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For today I was expecting to release a beta/test demo with only basic gameplay and some enemies, but it still needs some polish and some more details to look presentable, like sounds and some visual effects, so in a few days it should be ready, unless you want to wait a while more until I start building the story elements… so… I dunno.

One thing I need right now though are enemies, I’m not sure how many “playable” enemies I should have, not counting bosses (so far 1 planned) or bad guy NPCs, I was thinking around 7 or 8 most likely, not much given that the story H events will already get most content and enemies could get redundant… maybe? So yeah, if you have any ideas for enemies, with its respective “hentai moves” I might use them since I’m out of ideas for those right now, remember they are Alien like, extra points for non-biped  non-humanoid ones.

It looks more like an RoR game now (it was before, but now is more… I guess), but no game overs for you… yeah…

See you next time.

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  1. Thats fine by me. Working for your porn can easily make it worth the work. Though i hope its not you have to play it all over again to get to the content. One idea i always go for and lots of people like is disguised slime type. Itll be apart of the background or a prop but when in its grasp will reveal to be an enemy, and since its a slime it can be whatever it wants to be when showing its true self.

    • Don’t call it porn… sounds dirtier than it already is.

      • Sorry my religious kicked in when i typed that. Your art style is just beyond unique and amazing. Already in a few forums your talked about and people waiting nervously for the demo.

      • Really? As far as I know some people hate me over there.

      • The word porn has a lot of stygma nowadays but originally ist meaning was just “the crossing of boundaries”, that is exaggeration. That’s why we have concepts like “scenery porn” that actually does not involve porn in the narrower sense.

  2. AnonymousFacedFish Says:

    Take as long as you need until you think the demo is ready! I’ll still play it either way!

  3. now this looks like something i can enjoy playing

  4. An enemy that is a long tube/tentacles with a “mouth” and smaller tentacles at the end…would shoot out at the heroine, wrap its tentacle around her head and then push eggs down her belly?

  5. hoodahelame Says:

    Yeah, take all the time you need, if you feel it would make the game better!
    As for enemies, I like the idea (as I already mentioned before), when monsters actually do some ingame element (again that breast hugger)))) ). I’m not very creative bout that, but monsters that can gang would be really something out of ordinary, and I’m not talking about double pen, but about something more alien, like first alien would lash to heroine’s breast and tie it up for some amount of time (if her breasts are exposed, and if not, it could just wrap around her arms for the same amount of time, just disarming her), the second one would be flier membrane like a flat circle floating in the air with 6-7 stings around its perimeter, which would simply try to tear (or damage) heroine’s armor away, but if she’s nude and has a lasher attached to her breasts, the membrane-thing would cling to it too, cover heroines breasts whole in its membrane and start mocking it. And lastly, third one burrow-sucker, that is just a small dust hubble on the floor moving slowly at random, from time to time it would spring a twin tentacle up and hit the earth in both directions ( to kind of feel what’s there, like seismic sense, in which way it can be avoided by just jumping at the right time, and it would not sense you, yet again till you walk directly over it) and if it senses you (if you won’t jump at the time it hits the floor), it rushes toward you with a much faster speed, and will grab heroine’s feet to immobilize her, or, if she’s naked, to tease, or maybe even whip on her pussy, lastly, if heroine got that lasher and membrane attached on her breasts it would instead attach both tentacles to membrane and start sucking on heroine’s breasts through it. Yeah, its kinda too much animation though, I understand that, and that’s why most games dont’ have gang moves for their monsters, but it could be fun. It could also be used in many game elements, like for example need to make heroine lactate to give a gift of milk to some “kindafriendly” monster to pass further, and etc.

    Wow, I was not going to write that much! )))

    • One thing I forgot to mention is that the gameplay in itself wouldn’t allow some enemies to happen, for example small ones or enemy moves that require moves like jumping since I don’t have a jump button… but that will be better understood seeing the actual gameplay later on.

  6. tycho0042 Says:

    Immediate thoughts would be something like the pokemon Tangela. What’s not to like about an alien tentacle shrub? To that end I would love to see a complete penetration tentacle(in the rear, out the mouth) have a bulge moving in her throat until it’s ready to spray then it shoots all over her face and chest from her mouth.

    • Umm.. that’s like guro? Wouldn’t she die from that?

      • Its aliens. We dont know how they work and only imagination can make them better or scarier.

      • surely some part of the main tentacle can leave something going down to her lungs so she can still take in air. Aliens are like magic for all our understanding of them.
        Really I’m just going over a couple of fetish items I don’t see often enough for my liking.

  7. I feel like a large portion of your audience likes things that “stretch the limits” keep up the great work. but to that rear to mouth hell yes.

    • Probably, but the idea was to tone down the evilness and be more um …sexy… with this game.

      I will have to think about it.

      • Obviously to each their own. I’m just voicing some of my ideas.
        Distention and that full penetration(don’t know if there’s an actual name for that) is something I dig. After seeing that sort of stuff in some manga/anime I was definitely into that.

        I think a certain level of leeway is in order considering the anime-esque graphics. I’d save the realism for the darker material like your project on hiatus.

  8. Queen of Hearts Says:

    I hope your game will be a success, here is a little gift from me to support you~

  9. How about a “Large Slug” that drops from above when you get close and if you don’t like vore, how about it gets on top of you and just make you sticky like hell while it wriggles around and could reduce your speed for a couple of seconds or it spits slime that could either slow you too or jam your gun.

    Second, about something like a “Grim Reaper’s Cloak”.
    But this one doesn’t have a person or anyone wearing it, its just black and floating by itself, it’s as long as from her shoulders to her legs, it can have the ability to camoflauge with it’s surrounding when it is idle but it glows a little or have an outline so it gives you a hint that its there, and you can either attack it or wait too long for it to break out of camo. It can have many kinds of attack pattern, whichever you think won’t be too much of a hassle is okay to discard:

    First: It can change shape to a few weapons and hurl itself towards you, if you make many kinds of weapon, the speed of it varies and the damage also varies

    Second: When it touches you or gets too close, it spreads itself open and tries to catch you, you can dodge it by getting away before it closes, but if it catches you it will bind you, wrapping itself around your whole body but it leaves your head and lower legs open, then you can hear some squishing sounds that would make that players wonder where its coming from

    Third: If you are too far away for its reach, it turns into something like a big ribbon lace that tries to catch you like a cowboy using a rope to tie a cow or bull, and if it does get you it pulls you closer to it little by little and you can get out before it does pull you in. But if you don’t, it will commence the “Second Attack” but this time, you don’t have a luxury of escaping before the binding, but after it binds you, you can escape like normally.

    Though I know what I’m trying to say isn’t easy, I hope it can give you ideas for you work

  10. Angler fish like monster with a “body” of a friend as bait, also infected family members/teammates/friends that try to sneak up on you. gf

  11. Going to let you know I’m not opposed to a Gore element but yeah no worries on changing anything the game seems wonderful as is.

  12. If i hear “alien” i think of the movies and a facehugger…
    Doesn’t need to kill her with a chest-buster (no guro), just fucking (face or what ever!)

    Anyway, is there a way to contact you “privately/personally”?!
    Amongst other things to support you, maybe by donate and some personal things…

    Keep it up!

  13. “Roper”: Large, stationary, plant-like thing. Maybe make it bullet-proof to force the player into close quarters with it. If player runs out of HP it’d have some kind of vore/tentacle sequence.

    “Smoker”: Based on L4D Infected of same name, “snipes” character with tongue/tentacle, should have a chance to shoot it for ~1s into the drag but if you fail to do so it’s a grapple. A bit of vertical gameplay would be necessary to make it a viable threat. Could be combined with Roper.

    “Boomer”/”Pregnant”: Again going on L4D, something like the Boomer which has little health its self but summons a swarm of smaller enemies with an additional temporary detrimental effect to character if it manages to attack you. Potential to still take no damage if that happens, if you can kill everything summoned.
    Alternatively, something like Dead Space’s “Pregnant” which carries said swarm creatures and deploys them if you don’t deal with it fast enough, or in a certain way, like explosives or something like that.

    Plants: Give off auras that could have positive/negitive/neutral effects, dependent on type

    Traps: Trip-wires, lasers, scanners, stuff like that that trigger traps of different kinds, for example a rope net that does no damage its self but the player has to press a sequence of keys to free themselves before being attacked by a trap-activated monster. Should be able to avoid it (Platforming) or disable it by shooting something. Environment should be used to conceal them.

    “Facehuggers”: Pretty self explanatory, been suggested by other people. Wouldn’t just go for the face though. Could be the swarm enemies for boomer/pregnant. Not necessarily the same design from Alien/s. Their respective eggs would have to be a must too.

  14. Another game had a really cool concept:

    In this game there’s lots of inactive elevators that don’t do anything, but there’s one, where if you activate it it will start a sequence – You get dragged down by tentacles, into a lower room. There’s another elevator shaft, or door, with a big monster at the end of it, dragging you by the leg, you have to shoot the crap out of it before it drags you close enough to eat you. There’s 3 little flying things that will get in the way of your shots too, but they worked too well imo.

    • If you were to include something like that, it could be expanded even further in that there are three stages of being set back. The first would be getting dragged down the elevator, 2nd, eaten by the monster, 3rd you pass through it into a lower level and have to fight your way back up. Should be made very difficult though.

  15. nice >.<"

  16. What about something like a big floating ball of meat, with some sort of vertical opening. This vertical opening is something like a mouth, and with a large tentacle it grabs the girl and puts her inside it. Afterwards, you can use your imagination as of how she is going to be raped multiple times by tentacles. Or if that is too hard ti animate, just make the tentacles coming out of it’s mouth grab the girl and basically rape her.
    Another one could be a simple slime. It can jump on her and while she is standing, she is completely surrounded by the entire slime and then procceeds to do whatever it wants to do with her. If there is no jump buttons, just make the slime sort of large vertically.
    And now that we are on it; if it is about aliens some machines could be included as well. Just saying some ideas which I just thought of.

  17. Maybe a wolfish type alien that can grab you from the front or behind as they can come from either sides of the screen/level.

  18. How about enemies that just jump onto you and like to stay that way (you can still walk and all) but they can slow you, damage(fondle,rape) you over time and you have to shake them off, would be very annoing.

  19. Holy shit, this is really good!

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