Flarfff 2

Just hanging around.

Hello people, the reason I haven’t updated recently is because I have nothing much interesting to say, the new stuff is boring technical stuff and… oh yeah now you can crouch, but just for dodging… something… I don’t have anything to dodge yet, aside from that I’ve been drawing but I don’t want to show too much of that, I’ll decide how much to spoil once I have more of it, I’m pretty much done with the enemies I have so far, I just need to tweak them in difficulty and some other stuff so I can continue with the rest.

About the name, I’m pretty sure Alienophobia was a joke, besides the phobia games are guro/gore/blood and guts/mean, soooo… not that one. I liked “Alien H”, but I realized it sounds a bit too kawaii desu ne. So far I got “Alienaged” derived from “Alien H”… but yeah I don’t know, I like one words, they’re cool…. but… ugh, my brain hurts.

Sorry I don’t have more interesting things to say, this was more of an “alive notice” post, for now I’m still in the assets creation part, I’m managing to advance with this game from 2 to 4 hours pretty much every day so far, so that’s good I guess, not as good as I want but good enough.

See you later.


Oh yeah, that picture do you think looks good or bad? *ahem* gravity wise I mean, it’s something new I never tried before so…

45 Responses to “Flarfff 2”

  1. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    Picture looks pretty good, except for one thing: How are her legs staying bent? They don’t look restrained at the knees, or feet, so wouldn’t they be straight or relaxed or whatever?

    • She could be doing that herself, but mainly, again, it’s a technical reason, the sprite is big enough as it is, making it wider would be overkill.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think It would be nice to see a lesbian human/alien…

    And yeah the picture looks really good

    • Could happen, doing what exactly? Well, I know what, but more specifically what would you like to see from it?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Hmm not sure the only thing I can think of is the 69 position…

      • Tribadism is always a possibility. Not sure how much a lesbian-styled character would fit into what the game seems to be going for, but if you can make it work I’m all for it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Tribadism and 69 would be great!

      • Instead of vanilla lesbian action you could so something more different/alien, like (broodmother)egging, unbirthng, juice sharing/harvesting or maybe she justs wants to have a pet to play with. I’m sure those fem aliens have plenty of uses for her.
        Also (H)alienated ? H between brackets in case you really want that H in there.

      • I thought about Alienated and Alienation and the like but turns out there are movies and stuff already called like that, I don’t feel like sharing names.

        Is futa on girl considered lesbian? And btw, do you people like futa?

      • Alien dirt ? Whether futa on girl lesbian or not differs per person i guess, i myself consider it to be like straight vanilla x(since it’s still just a girl getting peened). Though if you want to keep something phallic or any other rod in it you could have the peen or any other extension come from the fem aliens own hole etc. Since they’re aliens there a lot of options on what to do 😛

      • Futa is A-ok

      • futa = shemale, so not so lesbian, I could think a female lesbian who has long tongue, deep penetrate the… ye know… using tongue. But I would prefer some consentual lesbian (rescuing one of her female friends maybe, BTW I do not know the main character name?)

  3. Oh wow didn’t think you’d actually use one of my concepts :OO

    Well, glad i could help man. if you have need of any ideas just hit me up with a basic fetish/idea and i’ll see what my sick mind comes up wth.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Looking good so far, artistic interpretation of gravity looks fine to me

  5. Lightnie Says:

    Pfff– screw gravity *floated away*
    (just kidding :P)

    picture looks good! I like it too.
    IMO for spoiled stuff, I argee with that you don’t really need to update that much frequency. Making a good game or ‘ not so small ‘ stuff (such as this kind of side-scrolling action game) are surely take time to make it good one. Mostly time spend maybe art and animation I guess ? I been with them for a while and they drain one hell of my life energy as a day ._.

    It’s also bring up many excitement on next demo or game release that there’ll be many new stuff to looking for not only what we had seen on update 😀

    and again Keep up good work!
    alive notice is enough for a patient guy like me (but no others ? dunno), just take your time 🙂

  6. nice 😀

  7. Anonymous Says:

    picture looks good vosmug keep going

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. I really like what’s going on with the screenshot, maybe give that enemy some extra limbs so it could hold onto her ankles/shins?

    And as for a name idea… plants and aliens, and even maybe the extermination of them seem to be the theme here so… InPlantation? ImPlant… ImPlantation… Herbicide… Xenocide… HerbiVore… BotaniKage… BotaniKarnage… Ivy-cide… are these giving you ideas?

    • That could work yeah.

      And everybody wants to turn my aliens into plants… but I guess they kind of are, right? They’ll end up being the plant people from outer space. We’ll see what happens, thanks for the suggestions.

  10. I like the bouncy upside down boobs.It’s a plus that the chick is hott too.So many games forget that one simple fact.No matter how wild and raunchy the sex is if the girl is unfappable or even only partially…yeah.So im glad about how she looks.

  11. ich-bins Says:

    The picture is amazing. For me you have to change nothing.

  12. Richard Briti Says:

    Any chance we can get more screenshots or an alpha with the new stuff just around for us to test and critique?

    • There are no screenshots for now cause I’m still in the technical stuff so there’s nothing interesting to take screenshots of, once it has more full playable sections I will post some.

      Maybe I’ll fix some stuff for a next demo thing but i don’t want to start showing too much to keep more as a surprise.

  13. Lack of Censorship -> +300% likeability.

  14. Bearmouth Says:

    What about some “birthing” deaths?
    Talking about Aliens reminds me the movie itself where the alien just pull out of body through victim’s chest. Since theres no guro, what about coming from vagina?

  15. fullmetal Says:

    A good name for a game like this could be “Alien(H)Buster” or “AlienSexpedition” , specially if you want the H there for the first one. Good art, the legs look a bit unnatural staying like that, but it’s still pretty hot. May your imagination skills stay tall.

  16. Ret-Fool Says:

    Just giving suggestions, I don’t mind if you don’t want to use them:

    Title-wise maybe you can try Space[Prison] Break. Or Alienoid*parody of alien and paranoid*.

    As for enemies, I think traps may be good. Ceiling tentacles traps which hang the heroine upside down and screw her silly. Or floor traps which grab her ankles and tentacles/pole-dildo penetrate her while standing up.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I pray the future will bring you more success

  18. you are doing my bidding well

    very promising work, keep up

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Vosmug, keep up the good work man ^_^ I love both your game and can’t wait for them to be finish!

  20. fullmetal Says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the extremely small smiley face just at the very bottom of this page? =)

  21. Anonymous Says:


    Big penis insertion, stomach deformation, sperm inflation, egg laying / breeding, BDSM non-stop raping, or some kind like these.

    Keep the great job, love both of your games.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    What he said ^

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Certainly breeding, certainly ^

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing work so far! I like aliens that breed with the heroine from inside, kinda like parasites. That’d be pretty neat. Could act like a debuff while it’s there, or leave at the end of the animation maybe.

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