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Good thing that there wasn’t major problems with the demo and seems like the gameplay itself was well received in general so… cool.

First thing today is… for some reason I’m having quite some trouble naming the game, so let me know what you want to name it, this time I don’t really care, just come up with something cause my brain is dry already, I wanted to have the words Alien or Ship or Trap, or maybe just one word like Alien… igized… azation… I dunno… or without the word Alien at all, if it helps we’re not really in space, it’s a ship parked somewhere in earth and we’re going in on a rescue mission, one thing I don’t like is very descriptive names like: The Rape of the Flying Valkyrye and the like…so, not those…

Some things I changed and to be changed:

Heavy breathing sequence time decreased.

All grabs including hentai grabs will now do damage.

Enemies shouldn’t be able to throw you out of the screen (still figuring a better way to do it)

Thinking about giving one H-grab per enemy, that is, they will only do it once and then continue attacking normally after, not sure yet.

Still thinking about the crouch button, probably will do it but only to dodge, but again, will only be necessary if I make it necessary, so not a priority for now.

And now the big one, surprisingly enough I didn’t receive that many comments about the censoring, I don’t really mind censored stuff, sometimes I even prefer it, but I guess I’m the minority… so yeah, I’ll try to do the patch thing to uncensor later, even though I dunno how “legal” that is with DLsite and all that… whatever… still, the mosaic was there more to cover a mistake than anything else, so I’ll have to fix that… also, what do you think about the vagina-less sprites? I thought it wasn’t necessary to draw detail, since there’s not that much to see from that angle, so I didn’t really give it much thought, it was only one comment which mentioned it though, so maybe is not that big of a deal.

Aside from that there wasn’t really nothing broken or needed to be fixed urgently I think, if I forgot something let me know.

See you next time.

44 Responses to “Name and stuff”

  1. Kuroi_Mato_O Says:

    Alienophobia, lol

  2. Nightmare Geese Says:

    Doomed Space? Galaxy Nightmare? Escape Of Mothership?

  3. Well this is just a suggestion..
    Can you have 2 H-grab per enemy?
    1 being grabbed while standing, and the other while crouching(if you ever implement the crouch button).

    Anyway, this game is lookin sweet!!

    • This. If you get the time, maybe have certain enemies do certain things depending on your stance. Like those tentacles hiding in the slime/water? Things may be a little interesting if the heroine was crouched while on top of one if you know what i mean.

      • As far as mechanics go there wouldn’t be any problem, problem would be I need to draw more animations per enemy which at this point I would rather keep advancing doing new stuff than get stuck for too long on only one old enemy… so, I’ll add stuff like that once the main stuff is done and if there’s time (and energy) left.

  4. Please make a gallery with all Moves with infinity Time, so i can watch how long i want and dont have to push the button all time long.
    Do you know the games: “Angel Girl” and “Shinobi Girl”?
    A gallery like that i mean.
    You don´t have to do that now, but you can write it down for youself and make it if you get time for that.
    The game is very interesting and i really wish you good Luck with it.
    Greeting from Germany.

    • yes,a gallery would awesome ^

    • a gallery sounds nice, it would be an idea that you can get the gallery after beating the game without the use of entering a password to unlock it because that would just take the game play out of it, if people are just going to watch the H parts.

      • First thing some people do is ask for save files, is actually a waste to do a whole game if people just want to watch the animations without even playing the game, of course is not everybody but it’s pretty discouraging… so, in that regard I don’t even like galleries but… yeah, is almost a requirement.

  5. I’d say the vagina-less sprite isn’t that big a deal, as it would have to be censored later on anyway, and as you had already noted, there’s really not much to see given the angle.

  6. Seeing a vagina during those animations would probably be best after the games release. Better safe then sorry you know. Naming aint my thing but i guess “Alien H”, so it can be interpreted into anything and making it a mystery.

    • Hey, that’s simple and sounds good, and sounds like Alienage or Alien Age, similar to the one word I was looking for… added to the runner up list. Thanks.

  7. The aliens appear to be of a plant-like biology.
    Considering what the game is roughly based upon, botanophobia is an option.

  8. Here’s hoping there’s a gallery or something since grabs do damage now.

  9. The Picture of this new girl with this sexy orange hair is great. It is later possible to play with it please?

    Name for the Girl, maybe: Scarlett, Lara, Alyn shir or Sarah.
    Name for you game? Something with “The Legend of”
    “The Memories of” “The Unknown Ship from Space”

    P.s. the tentacle scene is amazing !

  10. Interesting that you floated my comment on sprites-with-vagina. I don’t know how many others agree with me, and I wouldn’t care, but your game just looks to good to pass this chance. Heck, I’d even edit your sprites for you if I knew how to. I’m really curious how all of this turns out. 🙂

  11. The vagina-less sprite does make it look like a Barby doll, I think blurring it out would be better than nothing. Like the blur when you get held up and raped by the big guys in the demo looked real good.

  12. Maybe you can use “Ethereal Elusion”, “Depraved Vessel” or “Strange Province”. Hope this helps or gets you thinking of another title for your project.

  13. Really like how Malla looks! I can’t wait to see her get in ‘trouble’ with the enemies, if such is coming!

    A gallery would be cool like in Shinobi Girl, especially with enemies doing damage with their grabs.

    As for censoring, it doesn’t bother me too much if it’s not overly done. Like a huge patch of blurriness or blocks. Still, it would be cool to eventually have a patch for uncensoring.

    Either way, the demo was great and I’m really looking forward to future updates.

  14. Same anon who brought up the off-DLsite hosted patch idea, I’ll put an actual name on now in case it’d be helpful. I know for a fact that the extra patch is legal because some other DLsite users such as SwissMadeGames, CherryCherryPeach, and GalaxyPink have all done it for games they released through DLsite. The main issue they have is that, being Japanese-based, they can’t sell uncensored things, but what the user does with the files after buying and downloading it is their business. Glad to see that I had some effect with my suggestion earlier, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the project as it goes along!

  15. As for upload sites, maybe try

    Sucks bawls though, d/l speed is capped at 50 kb/s for free users.

    • fruitpunchsamurai Says:

      depositfiles is ok too

      • I don’t like those sites that make you wait 60 seconds or so… i’m looking for something instantaneous like Mediafire was, found some but they have limitations towards mature content too, looks like Mega is the best option right now but some people seem to have problems with it because of that weird java/flash interface.

  16. Why not try Mega? Its supposed to be MegaUpload reborn and so far its looking really well with no wait times, no download limits,…

  17. Queen of Hearts Says:

    censorship is pretty stupid in many sense if we think about the target audience here, is also one thing I never understood about japanese visual novels. but I’m trailing here and will move away before I get attacked by the pro-censorship people.

    • I’m pro censorpship sometimes and I will… not attack you…cause you’re right, and in japan censorship is LAW, there’s not much you can do about the LAW.

  18. Armageddon-it-on, E3: the extra testicle, Face Jam, Acocktolips now, The empire strikes from the back, Lust in space, Missionary position: impossible, Sex trek 3: the search for cock, Womb raider, Sex trek 2: the wrath of cunt, Sex trek: the next penetration, Men in back, Starshit poopers, Orifice space, Planet of the gapes, Full metal jackoff, Deep impact, Tits of fury, and 2001: a face sitting odyssey.

    This should serve as good fuel for names hahaha

    Good luck!

  19. Bearmouth Says:

    This game is promising. Do u’ll put gore also or just H-content?

  20. Vore content?
    And how about a sneaking game, aka. Don’t get seen by “friend” or “Foe” for a section, while unarmored and unarmed.

    Space theme name, usually “Name” Quest
    *Name* Star

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