I just got back from a very annoying and unwanted trip, two weeks completely lost… awesome, that’s a lot of time in Slowville.

About that mini update, we’re at about 80% to 90% (still since… damn it) all assets are completely done, unless I decide to add some new animations and sprites which could happen, left to do is to put it all together (which includes some coding but nothing major), make some music, add sounds, get the translation done (I think I need a new translator *wink* * wink*) and test it…a lot…

Sucks… vacation time wasted on trips instead of working on perverted little games… back to work I guess…


41 Responses to “Warghh1!”

  1. Look forward to your updates~

  2. tycho0042 Says:

    nice to read there’s a progress update on my birthday! I look forward to your completed project most patiently!

  3. Progress is always nice! Looking to the continuation of this and Prisonkage as working on my own projekt.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    At least you’re updating us with stuff. I don’t even know what happened to other people I follow.

    • Many eroge and indie games are abandoned halfway through production for “other projects” and left as half-finished – or in rare occasions keep getting more and more and more contributions. I’ve played quite a few that have level design and one or two enemies then abandoned for years on end.

      • It’s very common, making a game is not as fun as playing one… at all… the slow nature of this process doesn’t help either.

  5. Footguy Says:

    Good to know there is an update. Take as long as you need Vosmug, all we ask is that we have the knowledge that you’re still working on your project and haven’t abandoned it.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Do you want to sell your Game or is it free??

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hope it’ll be free cause I have no money >_<

      Maybe you should do that thing where it gives us the choice to donate or not

      • If I want to keep doing this I have to charge for it, this takes too much time and effort to just give it away… and I’m sure you have 5 to 10 dollars lying around, unless you have no credit card in which case get an eyepatch, a parrot and sail the seven seas matey…

  7. cool guy Says:

    What kind of translation do you need?

    • Translation to japanese.

      • Is it for DLSite (or wherever you publish) requirements to have it in functioning japanese? I heard a rumor that English is required to learn for young schooling, but imagine though there is not much pull for english-only games there.

      • Not really a requirement, I just want to do it cause i figure it would be better being a story driven game and all. I had a translator but he hasn’t answered my mails so I think I need a new one.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Well dang… I have no credit card

  9. Agent_68 Says:

    hey if u need a test
    I have some free time

  10. if you need betatest, you can contact me

  11. Have you come up with a name yet?

  12. Footguy Says:

    Hehe, coming up with a good name is the hardest part of any game to be honest. Be it a character name or whatever. Thinking of a name that suits the game or the character is hard, unless you have some kind of theme. If Prison was your theme for e.g., Prisonship, AlienPrison, Imprisoned.

    That kind of thing.

    • DW's input Says:

      Think of it this way, Biohazard/Parasite Eve all had to do with names and themes in their own right.

      If anything, depending on how he wants the story to pan out, it could be Xeno related, Parasite related, or anything else, we dont know… as far as we can tell it is alien related.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Love the people applying to test the game for him that most likely have no game experience he/she needs to test it he/she doesn’t need someone to beat off to it and say they tested it do that after you buy it.

    • DW's input Says:

      if he is looking for players who notice collision detection errors, clipping, code mishaps (wrong animations playing, game overs, restarts, ect) when they werent supposed to happen… i could give it a shot.

      Although, as far as i can tell, he seems fairly set with what he has… it is a flash game with collision detection and some play animations, as far as what he has shown us. not much to it, no major if then or else statements in it save for the armor and HP (during grabs as well). everything else seems fairly in control.

  14. Alèxandros Says:

    Sorry for bother but… there is someone who would steal your work.
    This is the link of the blog of the rogue: [link removed]
    I found the link for his blog in this site: http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/showthread.php?t=22676

    • I don’t think it’s “stealing” per se since it’s just a demo and is not claiming authorship but still there are no proper credits anywhere and that’s still bad, I hate when poeple feel like reuploading and don’t even give credit.

      Thanks for the heads up.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    ever thought about doing live streaming your screen while you worked on the project occasionally?. I remember one developer doing this for awhile and it was a very entertaining and learning experience. Also it was pretty cool watching the progress from beginning to end. Plus there was a chat he used for help and feedback or just followers goofing off. He didn’t do it the whole time so there wasn’t a spoiler just during some art making, animations and occasional storyboard. You really appreciate the work that’s put in when you see it happening in front of you. Not that we don’t already appreciate the work your putting in.

    • That would be really interesting, except that I don’t have a good voice at all, doing just video is not as good as talking about it but still sounds like a cool idea.

      • Anonymous Says:

        not trying to influence your opinion but everyone ever hates their own voice.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have any idea of when it would be finished (aproximately)?

  17. Air bubbles shrink the player to redeem it, please put a monster

  18. was playing adventures of anise and thought it would be neat if you had somewhat of a pregnancy system like that game does just a thought. would be neat though

  19. Anonymous Says:

    If you don’t like to do it, then didn’t do it, because is what important here that you have fun did it, and if it’s not then find a good way and reason to make yourself feel happy. Used time you can’t return back. As long as you feeling happy then the time you spend isn’t lost for you. I wish you be happy.

  20. wow i just finished this demo, it’s short and sweet! wish to see more comming XD wish there is a way to support your work 😀

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