Another Post… man.



Well… I’m pretty much done with the “cutscenes” or whatever you want to call them, they were quite time consuming and the main reason for the delay, I really didn’t think it was going to take this much to finish them, I need to optimize that process in the future… in that regard I only need to finish the very end of the sequence leading to the final boss and then the ending sequence, I’m not very good at endings so it’s going to be pretty straight forward and maybe cheesy… but hey I’m not a writer either and look the crazy thing I’m doing so… whatever.

After that, I need to do 2 boss fights, an extra one I added just now and the final boss… then finish the level design and at the same time stitch everything together since right now is not playable from beginning to end, everything is disjointed for easy testing… then polish, that means add missing sounds, missing effects, music, and testing for bugs and glitches.

One really important thing still missing is the Japanese translation but I’ll deal with that a bit later when the script is completely corrected.

And that’s pretty much it, I know it sounds like there’s still a lot to do but is not that much after all and the difficult part is already over…

Finally… to windows 8 users, did you have any problem with the demo?

Anything else you want to know feel free to ask.

See ya.


47 Responses to “Another Post… man.”

  1. lol how do I into minecraft?

  2. of course, I’m really glad we’ve great independent developers like you willing to share their excellent work with the unwashed masses.
    well, at least, I’m an unwashed mass.

  3. Last time I played the demo was a while ago, but it was still on my Windows 8 computer. I didn’t have any problems playing it. Can’t wait to see what’ll happen.

  4. Why don’t you make a sucking cock scene with the aliens? Or a tentacle fuck with the other monsters?

  5. ^^^ I support this idea. Thanks for the update, super stoked!

  6. If he was referring to the girl sucking them off of course.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Everytime I see a new post my heart races from excitement. I really really want to play the game!

  8. I have played the demo over and over.
    These new images keep me imagining how the game will be like.
    I love the story, can’t wait to see what’s going on!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    0 problems with windows 8 x64

  10. elevator88 Says:

    Doh man thought you were on hiatus. First it was Berserk and then my raise, but you raised my spirits.

    • I was never on hiatus for this game, I have taken some short breaks here and there because I’ve been busy, but at least 80% to 90% of my free time has been dedicated to this game.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I keep having dreams about playing the full game only to wake up to find that it was only a dream >_<

  12. Queen of Hearts Says:

    good to see the game is going well, guess it’s the last straight line, don’t give up~

    P.S.: yes I’m still there

  13. Hey man, what’s your contact info? I personally know a Japanese translator (native speaker, not someone who took a year of it lol) that would likely be up to translate this for free (and if not for free, for pretty damn close to it).

    Additionally, my job is QA’ing games, specifically localization, so I can blow through the game and check off any and all language errors, also a writer myself so if you wanna amp up the ending or anything else like that WITHOUT affecting the actual game programming you’ve already done (or making it more complicated) let me know.

    I’d like to email you directly myself without giving out my email, because my OTHER job puts me in the “e-spotlight” pretty often (not in a bad way) and so I’d like to keep *that* life and *this* life separate, if you know what I mean.

  14. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    Ah yes.

    It’s all going according to plan. Whatever THAT is, I have no clue.

    Regardless, can’t wait for it. The next release, I mean.

  15. Hope this comes out before christmas 😀

  16. just awesome!

  17. Christin Eleven Says:

    äähhmm, does you will sell it or is it freware?? -^.^- oh and : Awesome work! >.°w°< Please answer ;P

  18. Christin Eleven Says:

    oh -_-

  19. He’s dedicating his time and energy to put into this. Deserves to make some form of compensation for that. Free isn’t always an option.

    • Christin Eleven Says:

      I know and he deserve It to earn something for his work but . . . Now where I know that I have to pay I´m shure that I won´t be able to Play it. =( Not because the payment, because my Card never works on sides that are nor from Germany =(

  20. I’m super excited to see what the bosses do 😀

    Oh and just a quick question.
    Are there any escort missions in this game?

  21. I like escort missions for the challenge like in resident evil 4.
    But for some reason a lot people hate it.

  22. come on Vosmug show me those bosses fast!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Well I for one would vote for you to work on your previous non hentai game, Vosmug after this one is done.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    not to be a dick but any idea on an eta for sales? im eager to buy.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    The wait… It hurts…. 😦

  26. Anonymous Says:

    constant update is a virtue mate.

    • No if you’re just spaming meaningless additions for the sake of pandering, I’m not saying you shouldn’t keep your audience happy… but patience is a virtue too…. bleh… update in the next few days, probably tomorrow.

  27. I kind of figured that character was going to have a reversal of fortunes… I don’t think she thought her plan through, very well. Hanging out with aliens seems to have cost her her tan, too.

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