I suck at naming posts.

 Alien guy man

So since you already know how the game is going to work (roughly) then is safe to say we are good to go, I don’t know how much preference exist for RoR /GoR over anything else, I would assume they are more accessible so it would attract a wider group but let’s see how it goes [branching a bit away from those], I’m thinking to add more “gameplay” hentai than before, but that depends if it doesn’t get too much in the way of everything else. Something I don’t want to do is start taking too much suggestions out of my own “liking zone” because we all know how much that worked before.

Another things that have been bothering me recently are dialogs and audio, since I could end up selling this one I don’t know if it’s ok to rip voices from other games, on the other hand a silent game is not really that fun, so… not sure what I will end up doing at this point. The other thing is that, I’ve never understood the dialog on H/Sex/Rape scenes, why would someone have so many things to say in those situations, I know how they work and I know how descriptive they tend to be, and I don’t really get it, Is it Hot? Is it Sexy? Is it a deal-breaker if is not there? Maybe is my personality type but I find them rather odd and uncomfortable, which may sound weird given the situation, but I rather watch the scene than hear about it, especially in such detail… so a word of advice, my dialogs will mostly limit themselves to be plot related, maybe the occasional “no” or “stop”, but even those sound weird to me, like if the monster is going to stop, ppftt… I’m trying to do some exposition and maybe some “character development” if you will (quotes are important) in those situations to extend the scene a bit more, but I’m actually curious to know what’s the deal with that, please share your knowledge because I’m confused and maybe (probably) wrong about that.

The game itself is moving along quite well, thing is I already got to the most time consuming part which is creating all the assets, sprites mostly, but… it’s going, I don’t think I want to release a demo soon since that always takes time and ends up derailing the work schedule you have, but I guess I’ll have to do it at some point, one thing I’ll do soon is a beta/demo test to show the basic mechanics and also to test system requirements since this time I decided to make the game window bigger, 960×540 to be precise, this means sprites and backgrounds are bigger and take more memory to load, which in old systems may not run at all, so I should be doing that soon.

See you later.

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    I prefer RoR by far, but I’ve liked seeing games have both RoR and GoR scenes.

  2. From what I can tell, I think the norm for the kind of game you’re making is RoR. Ideally the enemies will h-attack the heroine in certain conditions, so you can see it happen in real time instead of in a game-over screen.

    Having a CG for the game-overs is by no means bad, but I definitely feel like having the hentai in-game is crucial.

    • Actually, as I said in the previous post, it’s actually going to be only a small part RoR… more like a mutated RoR/Visual novel with gameplay and no CGs. May look like I’m asking when I’m actually finishing the thought from the previous post, I edited that part so it doesn’t sound misleading.

      Game Over hentai only sounds just like a weird idea. Even though, I’ve seen some games like that.

  3. Audible(or text) interpretation of the sexual encounters is just another source of arousal for some people. Some people get into the fantasy better with it. I prefer (non-slutty) moans and facial expressions to help convey the feelings over text, but it can work if done well.

    It’s not at all necessary and if you can’t fill in that part of the game then I’m sure most people won’t really mind it.

    In the case of the “victim” saying “stop” or “no” over and over, it helps emphasize the “danger” or “wrongness” of the situation which for some people is more arousing than (apparent) consensual sex, especially in the case of monster/beast-on-girl.

    I don’t know if any of what I said actually helps you understand it, but perhaps it’s not something one can come to understand through words.

    • By slutty you mean 70’s porn moans? Because I hate those.

      Even if I wanted to write something in there, it would be difficult to come up with something I feel comfortable with.

      The whole “get into the fantasy” thing may be my main problem since I’m not that mentally committed to.. well, anything… to actually make believe of stories, games, role playing games *ahem* (again, I’m sorry you know who) and what not, so for me to portray that is difficult since I can’t experience nor understand it’s appeal myself…

  4. Well, imho, the “dialogues” during sex (either consensual or not) in Hentai tend to be quite ridiculous, lines like “your/his *ick is inside me”. They always feel redundant and weird.

    • Yup, that’s exactly my point, glad I’m not the only one.

      • hoodahelame Says:

        I’m with you on that too, those dialogs are weird and sometimes really long. But a lot of games actually use descriptive texts for theis CG, if they got no animation implemented it really helps with excitement, though most of them tend to overuse it, and write too much, which is weird again.. So, if you’re going to have animated h-scenes, you surely won’t need those texts, and please don’t do those stupid dialogs heroines have to say during sex, its soooo damn alien, I dont even understand who would feel aroused of it. That makes 3 of us, still not the majority, maybe we are wrong ))))

  5. Most hentai is revolved around the idea of submission. I really just want a girl to talk back with some sense and backbone…also my fetish.

  6. While I do like having some sound in a H-game (mainly moans or muffled pleasure screams) until I’ve found almost no sex dialogue to be arousing. In particular if rape is involved.

    So I’m all for not having dialogues during rapes, save it for story advancement.

    Uh, and I believe that ripping sound from other source could lead problems: maybe there are some free sounds library that can be of any use.

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