As you may have noticed this is going to be full hentai, just to be clear on that… to start things out I want to say Prisonkage is on hiatus, so if you cared more about that one, it’s still going to happen, I just needed a break from that one and doing the so requested hentai game seemed like a good idea to branch on, since this is supposed to be a shorter and simpler game, I expect is not going to take that long…

About the game, the first thing I must say is that I want to try a story based game, instead of a gameplay one, well that’s my style anyway, meaning that, obviously it still will have gameplay, but the hentai bits should come through progression on the story and not through gameplay itself, that is, not through jumping into every enemy ever, and specially not by getting game over screens, to me, “losing” and getting game over should be a punishment and not a reward, the whole idea of losing to an enemy on purpose goes against all my gaming instincts… still, story is going to be simple hentai fodder and gameplay is not going to be that complicated either, of course there will still be enemy grabs and all that, but I don’t want to make that the main focus of the game…  so I don’t know what you think about that but that’s going to be my approach.

As long as graphics, I wanted to improve over my previous attempt but seems like I didn’t improve much, actually it seems a bit of a step back, I dunno, you tell me… I really want to improve my drawing style but seems like I’m stuck…

That’s it for now, I want to start posting more often and with a regular schedule maybe, but sometimes when I have nothing to say about the game itself I just don’t know what else to talk about, so let’s see how it goes, see you later…

34 Responses to “Game”

  1. I think you had a great ideia without the game over hentai. I know that the most games have this concept, but for me is not cool when you have to kill yourself every new enemy you meet. And since the most fans were asking for hentai in your previous game, I think it was smart to focus on this game now, so you will have more time to work on Prisonkage later, without people asking to put hentai on that game. If you decide to put on dlsite one day, I will be the first to buy the game, you deserve for a nice work =) I know that we not even have a demo, but you show us a lot of talent on prisonkage, in this new game won’t be diferent. Good luck! (Sorry for my bad English)

  2. Yeah your ideas are sensible. The game over rape is just a time killer and doesnt do much but make a game replayable. Story is what gets me going for games and your style is beyond unique. No need for any change and go at your pace man cause the end of the world already passed.

  3. If this are short game, then at least you can count this game as ‘prologue’ episode. So you have room for next H game (sequels)

  4. I’m sure you can improve your style of drawing, although this is a subjective matter since I like your style already, however if by “improve” you mean “more detailed”, don’t worry. Making the characters too detailed can be counterproductive because you have to animate them later and the more details they have the more complex the animation will be.

    I agree on getting the rewards by succeeding instead of getting the rewards when defeated by the monsters, maybe the purple haired girl get laid with civilians after she rescued them: “glad to be alive” sex, ha, ha ha. Or/and she may get laid with other soldiers (or whatever the purple haired girl is).

    P.S.: Woah, I’m both happy to know that prisonkage will be a long game and sad for the hiatus but, hey, we’ll get to play two games instead of just one so that’s a bonus.

    • “glad to be alive” sex, ha, ha ha. Or/and she may get laid with other soldiers
      Well… heh… I’m not saying she won’t be defeated, becuase she will, but through progression and not caused by you and normal enemies… what I’m saying is, is not going to be vanilla at all, I should clarify that next time since I know some people are put off by that kinda stuff…

      In style I would like to improve specially on body shape, right now it looks too… chubby… I want to try later a more stylized, wider hips, “adult” looking style, which right now doesn’t come out that naturally so it takes too much for me to actually get it right and consistent…

      • Well you could try multiple characters you can choose from or the old fashion and make multiple styles to vote for.

      • Yeah well, but not for this one since I already got a bunch of sprites done and I can’t do that style that well right now, I will surely try for next projects… what I wonder is if i made any improvement from what i did before or if it’s a bit of a step back.

      • “(…) some people are put off by that kinda stuff”
        I hope that you don’t mean scat because I like the sex and the human wastes (or monster’s for that matter) to be as far as possible from one another. But that’s just me…heh.

      • First of all… eww….

        Actually I meant, non-vanilla hentai, which is non-consensual and more… um…. extreme? I’m not sure how to describe it better. Some people don’t like that, but since it’s a game with a girl in the middle of a bunch of sexually hungry enemies what I said makes no sense now.

        I’m 197.5% against scat, and I’m actually a bit concerned for the fact you actually mentioned it… you see? I need to improve on communication.

      • Glad to see we agree on that one. 🙂
        I consider “rape” (including “tentacle rape”) part of the vanilla hentai, since it’s so common in the genre thus I thought you referred to something more deviant, my bad.
        As far as I know people don’t get offended by “rape” when it’s featured in hentai, maybe when it’s gratuitous in not-porn works… but in hentai, meh.

      • Well ok then.

        Even in hentai believe or not some people don’t like it, but is true that in a game it would be almost game breaking not to do it, unless of course it is a nice bubbly wubbly sim date, which is what I would call vanilla…

  5. Honestly I see some sprite improvement but I haven’t played the game. looking forward to it.

  6. You bring up a good point in that being rewarded for losing was kinda weird, and yet, that’s all I did in Prisonkage (as well as the X-phobia games).

    On one hand, I want a happy ending to Prisonkage, because that’s just the way I am. On the other hand, since that game’s primary audience likes seeing Naomi dismantled in various bloody ways, you might want to offer them an ultra-violent final death scene–but I think there’s a better way.

    In the existing game, you have a mechanic in place wherein the player chooses a girl to kill at the end of the first level. I consider this a reward– because it advances the story, defines a darker shade of Naomi’s character, and lets the players see a gore-tastic death scene. In order to make this a suitable reward, these end-level snuff scenes should be better than all the deaths Naomi can meet personally in that level.

    For example, in the first level, most deaths could be relatively tame and consist of very little bloodshed–mostly electric shocks, hanging, strangling, neck-snapping–and then the sacrifice scene could have a heart rip or a beheading. And then those types of things could happen to Naomi in the following level, and the ending there could have an exploding torso or something of the like. And so on.

    As for the new game, I don’t know enough about it yet to make many comments. The art looks nice so far–yes, there is obvious improvement–and if you want even more improvement, I suggest going back to basics and spending as much time drawing blocks and shading spheres and free-handing perspective grids as you can. It’s tedious and boring, but the basics are the foundation of all art, and through further study of them, you will always improve.

    • Well, if you “lose” in a gory game it makes sense that you will die a gruesome death, it’s fast (unless decided otherwise, but still faster) and feels natural, because you know, you died… if you want to jump into enemies I can’t stop you, the only thing I can do is having a better reward or an incentive for progressing through the game… and I hope I can do that.

      If you want to talk more about prisonkage and gore in general feel free to do so in the other blog, you raise some interesting points I was thinking about improving on since there’s more time for that game now.

  7. hoodahelame Says:

    Well, as much as I agree with you on the terms that gor games are lame and jumping into a bunch of enemies to get so h-scenes and then start it all over again is so annoying and irritating! But story-driven H sometimes might be even more frustrating, making all the game useless, and making you want to just pass it as fast as possible only to get h-scenes, which if you fail irritates even more than gor. In fact there are so few good examples (well, for my taste) of story-driven h-games, I think I might name only one, it was called “Water” (as it was named in English), a very old rgp2003 game, with all story-driven h-scenes, the story and the scenes were so good that I actually enjoyed playing all the game, even though the game process was nothing more than just killing mobs between your travels…
    And the best h-games actually have h-scenes integrated into the game-play, which is rape on lose, or even something better (like a breast-hug thing in Prisoncage of yours – that was something awesome!!!!! Love it) , or an rpg element where player is given a choice which actually has any influence on the game and story as well, and not just gives you to pick between ‘yes’ – you proceed and ‘no’ – get gor and restart, OR (thanks so much to me3 ending )))) ) ‘yes’ – story proceeds in green color, ‘of course’ – story proceeds in red color, ‘…’ – story proceeds in yellow color.

    As for your drawing, I like it the way it is now, you have your own unique style, which is very nice, including chubbyishness!

    • Well, it all depends on how good or interesting the game actually is, which at this point not even I can say for sure how it’s going to turn out.

      About it being frustrating, well, I can’t help you there, which sucks cause as you say the rest of the game would go to waste, some people only would play the first couple of levels and that’s it, so it all depends if you are interested in this kind of game, and maybe with an uber easy difficulty for casuals, I dunno. That would be a case study for later.

      But even like that when I say it’s going to be story-driven I don’t mean it’s going to have high level writing or thought provoking narrative or complicated gameplay, I mean it’s going to have a setting and events to advance in the story, which is going to be simple hentai material, you know, a spaceship with aliens and blah blah… so is not going to require that much effort, unless it turns out as difficult as I always tend to make games, normal for me and other more “dedicated” players, but difficult for everybody else.

      Maybe some games work with that mechanic, but the idea is just not something I want to do, as I said, it goes against what I think games should work, so in order to make a game I want to do something I would like to play myself.

      So… is early to say anything yet, this is an experiment so we’ll see how things go, but it’s pretty obvious that I should try and make it accessible to everybody without “compromising my vision” or whatever… yeah, that worked out real good in the past… heh…

  8. man, just make the hentai things ‘rewarding’. If you guys ever played des blood series (or A-GA) from illusion games. You will understand it IS REWARDING and SATISIFIED our heroine finally get fucked (or fucking) after all those bunch hard ass enemies to killed and/or puzzle to be solved.

    • Yeah something like that. Does it have hentai during gameplay too or is it only after completing levels?

      • after levels, but in desblood series, some level give gameover rape scene just gameover not in the middle while you pummel the enemies.
        I quiet remember how desblood 2 work, go past through some levels, she met a girl at the end level, get laid (yea, it’s rewarding, especially after solving some shitty puzzle on gathering some bodyparts, and get pummel by dog enemies) .
        Some level, especially featuring human enemies give gameover rape scene in des blood 2.

  9. Regarding the reward thing: Why not have it be different kinds of rape? I mean, if some alien monstrosity wants to impregnate the poor heroine, i imagine she wouldnt be getting much enjoyment out of it…so “good” hentai for completing levels/progressing and bad/brutal/rough for being defeated?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    In the name of Kyrieru, I’m going to quote something that might be helpful advice in your new game. Maybe you’ve read it, maybe you haven’t, but I’m posting it regardlessly,

    ”Think in sequels:
    All too often, a simple idea turns into a massive project. Equipable clothing, leveling up, skills, branching story paths, tons of content, etc. The idea goes from being practical, to being a mish-mash of ideas you want to see in every game you play.

    For me, the best way to prevent this from happening is to think of the game you’re working on as if it were going to be the first in a trilogy. Decide which features are absolutely necessary to the game’s design, the ones that define it’s gameplay, and than simply consider how the rest would factor into the next games. Best case scenario, you end up actually making the sequel, building on what you’ve already established. Worst case scenario, you’ve completed a solid game and can move on to something else.

    Get what you dislike doing out of the way:
    I’m always the most enthusiastic about a project in the beginning. I get tons of work done in an extremely short amount of time because I have plenty of ideas for the game, and I tend to start off by working on all the things I enjoy doing.

    However, 30% of the way through development, there’s this stand still you reach where you’ve created a good chunk of content, but you slowly become less enthusiastic than you were in the beginning. Suddenly, you have to do a bunch of stuff you don’t enjoy as much, and your lack of enthusiasm slows down your progress. What I should be doing is getting all the things I dislike out of the way while I’m still enthusiastic, so that when I hit that stand still, I can look forward to doing all the things I love most and push on.”

    for more

    I wish you the best of luck.

    • Did he send you? That’s what “in his name” means… I think…
      Anyway, I do check his blog quite often, he is way more organized in his thoughts and I like reading from other developers in general.

      I have the “sequel” problem, I always try to squeeze a lot of stuff at first, that’s why I end up complicating myself with one game more than I should, I’ve toned down a bit now. I’m quite paranoid sometimes and I start thinking I should put in as much as I can since there may not be a next project for whatever reason, but that probably won’t work and it would become more of a hassle than anything else, regardless of next game or not.

      Enthusiasm is always a big problem and the main game killer around, I tend to always build up on the basics before moving to everything else, and that always gets all messed up when the idea for the demo comes up since you’ll have to build a lot of stuff that wasn’t supposed to be made yet.

      Thanks, I do follow developers’ advice more than I (should) follow user advice.

  11. Game over rape is good because of the struggle, the player struggles with all their might trying not to submit to the pleasures offered to him or her…

    so in game sex animations plus gor cgs would make me very happy

    this is also why kyrieru is so awesome plus his game is solid in terms of gameplay

    • Game over rape is good because of the struggle
      That right there is already rising some questions, I don’t quite understand that thought, I mean, I do, but my main drawback would be the fact that you WON’T struggle, because you DO want to see the game over, so all practical purpose is lost… the fact that you want to see the game over renders the “struggle” almost pointless, not to mention as I said before, game over would mean you lost, and is not something I want to give a reward for, I’m starting to warm up to the idea form a visual stand point (not gameplay wise) but since I don’t do CGs, it wouldn’t be that appealing anyway.

      And I do understand that the struggle may be the make believe aspect of a hentai game, but I see it from a gameplay perspective and that’s where it conflicts with my idea of the game.

      That’s why If game over is not the source of hentai, it should be somewhere else, and the opposite of game over would be progressing through the game, that’s my take anyway, just take a normal GoR/RoR game and leave everything in but exchange the “Game Over content” for “Progression content” and you’ll have a good idea of what I want to do, and since “in game sex animations” is all I have, that’s what I’m planning on using… summarizing, it will have the same amount of content, you’ll just find it In a different way here, and not by losing on purpose which is a game mechanic I don’t like at all.

      The good thing about Kurovadis is that the gameplay can stand on its own, even without any hentai, so for me that’s almost a different concept.

      After several tries of explainig this, i think i got it right this time.

      Is today Kyrieru day?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Another GoR clone. Yay.

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