much as you need”, I want to say by the end of this month, but you know how this goes so range that to 2015… seriously though, yeah, probably end of this month.

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