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First of all, I’m sorry for not being around that much, things have been crazy around here, but we are getting close to the final line.

As you may already know this is a “story” driven game, similar to what Prisonkage was looking like, is not a full fledge deep meaningful story, just some dialog connections to keep the events of the game going (and some are long, damn), you can say it’s a “bare bones visual novel with some gameplay thrown into it”. So my question is: How many of you actually care about the story and dialog? Would you prefer not having any dialog at all? Like an option to always auto skip dialog? I don’t know how much fun a game with seemingly random intermissions will be. You already know how the gameplay is like, so you should already know if you’ll like the game or not, just add in the dialog factor. Also, how long usually H-games get? How much would be a good balance?

And still has no name, I suck at names, thank you to everyone who suggested names but I think I’m going for something simpler and more descriptive like Alien Ship Trap or something. I had Xenotaker but kind of sounds too pretentious for my taste… but what do I know.

I want to make another demo, which will work as the final trial version, but I want to wait until I have a more finalized version (Sounds, music, menus), also is time to start talking about pricing and distribution, I need help with PayPal because apparently I’m an idiot, but I’ll be talking about all that in next posts.

61 Responses to “Le poste”

  1. Cant do paypal. They will bring down the hammer on you. Anything porn related ticks them off now. I dont know much about any other paysite.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I would be delighted to know where did you find that information?

      If so then someone must tell Kyreiru that, ya know because he made two HENTAI games having paypal or dlsite to achieve his payment.


      Anyways back on topic, I like your ideas and if you want a story based hentai (which I find that quite astonishing) then go for it. I would gladly support you either way, story-based or just pure hentai!

      Thanks for sharing.

    • zoozoobubble Says:

      Can you actually sue Kyrieru?
      What he does:

      1. He sells a small file (41kb dll file) to activate certain program
      2. That certain program is a hentai game made by him

      I wanna see if his Paypal account is blocked or not.

      Anyway, I think there is always a way to bypass silly laws.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I really think you need to make this game the way YOU want to. It’s nice you’re trying to please your fans, but honestly, this is your work and you should treat it as such. Just my two cents.

    Aside from that, the skipping would be nice, because I know once I play this I’m more than likely going to play it more than once. As for the dialog, I wouldn’t go too crazy. If you’re truly going for an H-game…. Let’s put it this way, I don’t watch porn for the storyline. So again, like I said, it’s up to you, man. I look forward to whatever you’re going to be ultimately putting out though.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I like the game with a story, or pseudo-story, like Prisonkage.
    But if you put a skip button I thing that you can kill two birds with one stone and make happy both the factions.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    ability to skip scenes is always welcomed for people who just want to play a platform or who are doing multiple playthroughs.

    That said I’d read the story.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I only don’t care about the story when I can’t read it, i.e all those untranslated games. Since this is in englsh, I’d care very much about the story. Maybe have a button you hold to skip text for those who don’t care/have already seen it.

  6. Fedefyr Says:

    The story thing is rather simple to do: if possible, make it so the player CAN skip it if they chose to. Thoose who want the story still get it, and thoose who dont want it can just skip it. And for the name, its probably been mentioned but Xeno-cage seems fitting, no?

  7. Khonza Says:

    Really liked the way the story was handled in Prisonkage. Just the bare nessesites to know what is actually going on. And maybe more to follow. So I trust in what you feel is right šŸ˜‰

    As for payment… No clue. Preferably Paypal, since my credit card isn’t accepted in any foreign country. But as previously mentioned they absolutely hate anything porn-related. Maybe Kyreiru got past that by making the game non-H until you applied the code to unlock it. (It’s been a while since I got it so I don’t remember it that well. Was the code to unlock the game and the H-addition was a patch? I really don’t remember.)

    • He sells a file that is later used to unlock the game, doesn’t sell the game per se, that would be considered a loophole tho. As long as it works and doesn’t bring problems in the future then awesome.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    A little dialogue might be interesting, although considering the genre the majority might want to skip it altogether.

  9. PerBert Says:

    My two cents.

    Story, Yes, even a simple straightforward story (“bad alien snatched a spaceship with a female only crew. You are an assault team member sent to rescue them!), it’s better than “just shoot everything you see or get raped”. Bonus points if the story, albeit simple, has a strict coherence (so if it is “dark” sci-fi the protagonist could end really bad, if it is ” ’70 p0rn sci-fi” the protagonist could actually enjoy some “action” during mission).

    Dialogues. Dialogues make the story. So: yes. But not “rape dialogues”. I can’t really stomach the “nonononoYEEEEESSSS!!” dialogues of the vast majority of H-games. Either is NO or is YES.

    Lenght. I always think that it’s better to release a short, polished, work than to end up frustrated by not reaching the goal. If you happen to have a long story, divide it into chapter instead and start by releasing “chapter one”.

    Title. This depends by the genre.
    If you are going for silly sci-fi pr0n you can steal from Russ Meyer a: “Pussycats from Outer Space”.
    An action H-sci-fi could be named:
    “Space Rangers Squad H”
    A “dark” scifi could go for:
    “Space scream” or “StarShip of no return”

    Oh, and both your titles sound good, and I don’t think you should worry about “pretentious”. I mean, we are all here for the fun.

    If I may give some more suggestions:
    1) go for whatever YOU like
    2) if possible, differentiate between “knocked down” and “game over” rape sequence. Being “light” or “dark” it’s a good thing if the player can tell a “loss” from “end of the line”.

    • It’s dark-ish, serious-ish but with some light hearted elements, we all know treating rape with uber seriousnes and drama would end up in a very depressing game.

      I don’t like those “dialogs” either so I don’t have them.

      Could split it into chapters if necesary, but I don’t see the need right now, what I don’t want is for it to be too short.

      Agree on pretty much everything, thanks.

  10. zoozoobubble Says:

    Just my idea, don’t wanna push you so hard.

    I would:

    1. Run full walkthrough at first try
    2. But I don’t wanna see things again after first run.

    So it’ll be good to give option to skip dialogues.


    1. Add CG galleries
    1. Add Sprite animation galleries

  11. so long there is consentual lesbian sex, im fine with skip or no skip dialogues :p

  12. Chirutai Says:

    I like a good story, even for a hentai game.
    Having context helps you care for the character, and I enjoy the kinky stuff more when I am interested in the character.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    What Chirutai said

  14. Anonymous Says:

    On a scale of 1% to 100%
    How much is the games completion?
    Just wondering šŸ˜›

  15. Footguy Says:

    There is something about being able to choose which character you want to play as that rocks my boat. It gives you…variety.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Since the names you give the NPCs seem to be kind of good, why not use that for a game title? E.g. if Maltrux (I’m only judging by age here) is the boss of them all, just name the game “Maltrux’ Reign”, “Maltrux’ (insert ominous sounding second part here)”, or “(insert ominous sounding first part here) of Maltrux”.

  17. Altimis Says:

    I want to says something about NPC names “a bit”

    Ran (age 27) seems weird lol because “Ran” seems to suit more for a young name more than adult one since she is 27 now ( JUST MY THOUGHT)

    I think should give her name something sound more adult instead this name “Ran”

    Maybe Kyoko? sound more respectful person? or Miyoko (Beautiful) or Satoko (wise)?

    Well, this is total completely opinion here! I like woman who sound smart or beautiful name šŸ˜€

    • When a young girl named Ran grows up, she will be a mature woman named Ran… :D…

      But in all seriousnes, it took me a while to get that name and i wasn’t entirely pleased anyway, and I kind of agree, she is a squad captain, she should have a stronger name… so you can change her name if you want…. one thing though, I don’t want to use japanese names, I know Ran sounds japanese-ish but wasn’t my intetnion. Obviously I don’t like uber american names either. So something in between, but that sounds like a real name, that’s usually how I pick my character names.

  18. Footguy Says:

    This is true for me at least but when you got to pick a name for any given character I’m always staring at the screen with a mind blank. They always make you do the hardest thing ever first don’t they?

    All you can do is come up with some kind of ‘theme’ then at least picking names will be easier but without that ‘predetermined’ mindset of what name you want then it becomes really hard.

    I’m like “Oh I want to play this game, lets play! Oh wait I need to pick a name for my character? Oh crap.” What I’m saying is that I understand how hard it is to come up with a name that not only suits but kicks ass, let alone many names for NPC’s.

    • Tell me about it, I’m horrbile at picking names for my characters, I spend at least 15 to 20 minutes thinking about it, and at the end I just end up picking something silly, my fem character in Skyrim is called… Skyrim, and my Orc is called Warcraft. Usually my characters in MMOs end up being called Coffee Table, Coffee Mug, Pepsi Diet or something like that.

  19. Horney-Helthrow Says:

    Dude, having no story wouldn’t make this a bad game, but there are no RoR games with proper stories. OrkFighter has no story and is a pretty good game, same as all of the “Girl” games (Jungle Girl, Demon Girl, Angel Girl, Shinobi Girl and Witch Girl). It’s time for a change.

    An interesting idea that i would actually like to see is maybe saying that Eerien’s main love interest IS one of the monsters, like that Kava Gar guy in the pictures. There is not even nearly enough good Human/Monster romance stories… and before anyone says Twilight, i said “good”. If you have your own idea for a story in mind, that’s cool, i’m just throwing in idea’s.

    I honestly can’t wait to play this and see what the story is like.

    If you do go with my idea, maybe you can make a sequel where the main character is the daughter of Eerien and Kava Gar.

    • The story for this game is completely done at this point, actually I had to cut out some stuff to make it manageable.

      I dunno about love interests tho, doesn’t that go against what we want from our hentai girls? I don’t want to share my girls with another virtual dude, but that’s just me.

      All of them Aliens are on the evil side BTW.

      • Horney-Helthrow Says:

        come on, you know you want a Sequel with the main character being a hot monster girl.

    • Oh, and a mixed humnan/alien race is not a bad idea, goes quite well with some very similar ideas I have for a future game.

  20. Why don’t you use paypall (maybe the way that Kyrieru did) and dlsite, this will give more ways to people buy your game =)?By the way I think the story is very important element in your game (maybe you can add the skip button for people that hate it) but don’t cut too much the story, please. I hope the game will be ready soon and I will support, good luck =)

    • DLsite is a given, there’s really no question about it being the best option.

      Paypal is a bit more of a hassle but it can be done I guess, it’s just that I’ve never used it before to sell stuff so I don’t exactly know it works.


  21. Err I meant don’t cut too much the dialog and story, good luck!! ;D

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Is there a release date? Will there be one?

    • Altimis Says:

      I can answer you

      “When its done”

      Got it? :p its truth

    • I don’t want to say since there’s so many things than can go wrong considering my track record, all I can say is we’re really close, next month for sure there will be something, be another demo or the final game already… but for now don’t overthink it, setting a date will only stress me out even more, so I will just go along with whatever is happening at the time… I certainly don’t want to spend much longer tho, I really want to get it done already.

      Yeah… it’s true.

  23. What are your plans after finish this game? Go back to Prisonkage or start a new project?

    • Anon1234 Says:

      Im pretty sure he might go back and work on Prisonkage when he’s done with this game since he said something about taking a break from working on Prison because his mind wasn’t in a good condition to continue with it.

    • Yeah, I will probably go work on that one, this is still a side project, unless something else happens I should continue with it, then after Prisonkage, I’ll go back to hentai again.

      • PerBert Says:

        Well, despite the “linear” appearance, Prisonkage seemed to me that was dealing with some deeper stuff than your average “splatter” game.

        More “Silent Hill” than “Splatter House”.

        I distinctly recall that when the Imp said to the protagonist that she did not seem really “affected” from what was happening, I truly appreciated that. It seemed to me a way to tell that no nightmare is obscure as the mind of the dreamer.

        So it is understandable that was taking a toll on you… still I think you are too serious about things… šŸ˜› šŸ˜›

      • That’s why I regret trivializing it with hentai.

  24. PerBert Says:

    Uhmm… I do not feel that “H” means necessarily a trivialization.

    I mean, the most powerful and “primal” drives of human being are: fear (thus the horror), rage (thus violence and guro), hunger (so the vore fetish) and lust.

    In a nightmare that seems spawned directly from your ES it would be simply normal that each one of your drives is out on a race to annhilate you and your soul.

    So in the end it all comes down to how you feel confident in building a narration using one theme or the other.

    Obviously, if you felt that “H” was in Prisonkage “only for the lulz” there was no point in keeping it if you were out to “tell a story”.

    Still, I’d really like to see a good H game that does not make you say “well, it should have been good even without the H”

    • That’s a really cool way to see it, I wonder how many people want to see it like that, and how many just want games as fap material.

      As of now I just can’t see the right balance between the two, usually hentai takes the spotlight making the rest of the game an obstacle keeping you away from the hentai which is what you really want to see… and I wouldn’t really want to go in that direction anyway, not for now at least.

      And you’re right, it all boils down to subjectivity, I prefer a serious game to be hentai-less, hentai should be specificaly created to be a sexual fantasy not a moral high brow tale. But hey, that’s my very personal take on it. I”m sure it’s possbile, but not really what I want to see or do.

  25. Vosmug. Pretty much a storyline that you made in your first project was the best. By mixing all this with H (by the means when girl needs to be saved and forced to do H scenes or rather to be corrupted and become a sinful person) Would really attract people.

    Think about making a choices in game. 1) Girl keeps denying the pleasure inH scenes and become more purified or the opposite.Which will change the story itself. Its pretty hard to make i know. But i think you will get more fans . Best lucks in creating game. Feel free to contact me in email if you have some questions.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English its not my main language.

    • It shouldn’t be that difficult once you plan everything from the start but again, I’m really curious about how many players will actually care as you say, and how many will just jump at every enemy just becuase they want to see hentai… my point is, hentai/sex is too distracting to mix with more serious stuff, it may work, but may not have the impact I want, that’s why I would rather make a serious “clean” game for those ideas, and leave the hentai game separate.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like stories and context and all that, this game has a BUNCH of it, I’m talking about when I want the story to be taken more seriously, I feel like hentai will only be distracting and will steal the show, even if it wasn’t intended to be like that.

      I know it is possible, I may try later on, but for now I would like to keep things separate, who knows later on.

  26. Footguy Says:

    @ Danila.

    Are you referring to the replay value of the game? In many games, they are designed to have separate story lines so after you finish the game you can go back and play the game again but doing the different choices.

    Whereas other games have one specific storyline and after you finished the game once that is it, no need to play it again. Just wondering if you’re suggesting that Vosmug adds ‘replay value’ to the game?

    • I don’t think it is so much about replay value, but more about a way to mix hentai and a serious story to go along togheter.

      • If you want my ideas about HOW to mix those. Let me know ill write you a few ideas i have.Or i can even write a whole storyline so you can just imagine things in your head and then tell me your opinion ^_^

      • You can do so here or via mail at vosmut (at) hotmail, but I don’t promise I will use it since is not really an area I want to go into just yet, so if you don’t mind that please go ahead, I’m actaully interested.

  27. Icewolf Says:

    I like the fact that you have shown in the picture of the two girls are suffering each other, it occurred to me that pose the two girls are crammed with each other while their breasts are rubbed very exciting way while jostle with each other.


    in this picture it seems a good time when the two girls could be crammed with each other while being driven down, looks very sexy and great.


    ryonasaga in the game because you can see something like that because of a plant, another thing … they also thought that while they are squeezed and her breasts are rubbed with each other as they pass on what they are tight as they kiss each other by accident, that sounds very compelling and sexy.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Getting an error message pop up
    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Create Event
    for object START_ALL:

    Error defining an external function.


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