podt8Hello there,

The game is moving along… yeah, don’t know what else to say, there’s more things to do than I expected, lack of planning I guess, and new ideas keep coming up which I think I will have to cut out because I’m stretching myself too much, if I remember correctly this game was supposed to be simple and quick… yeah good luck with that… as long as specific progress, I’m done with enemies (almost) and basic game play and I’m already in the story events part, which I keep rambling about but doesn’t sound that exciting, the header pic may give you a (brief) idea on what it kind of will be.

Anyway, haven’t picked a name yet, the things that seem the simplest are always the ones that I over think to no end, the suggestions are still floating around but I’m waiting to see if something else comes up along the way, I suck at this, names should be de easiest part of all… damn it.

So… I think that’s it, sorry for the lack of “showable” content but my process is quite messy for what you might think development should work, I bet most of you think making stuff goes the same way you play (first make stuff for level 1, then for level 2,etc, etc) but that’s actually not the case, so I don’t want to go showing stuff out of context  and also I don’t want to spoil too much as I said before, also percentage progression would be difficult to calculate at this point like this.

This would be a good time to ask: What is your ideal length for H-games? What other game you have played that you thought was too short or too long? I’m shooting for at least a 30  to 45 minutes long game, more if possible, but we’ll see about that, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

BTW there WILL NOT be egg laying or birthing or that kind of stuff (since it was asked), just so you know, sorry, but that’s a bit too extreme for a lot of people, including me, well I really don’t mind it that much but is not something I want to do myself (unless there’s too much demand but still subject to my own judgment) I don’t mind fetish suggestions, actually please go ahead, but there will be some limits according to wide appeal and obviously my own. Don’t be discouraged by that but not everybody likes the same stuff, and some stuff can actually become deal breakers, if I would know.

Anyway, See you next time.

Diet Alien

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  1. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    *Clears throat* Erm… is there gonna be anal in this game? No, not scat, that stuff is fucking nasty. If you ever accused me of being a scat fan, I’d kill you in your sleep. I mean… er… Surprise Buttsecks? With no shit involved, of course. Or poopdicks. *Vomits*

    • Maybe not explicit but tentacles go everywhere they want, haven’t thought about it actaully, but I guess.

      • AnonymousFacedFish Says:

        Yeah, that sounds about right. Also, you said you needed help coming up with a title, or story or something like that?

      • Not really story, but I asked for name suggstions a few posts back.

        I will need japanese tranlators in the future though.

      • AnonymousFacedFish Says:

        Sadly, I barely know any Japanese. If you ever needed help with story though, just send me an email. As for name, make another contest, kinda like for the main antagonist in Prisonkage!

    • nyanyameow Says:

      Anything with heartbeats is fine. I like the sound, sexy. =3

  2. Incognito Says:

    “BTW there WILL NOT be egg lying or birthing or that kind of stuff”
    Thing is most hentai games tend to hit a bit of everything. Ever played Fairy Fighting? Very popular game involving a ton of fetishes (most ends in Birth).

    • As I said before, I don’t find it that appealing, I don’t care when it’s there but to like it it’s a different thing, and actually I haven’t seen that much of it anyway, only times I’ve seen it has been in Xration pictures, so I don’t have much experience with this particular fetish to… “understand” it.

      And if most ends with birth, I say it is focused on this fetish.

  3. Name: Alien Iris or substitute name for Iris.

  4. Carnaliens

  5. Richard Briti Says:

    Do what you want man, it is your game after all. Most people don’t play Hentai games for length as much as people want crisp and sexy rape/sex animations.

    • fruitpunchsamurai Says:

      after a playing a bunch of h-games, having 5 stages seems to be common but they sure put a lot of h-scenes in it

  6. Since we’re talking about fetishes… this game needs more ass. MORE ASS. That picture up there is LITERALLY the only ass shot in this game AND Prisonkage. Have more positions where the ass is obviously drawing the attention, even non-H animations if possible.

    • Oh, and lemme add some things. I see you added the vaginas, which is a plus. Like I said I have seen some games on DLsite that had uncensored vaginas just as long as they aren’t being touched, opened, or having anything inserted.

      As for another name suggestion… here’s a very simple one that is pretty similar to your previous game… Alienkage.

  7. Are you fucking serious, sir? You just created a GURO FUCKING GAME. Well, a demo version, but still… Man, this is so funny when some guy like you start a casual no egglaying/bestiality/whatever hentai game after a guro shit. Whats wrong with developers today?
    Rageman out.

    • At least you’ve got a good art style… That’s warm heart a little bit.
      But everything else is sounds like a douche.

      • Richard Briti Says:

        I’m sorry but who let the twelve year old into the comments section? Show a bit of respect kid, I don’t see you making a thing let alone giving any creative feedback. The door is over there, see yourself out.

    • AnonymousFacedFish Says:

      He never made a guro game, it was simply people interpreting it that way. I mean, granted, at first he made it a hentai/guro game, but sometime after that he removed all the hentai elements (Well, except for what the F key does.) And despite his clear intentions of NOT making it that sort of game, people still interpret it as such. And personally, bitching, moaning, and whining will get you nowhere fast. Of course, if you have a retort, I will gladly listen.

      • Nope. Nothing to say.
        Oh, wait… Actually I’m glad he is not working on guro project anymore. Well, I hope he stopped. Maybe current project looks bad for me or somebody else, but it’s a H-game and Vosmug will be more popular later, probably.
        Still, he can already try to get some profit and open donations, because some idiots like briti and people, who really interested in this author/game will spend their/their parent’s money.
        There is many things I don’t understand. Like after a guro experience say “I don’t like it” about egglaying/whatever in H-games. I’m a pervert and it means I love many kind of sick stuff. Stuck on one side of coin and can’t see or feel anything happens on the other side.
        I thought, if you are sick enough to make a guro, then you are totally okay with such things like monster pregnancy, etc…

    • Oh boy oh boy, the only thing I will say about it is, I don’t really see any relation with gore/guro and this particular fetish and I don’t see how it is relevant to bring it up.

      And yeah I try avoid the word guro in general i rather say gore or some “guro/something” combination to avoid using the word by itself.

      • I think it’s in your head… When you open a new (let’s name it) “fetish”, sometimes such thing allow you to go “deeper”. For example: A few years ago I could watch only romantic stories and classic sex. Then I saw a story about rape, bloody, messy rape… I went to rage, write tons of shit in comments and close window. A week later I couldn’t resist and open it again… Guess what? I was excited as hell instead of rage/whatever… Obviously my perverted brain woke up and slowly decided to “be ok” with that kind of stuff. And of course after the “incident” I started to go further.

      • Anyway, I wish luck to you with your current project. Maybe one day you will open my “side of coin” and that will be fun for you.

  8. Here we go. Douchebag approaches and talk about kids.
    It’s my opinion, so go fuck yourself.
    With your comment you show to everyone how stupid you are.
    Could just ignore me.

    • Btw, it’s all looks like a Vosmug is a girl. If it’s true… Well, seems legit then.

    • Richard Briti Says:

      You make a crappy negative comment because you think this game needs to be designed to fit your wants and only voiced your “opinion” because you found out the creator doesn’t like it and then proceeded to relay how you think the developer is a douche for taking charge of THEIR game. No, you must be a kid, because anyone with half a brain would accept it, walk away, and be happy they get anything. Go back to ULMF and bitch there with the others who are mad about not being able to just click a porn site and watch women get stuffed with eggs.

      • Are you autistic or “half brain” like you said? Please, say “walk away” again in internet. It’s a pleasure to see how someone waste his time for this text walls.

  9. My first comment on this game.

    If you are suggesting fetishes, I have a foot fetish as you well know.

    I can see from that picture when she is grabbed it is by the ankles and wrists. I never, ever manage to see their feet or hands get touched ever. Well I don’t ‘feel’ what the character is feeling anyway.

    When it comes to these kinds of games, I like ‘small’ creatures focusing on whichever they focus on, the vagina or the boobs.
    I personally am not much of a fan of hanging them up in the air with tentacles while something happens like in that picture.

    To sum it all up, the only thing I truly search for is ‘barefoot destruction.’ However for these kinds of games I’m a fan of ‘The smaller the better.’

    • There’s not going to be any “destruction” in this game, we will leave that for that other game.

      I’ve been thinking about what you have said before but I just can’t think of something specific for this game, why don’t you mail me (vosmug at hotmail) and tell me in detail how could it be. Problem here is that since feet are not “choppable” then I’m not sure what to do with them.

  10. I would like to suggest female monster that “atack” our protagonist, it can be another girl or a girlmonsterlike. Anyway I wish you the best luck and I am crazy to play it =) good job!!

  11. I agree with the female monster comment, except the female monsters could be normal women who have been mutated into a number of different things, like futanari or some sort of alien alraunes.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    It would be cool to see the girl appear from prisonkage! 😀 as a little Easter egg

  13. fullmetal Says:

    Name suggestions:

    Alien Sexpedition
    Prometheus(H) :p
    Alienkage (as someone else suggested)

    Can’t think of any more right now… By the way, if ever needed, I could draw/sketch for you any kind of weaponry or enemy subrealistically speaking. So yeah, PM me if that’s the case. Keep up the great work.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not sure if this was asked already, but would be possible to have little additions to the pc’s armor that break off after the first two levels of armor so you can just glance at the char and now where you armor is at? Thank you.

    • Anonymous Says:

      and i apologize for all my typos.

    • You mean like visible damage on the armor? Well, it would be a lot of work to add every frame of visible damage to every animation, it’s very unproductive, if this was 3D it would only mean a new texture, but this being 2D needs a lot of drawing that is not really worth the hassle, that’s why when you are armorless your actions are limited so I didn’t have to draw that many sprites again.

      • Anonymous Says:

        ah ok, I understand, that does sound like a lot of work, well, thank you for reading my post.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    ooo I would like to see those girls with the helmets be mind controlled to rape the main character 😀

  16. Hi, just test your DEMO, look good so far.

    But I can’t enjoy watching H scene… that normal? I mean after she beaten down, wait until gauge filled up and she just disappear and restart at start of level?

    That normal? by far its reallly really good game! animations looks fluid and important thing, wide screen! oh my god you never know how I annoying seeing the H game these days still on 4:3 screen and when its expanded to wide screen, everything is messy.

    Good god you choose wide screen! keep great work man!

    • Red gauge means being hurt and sometimes game over, but for now it just restarts, if it happens when the gauge is red then it’s normal.

  17. No eggs or birth? :/ It fits the alien setting so well…well darn…

  18. Name Anom Says:

    NAME Ideas:
    I like to use latin or greek or latin words and combine them
    here are a few

    Xeno (stranger or “alien”)
    Venator (hunter) or Venatio (hunt)
    Latro or Latronis (mercenary)
    Bellus (beautiful or pretty)

    Xenovenator, Xenovenatio, Xenolatro, Xenolatronis
    Belluslatro, Belluslatronis, Bellusvenator

    Well you get the idea…..

    Also try them seperate if you don’t like single words. Still works the same with the same sound.

    Bellus Latronis, Xeno Latro, Xeno Venator

  19. Christin Says:

    But your last game was REALLY extreme –__–

  20. Name suggestions… dunno if do well but I will help haha!

    Aliens May Cry
    Vosmug Dead End

    bah I can think only these names :/

  21. I’m actually curious will there be Game over content based on the aliens (artwork) or Flash based Game over content (animated rape end sequence)

    seeing the women with the face huggers on the wall there actually look pretty cool and the main character would be an excellent addition to the collective of the hive (or whatever)

  22. Hey Vosmug, if you ever play Nightmare Sphere.

    I want there some women got attack by monster or some kind like that, you think its possible to do that?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    I hope to see the character being raped on the game over.

    If there is a game over that is…

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Hey I downloaded the game. How do i play it?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    never mind it worked

  26. Anonymous Says:

    A few things i noticed in the demo, you can store ridicules amount of ammo and armor off the bat, i got around 600 yellow shots and
    4o-ish armor just farming the last room. also, i thought that pod thing would explode tenacles since it just stayed in place and forced you to have to kick it to kill it. Are you going to have a limit on ammo and armor or another balancing thing? also, sex doesn’t seem to do health damage, is being raped going to affect the char negatively at all? I trying to point out stuff to help you beef up the gameplay aspect, since most people care about the h-scenes and you focused on the story, not that you have devote a lot of time to the gameplay. Ducking and jumping, so you can have vertical level progression, or maybe you could just have a rape elevator between levels.

    • Anonymous Says:

      And blue ammo is super rare in the demo, i pretty sure your not going to leave it that rare, but if you do, buffing it to be 2 shot kill would make it more balanced since you can’t find it anywhere.

    • Altimis Says:

      Its just DEMO v0.1, that mean Vosmug just get started, he give DEMO for a testing.

      I think he will balance it later when its nearly complete.

    • Most of that will be fixed, ammo will be more scarce, I wasn’t going to add “H Damage” but people asked for it so I’m going to add it, there will be no jumping, this is more a survival than a platformer.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Ok cool, that sounds pretty tough = fun.

      • Anonymous Says:

        H damage? Then please add a gallery to watch the H animations…

        O and add the character from prisonkage as an Easter egg please 😀

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Just found out about this game. I have to say, out of all of the ulmf / legend of krystal projects, this has to be the most polished (especially in v 0.1) I have ever seen. Gameplay-wise and animations / graphics wise. If someone like Vanja can earn money with her games, you could rock the world, man. Keep it up, and is there any way to donate?

    • Thanks, since I have no direct acces to paypal for now, donations would be pointless, and I would rather wait until at least I have one gaem out.

  28. Spongebob Says:

    Hey vosmug on there is a game called jungle girl. Those enemy type and positions would be fantastic if you put them in this game.

  29. For the name, how about:

    – XeNoTrOiD ~ hentai side scroll action by vosmug –

    Your game reminded me of Metroid + Xenophobia.

  30. Plus, thinking of a good name is actually very important part.
    It shouldn’t be the easiest at all. First impression, you know how big that is?

  31. and plan your price and selling method properly, pal.
    you don’t wanna mess up a great game by sucking at marketing.

  32. quote:

    I was really hoping to see this project succeed but from a management and business perspective there are some really big flaws that you guys did do.

    I have done a Business Management degree in Finland and now work for a decently sized company. Am also trying to start up my own now as well using what I have learnt.

    The first big mistake really is yeah, the project was really ambitious and you guys overstepped your skills (hard to have predicted this issue so don’t feel to bad about that). But having seen how this project developed, you guys didn’t listen to feedback as well as could have been. Before the game launched, there were already plenty of comments about the price of the title and everyone said they’d pay about 5 bucks for the title and no more. Only a few said 10 bucks or more. So why was this not considered more carefully?

    Secondly, DLsite and Japanese… what a big mistake that was. Plenty of people have warned that it was a mistake already when you guys first announced it (back when you removed all the game text to do the translations). I don’t know why you guys through the Jap market would be this magical money maker. Especially when their game tastes are SO different from western tastes!!! Heck, just look at normal games: JRPGs versus Western RPGs… that should have made your alarm bells ring when you decided to aim for the Japanese market. This also limited you greatly on your Western consumers.

    I don’t know about everyone else but I CANNOT purchase through DLsite even if I wanted to. I also didn’t donate as I just wasn’t satisfied with the game at all.

    Now I say all this in the hopes you learn from what I say and consider it for your next game…

    The whole fear about taxes was a bit silly as it really wasn’t an issue. All you do is you charge your local tax rate for all purchases and declare that as income locally where you are based. So if the price was 5 Dollars, take your local tax rate from that (or on top of that and raise the price)… simple…

    Also is this game on DLSite english version?

    Getting away from those issues. Yeah you had performance issues, but for those who could run the game, and this is now getting more to just my personal tastes… I found the game a bit boring.

    I played the first level completely, it was quite fun and then as I went into level 2 and 3 I was expecting more variety in enemy types. But was disappointed here. Boss fights were fun but had little reward to them and the lack of animations on them was especially disappointing. In-game animations was what was so cool about this game in the first place and then you take that feature away from moments that are supposed to be special? Where is the logic in that?

    This game could have done fine even with just in-game animations and no CGs. Some of the CGs were cool, but others were a bit meh. Since there were so few check-points the process of finding and getting all the CGs was especially annoying.

    Then, the train level… cool mechanics but so much downtime, just beating the same enemies over and over to get around, and again if you wanted to find all the CGs, this process was crazy.

    For your next game, I’d like to see it smaller, cheaper and just go back to the basics. Less CGs, more in-game animations and perhaps a simplified struggle system that features better animations than your current system. Also no more censorship 😦

    • Completly disagree with the Dlsite part, as I metioned in their blog, is not a matter of “if we want to publish there” but “when we publish there”. That part sounds a bit selfish actually.

  33. If you consider selling on DLsite Japan, consider performance issue, Japanese translation and censorship. Honestly DLsite is huge douche but you can’t really help… it’s the biggest market for this kind of games after all.

    anyway follow your guts when designing a game, but benchmark pre-made Japanese games if you want a commercial success…

    and as written above, names like
    – XeNoTrOiD ~ hentai side scroll action by vosmug –
    suits Japanese taste because:

    1. Japanese suck English, don’t use latin or abstract, hard English.
    2. Xeno- and -troid are well used terms in Japanese subculture.
    3. it contains word “Hentai”, easy to catch
    4. it’s inspired by “SHINOBI GIRL -EROTIC SIDE SCROLLING ACTION GAME-“, a game already succeeded in this market. it may get into people’s head more easily


    ^ List of Hentai games on DLsite, sub-genre: Action.
    Sorted by number of downloads, click and see how these “successful” games had worked on names, preview images and descriptions.

    Also make friends with Japanese game makers, use them to advertise your game. Some of them will gladly do it if your game looks promising.
    ^ One of the largest and most active hentai game blog in Japan.
    Pretty sure he will introduce your game in his post if vore theme of your game is interesting enough.

    The depth of… gives you our best wishes.
    We’ve had so many children, so much disappointment.

    We are always watching you.
    Do not fail on us.

    • Heh, you just forgot to say “no pressure”, because pressure has been building up by quite a lot recently.

      There’s quite a lot that needs to be done that I have no idea how I’m going to do it; Dlsite is easy, it has lots of rectrictions and they are quite *ahem* capitalists but yeah, it’s a requirement, on the western side, I have no idea.

      Thanks, glad you’re interested like this, I’m already having all of those points into account.

  35. Altimis Says:

    Aha, I must agree with name Xenotroid lol sound logic to me…

    Now we need her to suit up with some powered armor perhaps lol

  36. Anonymous Says:

    cn u add more vore, egg laying plz???
    human type enemies are weak. tentacles are superior creatures and are worthy of pregnate/consume DNA of those gorgeous human female subjects

    i cant really fap to frail human males fucking these beatiful girls, it’s not right to see their impure, weak genes mixing into girls delicate DNA.. it’s fucking devolution. tentacles are hideous, they are very effective at consuming their prey. effectiveness admirable

    its like watching a war rape porn u feel disgusted.
    its not cuz of those PTSD bullshit or sympathy for the girl.. but the incompleteness, ineffectiveness of the whole process. you need to be good if you are to rape someone, resistance is sweat but you wanna control it or its pathetic
    watching the amateur rape scene so much wasted
    like there’s a giant feast but you dont eat it properly.
    cake is here, kid doesnt eat. kid is mashing the cake. disgusting. wasted resources. soft vore prefered to dismantle. dismentle has its fun but mix melt down as whole is preference. sweet juice contain essence. vitamin c melt the target consume essence.
    girl scream. sign of fear, tasty. convert to bliss. absorb memory she realises how her form is pointless. with essence absorbed, able to duplicate. her existence in current coordinate no great value. death – process involving …. ineffective way to explain multi demension idea loss of essence. requires. cannot preserve different perspective views, lost taste.. training required. great weapon to infiltrate other subjects mind. counter measure acknowledged

    • AnonymousFacedFish Says:

      We need a grammar check over here. I’d do it, but this seems beyond my abilities and/or attention span. Anyone want to take over?

    • Must obey directive… no freedom…

      I do like creatures/mosnters over human males, and I’m not good at drawing them either, there’s a bit more vore, and eggs… *sigh* I don’t know anymore… I’ll adress that later.

  37. Actually, hold on there. I notice that the whole thing about Birthing and Egg laying has been crossed out. Does this mean you might actually include those things?

  38. Footguy Says:

    I agree that we should leave it for that other game. In a nutshell I may have over-exaggerated my definition of ‘barefoot destruction.’ I am simply saying any monster of some kind that, when it attacks, it hurts her feet as that is their focus.

    There doesn’t need to be blood or cannibalism or chopping or anything like that. Just as long as I can ‘feel’ her pain in the foot.
    However you did say that you would leave that for the other game so I’ll agree with you there.

    • Given than the game is gory and all that, yeah seems like a better fit for it.

      That made me think taht a lot of stuff should be left put for a next game, this one is getting overbloated.

  39. Anonimo Says:

    There are some chance for tickling fetish?
    In particular foot tickling?

    • Dixnormous Says:

      Man…and i thought i had strange fetish but tickling!?
      Anyway. Vosmug keep up the good work man. Thats really smooth beta you have here. I would like to donate if thats possible. You really deserve it man.

    • O.o I wouldn’t even know how to tackle that one.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Can’t wait to see what the alien at the bottom of the post does to the main character 😉

  41. Hoodahelame Says:

    Come on Vosmug you are so falling off to quick suggestions here on forum, I’m not implying that you shouldn’t, and I also don’t claim myself to be a commercial/distribution (or even social) specialist of any kinds, so it’s just a kinda though that I’m sharing, there’s about 50k visitors that your counter registered on your previous game’s site, and here you got 50 posters max, its 0,1% they are not majority, but they all got their opinions and views on the game. But in the end this is YOUR game, and frankly, I don’t think that you should be shifting things soo much, just based on what people say here, unless it’s in every second post. I’m actually into that thing with egg laying impregnation and other fetishes, but when you said there’s not gonna be any, I thought to myself: well that’s ok, it’s just another sort of h-game, and what is more important it is Vosmug’s game, so.. there it goes. But now you say you don’t know, you change things and that’s just feels (but I do really hope that I’m completely WRONG with that) that you might be even thinging to halt this project as your previous one and yet again start another one. Which is kinda ironical, because I felt the same thing about Prisonkage, where I left a comment that you’re so awesome at making h-games, and you got hentaish style that it makes me wonder why you do brutal kind of game; and after a couple of weeks (if I remember right) you say that you freeze that project and start new one (this). ))))
    You say ppl wanted h-damage, but I don’t remember voting on that (sorry if I’m wrong or blind or simply not informed enough), it just looks like another comment picked (maybe supported by 2-3 ppl) from the context, the same thing you did with my comment about flying off the edges of the screen ( I was the only person who asked for it, and you said: if other ppl say its an issue, you will fix it. But the thing is, there were no other posts about it, and you still decided to fix that, basically following my lonely comment).
    To sum up: just make your plan, what you want to be in a your game and what you don’t, and follow it. And if your forum would get flooded with screams and threats, only then follow it and change (but yet again, only if its ok with you).
    I totally liked your idea for this game, I really like your style and I did enjoyed the demo, without h-damage, so I could watch those boob-sucking animations indefinitely (well, clicking ‘s’ button from time to time, so that fun never ends ))) ), that I really want to see this game completed! So please don’t drop your ideas, you are awesome game-maker!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yeah I like it without H damage

    • Well I guess so, some stuff like the screen edge I realized it was more a glitch and needed to be fixed but I see your point, even though if i see something fit I will handpick it, seeing how I was ok with censored stuff and most people didn’t really care about it, I could have just left it like that, but still only a few suggestions were enough to change that, so is not a rule or anything… and I already learned my lesson about voting.

      When I said “I don’t know anymore”, I was thinking about if I should or not add 1 or 2 enemies with said fetish, not that I’m thinking about canceling the game, Why would you think that? Still, you’re not that far off in saying I’m thinking about this too hard, it shouldn’t be such a big deal but I’m “kind of” obsessive/compulsive about this stuff, and by “kind of” I mean medically so I can’t really help it. And it was a big coincidence I halted the game after your comment (if that’s what you’re implying I dunno), the problems started way before that.

      About the damage, If I remember correctly I said normal mode was going to have it and easy mode wasn’t, I guess you will go for easy mode.

      • Hoodahelame Says:

        Well, ok, good to hear it. Thanks for the reply. Btw, didn’t see any info about easy mode, I guess its somewhere in comments which I don’t actually read fully. And that’s what caused confusion about h-damage, one of your main posts just said there’s now h-damage in the game and that’s it.

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