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First of all, sorry for the delay, I’ve been quite busy this past few weeks, and also  as I said, I wanted to have all the main stuff at least 99% done, so I spent some time fixing and tweaking the Item system, dialog system, checkpoint system, etc, so it looks more like an actual game and not just some disjointed tests objects.

Download Demo 0.2 from MEGA

To be perfectly honest is not shaping up exactly as I wanted, but hopefully your expectations are not as impossibly high as mine.

Question time, I think it’s a bit on the short side, for one, I want to save some stuff for the end, and two, I kind of did it on purpose, with short areas and events kind of close to each other, should it be longer or do you think it’s OK like that. I feel it could have more areas and more enemies spread around but that’s just me. Maybe puzzles I don’t know, kind of pointless though, I don’t really care for puzzles in these games and I’m thinking not many people do either.

Difficulty, Easy mode is stupidly easy, even Normal it’s a bit easy too, I think I want to up the difficulty, but I will leave it like this for now, unless you guys think it’s fine,  it’s a bit too easy for me.

Other than that you know the drill, glitches, bugs, and minor upgrades you think could be done please let me know, I won’t do gameplay changes or major modifications, as I said this thing is almost done.

There… um… I dunno, I a bit disappointed in this whole process, it’s taking way too long and in the end, some stuff I really wanted to add was cut off already because I don’t want to spend much more time on it and overall is not really as smooth of a development process as I expected… hopefully this can improve for next games, for now, hope you like it and let me know what you think.

Edit: I forgot to add something, I was going to elaborate on the color coded bar during enemy grabs, it you let it be filled different things happen according to its color, Pink is sex/hentai related, Red is getting hurt, and Black is insta-death, is not implemented yet since there are not enough enemies but the only insta death for now are the underground tentacles so, be careful with those.

59 Responses to “More Demo Stuff”

  1. Richard Briti Says:

    I’ll be the first to say it, and I say it with respect… Nobody cares about the ease of it because it’s a porn game. Throw in a gallery and it immediately gets hailed as the best game of all time from anyone who follows you. Unlike your last game, this game doesn’t have to meet standards outside of sexy scenes and odd fetishes.

  2. CJ Entus Blaze Says:


  3. tycho0042 Says:

    It’s a really good demo! It’s nice to see the story implemented.
    I do have one gripe so far. The tentacles in the “white stuff” are really difficult to escape from when you don’t have armor. Basically, I can’t usually escape them unless I turn the opposite direction that I want to go in. That way, when I escape their grasp I fall away from them and don’t have to run as far. To me at least it feels like taking advantage of a glitch which I hate doing. Perhaps by the time you release this game you’ll fix it.

    • I know about that but just running past it is way too easy so I made it less easy, you wait until it splashes then you go back a bit and wait for it to come out and go down again, after that it has a cooldown time in which you can get past it.

  4. I agree with what Richard Briti said about gameplay. The only thing I would say is that I finished the demo. I was at the demo end screen and it felt like an eternity going to the main menu screen. I pressed the usual keys like z,x,a,s and enter and nothing happened.

    It wasn’t until I pressed escape is when it returned to the main screen. All I would suggest is that at the end of the ‘demo end’ screen perhaps below that text you can put in “Press x to return to main screen.” I wasn’t sure if the end screen was timed or triggered when a key was entered.

    Other than that I did quite enjoy the game.

    • Yeah well, I don’t agree but that’s why easy mode exists. Normal mode is my recommended mode though. Which I’ll make a bit harder.

      I put ESC since it’s the most natural key to press when you want to go out, but yeah, I’ll fix that.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The demo is 10/10. And that last part!! 20/10.
    and when it said end of demo I wanted more! DX
    Sorry to ask but, when are you releasing it???

    • When it’s done, I’m having lots of things to do at work so anything I say could end up being a lie, I’m hoping to not go past next month or maybe this month if everthing goes well.

  6. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    Only real gripe (to me, at least) is the plasma ammo. It seems kinda like it’s gonna be one of those spare/ far and in-between sort of items. So if that is the case, then why not give it a buff? Unless that would make it TOO powerful.

  7. Vosmug, i like the demo I have played many times it. If you want i have made an italian complete translation, i can send it to you (if you want) and you can make a link (on the blog) for who want to download the translation for version 0.2.
    I could also update the translation and send you, to make the gaming experience much more interesting for who don’t know very well English.
    I have also worked free for the Italian translation of Minecraft and other games.

    P.S. I have not included the link in this post because I expect a reply first (i respect your work, and only if for you is ok i’ll send you the link).

    Instruction copy the file and overwrite EngOr.txt :

    So you could update the game and release , after a while I could give you the translation once translated and tried and you can post on the blog for who need it.

    P.S.S. If you are interested leave a reply on the blog and I’ll send you the link.

    • Awesome, the idea of making the script on an external file was to allow fan translations, and even script fixes if you don’t like my script, so of course, that’s great.

      Send it to me to and I’ll post it right here, also tell me how do you want me to credit you.

      Did you have any problem with the line breaks? I made a small software to help people preview that without the need to play the game again and again, I didn’t upload it just yet since I didn’t think it was going to be translated so fast.

  8. Vosmug, your game is just FANTASTIC. I play a lot of games in dlsite, and your game is wayyyy better than the games in this genre in dlsite (at least in my opinion). Please keep up the good work and I loved the bad girl at end ;3 (hope to see yuri scenes xD) good work, I can’t wait to see the full game ready and be able to buy it!! Thank you!!!

    • Thank YOU for liking it, there’s some yuri but the thing is drawing 2 sprites this size together is not that easy for me, my skills are not that graet, so that’s why there’s not more of it, but yeah, there’s at least some.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    For some reason, I’m getting an error. The message reads: “Error loading file “sound/bgm_1_et.ogg”: File was not found.

    But the file’s there, right in the folder. Am I doing something wrong? Currently running CrossOver on a mac.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    10/9.999 But inner camera can be limit of fantasy… Good game. Can’t wait releas!

  11. First a glitch, I was knocked into this room after shooting my way out of the mouth of one of those monsters. I wasn’t able to get back out.

    And now a suggestion. Your gun reloads automatically every 4 seconds if your ammo is at zero. Why do you have to be at zero? it doesn’t make much sense that I have to get rid of ammo to get ammo. I feel the mechanic should happen when you have less than 6 shots instead of when your just out of ammo.

    • Oh dang it! that’s bad, will check it out and see what happened, thank you.

      I will also see about the reloading, but giving you ammo before it runs out could be too much handholding don’t you think? It seems way to forgiving.

      • You have to wait four seconds without firing for it to reload anyways so there’s no difference whether you have ammo or not. It’s not an issue in combat, your definitely going to empty your clip when enemies are around. But before I enter a room with enemies it’s very strange I have to get rid of all my ammo before I can get ammo.

        I also think you should map kicking to a separate key. Often I’ll want to kick but will instead try to shoot and of course I’m out of ammo.

      • The kick was never planned as a different key because it’s a safe distance measure, if enemies get too close you won’t be able to shoot them since your arm would extend past them, it also adds challenge to an otherwise very simple gameplay, I think.

  12. Great thanks for the demo! My opinion will soon be given for your consideration.

    • Your opinion will be expected and read accordingly upon your further notification.

      • I was told that was a joke at my poor english, oh well.
        To start, great animation and story, solid game.
        There is a bug when getting pushed from the press s to escape, that when pushed into the eye walls that kick to pass cannot escape. As not having played the full game, I cannot comment on the full length. The reason that this seems “a bit on the short side” is the quick pace that it moves at, which is in most considerations good.

        I do not think to be in honor to say any better method of game feel, as I have not made anything worth mention. The biggest challenge of XenoTake feels the lack of shots, and that the kick does not noticeable damage, but regenerates a shot, so once shots are gone the game becomes a slap fight. Then armor is quick to be destroyed, or is this when dash to get the upper hand? The slug enemies appear to do nothing but jump and latch on. Are they supposed to do more?

        Anticipating the full game and more PrisonKage!

      • What? I thought you started the joke so I continued it… heh…

        Yeah, I remeber that bug now, I guess i forgot about it.

        The kick doesn’t do any damage at all, it’s only to push enemies away, and yeah, seems like the gun reloading is not that great of a system, I will change that a bit.

        Those leach enemies won’t do much but are not ready yet so they don’t do anythiing for now.

        And I didn’t quite get the dash part.

  13. 真是難得一見的好遊戲!!完美!!!
    This is a good game!! Perfect!!!
    “Expect the full version”
    (I’m not sure English is correct or not.)

  14. NICE !!!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I really like the game so far, keep it up. If i were to suggest anything i’d say let us set control keys for ourselves instead of just a preset. My keyboard has Y in the place of Z so i have to change languages before playing…and i think i could beat the game with one hand if the keys were closer together. That also says something about the difficulty. Maybe keep the Normal mode as it is and add a Hard option for us who want a challenge.

    Lastly, refill my ammo to 6 when i pass through a door. This way it won’t affect combat and i don’t have to waste my last few rounds and wait until it gives me 6 again.


    • I did put Z and Y do the same for german keyboards, I forgot to add that to the controls, but it does work on mine, I don’t know if adding the action to the Y key would work just like that, since I can’t test it on an actual german system.

      Will modify the reload on depletion.

  16. In regards to the length, yes I think it should have a bit more spaceing. Also might I suggest a “gallery” mode as a game completion reward? Something where you can watcha ll the animation loops as long as you want? ;]

  17. Also, I noticed that the big humanoid aliens still hurt you during their sex scenes when their bar is pink. Is that a bug?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Is there going to be a Game over Ending or just reloading from where it last saved your game?

    It feels like the game shouldn’t instantly reload you back to where you last saved, but have an ending of some sort.

    i know it’s a demo so i will give it that, it was a fun demo to play and kept me going through, the story so far is interesting… never knowing what happened to the captain and wanting to find out more.

    i do aggree with some of the earlier posts above saying how pressing all the buttons azxsc etc did not get us out of the end demo screen.

    looking forward to more though, you really have come a long way and it is showing.

    • Usually in these games there is a different game over per enemy or level, I was planning only one unique game over screen for the whole game, so yeah, there’s going to be one probably. Even though I really don’t mind it auto reloading the last checkpoint.

      And is not really that long what’s left.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    The only two things I’d say could be made better are game length (it is, as you’ve said yourself, too short) and lack of gallery mode (though I suppose “Easy” mode could be considered that… Perhaps add an option for godmode once the players complete the game?).

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Will there be any rewards for completing the game?

  21. Found a bug, in this scene, after all the creatures are dead, the tentacles kept going for me. I wanted to see if they’d stop if I didn’t put my armour back on, and they didn’t.
    Eventually they trapped me against the screen, everytime I broke free and stood up, they snagged me again.

    • The tenacles are considered traps, not enemies, so they are always around and will attack you unless you have armor on.

      I did try what you said though and you can easily escape by exiting the area, I could increase it’s cooldown time if it really is that much of a problem.

  22. Hoodahelame Says:

    Pls, don’t make easy mode harder! I was actually going to say that easy is too hard for something called easy, and then I read what you said about it, and was shocked. C’mon, easy is all about fun, not about challenge, right?

    Maybe as a way to make it harder, add more enemies, or waves of enemies coming after you defeat the previous ones, or half of previous wave to add up to the challenge, especially when you get locked in a room. Or make those hanging thingies that you need to break to retreat the room, to open and close that eye-thing of theirs in some small time intervals, and make them indestructible while its closed.
    But please, don’t add up sheer damage! At least for easy difficulty.

    And thusfar this demo is awesome!

  23. That’s one really well made demo. The animations are smooth and pretty, and for an H-game, the gameplay is really decent. It does kinda feel TOO easy on Normal mode right now, but other than that, haven’t had any issues at all. Awesome work, Vosmug, can’t wait to see a full version someday.

  24. Nastynassy Says:

    Game is really good, love the fluent animations, keep up the good work^^

  25. elevator88 Says:

    Oh man this is really awesome. Though its gonne be under your expectations…this just blows me away with detail. Extra icing was the interactive part at the end. Keep it up.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I hope there are more interactive parts like the ending 😀

  27. OK, first, criticism:
    1. The secondary ammo is kinda useless because its damage is not that higher than the primary ammo, and it seems to be pretty rare.
    2. During enemy grabs, the “escape bar” is unintuitive. The way most hentai games do it is that when an enemy grabs you, you have to push a combination of buttons to _fill_ up the bar to escape, while the enemy rapes you, and you keep losing health until you do so. The way you have done it, you have to press ‘S’ do _deplete_ it. That would be fine and dandy but the thing is, the bar fills up so quickly that theres not even need to press the button to escape, because the enemy grab will end faster and you will lose a negligible amount of health, the animation will end and you will be freed. What I mean is, gameplay wise, there is no real punishment for being grabed, because the rape animation from the enemy will end very fast.
    3. Give the option to change the buttons to shoot/armor/dash etc.
    4. Gallery mode.
    That said, you did a stupidly amazing job on everything else, the game engine is professional level, very fluid. The gameplay is simple yet efficient, sounds and music are decent, do their job.
    Your art is sharp and good but there is room for improvement, but you did really great with the animations, and not only the hentai/ryona ones. When I started the game I stood there staring at the main character ‘standing animation’, and wow, great quality work. Wish you best of luck on your works and thanks for sharing this amazing game.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Love the game, man, keep it up. Even past the H-scenes, this stands on its own pretty good.

  29. the download from box wont work since it says “The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth.” just thought you should know.

  30. hello, remember that the first image had been deleted?, well … now if I can show well what I meant about the previous post of the two girls being tight with each other, in this link you placed an image on the protagonist being taken down due to tentacle that.

    the appearance of the two girls being tight with each other that they accidentally showing her breasts pressed tightly as they admire each other’s eyes as they suffer when tightened with each other breasts to breasts together so as I put earlier in this image.

  31. There is a new Ryona hentai game plataform openbor under produtction. Download demo

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