Download Demo/Gameplay Test 0.1


Left/Right = Move

X = Fire/Kick

S = Dash

A = Change ammo type

Z/Y = Respawn Armor


P = Restart Game

B/N/M: Create Enemies (Only in the first room)

F4 = FullScreen/Windowed

Esc = End Game

Does Mediafire delete mature content?

Anyway, here is the Demo/Gameplay test I kind of promised, the truth is I’ve had it ready for more than a week but then I found a nasty bug and spent a while trying to track it down, when I couldn’t find it, left it alone for a couple of days then came back and realized it was just a stupid mistake on my part… fun… also I’ve been trying to make the gameplay “playable” since at first it wasn’t going to have enemies around that much, you can see obvious flaws in the interaction with enemies from a design perspective but… yeah, I hope it works for you, I’m fine with it, there’s no hint of the story yet but that’s obvious why.

Here’s how it works, only in the first room you can create enemies with the B/N/M Keys, you have to move away from the left wall, this is to test the difficulty and you can also tell me what do you think is the ideal quantity of enemies on screen at once, you can create unlimited enemies but don’t go too crazy because it can crash if you create too many… I think…

During enemy grabs the bar is red or pink, Red means damage or death and pink means sexy times, so I think you want to avoid red ones from filling up.

Also haven’t decided yet if it needs a crouch button, I know you will say YES!!!!! But I if don’t make it necessary , like by adding enemy projectiles or Guro inducing ceiling plants, then I don’t see why it should exist.

Something I regret not having yet is voice, I have no idea how I’m going sort that out yet, also there are some sounds missing and some others are going to be replaced.

I forgot what else…

So there you go, hope you enjoy…

Also, enemies: Balls or no balls?

68 Responses to “Demo/Test/Beta/Alpha/Omega”

  1. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    I’d do a lp of this when it’s finished, but I fear for my youtube account too much.

  2. Is there anything to do with that eyeball thing or is it just there to get splattered?
    Also the monster pictured in the post, is it in the game?

    • It’s only a block kind of enemy, like the hand doors in DMC…

      That monster is not in the game yet, I only left in the ones that are already fully working and took out the incomplete ones for now.

  3. I’d definitely vote yes for having balls on enemies like the humanoid ones. Having them swaying with the thrusts can help emphasize the power of the creature, or just provide a target to aim at when not in use.

  4. Very good demo, this game is really really promissing. Hyped for next releases. πŸ™‚ I think there’s nothing wrong with balls in enemies, at least in humanoid ones. And for the crouch + guro plants, just make the guro plants not instadeath like, they were quite frustating in Prisonkage. Maybe some kind of H-enemy? And a extra function for crouch would be nice. Dodging bullets, passing through narrow passages, everything’s good. Good work on the game. πŸ˜€

  5. Will the green plant thingy have a full vore animation later on?But otherwise this game is great.Hell even without it.Though it be nice.

    • Don’t know, I guess but that would go into guro category, won’t it?

      • Not unless you show gore, would it?

      • I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.

      • Vore doesn’t usually involve guro. Most of the time, it’s what people consider “soft”, where the victim is swallowed whole and remain intact from when they’re eaten to when they’re in the belly of the beast… or plant… or human. Digestion is implied nearly all the time. Except for a bit of clothes dissolving, there’s no guro. Digestion is its own thing which can be gruesome or not, but hard vore is where the guro’s at. That’s when the victim gets bitten or torn apart at the start. Most people who are into vore, like me, usually prefer soft vore. Others like hard vore and several other types, too. I for one don’t mind either way, and sorry if you knew this already.

      • Same guy again. Also, if there’s more vore scenes, I’d say you’d get some more audience for this game. Granted, if people don’t like vore than it could be the complete opposite. You win some, you lose some. Hate it when that happens. Oh well, I’m sure whatever you do, it’ll be excellent.

  6. I noticed earlier you mentioned that you planned to sell this (presumably on DLSite) when complete. That would explain the censoring being done on the current rape animation, but I’d like to request that when you do eventually sell it, you make some form of censor-removal patch/hack available off of DLSite, for those who don’t live in a restrictive country. It’d definitely earn my buy if you did!

    • You won’t give me monies if I don’t 😦

      Well that’s a tricky one, to be honest I did it mostly to cover a mistake and to avoid drawing detail, without the mosaic you would see that part of her leg is actually being penetrated and it didn’t look too good, the mosaic covers that, so… I don’t know yet… I guess I will have to? That’s a whole discussion for later… to be honest again, I don’t mind censoring at all, but I guess I’m the exception so…

  7. from my first impressions I do have to say I like it a lot! I do like the muck she can get covered in with the second room. leaves me with some hope for some bukakke in the future. I do have to wonder though, are all of these aliens going to have this plant-like appearance? even that humanoid alien had that look to me that screamed vegetable matter to me.

  8. hoodahelame Says:

    Great start! I definitely vote for balls, and I think you might increase the number of enemies, 2 is too little ))) Also, there’s one annoying thing: if you get attacked/molested near the border of room, you end up flying to another room after that. Maybe you can fix it so that heroine would bump from the end sides of the screen back into the room when she is getting attack-/molest-kicked out of the room?

  9. Just played the demo and here to give some feedback:

    Graphics: The art is really nice and combined with the lighting it really give it a good 3D feel.

    Controls: Abit awkward but can improve with some playing around.

    Suggestions: I personally think that a bar that starts from full and then empties as you fail to escape would look better.

    Perhaps the rape continues if you failed to escape (so the climax scene happens, but then loops back to the beginning scene, might need to add a few frames to make the transition smooth),

    Life loss during the rape or death grabs. This way you can make the mobs grab more often without it being a worthless attack since escaping is currently a static difficulty.

    Can’t wait to see more of this!

    • Controls: Abit awkward but can improve with some playing around.

      I… really don’t know what that would mean…

      Suggestions: I personally think that a bar that starts from full and then empties as you fail to escape would look better.

      Well, seeing how the bar has two ends, Full: One thing happens, Empty: Other thing happens , I say that wouldn’t work.

      Perhaps the rape continues if you failed to escape

      So the Bar appears to escape again? In theory she wouldn’t have more energy to try to escape again (according to some plot element), but is not final so we’ll see.

      Life loss during the rape or death grabs

      The point was that you don’t have to worry about dying but it can change if more people like it that way, but the tentacle trap should damage, I missed that one.

      • Sorry if I was unclear about the controls and the escape bar, please let me clarify:

        The controls makes it feel like I’m using my middle finger (s and x) for too many actions, such as attacking and escaping and dashing and kicking. It just seems like the layout of the buttons could be somewhat improved and also having the kick come automatically when enemy is close would make it somewhat easy as well. If the kick end up being too “overpowered” then perhaps putting it on a key thats harder to reach while attacking (e.g. w) will be an idea.

        For the escape bar:

        What I meant was to have empty bar = rape and full bar = escape. This idea is just an interpretation of what you want the bar to stand for. If you climax/die when the bar is empty, then it feels like the bar stands for your resistance to the assault, if it you climax/die when its full, I don’t really know what that means.

        Here are some few extra things I thought about, thanks for reading this btw I really want to put some feedback out there just incase you want some extra ideas.

        If you don’t lose life while getting raped, is there a point to escaping? would it be some story element perhaps?

        Since there is a HP bar now, perhaps you can make it harder to escape when your HP is lower or lower than a certain point (when it hits purple or something), then at that point the player might want to use the extra armor pieces.

      • The buttons were placed like that cause that’s the way I used to configure the Snes emulator so I thought it was comfortable enough but it’s changeable if it’s too unconfortable, for me too many buttons is a bad idea, even like this it feels like they are too many, I actually like the kick a lot where it is, but besides that there’s a technical reason for it since shooting an enemy close range just looks off since the gun would look right on top of the enemy, and more importantly, there’s the chance for the bullet to be created beyond the enemy if it is too close IMG, the auto kick solves that problem.

        if it you climax/die when its full, I don’t really know what that means

        It means the enemy’s attack power/force/intensity growing? I think? I’m confoosed now, I didn’t really think about it, I just assumed it would be like an orgasm meter in other games, full means climax, In this case the same bar is used for death too… so I dunno… both ways work kinda the same I guess…

        If you don’t lose life while getting raped, is there a point to escaping? would it be some story element perhaps?

        To advance and to avoid climax since it will hold you back for a few seconds, I could easily add damage but I’ve read around some people would want to have some hentai without it adding a difficulty layer for it, so I guess Normal difficulty should have damage and an Easy difficulty not, or something like that.

        Since there is a HP bar now, perhaps you can make it harder to escape when your HP is lower or lower than a certain point (when it hits purple or something), then at that point the player might want to use the extra armor pieces.

        I’ve read around about people not wanting to mash buttons to escape so that would make it extra annoying for them even I think it’s annoying sometimes, but yeah, it’s a good idea to add something extra there, don’t know if making it more difficult is a good thing, maybe something else.

  10. Being a side scroller with multiple enemies that have certain patterns to them is a challenge enough. It seems well balanced and doesnt really need a crouch button for enemies. At best i was taking on at least 4-5 and it was bit taxing so i would hit around there at certain parts to give people a suprise.

  11. Anon_Ymous Says:

    About the balls part, if you put them in i suggest you go for something more dynamic. Say if you “tease” the enemy instead of escaping right away his balls grow larger and larger and if you fail to escape afterwards you get a slightly different outcome than if you let him finish fast. (I’m a fan of cum inflation but hey, it doesn’t have to go that far)

    As for the rest i must say surprisingly good visuals, not enough enemies in to judge gameplay yet but it does feel more unique without jumping (and i hate platforming SO much). So yeah, keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to this one.

  12. For a demo we have some neat graphics here! Good job!

    On the “crouch/jump” button I agree that it is necessary only if it has a gameplay meaning.

    Controls are smooth and I believe that some more monster for each stage should pose a decent challenge. Or you could introduce more traps (but in that case is only a matter of time until crouch and jump are necessary).

    On the whole “guro” matter… don’t know. In an action game the protagonist is expected to die often. In a H-action game this is taken on a new level where personal tastes are involved.

    I, for instance, do not mind the protagonist dying (being female or, like in Monster Girl Quest, male) but I do not like torture: if fictional death should happen for my entertainment, at least give the protagonist some compensation.
    Others have other tastes.

    So, in the end: do whatever you feel entertaining. There is no judgement apart the one on quality.

    • The whole guro thing I mentioned was just an example referring to crouching and the plant thing people hated in Prisonkage, meaning that if I add an enemy like that, hanging from the ceiling, then crouch would be necessary to dodge it, but I’m not putting any guro on this one, that was the whole point of making this game in the first place, to get away from that, there are still some hints of blood and similar situations… but… you can’t get that out from me completely that easily, it’s just a recurring style… sorry about that… but yeah, no explicit guro/gore on the on human characters this time, that for sure, I might go crazy one day and be a complete psycho on future projects, but not for now.

      • Just to point out. My comment was not aimed at guro in particular but at fetishes in games and how to deal with them.

        For instance I’m not a fan of guro (given the strict definition of it: lot of blood and pain) but “blissful death” in games can actually appeal me (two titles comes in to mind: Monster Girl Quest and Mononoke Village).

        But that’s me, one of many,

        On the other hand you are the programmer: the one who decides.
        So just do whatever you feel entertaining.

        (well, now I think that my advice was not really needed…)

  13. I really like it so far, just like your other game. I wish her boots came off with her armor though, leaving her in her black thigh highs.

  14. That was a good start! The girl looks very sexy. Please, do not even think about changing her boobies’ size, they are perfect. Not only this, the concept is very interesting. Too bad we cant donate $$$ to help with the progress of the game

  15. You could have vore and just not include a ‘digestion’ element. Maybe have her molested by tentacles inside whatever has swallowed her whole. Then have it spit her out once it’s finished. That would avoid guro, I’d think.

  16. I love how enemies die. It’s really satisfying, like Doom.

    I spawned a ton of enemies in the first room and didn’t get any slowdown so that’s good.

    Crouching is sexy but not really necessary.

    My only complaint is you can’t skip the heavy breathing rest break after sex scenes. It’s a nice touch in its self but I don’t always want to watch it.

    • That heavy breathing is like a punishment, almost like a mini game over, so if you want to see the whole thing on purpose you’ll have to wait a few seconds, that’s my reasoning but is also open for change if more people don’t like it.

      • Well its kind of weird for your enemies to watch you rest up.

      • But why do I need to be punished? This is an H-game, it’s natural I want to see H, so why am I being punished for it? And why am I being punished in such an irritating way? Just take some of my life or something.

      • Well, that was already established, previously I have said that I don’t like RoR nor GoR mechanics that much, where you pretty much have to “lose” on purpose, still added it due to popular demand, it’s only a few seconds though, usually people is fine with getting game over then starting all over again which in practice takes way more time… but again, if more people don’t like it can be tweaked a little more.

  17. Basically, it seems top notch, quality wise.
    Content-Wise, Lactation is a huge turn-off for me, and the fact that we finally get a decent hentai game that is NOT made in Japan, but still shows no pussy – mosaic even! – is either very sad, ridiculous, or both of them (is that even possible?).
    I’m thankful for what you’re doing for the pervert community, but I think I’ll pass and just wait for Prisonkage.
    Boy, I sound like an asshole.

    • Kind of : D

      I’m not even going to ask about lactation because we all have likes and dislikes, but you’re contradicting yourself by directly attacking the non-pussy art when it could just as easily be a like/dislike of my own… er… you’re talking about the non-sex sprites, right? I didn’t even think about it actually, didn’t notice until now, is not really in my radar to draw that much detail I guess.

  18. japan
    VOSMUG2 veryvery good!
    bust suck love

  19. Very promising demo, as expected. πŸ™‚

    I have a question, and I hope it hasn’t been asked already: Do you plan to add some pussy to the sprite? Poor girl looks like a barbie doll below her waist.

    • btw.: balls!

    • Hadn’t noticed actually, I’m not very good at detailed anatomy and it didn’t help that it wasn’t really a concern until now, so i wasn’t even thinking about it… I don’t know, it’s easier to leave it like that but I’ll have to see more reactions to it. Adding it would imply more redrawing though, and that’s no fun, but more importantly right now it helps with the censoring since there’s no need fore aditional mosaics, but I’m not even sure if it would be needed at that level too.

      • What could work, or at least help is just add a line where her vagoo would be. Maybe a bit of purple fuzz down there BUT idk how everyone else feels about female hair below deck. Would probably go with just a simple line.

  20. hey man love your game keep going gj ,Will there be uncensored patch? after realise ?

  21. I would say it definitely needs a crouch button but I am not sure of the complications that would bring you with hit detection or how much further it would delay you.
    As far as balls are concerned, its something that would probably add to the aesthetic as it would make for a slightly more uncomfortable setting. In Dante’s Inferno the Satan character had balls and that was pretty shocking and unexpected.

  22. Really awesome work so far!
    There should definitely be a crouch function
    H attacks should have consequence of some kind
    I’d like to see some sort of free-aiming mechanic so some skill is required in killing enemies rather than “turn left/right and spam X”
    As for balls, it could work, depends on the overall creature design though

  23. You done a very great job for created a rare-finding enjoyable H game like this! Keep up good work!

    I’m pretty much enjoy playing this kinda game, some say struggle just only good for this type of game ? nah…forget about that, its just a feature and variety of gameplay. It’s even make the game quite challeng and more long-playable if you even try to beat it … and that’s gonna tire as hell πŸ˜›

    for me at adult content : balls or not, I’ll leave it as your mob(s) design. Some may look fit if it have but some maybe not — to keep in mind that you may need additional animating for those balls for smoother animation, imo those detail kinda make you headache sometimes xD

    PS, also I REALLY love the tentacle content, keep up good work! ❀ (and sry for my bad ENG through, its not my main one ._.)

    • If I understand correctly too much struggle can get tiresome, right? I thought about reducing that to decrease the difficulty a bit more, we’ll see if its popular.

      It’s weird that there are no tentacles so far, surely there will be.

  24. That Guy Formerly Known as Anonymous? Says:

    Hey, me again, yeah that guy, the guy formerly known as Anonymous? (can you tell i don’t really know what to say towards this yet? i like it but its just to early for me to comment/make any statements! X_X) That aside. Nice demo/beta/thing/whatever the hell you kids call it these days…Yeah…also nice avatar there, makes me think of Skull Kid’s actually scary looking cousin or something. (points to anyone who knows who Skull Kid is)

  25. Only thing i can recommend is Forums use it a lot for downloads and the content stays up for a long time. Could try mega but its a hit and miss with them.

  26. Hey, what you think about lower belly punching in ovaries and her womb? From small monster.

  27. Man, you make all the other RoR games out there looks like shit… Your games is awesome, smooth, with good art, sounds and all.

  28. I support adding onto the green vore creature. I think all it needs is for it to fully swallow her when her HP bar drops to zero. Then slowly fade out I suppose. Avoids the guro of hard digestion, but still pleases the vore community.

    Internal view, clothing digestion, those would be AWESOME, but not as important as the above. IMPLIED digestion, like have it swallow her, she struggles for a moment, then all we see is the plant thing return to normal size, spit a boot out… THAT would be crowning moment of sexiness for the vore creature, but a bit harder, and borders on the aspects you’re trying to avoid.

    All told, wonderful art, super sexy character, your best yet… I like where this game is going. Keep it up and you can count on a sale from me! ^_^

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